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fetish HiveMaster 2018-12-01

Breaking the kiss the blonde stood back and taking the brunette by the arm led her into the stable block. The rope going over the joist caused the brunettes hands to be pulled up and eventually the girl had to bend over as her arms went higher and higher. The blonde walked to the presented rear of the brunette and without any warning bought the cane slamming down on the other girls backside. The brunette had stopped reacting to the individual cane strokes and had just been moaning and swaying the whole time, but she jumped a little at the hand on her cunt. The brunettes legs went, the blonde dropped the cane and grabbed her before she pulled her arms out of her joints.

The Girl Living on the Floor Above

fetish Heel 2018-11-30

“Shut up, Sophie!” Jessica said, then looked at me and added,” I need some painkillers. When her feet touched the floor, a soft whine escaped her lips and her left cheek started to twitch. Jessica curled up her toes, hesitated for a second, then said,” It’s fine”. “I need an ankle,” she said, gasping.” “You are driving me mad, Sophie,” Jessica said to the cat, then slipped her hand under my shirt, her cool fingers rubbing my chest gently. “My ankle feels much better now,” Jessica said and thrust her bottom up to meet me. “What’s the problem?” I asked and looked down at her ankle. “Poor little tootsie!” I said and started massaging her thigh, just above the cast.

Steph's Descent Ch.06

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-11-25

Steph fell in love with it and decided to let Fitz ink it onto her body. As Fitz thrust Steph got closer and closer until finally she was pushed over the edge. As she drove home Steph decided that her husband Phil was going to be completely sissified. Amanda took out the first needle and showed it to Steph. Amanda kept pushing her needles through Steph’s areolae, one by one. As a final act Amanda pushed a slightly thicker needle directly into the tip of each nipple. By the time Phil got home from work Steph and Amanda had recovered. Steph decided that today was the day she would insist upon Phil wearing girly underwear. Steph said, “Now, Phil, here’s what I want you to wear.”

Claire and Liam Parker

fetish NicolaBellewood 2018-11-13

As she looked back to see how it was going, she saw Liam place his hand onto the girls. Slowly, Liam opened the door, and Claire looked back, glaring at Ariella for a moment's time. Liam placed a hand onto Ariella's cheek, pulling her in close for a kiss. She slowly pulled the zipper down, turning her head to Claire, watching her reactions. Looking back to Claire, Ariella placed a finger to her lips, biting down and smiling. Liam began gently licking her pussy lips, making her moan, making her beg for more.  Liam reached both of his arms up onto Ariella and began to rub her nipples between his fingers. Claire was close to cumming as she listened to Ariella moan her husband's name.


fetish hitchhiker 2018-11-11

We stood up, both of us covered in each other's blood.  We looked deep into each others eyes for what seemed like forever.  Then, without a word, I grabbed her and bent her over the alter.  Her perfect pink pussy was throbbing and begging for my cock.  I inserted myself, slow at first.  I thrust forward very slowly and gently, and as her moans increased, so did my thrusts.  She was soon begging me to fuck her harder and harder.  I had no choice but to oblige.  I grab a handful of that beautiful, fire red, hair and placed my other hand around her throat, pulling her into every powerful thrust.  Our screams pierced the night as we came together.

Jasad Fetish Club

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-11-08

Getting back to the types of themes we have-a few days ago-we had tattoo fetish evening were people inked up in the club." Once you pass the entrance you look to your right and see a hot girl sucking a guy's cock and another guy fucking her ass off. You re-open your eyes and move your head forward to get a closer look at the girls butt and you see how red her cheeks have become. Hiam takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of one of the dance floors- but you two do not enter. While you're walking through the dance floor you see a hot girl in latex pants with a massive hole in her backside and no panties.

The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man

fetish HisMeg 2018-09-30

Faster and faster, closer and closer until suddenly you feel your left arm crushed under the sole of my shoe! You feel as if a century has passed before I finally lower my foot to a point where the sole of my shoe just lightly brushes your nose. Suddenly I rock my foot back, turn my toes outward, edge my heel forward, and STAMP back to the ground. As I crush your little feet and pin your calves to the ground, I lift my right leg from your arm and slide it further out for balance. I lift the pressure a bit as I adjust my stance in order to bring my foot in line with your head and chest.

First journal - Part 1

fetish elausente 2018-09-22

I was just overpowered by the excitement; and then, suddenly, it came, what I believe was my first orgasmic climax; I felt my head spinning, I felt my face tremendously flushed, I stopped hearing things and felt this intense heat starting in my pelvis, reach to my aching buttocks, numbing the pain and traveling fast towards my head and feet and back, in waves, engulfing my whole body, and my heart felt like it was going to jump right off my chest...

My Boss Is a Dom Ch. 01

fetish tremila 2018-09-22

I've known the boss' user account password for long and almost every week, on Sunday morning, when nobody would ever come to work I get there and log in, lurk through browser history, emails, backups hoping to find something juicy. I whip it out and furiously start jacking off, with the thought of her beautiful body in my mind, and that sweet picture on screen. A woman in a red latex bodysuit comes in, in her hand, a nine tails whip. I can feel my belly swelling strongly, as she whips me again, with that long leather painmaker. Moments later, I begin to struggle, and start swallowing every single drop I had in my mouth, so that I could breathe again.

my online slave bdsm

fetish crbigboy 2018-09-19

The other day I decided to punish the worthless piece of trash by ordering her to insert large objects. She began with a coke can will this be bugger enough master she said I agreed she easily slid the can into her pussy so I ordered her to find something bigger. The look of pain on her face and the moans she made are what I live for 3 quaters of the bottle where now inside her she said master I can take no more to which I replied all of it . Get all the way down u worthless little whore I shouted and she slowly slid the rest of the bottle into her tight pussy.

Trying to whisper

fetish 2018-09-10

You feel my hands stroking you gently on the back and forearms, breathing heavily and moaning, grab your kernel from behind and squeeze tightly. "Turn a little bit, dick, and look at me," I'm talking to you. I combine a piece of rope ring on dick and chain crocodile, so that now every time when you move too much, sexually electric pain pierce your nipples. Leave me control over everything, let my spell you calm down I'll take you on a little journey through the land of erotic pain and suffering, I hear you moan a lot louder .. I take the red giant vibrator and feel like my leather bikini rubs against your shoulders, down to the disconnected ass.


fetish alibodge 2018-09-05

She groaned kissed me again the pushed me away as she turned and licked my foreskin, savouring the taste of my precum like it was a fine wine, then beginning her ministrations to my balls and shaft as if they were expensive porcelain, gentle nibbles and kisses, caresses, alternating with deep throated whole hearted whore in the street gobbling, she was an expert in the field, a mistress of the craft, she knew when and she knew how, I came close then she would return to my lips, again at the precise perfect moment she would return to my genitals, hand lips tongue, hard one moment and gentle as a butterfly the next, I near lost my mind, seed sprayed like a fountain, cum splattered across my belly she removed it with that wonderful tongue making a meal of swallowing it, then relentlessly she returned to my poor spent tool and with her amazing touch soon had me hard again at an unheard of speed, the process was repeated, not once but twice more and not since I was a youngster had I ever been drained so fully and so effectively, I slept the sl**p of the dead, her head on my shoulder, the black leather collar stark against her skin, that copper blond sweet smelling hair soft against my neck, her soft body against mine and a fine breast in my hand.

Filling the Glass Ch. 04

fetish mdp_2004 2018-08-28

"I was feeling guilty for leaving you blue earlier and thinking about finishing you off because you've been such a good boy about it." Her hand caressed my crotch and my dick throbbed while I winced at the attention she was giving. Then she lowered her head and said in a playful voice "come on little Bob, time to get hard and play again." Then she kissed the tip a few times and took my rising dick into her mouth. "Yes. But she says to look into the model's eyes and know that if she were in the room with me, I'd feel her power as she stared at me like the woman in the photo."

The Escape - First chapter of an erotica that I�

fetish hrtogld42 2018-08-14

The loose cloak and layers of rags couldn’t hide his barrel chest and she had already experienced his python arms first hand, but when she got to his face, her breath caught in her throat. She convulsed sucking in a shallow breath as her hand, wrapped in her slip, passed hard over the jumble of nerves stashed away for safe keeping pinched closed at the V base of her stomach. Breth opened his eyes and turned his head a bit to look at her, but he didn’t sit up this time. He slid his hand down away from her breast and moved down her ribs past the curve of her side, across her hips and down to her inner thigh while biting hard and harder on her nipple.

Heaven or Hell?

fetish Blytz 2018-08-09

She leans even closer to me and says, "Would you buy me a drink?" i meekly reply, "Yes Ma'am i would like that very much." i motion to the bartender to bring me two more whiskey's and two more beers. She sees me visibly start to shake as i continue to gaze upon Her. She knows She has me right where She wants me. i start a rhythm between my fingers and thumb, continuing, a little faster now. She kisses me on the cheek with those now pouting red lips and says to me, "Good boy." She gets off of the stool, pulls Her skirt down over Her now glistening thighs and walks towards the door.

The Painslut Ch. 01

fetish SilverWolfXX 2018-07-30

"Come you stupid bitch." The atheletically built man dragged her forward by her hair, causing her to both whimper in pain and also see that momentary light of pure bliss, and slammed the car door shut. "Look at you, you fucking whore..." His hand began to slap her pussy with incredible speed, so hard bolts of pain mixed with the whispers of orgasm fired through every cell in her body. Just as Sarah gave up hope of ever coming again his huge cock forced its way balls deep into her tight, soaking wet, red raw and uber-sensitive cunt, stretching it painfully as her whole body exploded into an orgasm unlike any she had ever felt before.

Dentist's Receptionist

fetish Satan_Klaus 2018-07-29

Sitting in the chair, caressing my breasts and twisting my nipples whenever I think the patients aren't looking I silently curse the devilish intruder for keeping me horny all day. It would have looked ridiculous on most women but the nurse, Alice said her nametag, filled the little dress gracefully with her bulging breasts and perfect figure. "I understand you are still a little uneasy from being treated without anaesthesia but that signature of yours does not even remotely look like the one on your credit card." He held up my gold Master Card to prove his point and took a fresh sheet from the nurse. The nurse was holding my hand, tears of compassion streaming down her face, ruining her perfect makeup and flowing over her bare breasts.

A Long Weekend

fetish Boomerang7 2018-07-28

She turned and handed the bags to me, by which time her skirt was completely up around her chin, giving everyone a clear view of her tiny, lacy purple thong. He approached my wife, looking into her eyes rather than up her skirt, then dropped to sit on the grass right in front of her feet. The leather paddle hurt more than the bat, and, of course I was already injured which doubled the pain, so I started crying almost straight away, and blubbed all the way through the fifteen minutes. My wife climbed onto the bed next to me, reached between my legs with her left hand and grabbed my balls by the base, pulling them up clear of my body.

Shiny Red Stilettos

fetish Savage_Henry 2018-07-27

I was looking at my skinny white hairy legs, thinking about how to get my cold anus off the floor, when between my knees appeared a wonderful pair of gloss "candy apple" red stiletto heels. Up my eyes went to smooth as silk calves, sweet enough to kiss knees, warm looking thighs I wanted to put my face in and then the hem of a short black skirt that was maybe an inch under her muff-line. A perfectly shaped ass in a short black skirt, with long sexy legs, and the hottest red stilettos on earth walking ...

Nurse Debbie chapter 3

fetish weswitch 2018-07-27

Mistress Debbie looked down at me put her hand on the suction cup on my left nipple and said I know your right nipple hurts and this is going to hurt but rest assured you will feel more pain than this, with that she jerked the left suction cup off snapped the clamp on and pulled it tight. Not sure how much time had past, my arms and legs were numb from being tied in the same position for so long, pain in my nipples was getting better think they were numb also and my cock was now soft and not being poked by the points in the cock gage. Mistress Debbie grabbed my legs and started to fuck my ass hard and fast, every time she pulled and pushed me off her cock the clamps would pull on my nipples.

Daddy's Girl Ch. 01

fetish thecurioussubmissive 2018-07-25

A million things go through my mind, "I'm a good girl, what would people think?" "Maybe he won't answer the door." "Could he be a serial killer?" "What if I don't like it?" Finally after hours, OK moments, the big heavy wooden door opens. "Hello, Sub, I've been waiting for you." I look into your eyes, still unable to speak, the rest of the world melts away. "I think these would look lovely pierced, don't you?" You twist my nipple, just hard enough to make me cry out. "I think you should crawl, sub, down on all fours." You lead me farther into your house, and upstairs. You push my knees farther open and I feel you pull apart my lips roughly.

Unimaginable Heat

fetish MSTarot 2018-07-22

I feel it near my skin before it even touches. "I think that's probably enough." I hear the branding artist say. I obey my master crying out as the front of my legs touch the padded table. I settle into whimpering fear waiting for the feel of the hot wire on my flesh. Like a line of white agony the hot wire is touched to my skin. As I feel myself start to cry out in orgasm I bite down on my lip to keep it silent,then I'm again touched with fire. I feel a raw sting of pain as my juices dribble down over one of the new lines of branding. I feel his hand come to rest on my head.

Princess' Unusual Day

fetish emilybennet 2018-07-13

I wanted to shout again for it seemed like getting worse but the stuffing had stopped me again. He rammed in and out again and again and again and I was on the border of passing out again, an action which I really would have liked to happen but the pain stopped me. He then proceeded to push both my feet together and I suddenly felt his manhood on them; he grabbed my legs and stroke his cock with them two times when he stopped and I felt a fluid coming out of right onto my socks. I then heard steps and felt the stuffing being pulled out of my mouth and I wanted to shout but it was stuffed again immediately again.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 6 - Kari

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-07-06

"Yes, Sir." She stood in front of them, their eyes focused on her chest and between her legs, Kari not dared to look down, did not want to see how exposed her pussy lips were, felt the material cling to her sex, pushed between her puffy labia. Now the shorts split her ass cheeks, dug into the tender crack, the rough material slid up and down as she bent over, the shorts pulled tightly over her cheeks each time she touched her toes, her body strained to stay in the position for ten seconds, her legs shook in pain. Mr. Jamison pulled out farther on her leg, Kari looked like a chicken spread wide, her sex so openly exposed, his hand slapped again and again on her lips, achieved the desired swollen and inflamed inner skin.