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Claire and Liam Parker

fetish NicolaBellewood 2018-06-17

As she looked back to see how it was going, she saw Liam place his hand onto the girls. Slowly, Liam opened the door, and Claire looked back, glaring at Ariella for a moment's time. Liam placed a hand onto Ariella's cheek, pulling her in close for a kiss. She slowly pulled the zipper down, turning her head to Claire, watching her reactions. Looking back to Claire, Ariella placed a finger to her lips, biting down and smiling. Liam began gently licking her pussy lips, making her moan, making her beg for more.  Liam reached both of his arms up onto Ariella and began to rub her nipples between his fingers. Claire was close to cumming as she listened to Ariella moan her husband's name.


fetish HiveMaster 2018-06-17

Breaking the kiss the blonde stood back and taking the brunette by the arm led her into the stable block. The rope going over the joist caused the brunettes hands to be pulled up and eventually the girl had to bend over as her arms went higher and higher. The blonde walked to the presented rear of the brunette and without any warning bought the cane slamming down on the other girls backside. The brunette had stopped reacting to the individual cane strokes and had just been moaning and swaying the whole time, but she jumped a little at the hand on her cunt. The brunettes legs went, the blonde dropped the cane and grabbed her before she pulled her arms out of her joints.

Steph's Descent Ch.06

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-06-05

Steph fell in love with it and decided to let Fitz ink it onto her body. As Fitz thrust Steph got closer and closer until finally she was pushed over the edge. As she drove home Steph decided that her husband Phil was going to be completely sissified. Amanda took out the first needle and showed it to Steph. Amanda kept pushing her needles through Steph’s areolae, one by one. As a final act Amanda pushed a slightly thicker needle directly into the tip of each nipple. By the time Phil got home from work Steph and Amanda had recovered. Steph decided that today was the day she would insist upon Phil wearing girly underwear. Steph said, “Now, Phil, here’s what I want you to wear.”

The Girl Living on the Floor Above

fetish Heel 2018-06-05

“Shut up, Sophie!” Jessica said, then looked at me and added,” I need some painkillers. When her feet touched the floor, a soft whine escaped her lips and her left cheek started to twitch. Jessica curled up her toes, hesitated for a second, then said,” It’s fine”. “I need an ankle,” she said, gasping.” “You are driving me mad, Sophie,” Jessica said to the cat, then slipped her hand under my shirt, her cool fingers rubbing my chest gently. “My ankle feels much better now,” Jessica said and thrust her bottom up to meet me. “What’s the problem?” I asked and looked down at her ankle. “Poor little tootsie!” I said and started massaging her thigh, just above the cast.


fetish hitchhiker 2018-05-28

We stood up, both of us covered in each other's blood.  We looked deep into each others eyes for what seemed like forever.  Then, without a word, I grabbed her and bent her over the alter.  Her perfect pink pussy was throbbing and begging for my cock.  I inserted myself, slow at first.  I thrust forward very slowly and gently, and as her moans increased, so did my thrusts.  She was soon begging me to fuck her harder and harder.  I had no choice but to oblige.  I grab a handful of that beautiful, fire red, hair and placed my other hand around her throat, pulling her into every powerful thrust.  Our screams pierced the night as we came together.

Jasad Fetish Club

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-05-27

Getting back to the types of themes we have-a few days ago-we had tattoo fetish evening were people inked up in the club." Once you pass the entrance you look to your right and see a hot girl sucking a guy's cock and another guy fucking her ass off. You re-open your eyes and move your head forward to get a closer look at the girls butt and you see how red her cheeks have become. Hiam takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of one of the dance floors- but you two do not enter. While you're walking through the dance floor you see a hot girl in latex pants with a massive hole in her backside and no panties.

Passion, Sex, and Pain

fetish TheNaughtyWife 2018-05-08

Johnny stuffed his cock deep into my mouth while Ronan started kissing and biting my neck, working his way down my back, squeezing my breasts, and ending at my ass: biting, kissing, and spanking me. Ronan swelled in my ass, I could feel that he was getting ready to cum, he pulled out of my ass and Johnny left my pussy to take his cock in his mouth. Both men pumped my pussy making sure that they were as deep as they could go; I was full of cock and dripping wet, gushing cum every time they moved. Johnny had his hand around my throat looking me in the eyes, as soon as he began to cum Ronan grabbed my hips and thrust deep.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 04

fetish Absweat 2018-05-04

After Eugene grabbed the bar and pumped out two reps at a weight more than he had ever done before throwing the bar like it weighed nothing onto the rack without any need for a spotter, Eugene boldly reached up Bradley's gaping shorts leg hole and grabbed him by his hairy ball sack. Eugene started wrestling honestly and fairly as best he knew how, but Bradley twice caught him with hard gut punches unexpectedly, hurting him deep in his gut and knocking the wind out of him both times. Leaving Bradley no chance to recover, Eugene looked down and seeing Bradley's exposed junk dangling out in the open (Bradley was still going commando) he grabbed it and stretched it up above him until it lifted Bradley up from the floor.

Ibiza Holiday Ch. 03

fetish RonClarkeson 2018-05-03

The audience gasped in shock as he plunged a needle into Amanda's left breast. I was in a trance and approached Amanda she was smiling and standing unrestrained waiting for me to stab her with the needle. The next few minutes were a blur as the odious man and then I pushed needles into Amanda's breasts her body compliant. Amanda did not flinch and smiled at me as I took her flesh in hand and pushed the needle through very slowly. The odious man the squared her right nipple then pushed a needle through it. Another needle was presented and the odious man indicated Amanda's nether regions. The odious man picked up one and quick as a flash sqwered Amanda's left breast.

Corn For Breakfast Ch. 02

fetish Libertineman 2018-04-27

Early Wednesday night I got an e-mail from Carol letting me know that they are ready to meet up with me at Cathy's house on Friday night. I came in moments, at which time Carol started sucking me off saying: "We've got to get all of your energy used up so you'll be able to enjoy the next faze of this evenings activities." I was so horny from the serving of berries I thought that I could go all night, but they wore me out quickly. It was getting difficult for her to force it out so Cathy got out the rollers and started working them on the hose to "push" the piss into me with more pressure.

Sleeping in the Train

fetish Tveksam 2018-04-20

"Sorry," I said with a red face and pressed my hands to my legs to prevent them from moving at all. "That is usually true," she said, "but you take your pills to help you sleep." She grinded her boot harder and I screamed. "No hands," she said and I let go and she kept her boot close to my lips and I continued to kiss and lick its surface until it was glistening with saliva. "Dreams are wonderful," she said and stood up and turned and placed her hands on the seat, positioning her skirt covered ass in my direction. An old lady opposite to me looked at me like a sour grape and I saw several others close by lift their heads as if they had seen something outside their preferred normality.


fetish dad4anal 2018-04-16

Both are oh, so sweaty, her eye makeup running as he's good for another few violent thrusts, and the thing they always go after finally happens: he starts to make her asshole queef as each thrust forces air into her, making him fuck her hard, which then repeats the process. They've been doing this for the last 2 years, so she knows just when it's time to cum before her ass becomes too accustomed to his huge cock and it starts to hurt less. Brad's cock slowly withers as Elena finds the courage to push the remaining semen he pumped into her, farting it all out onto the sheets, the nasty, wet, gurgling sound giving Brad a mental orgasm, wishing he was still hard enough to enjoy it.

I Wet The Bed

fetish just_a_toy 2018-04-12

"I want you to go and get your bigger rolled up scouring pad and shove it into your naughty girl hole." I whimpered at the thought, as I knew it would hurt, but I went and got the requested item. "You need to, of course, post this and all the pictures to the usual site so that others can see how naughty you are." I nearly cried again at the thought of anyone who wanted to seeing how I had wet the bed, but I did as I was told. I want you to film yourself fucking that naughty pussy of yours with that scouring pad, hard and fast...punish your pussy for Daddy, ok little one?"

Favourite Fantasies #11

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-04-10

The spank-ing lasts a long time and my buttocks get hotter and hotter, the pain gets stronger until I plead with her to stop ... Lick my pussy till I come.” She spreads her legs exposing her warm moist cunt. “I told you not to get a hard-on,” she rages, “and now you get another spanking.” This time she throws me face down on the bed and proceeds to whip me with the belt from her skirt. “Now I’m going to fuck you,” she says, and she slides her cunt up and down on my penis. Be-fore I can recover she begins to push it in and pull it out, fucking my ass with hard thrusts.

working the night shift

fetish Loipyu 2018-04-10

Let me describe myself, I am a 55 year old Hispanic female who over the past 2 years has really come into my own sexually - I love trying new things (groups, flashing, bondage, pain, humiliation, and anything that me and my husband can think up) and being used and just having a wild time. I gave him his medication and was getting ready to leave the room when he asked me to help him pee. Laying there was a good sized cock – half hard, this would not have been a big deal, but that I had been working so hard the past couple of weeks, and had not been able to have my regular sex.

The Disconsolation of Anita

fetish intimate270 2018-04-05

Robert took her hand and sucked the juice from it and then gave Anita a deep, deep kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth and she totally surrendered to him. As he pushed his finger in and out of her rectum Anita squirmed at the pain and the pleasure but felt deep joy that Robert had invaded her last bastion of privacy and that now she was totally and utterly his. Robert pressed a button on the remote and Anita felt a mild burning sensation around her pussy and realised that pulses of electricity were being applied to her pussy lips and clitoris. There was a noise and Anita looked up and saw Robert, fully dressed, moving towards her, she instinctively put her hand up as she got closer.

The Painslut Ch. 01

fetish SilverWolfXX 2018-04-01

"Come you stupid bitch." The atheletically built man dragged her forward by her hair, causing her to both whimper in pain and also see that momentary light of pure bliss, and slammed the car door shut. "Look at you, you fucking whore..." His hand began to slap her pussy with incredible speed, so hard bolts of pain mixed with the whispers of orgasm fired through every cell in her body. Just as Sarah gave up hope of ever coming again his huge cock forced its way balls deep into her tight, soaking wet, red raw and uber-sensitive cunt, stretching it painfully as her whole body exploded into an orgasm unlike any she had ever felt before.

Red Leather Chair

fetish Rain_Lover 2018-03-28

After watching the clip for the ninth time, I need to be touched so bad that I slip off my jeans and knickers and watch people fucking with my wet pussy pushed as hard on the new red leather as I can manage. I plant my shoulders on the seat, throw my legs up over the back of the chair (maximum contact skin on leather) and watch the firelight gleam on my silver vibrator as I stroke it in and out of my pussy. A pussy hole, a slit over my ass, cutaway breast areas with leather straps. My pale skin looks good against the dark red leather. The leather straps over the cut-away breast panels take a long time.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-03-25

How about if I flog your hanging breasts?" His hands reached down to one, grabbed it in his palm, squeezed it harshly before he moved on to her nipple, pulled and yanked until it began to harden, not sure if it was pleasure or pain that brought it about, Michael had not really cared, just wanted to give himself a bigger target to abuse. "Now I know that hurt, didn't it Justine?" He teased her for a minute, let his hand rub over her pussy, felt her flinch from the pain before he swung the flogger again.

Feminization Training - Brat Perversions

fetish littlemissbrat 2018-03-20

Miss Brat is the right girl for this mission, to train a crossdressing sissy. Starting this fetish session with a walk, yes, Miss Brat told her to walk around the room like a woman. That’s right, Miss Brat put on her favorite strapon dildo, a big one in pink color. She when down on Sissy’s ass and made her feel the pain of a real cock! Miss Brat is becoming happy about this sissy, at least a little bit happy, so now is time for some face sitting. Miss Brat is merciless now and stops the face sitting, for now, it is time to give a hand to the sissy’s dick. Miss Brat jerks that cock with very strong moves, so strong that it becomes also painful.

my online slave bdsm

fetish crbigboy 2018-03-15

The other day I decided to punish the worthless piece of trash by ordering her to insert large objects. She began with a coke can will this be bugger enough master she said I agreed she easily slid the can into her pussy so I ordered her to find something bigger. The look of pain on her face and the moans she made are what I live for 3 quaters of the bottle where now inside her she said master I can take no more to which I replied all of it . Get all the way down u worthless little whore I shouted and she slowly slid the rest of the bottle into her tight pussy.

Nurse Debbie chapter 3

fetish weswitch 2018-03-12

Mistress Debbie looked down at me put her hand on the suction cup on my left nipple and said I know your right nipple hurts and this is going to hurt but rest assured you will feel more pain than this, with that she jerked the left suction cup off snapped the clamp on and pulled it tight. Not sure how much time had past, my arms and legs were numb from being tied in the same position for so long, pain in my nipples was getting better think they were numb also and my cock was now soft and not being poked by the points in the cock gage. Mistress Debbie grabbed my legs and started to fuck my ass hard and fast, every time she pulled and pushed me off her cock the clamps would pull on my nipples.

Pain in the Shower

fetish bliss101 2018-02-18

"look into her eyes." "you want it don't you?" "Yes Mistress." "Open your mouth." Pain has been building in my body, the water is splashing all around me, your words are taking me deeper and deeper and what you are offering me it the ultimate intimacy, the ultimate gift. Your fist in my hair guides my head twisting and turning you place me in the flow. I can feel your breath in my ear, your fist in my hair, your fingers on my cock and balls, your eyes watching the experience on my face. "Hold perfectly still no matter what." I cannot reply, my mouth open wide tongue extended in such a nasty way.

Uniformed Pleasure

fetish MistressLacy 2018-02-10

Bringing her thoughts back to the present and realising that the officer had been talking to her she apologised and repeated the complaint; still no names mentioned he asked if she would like to discuss it in a more formal setting. The plan had been that once in his office the formal attitude was be dispensed with and they could spend some time fulfilling her fetish for his uniform in close quarters. For her actions her still bare ass was slapped several times, each connection stinging as her body was still high from her climax previously. The PC stood in front of her, undoing the zip on his uniform trousers, releasing his cock, he was already hard and her instructions were given.