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Randi's Embarrassment

fetish lesliejones 2018-12-04

She quickly unzipped and unbuttoned her beige pantsuit's bottom and let it fall, yanked down her tan thong panties, and sat on the toilet as a large log slipped speedily out of her little anal rosette and her usual strong stream flowed plenteously from her light hair-hidden peehole. Finally, realizing that if flushed the toilet again, she would have a floor flood with floating pieces of shit all over, she quietly put down the cover and washed her hands, sprayed the area with the available can of Lysol spray (for whatever good that would do with the turds still in the bowl) and then returned to the meeting as if nothing were amiss.

Beautiful Lee

fetish Seahawker 2018-11-23

“You look like you need to get your kids to day care, and yourself to work. Several minutes later Lee walked into the living room with some DVDs. She asked me to pick one, which was hard since they were all chick flicks, but I picked ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ As she sat down Lee turned to me and said, “Gerry, since the divorce happened a year-and-a-half ago, you’re the first man I’ve been around alone. The movie forgotten, Lee turned toward me, spread her legs a little, reached up and pulled my head down for a long, forceful kiss. As she broke the kiss she looked at me and asked, “Can we just do it now, and then talk about it?” She pulled my cock toward her pussy.

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-23

Jack had been left in the 20-year-old Elaine's care by his dominant wife, Laura. Elaine enjoyed the position Laura was placing her in—especially when Jack was down under her skirt licking her pudendum—and planned on using the experience in her Women's Studies Feminist Theory course. "You know everything we are learning about dominating men in Feminist Theory?" Well, Aunt Laura is sending Uncle Jack over here for the whole weekend when we can do whatever we want with him!" "Hi Laura darling," she said, "I hope you know how much Elaine and I appreciate the chance to try out what we've been learning in Fem Theory this weekend. Laura smiled broadly and told Elaine and Cynthia that she trusted them entirely with responsibility for supervising Jack.

Curing Cynthia’s Monthly Misbehavior

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-13

Cynthia faltered for a moment and said, "Louise, I'm just cleaning it up" but she knew she couldn't avoid my order so she handed me what she had wanted to get out of the way, a cute pair of hicut pink panties, but with a rather prominent skidmark in the back. She would spend the day horribly self-conscious because although Cynthia was no Dolly Parton out front, she did have lovely full 34Bs. My referring to her not behaving like a big girl made her realize I was truly angry, because she knew that this meant these kinds of childish punishments. The spanking commenced then in earnest as I re-positioned myself and began applying strong slaps to her cheeks alternately, watching them slowly turn rosy and then deep pink and finally start showing crimson flashes.

The Feared '57' Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-10

Irene Crawford, Oakhurst's principal, immediately started having second thoughts about Janet Sanders' rather impetuous request to award the "feared 57" punishment to senior Marcie Williams. Miss Crawford, as was her wont, had left the door to her inner office open, and Marcie saw her standing behind Janet Sanders, who was bent over a chair...with her skirt folded up over her waist and her full-sized white panties down at her knees. Marcie knew there would be hell to pay if she were seen sneaking a peek at the teacher's getting what she figured would be Miss Crawford's cane across her bottom, so she quickly walked around the corner to the front door and left school for the day, amazed that she was able to have a smile on her face after what she had endured only a short time earlier.

Underneath Her and her proposal!

fetish robertkeller 2018-11-08

She turned around facing my feet and put her knees on both sides of my face and said" I want you to smell how hot you make me while I practice, thinking about you eating me out. She came back into the room, and asked" How bad do you want me?" I said get your ass back on top of me" She laughed and said" I think I just started." At this point I didn't care. She came again, and I pulled out my tongue  and said" I want your ass." She had never let me lick her asshole, but she gave me what I wanted.

Karen Brings Rod Further Along

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-04

Karen felt that admitting to her boyfriend Rod how badly she had been treated by her mother, Marian, at a time when Karen was coming of age at 19, was worth the embarrassment since it cemented her shared experience with Rod. Her boyfriend had suffered under similar maternal dominance, although Barbara's exercise of authority over her 19-year-old son had been less focused on humiliating him. Karen realized that this man truly loved her and that her hitherto cold attitude induced by Marian's wretched parental style had been slowly moved into a place where she was beginning to cherish Rod's affections, while all the while enjoying the ability to exercise her talents as a domme insofar as he was concerned.

Training Karen Ch. 03

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-30

Karen, a lithe 42-year-old blonde, exercised authority in the household over her 25-year-old stepdaughter after marrying Malinda's father, Dennis, who was 20 years older than his new wife and cared only about the hot sex he was having in bed with her whenever he felt the urge. Then Malinda was surprised when Karen took her into her bedroom, told her to take off her panties and presented her with what looked like a tight pair of Spanx control underpants. "I find that these help you feel in control during your period," Karen told her, "so I want you to wear them." Malinda stated to protest but stopped herself: she knew by now that it was dangerous to argue with her stepmother.

Watching Her Go Ch. 05a

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-09-12

"Okay, babe, look as long as you want, but it needs to come out soon. I seriously think she would have stood there all day, had I wanted her to, but I had other things on my mind, and my erection needed attention soon. With her legs spread like that, I could see that her pussy could hold back her bloody flood only for so long before it seeped out from between the folds of her labia and dripped to the floor. When we broke our kiss, she moaned and murmured into my ear that I needed to help her come now, and she pulled me into the bedroom, my cock and her pussy dripping as we walked.

Secretary Morgan's Period

fetish headtyper 2018-09-06

Morgan hurriedly picked the paper up, walked out of the office leaving me wanting to masturbate right away. I suddenly thought about her big pussy pad nestled in her panties and worked my right hand slowly down her side to the middle of her crotch. "You really wanted to play with my big cunt even though you know darn well I'm on the rag right now," Morgan said with a very puzzled look on her face. "Why should your bloody pussy stop me from wanting it so bad?" I asked rubbing it through the pad. Morgan began kissing me wildly, squeezing my cock with her pussy mussles making feel like I was going to cum in seconds.

Red Weekend

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-07-28

After we had eaten most of the chocolate, Michelle took a pad from the packet, a clean pair of panties from her suitcase, and headed for the bathroom. Instead of collapsing on my chest for our usual post-coital cuddle, Michelle wasted no time heading for the bathroom, her panties in one hand and the other hand again between her thighs. I wondered if Michelle would be disgusted if she knew that Kate, my previous girlfriend would call me into the bathroom so that I could watch her change her pads and tampons? Even after tonight, I certainly couldn't imagine Michelle sucking my bloodied dick or encouraging me to go down on her as she sat on the toilet, drops of her blood running down the porcelain.

The Main Event

fetish KramB 2018-07-03

Get your mouth into it slut!" she ordered and twisted one of my nipples even harder and with the other free hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed me deep into her cunt. "Karl, watch as I insert my used tampon into this slut's fuck hole." She pushed the blunt end of the plug into me and since I had already been opened up and there was Karl's residue of jizz to lube me it slid right in. I felt Karl wrap his finger around the string and then suddenly with a strong jerk he pulled Cindy's bloody tampon from my anus. As Karl continued to fuck me, stroke me and cruelly abuse my nipples, I felt the heat of cum well up my legs and burst out from the tip of my penis.

Watching Her Go Ch. 04

fetish magiconnecticut 2018-06-23

Resting on my stomach and arms, I lay with my head between her legs and got a close up look at her puss. I moved my head back and looked at the once white cylinder, completely soaked in her blood on one side and slightly expanded from the red fluid. She took my hardness in her hand, aimed it at her pussy lips and slowly sat down on me, enveloping my thick, pulsing penis within her wet, hot, bloody hole. She sat on the toilet, spread her legs and let me watch as she pushed a fresh new tampon inside of her, a clean white cotton string dangling once again from her luscious lower lips.

Messy Sex

fetish Cordial 2018-05-17

"It's a girl thing..." Geraldine said softly "I was worried that the pills have failed because I was two days late already...and you've given me so many cream-pies since we started our holiday" she added, protesting slightly. Having pressed on Geraldine's bloody pussy, my cock was now glistening in a thick, red, sticky mixture of menstrual blood, pre-cum, and saliva. "You still feel so tight and juicy Dine" I moaned softly into Geraldine's ear "always making me wanting to fuck you hard!" She opens her eyes and we exchange gentle kisses, not realizing that cum and blood were slowly trickling between Geraldine's pussy lips and staining another spot on the bed.

Breeding Lynn Ch. 02

fetish jimmy22990 2018-04-21

I reached across her body to the end table and pulled out a couple of tissues and gave them to Lynn. Lynn reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy wide apart to where it was laid bare and open to my lustful eyes. Lynn threw her head back in lustful ecstasy, feeling the object being slowly removed from the most private recess of her body. I looked deeply into her eyes and said, spread your legs further and I'll pee between them. Lynn reached out with both her tiny hands trembling in fear and she firmly grasped my massive manhood. Lynn raised my cock upward with both hands still firmly grasping it.

From Her (Wet) Side

fetish LickMe2Raw 2018-04-16

For example it wouldn't be considered abnormal for a *woman* to IM a guy and ask him if he'll shove his cock into her dirty ass on their first date while she's pissing in her roommate's mouth deapthroating her favorite dildo. One that really got my attention was his passion for 'all things uro-genital' and admitted to drinking from "the source." He said he considers urine as a normal sexual fluid just like lube and cum, and in fact all healthy secretions from a woman's crotch during intimacy are "...gifts from the Gods to be devoured passionately and worshiped". He grabbed my hair and bent over to whisper in my ear, "show me how bad you need to pee lover." I let loose with a splush like no other against his cock.

Bloody Socialising

fetish myboyfriendthewhore 2018-03-02

Being the slut that he is, he was soon hungry for my period, and hungrily ate me, covering his face in my blood, as I lit a cigarette. I came hard, my cum and blood smearing all over the neck of the bottle and into the drink inside it. We walked out and my whore dutifully gave Tom his beer, trying to stop his hands from shaking. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in that beer garden, watching Tom drink my cum and blood, and forcing my slut to bend over to pick various things up, ensuring everyone could see my mark on him and know for certain that he belonged to me.

Laura's Strawberry Shortcake

fetish hotpup 2018-03-01

"Laura, this is fucking nasty, but please come on let me rip these god damn panties off that sexy ass?" No man had ever sounded more desperate than I did at that moment. Now, don't just throw your clothes off take them off just like you do when you don't have my steamy HOT bloody cunt waiting for your hungry mouth." Sliding off of my lap Laura went to the kitchen and buzzed back to her room carrying a bag. After I started sucking her flow from her dirty feminine protection Laura pulled an empty tampon applicator from the bag. Biting into the piece of cake, after dislodging it from between her pussy lips, I found that it had absorbed a lot of Laura's bloody flow.

Things to Do with My Slut Ch. 10

fetish icumonyourshoes 2018-02-23

I was making progress on a project I was working on, but was mostly in haze remembering the insane weekend I had fucking Nikki on Saturday and jerking off on the phone with Emma on Sunday morning. I quietly turned from her desk and proceeded down the hall to Emma's office. I thought of how hard I came on the phone with Emma on Sunday morning and I rammed her harder. I remembered how hard I fucked Penny the night of the party and I thrust violently into Emma with that image in my mind. "I am off to my meeting," Emma said, grabbing a folder off her desk and heading for the door.

Red Wings

fetish scarlet_letter87 2017-12-16

We kissed like two high schoolers who were stealing a moment away from watchful eyes. After spending what seemed like forever worshipping my soft, full tits, Harry continued downwards. I'd only just met the man, I was in no position to ask him to stick his tongue in my scarlet cunt, no matter how wet and achy it was. He sucked my clit, flicked it with my tongue until I knew I was going to explode. By the time we'd finished and I looked at him, his face was a mess, I felt the slightest twinge of guilt and apologized. I reached back and spread my ass apart for him so he could watch his cock going all the way in and out of me.

Breeding Lynn Ch. 01

fetish jimmy22990 2017-12-10

He rarely took Lynn along, always telling her to wait until he was going somewhere where there would be time for work and a little play. Because I had a looming deadline to close a big sale the next day, I asked Lynn if she could come over to my place, earn some overtime, and help finish some paperwork that night. Lovely Lynn walked over to the toilet and completed removed her pants and panties. Lynn inserted the six inch applicator fully into her pussy and forcefully squeezed the plastic bottle until the douche completely emptied in her tender pink sex organ. She put the bottle and applicator back in her purse and got dressed and flipped off the bathroom light which stopped the spycam.

Watching Her Go Ch. 05

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-12-09

Angie looked so damn fine in her short, cream colored camisole and ruffled morning hairdo. I...uh...well...I need to use the bathroom." I felt some of the foam slide from the corner of my mouth as I tried to speak clear enough for her to understand. "Well, I need to use the potty myself, but it looks like you beat me to it." She rubbed her slightly distended tummy with her other hand. I'll let you use it now, Angie." I started to get up, but she held me in place with her hand on my shoulder. I do have to go pretty badly." She scooted closer, wrapped her arms around me, kissed me squarely on the mouth and let out a sexy little moan.

Reality's Dream

fetish magiconnecticut 2017-11-12

Reaching her bed, she stripped off her blouse, skirt and hose, threw them in the overstuffed chair and walked to the bathroom, where she turned the tub on. As he placed the blindfold across her eyes and tightened the straps, she felt a strange twinge deep inside, but that soon passed as she heard the unmistakable sound of duct tape being ripped from the roll. Here she was, tied to her bed, naked and blindfolded, bound by tape and ropes, bleeding the heaviest part of her cycle, and a man that she could not identify was only inches from her, smelling the same tang, and watching her body as she lay there – exposed and open.

Bloody Good Fun: Waking Up

fetish LittlePet 2017-10-27

For a while I laid there, my head on his chest, off in my own world; when I felt a slight gush between my legs, I smiled, and gently started to run my fingertips up and down his body. Will stirred a bit, and then opened his eyes and smiled, kissing my forehead and rolling to face me. He started kissing my cheek, running his hands over my stomach, working his way down until he felt my pussy. I could feel my hips grind against his face, my hands stroking through his dark hair, and when I looked down and saw those ice green eyes staring back at me intensely, I exploded.