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The Road Trip (6th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-04

“I think I’d like a hot tub,” I said, “It’s going to be a long day, we can relax between fucks.” I slid my cock out and told Rena to just wait and so I could piss in her open mouth. The sound quality of the recording is really good too and when I watch the now I can actually hear the piss streaming into Rena mouth and the sound of her swallowing. As much as I was enjoying looking down at Rena on her knees in a little piss puddle sucking my dick, I wanted more of her and her hot young body. After licking and probing Rena’s pussy and ass for about twenty minutes I asked her where she wanted my cock.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Her Drink Your Lemonade (1st in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-01

I think Han included a girl in her story, because she figure it might turned me on enough to overlook the betrayal and her friend could be used to diminish the level of her own participation. Han was looking for a chance at reconciliation, but I only went along because I knew that the friend she claimed to have fooled around with would be there and I wanted ask her in person about the story. "I promise that if I can't drink all your piss that I'll leave." Han pledged. Han slid over to me just like so many other times to take cock in her mouth. I handed Han the warm glass and we sat up together on the bed while she quietly finished the rest of my piss.

A Mouth Is A Mouth (4th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-12-01

Noting her ongoing acquiescence in the face of objectionable treatment I though I would ask her how she would like it if pissed in her mouth while she sucked my cock? Not that it feels bad to just come or piss in someone’s mouth, but I think swallowing shows a cock sucker’s real depth of devotion and enjoyment. As much as I liked fucking her mouth though, I really wanted to see her drink my piss. The last time she was really resisting, so I just started pissing on her while she sat on her couch until she took my cock in her mouth to save her furniture. Each time I saw her I pissed in her mouth and usually I fuck her ass too.

Online Encounters Ch. 01

fetish Pearl_Necklace 2018-11-30

Even without his hand to guide him he watched her slutty ass open and swallow his cock head as sweetly as her lips had twenty minutes ago. Yes!" Dave's balls kept slapping against her pussy every time he fucked her to his hilt, and soon his nuts were wet with her cunt juice. After a few minutes she did, her whole body tensed up but Dave kept fucking her ass, letting his balls slap against her pussy again and again while she gushed warm liquid all over his nuts and thighs. He shook his dick off in her mouth, let her clean his piss-slit with her tongue, then tucked his cock back into his pants.

Punished Party Piss Pot

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-24

I can't be sacked, but if I don't make these guys happy again, they won't want to work with me and I will have a lot less chance of making good money in the future." Trudy opened her mouth and before her brain could even begin to come to terms with her situation a jet of hot piss hit her tonsils. He passed the crop to George who took it in his left hand while taking his prick in his right hand he put it to Trudy's lips again. After a few minutes of good, hard fucking he took it out and pushed it straight back into Trudy's mouth.

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover and Other Lessons Learned (2nd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-23

A little too late I asked if she would have liked to have sucked my cock in the ally and driven home with her tongue and throat coated with my sperm? Not exactly in such words, but other than mentioning her sloppy mouth having a certain cum and piss guzzling appeal and the petiteness of her ass and how tight it would feel stretched around my cock, I really wasn't prepared with what she needed to hear. We were doing quite well when focusing on our plans, but beyond telling her about what a fun little ass fucking, cock sucking, cum and piss bucket she was going to be for me, I missed a really key element of what she needed needed to hear.

Mouthing Off Ch. 02

fetish AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-19

While I was pumping Donna's throat and watching the enchanting opening scenes I told the members of the group that she would be coming round to them each in turn to suck them off and when she had finished that job she would kneel in the corner ready for whenever they needed her for the urinal services that they could now see her providing on the screen. When she had done the drinks and stuff, she went straight to a guy who was gently rubbing a semi hard as he watched a pretty young Japanese bukkake girl have her cum covered face washed off by four fat, hairy, middle aged white men pissing on her.

Sexy Sophie is a Piss Mop

fetish Uranus999 2018-11-14

Sophie had an amazing body and as much fun as it was to treat her like she was just a piss drinking slut, I would have regretted it if I didn’t take the opportunity to enjoy every inch of her. Sophie’s pussy felt burning hot around my cock and her body looked inspiringly filthy on the piss covered floor. The video starts with the girl sucking my cock in a bathtub, then my voice whispers, “Let me see it go in.” Tilting her head back the girl opened wide to reveal a stream of piss filling her mouth. Each time I filled Sophie’s mouth after that I was able to stop pissing with hardly a splash on her face.

The Golden Shower Virgin Part 2: Anya’s Bottom…

fetish RayneDor 2018-11-11

The second time, she actually reached around and began working the nozzle slowly in and out of her asshole as she asked the question, making me almost pass out with longing. I was surprised of course, particularly because Anya had not dropped any of her usual hints about sex-play to come, but it was a pleasant sort of surprise and my cock immediately twitched in interest. Anya has used this on me many times but, to date has never asked me to use it on her… she much prefers a long, ribbed nozzle usually and likes it to be slid in and out as the enema liquid is flowing into her.

High School Reunion Drinking Games (5th in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-11

It's OK if you choke a little at the end and I might drive my cock into your throat for the last shot of piss - but mostly I'm just going to try and relax with my dick in your mouth and let you slowly drink down all my piss.” “Yeah, it's going to be amazing to piss in your mouth and have you drink it down...then I can find out how good you are at sucking my cock.” “I think at the point that I put my cock in your mouth and start pissing while you drink it down will already be unforgettable. I think more time and beer are keys, because a few hours of you sucking my cock and drinking my piss would be another incredible turn on.

Sweet Clairette (3rd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-09

I had to push Claire's face and muffled moans deeper into the snow as I drove my cock deep into her pussy and let loose what felt like a torrent of cum. I could feel Claire's tongue roaming over the head of my cock and probing its eye, as if trying to staunch the flow of piss into her mouth. In that vein I wanted to show Claire what it felt like to have someone lick her pussy while she pissed and to give her experience of knowing that someone is drinking her warm urine right from her body. Trying to drink as much of her piss as I could, I eventually opted to hold Claire close and suck on her pussy lips to better control the jets filling my mouth.

Rooming With Jodie

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-04

I tried to protest, but all that came over my lips was a feeble, “Oh!” when her hand lifted up my skirt, ever so slowly, and then her other hand went to my exposed thigh, touched it and sneaked upwards in slow motion, until it was finally pressing down rhythmically on my pussy. “You can tell them the room’s already taken,” she told me, and when I didn’t respond immediately, she pushed down hard on my crotch and drew a whimper from me that carried all the embarrassment, shock and - my heart started to beat like mad when I realized what these emotions were - arousal that I suddenly felt.

Chloe Pt. 02

fetish WetKecks 2018-09-17

One entire wall was a mirror and touch display with several pairs of small cameras behind it. Sliding her hands back up her legs she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and ever so slowly drew the black panties down to her feet and daintily stepped out of them. Turning again to face her reflection Tamara admired the way her dark, wet curls clung to her impressive, gravity defying rack. Lying back Tamara raised her feet in the air and parted her legs, opening herself fully in order to display her charms. Her head was spinning from the taste and the need to cum hard so she wasted no more time and began masturbating herself furiously with one hand while her other hand rubbed, pulled and squeezed her boobs roughly.

The Lost City Of Fu-Karia Ch. 01

fetish yellowsipper 2018-09-09

With a glint in her eye, she whispered in my ear, "I'll just have to give you a proper introduction later, and your cock too!" She gave my butt a little slap as they continued on, with Arpella looking back at me with a similar smile as Vera whispered into her ear. Allenia introduced me to the Queen, who arose and grasped my raging cock in her hand, feeling the shaft all the way to the root before grabbing my balls and messaging them. The Queen grabbed my cock and fucked it in her mouth as I yelled out and ejaculated another huge load of cum.

The Concert

fetish sisifo 2018-09-07

After three months working in the office, Zoe, our new coworker, succeeded to lead most of our male colleagues (and, as far as we know, at least one female) to despair. My chance with Zoe came up, unexpectedly, on the pretext of a spare ticket to a concert that was going to happen in town, the following weekend. From then on, she took command, dictating the rules and putting me down, making me feel grateful for not being left alone at the concert. As the band managed to electrify the audience, Zoe left her chair and continued dancing throughout the concert. By this time, Zoe let me know how badly she needed to pee, waiting for me to find a quick solution to relieve her urge.

Submitting to the Sultan Ch. 01

fetish LukaWolff 2018-09-05

From the corner of his eye, Tamas saw the Sultan offer a sleeve-covered arm to help his mother up from her kneeling position. Somehow managing to keep still, Tamas nevertheless burned with anger at the comment about his sister's ability to drink piss straight from the cock of a stranger - Sultan or no. Tamas tried not to look as his mother submissively opened her mouth and the Sultan placed his cock between her lips. Tamas's eyes were wide as the Sultan removed his cock from his mother's mouth one-handed and then shook himself, leaving the last few drops of his hot piss on his mother's tongue. Tamas remained kneeling, belly full of hot piss, ears burning and cock straining hard against his trousers, as the Sultan and his entourage departed.

Klean My Cunt (Quickie)

fetish Aladylover 2018-08-29

Head trapped between her perfect thighs, which wet and sticky from where cum had already escaped, were now smeared to the side of my face. She quickly reasserted her dominance "you want your reward then I'd better fucking cum or you get fuck all" she barked pressing down harder on my face making it difficult to breathe. By slightly adjusting my position I removed my tongue from her hole to concentrate on her clit and inserted 2 fingers into her red-hot cunt. As soon as she was finished I pulled both fingers out and went at her again with my tongue, female cum juicy is just the best! Had cleaned her cunt of all that nasty cum and gave her a good orgasm surely I would be rewarded.

St. Paddy's Day Party

fetish cuck2serveU 2018-08-23

Shelly, never one to follow the rules had her lover fuck her ass instead, leaving a huge gape that he was able to shove most of the cereal into her crap cave. When Ty finally spewed another load into my belly and I had properly cleaned off his still hard cock Shelly came over and told me she had a surprise for me. When the gang couldn't spit any more Shelly rubbed the mess all over my face and scooped up as much as she could forcing me to swallow it as she shoved it into my mouth. Shelly reminded me as she dropped me off that she was going to try to convince Jennie to let her have our daughter Gigi cuck me.

Something Wet and Warm

fetish kinkycurvy 2018-07-26

He stopped peeing and pulled my head up by my hair until I was looking at him, then slapped me across the face, suddenly, followed closely by a second, a third. I heard the quiet rasp of his zipper, then a few seconds later felt the warm wetness on the back of my head, soaking into my hair, running down my face. I took advantage of the freedom of movement and turned my head so that his piss fell directly on my face, accidentally placing my ear in the pathway of his stream for a second, and experienced the strange sensation of having my ear canal fill up with the warm liquid, muffling my hearing.

Serving My Mistress

fetish OralLee 2018-07-14

She looked down at me and whispered, "I won't tell if you clean it out of me." As if on cue, Mistress Karla said, "Clean up and give thanks." When I stuck my tongue up into Shannon's pussy, my cum dribbled down my tongue into my mouth. Mistress Karla knelt down close to my face and whispered, "You do not have to eat it, but if you will at least accept it, I will not only promote you to my Personal Slave, I will give you a reward afterwards." Mistress Karla knelt down and whispered into my ear, "Hold it in your mouth, slave, until the stench of it fills your lungs.

Piss & Ice Cream

fetish Pearl_Chambers 2018-06-22

I try to distract you, but when your hand comes back near my panties, my stretched insides do a little flip as you press on them. Your hand goes away again, and with my mouth open expectantly, you trail your newly covered fingers down my breasts, over my swollen belly, and just to my thighs. With one hand you grasp my panties, and with the other you're stirring up my fever, pervertedly stretching my lips with an additional finger, letting me gag a little while I moan as they move in and out. I beg for something bigger for my mouth, and while trying to not let me get too far from your nimble fingers, we change positions on the bed.

My First Piss

fetish PN_Williams 2018-05-28

I first met Minnie my Sophomore year in school; a cute, 5'11" blonde with long, lanky legs and a rich skin tone attained from countless beach days (although her somewhat pale color came back by winter). I went through the door, turned to my right, and was immediately greeted by a petite, brown haired girl in mid-squat, full-flow with a beer and phone in one hand, the other holding her garments above the line of fire. It looked like Minnie was having trouble getting started, either that or time was practically standing still for me even though my heart raced; then it happened.

Impregnation Gangbang

fetish subiana 2018-05-18

Cries of 'Fist her, fist the slut, push that spunk inside her' encouraged him to do just that – he has big hands, and I wasn't able to take his whole fist inside me, but, I don't know if it was all the spunk, or that my cunt was stretched open with cocks, this time it worked. I was passed like a piece of meat between more cocks than I could count, and almost everyone fucking me took the opportunity to slap my face or ass, squeeze my tits or pull my hair. Baz turned me on my belly in the piss pool that the surface has become, and pulled my breasts from underneath me to attach the nipple rings to two of the table straps.

Sis Piss Ch. 01

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-04-16

That I had wet dreams about my sisters, women I knew, celebrity females, or unknown girls holding me down and peeing into my mouth and forcing me to drink it, exactly like the pee game we had played so many years ago? Kathy just giggled again, drained the last of her wine, looking with a broad grin at her two older sisters, back at me, down to my crotch, then back at my blushing face. After being forced into playing the pee game several times, I learned that the only way to keep my hair and clothes clean and dry was to drink down every drop of pee my sisters squirted into my mouth.