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Wedgie Fetish, an Introduction

fetish wrbsuperman 2018-05-14

But you can find ways to sneak them in, maybe a playful hug that turns into a wedgie, or if someone bends over and leaves their thong or panty line hanging out. I mean, the last thing you want to do is alert people that you have a wedgie fetish! You wedgie yourself and wedgie yourself, leave yourself in embarrassing jock locks or even go so far as to hang yourself by your underwear just because you're so turned on by the pain that's about to come and that you're such a horny s.o.b. that you'll do anything once you get turned on but you just stay at the burning arousal and can't quite push over the cliff.

What's New, Pussycat?

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-28

And so of course her mind has been shifted appropriately; just cute mewls and purrs from her, at least until someone trains her." She reached down to stroke my head, and although I meant to move away....oooohhh God, her fingers behind my ear...her hands were soft and warm, light but still strong, and as she scratched I felt my hips wiggle, soft meows escaping my lips... Right now Tamara can't really do anything but wiggle underneath me, even if she wants to do something else...though it's a treat, you can also use this to gain control of an unruly catgirl." After a little more light teasing, lowering the ball just in front of my face (I almost got it, I was so close!!), Madison tucked the ball back into her robes.

What's New, Pussycat? Ch. 02

fetish Namazuros 2018-02-20

Dimly, I was aware of the giggles of the class, and I could hear Professor Grey praising Vincent for paying attention to her, but I was too busy staring up at what I wanted, humping the air gently with need...the sight of those amazing balls made my hips quiver with need, and I rubbed my legs together like an anxious grasshopper as I mewled up at Vincent, trying to get his attention, maybe to get him to bend down just a bit... "You're so eager to meow at me, but maybe we can try to find a better use for that tongue, eh pussycat?" He moved his hand away, and there, dangling just inches from my lips, were his full, hanging balls...my eyes widened, and I felt my face flush with heat...my whole body felt awash with fire, and I let out a long sigh of longing, panting with need...

The Bet Ch. 01

fetish jomar 2017-12-09

You want me to be all hot and wet for you don't you, baby?" Lilla purred as she snuggled up to me, snaked a leg around mine and twirled my hair with a finger. I held my arm out, thought, "Shit, what the hell have I agreed to." Lilla had always been more sexually creative than me and usually initiated the more adventuresome escapades: Blowjobs driving home through our neighborhood, furtive quickies in public places, handjobs and footjobs in restaurants, toys, costumes and role playing, making up sex scenarios and fantasies and telling them to each other in bed. "Yeah, baby, do it, fuck me hard, make me come," Lilla rasped as I pinned her hips against the mattress edge, again and again, over and over, her outstretched hands clutching the bedspread.