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My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

fetish mceh501 2018-11-29

After what she had said I could feel my cock starting to erect itself, but I didn't want my Aunt to know, "Aunt Deborah? I didn't get a good look because the panties were pulled down as well in a split second to reveal my Aunt Deborah's chubby, cottage cheese ass-cheeks. "Don't feel bad little Timmy, not everyone can have a man sized penis like your older cousin Jon. Who knows, you're still young; maybe it'll get a little bigger." She put her left hand on my shoulder, and used just the fingertips of her right hand to slowly massage the sensitive head of my penis.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 04

fetish mceh501 2018-11-11

That's weird, I don't know why there would be...." I realized in my head: They must the underwear I wore last night after Jon fucked me. I know one day you'll find a girl who doesn't have a big sexual appetite, and she will adore your little penis." She was talking loudly, I think other people in the restruant could hear us, which was embarrasing. "Yeah," I said, not wanting to talk about Jon anymore. Standing there naked she said, "By the way, I asked Jon about what happened to both of yours' underwear, and he said he wasn't sure. and now he's gonna make Zoey a slut for his big cock just like me!!!" I could feel my orgasm building.

The Cameraman Cums Around

fetish twiddershins 2018-08-28

I'd been shooting videos of Grace fucking male models (who knows where she meets all these guys?) every Saturday for the past year. Dave tore Grace's face off his cock and lifted her out of the chair by her hair. I was going to protest that this wasn't fair for a shot because it meant I'd have to get to the other side again when Dave reached around, grabbed one of her tits in each hand so he could tweak the nipples, and impaled her sloppy hole with his giant member. I'm not sure if either of us had any idea what Dave meant when he asked it, but Grace slapped her palms down on the edge of the desk again and shouted, "Fucking do it to me!"

Kelly and Lara

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-08-16

It was so incredibly emasculating: Laura on her knees, holding a massive cock with both hands, laughing at my little prick. It's time for me to enjoy a real man." Kelly forced herself between Jeff's legs, pushing Laura out of the way. "Can I ask you a question?" she said to me "I guess so." I said, looking over at Jeff's huge dick being worshipped by Kelly, wishing mine was big and strong and manly. She then took my tiny cock completely in her mouth, my little ding-dong was screaming with pleasure, and I kept looking at Jeff's massive veiny penis as Kelly engulfed it. Laura reached over and with her left hand, she joined Kelly in worshiping Jeff's cock.

A Surprising Massage

fetish fantasiesinprint 2018-07-05

"There's no telling, we women can be fickle you know," I worked his leg, trying to ease the muscles in one of his thighs. "Ok hun, just so you'll relax for me, I'm gonna flip up this sheet and give you an honest opinion, ok?" He lifted his head to look at me, probably thinking I was joking. I couldn't help giggling at him, standing there naked, trying to hide something that small behind the table. I stood up and decided to go for the door, telling him to get dressed and come out whenever he was ready. My assistant couldn't stop grinning, so I told her to go check on another client so he wouldn't be embarrassed.

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 01

fetish CallMePeePee 2018-06-24

On our wedding night I didn't even get that far: she wanted to see what a penis felt like and, when took me between her fingers and thumb, I came just from her touch. I was my usual fumbling self, thrashing about as I struggled to keep my little stick from falling out, but in my mind I saw the lips of her cunt pistoned back and forth by a full-sized man cock. As I watched my slim dick vanish between her full lips, and felt the wet warmth of her mouth, I suddenly saw another man's penis, ridged with veins and engorged with blood, thrust against her eager tongue. She took my face in her hands and brought her lips to mine, then pushed warm goo into my mouth, swirling her tongue as she did so.

I Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 02

fetish ServicingU 2018-05-29

"In the meantime," my wife said coyly, "why don't you crawl over here and suck on my finger the way you sucked on Scott's cock?" I stopped working my tongue for a minute, looked up at her and said, "By the amount of cum I swallowed, I would say he did." She then told me how good she thought we looked together, and I revealed how hot I thought it was to have exposed myself like that in front of her and the other guys. And don't come downstairs until I get you." She then kissed me and said, "You're going to like my little surprise," and then turned around and left. Her mouth hung open, and she said, "Wow. You couldn't satisfy any woman cumming that quickly.

Speed Demon Squishypants at the Club

fetish twiddershins 2018-05-17

I never expected it to happen, but I got drunk with my crush- my roommate, Lisa- and she wanted to go out to a strip club. I got hard watching her, stopped trying to keep my feet from rubbing on Lisa's. At that moment, both of their faces turned to wide-eyed, open-mouthed shock as I bust my nut all inside my pants, staining and soaking my khakis all the way through with streams of cum. good luck with your girlfriend." She licked her lips derisively, and then went away, sashaying her hot hips, swinging her beautiful ass cheeks in that thong all the way to the bathroom or changing room to wash herself off.

Cuckold Heaven Ch. 02

fetish CallMePeePee 2018-05-15

Eat my nasty cunt, you little prick!" The muscles across the fronts of her thighs trembled as she began to cum, her head thrown back and her heaving breasts towering above me. Let me show you what my pussy is supposed to look like with a real cock inside it." With one hand she pulled the soaking crotch of her panties aside and revealed her gleaming snatch, with the other she brought the thick tip of the dildo to her slick lips. Her own cream was flowing freely and puddling on he chair, and I imagined the first trickles of sperm leaking from around the union of her cunt and his cock.

A Premature End

fetish somekindofinspiration 2018-04-20

My thick heavy cock had fallen out straight, and the awful giant cum rope lay across her face still connected by a long looping cum string bridge right to the tip of the bobbing dick. Her hands had fallen by now, but the size of the cum wads that were pumping out of me just caused the thick spurts to travel in long stuttering pressurized arcs, splattering heavily over that pretty dumbstruck face. It was so fucking hot I felt like I was going to cum again. She just kept flapping her hands and spitting out cum from her mouth awkwardly as the mess on her face rolled down to keep topping it up.

The Good Wife Ch. 02

fetish tazsis1 2018-04-15

I was curled up half way down the bed, holding my hand to Stephanie's lower back and pressing gently to ease the ache. Stephanie got off the bed, dug into her bag for her cigarettes and went out onto the balcony. I find her smoking a deeply sexy; her handling of the cigarette and lighter, the sharp inhale through a half open mouth and the slowly released plume, the hooded eyes and face obscured behind the smoke, the smell in her hair and the taste on her lips or fingers. After a while, Stephanie half turned out of my arms, passing me the still smoking cigarette end to dispose of. Suddenly Stephanie's hand stopped, she changed the angle of her fingers inside me and pressed down on my prostate.

Weekend Away

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-03-18

In the group were Paula; a young law student, Katelyn, a waitress, Linda, Marks soon to be ex and Gloria, the blabber-mouth. Linda thought for a minute, she didn't want to hurt Mark, but at the same time she felt incredibly frustrated that she wouldn't be getting fucked tonight. "you better believe it honey" Mark said as Gloria let out a little giggle. She began to finger her pussy, "Gloria," gasped Linda, "you know how much I love your finger action, but I think we both need some of Mark's cock first." No girl wants a tiny dick-ed midget who cums at the very thought of pussy!" Gloria said.

Premature Ejaculation Training Camp

fetish threeinchpete 2018-02-15

If I can't hold out long enough, (again one minute) I have to wear her tight jeans as pajamas. Tina makes not of the feminine front I have when I am packed in her tight jeans. She actually loves the look and calls me her girlfriend when I wear her jeans. Tina calls out the time in 10 second intervals while we make love. One night after she called out 10 seconds she leans close to my ear and asks me, "Have you notice that my ex-boyfriend Hector can really fill a Speedo?" I can usually hold out about 20 seconds after that. Tina often refers to me as her girlfriend when I wear her jeans or tights.

Heather Left Me in the Bathroom

fetish twiddershins 2017-12-21

I was drunk and totally turned on, even though I just came all over myself, so after cleaning the semen out of my underwear and my pubic hair there in the stall, I waited, noticed no-one else was in the bathroom, and started jerking off as quietly as I thought I could. She was like a sentinel, sticking her butt out in tight jean shorts, pouty lips and cocked pinky finger awaiting to show me my full shame. And Heather shouted into the bathroom door, "Have fun jerking it with two fingers, little boy!" I groaned in surprise as I came again at the realization-- totally sudden and unexpected, almost instantly on hearing her say "two fingers" and "little." A fresh peal of laughter headed out the bar.

Eugene the Nerd Pt. 01: Hard Times

fetish Absweat 2017-12-06

He wanted so bad to keep his nipples and soft pooched belly, his armpit hair which he could feel was now dripping wet with his nervous sweat and he was sure his armpits were really ripe with his manly armpit musk, and even worse, the huge sausage shaped bulge in his pants created by his mature genitalia that he was so ashamed for anyone to see was now in full view of everyone. Eugene could feel that his dick was now stretched out and sticking up vertically and that the very sensitive fat head of his cock was now squeezed between his soft sweaty belly and the tight elastic waistband of his shorts.

Britney Bought Me a Thong

fetish twiddershins 2017-10-21

I really wanted her to like me, so I always spent extra effort while talking to her to look at her eyes (green, before you ask) instead of her cleavage. Again this is before I knew that this sort of thing actually turned me on, so when all the dudes bragged about having a gigantic shlong, I would just laugh nervously or nod, hoping to change the subject-- or I would just say I was normal, if pressured to answer. And there it was, my small erection poking out of the thong, nuts straining and bulging against their confinement, on display for all to see and labeled "Little Inch Worm." I didn't know what reaction to expect, but I remember the collective gasp and the split second of absolute silence after, before the dressing room erupted into laughter.

Creampie Eating For Fun

fetish fun4all6969 2017-10-15

Then Susie proceeds to tell them how she made me lick her after filling her with cum and Lauren says "you made him eat his own creampie" and they laugh. Susie said "Marty, come with me and make another creampie." We went back to a bedroom at her friend's house and I came in about 2 minutes. They said they wanted to see me eat my own cum and Susie volunteered to let them watch but no one wanted to actually see me eat it out their friend. In the morning she said she enjoyed humiliating me the night before and making me eat Grant's cum. Later Susie told me that Lauren really enjoyed having a guy lick her clean after being fucked.