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Ashley's Confessions Ch. 02

fetish Marie89 2018-09-29

It was a small town and I wondered whose cocks I had sucked, whose cum was in my stomach, and whose grunts had filled my ears. "Why don't you suck my cock like a good little girl." He rumbled as he pushed it to my lips. Joe pulled away and my mouth dove for his cock again but his hand had such a tight grip on my hair that I didn't budge. Despite the fact that he had just fucked my mouth with his cock and that were in the center of depravity and he was lining up men to have sex with his best friend's teenage daughter....I knew that he wouldn't let anyone hurt me.

Do You Like My Panties?

fetish andtheend 2018-08-25

Anyway, I carry his photo around with me in my purse and tell my clients, the ones who are acting funny and nervous, that my pimp is waiting downstairs for me and if they don't want any trouble, not to delay my departure by even a minute or my pimp will rip their face off. Consequently, every time Marvin comes to see me, which is once a month, always on the first day of the month, he brings me a selection of new panties in a rainbow of colors and a range of styles to wear, to model, and to keep. I don't mind giving Marvin a show and doing whatever he wants me to do, so long as he pays me. I really don't want to know or to understand why he enjoys doing the things he likes to do.

Below the Ankles

fetish tickle23 2018-07-30

"I know," replied a despondent Tom. Watching Tamara dress for her job, one would think she was actually going to the prom. "I don't think Tom wants me to have sex with strange men," replied Tamara, while realizing that this wasn't entirely true. "It was a good evening, baby." Tamara wondered to herself if Tom would note the difference in her smell and in her disheveledness from the other times she came home after jobs. Placing her feet together, Tamara softly pressed Tom's face with her still-oil covered size nine soles. "I got horny, sweetie." Tamara's left hand tickled Tom more furiously, and her right wondered to the area in between her legs.

Girls who like balls!

fetish Pigao 2018-07-29

I really enjoy my wife because she can give so much pleasure by sucking my balls! So, she sucks one of the balls and puts it inside her mouth. To finish, she puts the entire nut sack in her mouth and suck both balls together vigorously. A few months later, I found a prostitute who was willing to suck my balls. She used to suck my balls for 10 minutes and gone for the dick to finish it up. My serious girlfriend at that time didn't like to suck my balls, but I used to f***e her from time to time. Keep on sucking my balls like that and you'll get yourself a marriage.

Sex in a Taxi

fetish Nox661 2018-07-24

The taxi pulled up to the terminal gate at the Portland International airport, fighting its way through the unending flow of traffic as people hurried to and from their planes. Appearing to be around the age of 30 he had a body that appeared to have been lovingly crafted by long hours at the gym, and the frown on his face said that he was not the kind of person that you wanted to disappoint, for your own safety. She moaned softly as his cock slipped inside of her, although she burned with shame at betraying her husband like this, something about this situation filled her with desire. He pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of her, followed closely by a thick stream of cum.

Black Escort Makes Him Her Toy

fetish Brian1 2018-07-23

As she was rubbing my hard cock she leaned into me and said "I bet your one of those white guys who want to be a nasty little slut for his Black Mistress aren't you?" Well she was exactly right, but even though I was rock hard, I still had some will power and told her that I thought she was beautiful and that I would love to enjoy her sexy body. After she finished cumming, and having me clean her pussy to her satisfaction she told me that I was very lucky, that if she had more time that I would find out what it was like to have her black cock up my slutty ass.


fetish Mushrom 2018-07-17

I checked out the room, placing an extra box of rubbers in the bedside table. After haggling for a few minutes, we settled on $20 for a fast blowjob in his car. I then unzipped him, rolled on a rubber, and started sucking. He ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked, and shot off in less than 5 minutes. He gave me an extra $20, and I entered the lobby to "arrange for a room." I waited 3 minutes, then exited. I rolled the rubber onto him, then sucked him for a couple of minutes, to make sure he was as hard as possible. As he was getting close the fourth time, he started begging me to continue.


fetish Aladylover 2018-06-29

This nasty girl was training me to be her little pussy slave, her cuckold, her submissive and this was lesson 1 -- eat the piss soaked muffin, in public, now. Because her heel was wider at the top each time she pushed further my hole opened more until it could go no further the sole of the shoe was stopped against my ass. One hand clutched and yanked my cock whilst the other manipulated her shoe and returned to the ass fucking. I am going to bust your sack right here and I promise you are going to have the most intense orgasm of your life right here on this bathroom floor." She twisted harder then started rubbing my cock between the sole of her shoe and the hard floor beneath.

Panties Galore In Scotland.

fetish RBE1988 2018-06-13

I kept my eyes on him and I scooted myself further down the couch and opened my legs a little more, then I reached my hand down and started rubbing myself through my panties until I was considerably wet. I noticed he had put his hand into his bottoms and pulled his cock out and had started playing with himself, "I said no touching, which meant yourself too!" I scolded him, and he let go, leaving it standing straight, waiting to be touched again. When I was sure I had his attention fully again, I pulled my panties to the side and started to finger myself, occasionally rubbing my thumb against my clit, and moaning rather loudly now.

A Prostitute Enters The Room

fetish disturbingjulia 2018-06-04

I told you to get your fat fucking ass off the goddamn floor and it took you at least five minutes. I don't know why I bother wasting all my time with you; you're not worth it at all. Can't you make it harder than that, I bet an eighty year old man could get it harder than that, and just look at those balls. You think a woman would want to fuck you with balls like that; you've got to be kidding me. Don't even waste my time; you couldn't possibly think that I could get wet from those tiny little balls. Big fat tits, you look like a big ugly cow.

Blue Dress

fetish lennythelion 2018-04-16

He turned to where it lay beside him on the bed, and picked it up with two hands, cradling it almost reverently. His eyes were half-closed now but he was still watching her, watching the dress, and he stroked more quickly, his hand firm on his long, thick shaft, rising and falling to some other tune than the one she was humming. He was close now, and was forcing his eyes wide to look at the movement of the gleaming satin as his hand moved rapidly up and down. His hand was a blur now, and suddenly he grunted and his cum arched across the small space that separated them, landing at the point of the V of the neckline, and again full on the front of the dress, and again, and again.

The Client Ch. 01

fetish JustJim009 2018-03-08

At 8:00 pm he rises, his cock stiff in anticipation he walks the room, looks out the peephole, checks his blackberry for a text, where should she be, his mind wanders to the pictures she had sent, the long firm legs, full round ass, arched back, the long, long hair man he wanted to pull that hair and wrap it around his cock as he came, what would this evening hold? "I want to see your cunt, your tight, perfect, wet cunt, you magnificent woman, I want to see it, smell it, touch it and taste it!" You smile and lift your skirt and spread your legs apart, I am seated in a chair with arms, you approach and lift your right leg up and place it on my armchair allowing my eyes access to your most intimate places.

Paying Trudi

fetish OpenMouth 2018-03-05

Had they expected me to stop? I climbed into bed and started to fantasize, masturbating sporadically at the thought of actually going through with it. Expect to pay about £30-£50 for full sex.' Now I have a plan, and my heart pounds at the thought of going through with it. No thanks, I'm just off, now..." I put the car in gear and drive off. I stop and she approaches. "I'm sorry," I manage, my heart thumping. Naughteh boy... "Sorry..." "Just tell meh if I'm talking too much..." She pulls up a swivel chair. You're a dirteh boy. The smell? I hurry to the bathroom and get out of the slut gear, cleaning myself up with a towel. He's clean,"

Sweaty Business

fetish badreamer 2018-02-14

He liked a blow, with a finger in the ass, and would finish quickly as I would start pushing it in-and out hard and fast. "Ok, big guy." her smile was a little less faked this time, as she took of her shirt, bearing the nicely formed breasts in a bra which was not covering the nipples. When I took my clothes off, keeping only the panties and bra, which made my tits look ten years younger, he unbuckled his pants and took them down, then sat on the bed and said: I held onto the guy, almost glued to him by our sweat already, while the fire in me burned and I slowly, willingly, slid down on his big cock feeling it enter deep into me.

Beth and the Bukkake

fetish lolaenglish 2018-01-31

When this whole thing had been organised in just four days, I seriously began to wonder if Mr. Newark had an email contacts list called "Dirty Old Perverts" because in less time that it would take me to organise a night out in town he had recruited ten men who were willing to pay £50 each to come round and cum all over me. "So big," I flicked it with my tongue, "so fat," I sucked it down, "so sexy." I took it to the back of my throat and closed my eyes, imagining what I looked like: a bitch on heat, tits out, cunt out, covered in the semen from nine hot cocks.

Vixens - The Triple Story 01

fetish Nellskitchen 2018-01-27

Knowing the agency kept things from girls who got sent to the penalty box, Celeste, undoubtedly acting under Eileen's orders, had intentionally concealed Estevan's agenda. Eileen had handed Lissette a mess and though what he wanted was nothing new to her, she wasn't in the mood today. On balance, she thought him a decent trick and mindful of Eileen's warnings, Lissette humbly texted the madam, assuring her she would do him again if he wanted. Scrubbing herself till she hurt and as clean as a girl can be clean after suffering such humiliation, the harried escort dressed again, locked her apartment door behind her, dumped her filthy clothing into the chute and rushed off to her second matinee.

Confessions of an Escort

fetish steve25805 2018-01-22

I didn't piss on my own carpets or furniture there for a long time, and in fact saved most of the action for my clients, so as to maximise the pleasure I got from my business. There was this one guy, a school headmaster, who liked me to dress up as a schoolgirl (I hasten to add that I was a fully grown adult in my 20s in case there is any doubt), squat in the middle of his living room, and piss all over his carpet while he masturbated. Once, one client hired me to take my clothes off, stand in the middle of his living room, and piss all over the carpet right in front of both him and his girlfriend!!!

Luna Mission

fetish bawdybloke 2018-01-04

They got to plow the pregnant women's pussies, watch the young ladies suck them to orgasm or occasionally drive their cocks into their pert asses. I found the pregnant porn stars who looked like Luna: black hair, innocent smile, gorgeous eyes. She rested her hands on my desk, rocking against my turgid dick as I drove into her pregnant body; her grunts and groans sounding just like my dreams and fantasies. Her dress slid over naked torso, hiding her gorgeous body from sight and I sat back in my reclining chair: naked, with the taste of sex in my mouth, a pool of leaking cum on my leather seat and watching my pregnant friend blow me a kiss as she left the room.

Growing Up with a whore

fetish hi1 2018-01-02

By middle school, these c***dren know that instead of having just one father, they have many uncles and by now, they walk in on one of these uncles fucking their mother silly. However, it is not until high school that c***dren accept the profession of their mother. Even though there's no formal "talk", both the mother and c***dren know where they stand. You can see the pics of girls in the mother's living room. However, there are times when mom and c***dren develop a strong, loving relationship and are open about sex. You may think prostitutes are beautiful and sex but Andy's mom was tall, almost 6" brunette. On our way out, Andy grabbed the 60 bucks on the coffee table while his mother still lay there motionless.

Ashley the Escort Ch. 03

fetish BrysonCooke 2017-12-20

He hurried to the table and lay on it face down, his arms dangling below off the sides, "Yes mistress." He asked me to cuff him to the table leg above his head and raised his hands up to it. I ran my hands from his cheeks down his chest to his belly and then repeated the motion with the whip, slowly running the tails down his body. I gave him the lightest whip on the chest and asked, "Have you been a good boy for Mistress?" He spoke up, "I'm so close Mistress!" I thought I could feel him get harder and maybe a little bigger and I used both hands on him.

Catholic Schoolgirl

fetish Boxlicker101 2017-11-23

Most of Rick's weight was on his knees and, while keeping his cock buried to the hilt in Mary's ass, he straightened up somewhat, pulling on her hips while she pushed against the arm of the sofa. He stayed in place while Mary reached over the arm of the sofa and tugged against it, pulling her ass most of the way from around the cock that felt so wonderful inside her. Rick quickly got more active, thrusting forward to match her pace as his cock was enveloped over and over by Mary's tight, succulent ass and stroking her adorable clit at the same tempo. After her orgasm, Mary relaxed completely, sagging toward the arm of the sofa, but Rick kept her upright while continuing to ram his cock in and out of her ass.