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From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 09

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-29

I grabbed a cig and lit another for Phoenix as she stirred to life. I pushed back harder to meet the clerk's thrust as he began adding more cum to my pussy with one last smack on my ass. My own hand lit another smoke before sliding into my used pussy. I was fingering away as the stranger laid Phoenix on the bed and started to eat her pussy. Never needing anything more I pulled some cocaine from my purse quickly forming some lines and snorting two in succession before meekishly handing the rolled up bill to Nikki. Taking another drag Nikki blew the smoke through her lips and onto my pussy.

From Wife to Online Whore: How it

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-26

First I took their cocks in my mouth sucking their dicks down to the balls." I could feel my husbands tongue beginning to probe my hole. I continued my story "Then they laid me on the bed my mouth sucking ones cock while the other one stuck his long tongue deep in my pussy. I lit another cigarette before continuing "I was so turned on I told them they could use my pussy and ass at the same time." I could see my husband's dick was hard again as it plunged in Phoenix forcing his first load out all over his crotch. In that last month I fucked or sucked over a hundred guys and my hubbie especially loves when I let him clean the cum out of my pussy while I tell him about my adventures.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 08

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-26

As we finished cumming together, I climbed off to give my pussy a turn fucking that giant cock. The cabbie entered me from behind as Kaitlyn layed on the bed offering me access to her pussy. We continued our fuck fest until I saw Kaitlyn's face disappear under a new pussy. I couldn't respond as I shot into another orgasm as my pussy began filling with cum. Phoenix climbed from Kaitlyn's mouth revealing her pussy juice covered smile. "Well do I get a ride, Cabbie?" Phoenix said grabbing his quickly recovering cock. I led Kaitlyn to the bed bringing her face to my cum filled pussy. "She's fucking with me right?" Kaitlyn said looking right at me.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 07

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-25

"I'm taking Nicky to our aunt's house." She said as we polished off the lines. As I left the bathroom before heading home, I was shocked as Kaitlyn met me at the door. "Great." I said leaning over and taking the strange dick into my mouth. Kaitlyn had now started on a second cock her free hand finding her pussy, moans escaping from her full mouth. I could hear a knock from Kaitlyn's hole and knew she was taking a second load. "Fuck it, take that black cock in your dirty white pussy." I said firmly. The stranger responded depositing a load of black cum in her tiny hole. Kaitlyn showing me another black dick before engulfing it with her pussy.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 04

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-22

"Here you look like you need this." She said handing me the bottle as she inhaled more smoke into her lungs. Phoenix snorted a line of coke tilting her head back and inhaling deeply. Phoenix introduced him as "Blade." An obvious reference to Wesley Snipes as he looked just like the actor or at least I hoped that was the reason. Again I moved to accept Blades cock missionary style with Phoinex straddling my face and urging him to fill my pussy full of black cum. Blade tossed Phoenix a baggie as she lit a cigarette and handed it to me before lighting herself one.

Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 04

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-11-20

"Oh you speak Iraqi Arabic, how?" I detect a South African accent and tall, strong, blonde hair and blue eyed Daniel had an amazing smile. "Let's go out for the day, I would like you to hold my hand, remember I want to full girlfriend experience." Daniel says. But despite this, I did grow to love Iraqi culture and as I told you, I especially liked the women." I can't help it, I'm Iraqi, and we love big strong men and large cocks. You're going to be a sex slave for a Muslim girl, how does that sound slave?" Daniel grunts and I slap him and tell him to "shut up." I now aggressively lick his face and kiss parts of it.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 02

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-19

Without a word I dropped to my knees, getting my first look at nine inches of thick hard black cock. "Please Fuck my white married pussy with that big black cock!" I kept repeating, orgasms racing through my body. I finally regained the strength to get to the desk and take a shot of "Jack." I walked out to the deck after putting my robe on and noticing the puddle of cum and pussy juice on the bed. I laid in bed next to him moving his hand back to my pussy and stroking his softening dick. I smoked one last Marlboro before heading to bed hoping deep down my phone would ring again and if it didn't a new add would go up in the morning.

Finding Rachel’s Switch

fetish timojen 2018-11-11

“Christ, there goes date night.” I said, not wanting to end it like this. She didn’t answer, instead Rachel started shaking, like she was laughing silently. I got hard instantly but Rachel didn’t roll over and pull me on her. Two times she managed to get me hard again with some enthusiastic oral sex, meaning she sat on my face and did her best to jam my cock down her throat, something she excelled at and loved to do anyway. “It didn’t work,” she said, as I came back to the bar conveniently late on night. There would likely be several single women in the bar area, which meant my philandering Aussie would need time.

Negotiable Companionship Ch. 02

fetish OddLittleDesires 2018-11-07

'Looks good,' Mr Southerner said to Rachel. Mike pushed open the door to a little back-room and held it for Rachel to wheel through. Mike placed a strong but soft hand on Rachel's shoulder. 'Looks like something is working down there,' Mike said. Rachel grabbed the wrapper, but Mike's hands were back at her tits, and she had paused, as pleasure radiated from his touch. And still they were ascending, going farther and farther, reaching new heights with every thrust, and Mike took Rachel's legs, lifted them, spread them, and he entered her. 'You were right you know,' Rachel pushed herself up so she could look into Mike's eyes.

Prince Charming

fetish Rupert 2018-11-06

I then scoop the puff either side of my drenched testicles and with my left hand I flatter my dandy cock, dealing out flushes of clumped white bubbles to the tumbling water below as they evacuate through the plug holes, as if on the run from some recently committed grime. Naomi asked me if I wanted the standard service for a client, which was full body massage and hand-relief, or, because I was her partner, did I want a little extra? Scanning about the room, I noticed an air vent in the ceiling and wondered if anyone had bothered hooking up a camera inside it, and then I thought about the mirror being two-way and behind it, a couch where voyeurs could pay to watch prostitutes servicing clients.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 01

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-06

Veronique, or Nicky as everyone called her brought the cigarette back to her teen lips and exhaled a long stream of smoke. The great feelings from my teen years returned as our second cigarettes came to an end and my new friend headed back to work. I quickly went out to the deck and lit a cigarette and to my delight there was Phoenix laying in the lounge chair smoking. As I came harder than I had in years I finished my smoke and headed in to shower before making dinner. As I drove away I needed a cigarette, pulling into a parking lot smoke was entering my lungs before the car even stopped.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 05

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-05

After quickly relaying the details I returned my attention to Phoenix, who was smoking as she prepared more coke. As I finished my turn and handed off the dick Phoenix deepthroated him exposing a condom as her lips slid off. I was again layed on the bed as Phoenix offered her pussy to the stranger. Phoenix would walk with me to work as, I was way to fucked up to drive, we would grab a carton of smokes on the way, and then meet at my house at two. "Sorry Tim I took some Sudafed so I thought it was safer to walk to work today." Said the angelic coke whore who just did lines in the bath room.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 03

fetish Doctork053 2018-11-03

"Plus if you want some real fun check out the video booths in back." She said with a big grin. The clerk said "They had booths with video screens, you put money in the machine and there are a hundred and fifty movies to choose from." I headed outside grabbed a cig and pulled the smoke in while pondering the situation. The moans coming from behind the wall increased and I got a load of cum in my mouth and even a couple shots in the face. I handed her a hundred dollar bill and asked "Would you grab me a big Jack Daniels, some pineapple rum, and whatever you want?"

Negotiable Companionship Ch. 03

fetish OddLittleDesires 2018-11-01

'You looked like it,' said Susan. 'Nope, don't like the taste,' said Emma, and dismissively waved an arm stump. If Susan made Rachel feel even smaller than usual than Emma's presence had the exact opposite effect. 'Anyway, Rachel here was telling us about a little tentacle adventure,' Susan said. 'Oy,' said Sally, and slapped Susan's hand. Finally, to stop Sally from lifting her arms up even behind her back, Susan attached the mono-glove to the corset. 'There,' said Susan, and turned Sally around by her shoulders. 'Don't get any ideas,' Susan said and slapped Sally's bum. 'You know you look kinda scary like this,' said Emma. 'You're one to talk,' Sally said looking at Emma's scars. 'You look great, Sally,' Emma said.

From Wife to Online Whore Ch. 06

fetish Doctork053 2018-10-31

"Coke and pussy my two favorite things." She said before pulling off my panties and burying her tongue in me. "That's it suck my cock, suck it like the whore you are." He said his ecstasy taking over his reason. "That's it Art, use this fucking whore." I said taking a big drag and exhaling on his large penis head. "You want to fuck this whore, you want to fill my fucking pussy full of cum." I said with true excitement. After an amazing orgasm I got on my knees as Art drove the large head through my pussy lips. "God Anna you're a great whore." He said smacking my ass one last time.

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 03

fetish Marie89 2018-08-09

I sucked him but before he could cum he pulled me up and took me to his bedroom where he closed and locked the door and put a gag on my mouth to muffle my cries and began to fuck me from behind. He fucked my body relentlessly, he grunted into my ear that he was going to sell this pussy tonight for a good price. My arms were tied behind my back and they set me face down onto the bed, a cock began to push into my pussy and I was pressed to the mattress by a heavy body fucking me. I struggled to reach him, my legs flailed until another set of hands roughly held them apart and began to slap my pussy.

My Elusive Drug

fetish Mediastar 2018-07-25

I have found the time to write whilst waiting in for a sex toy to be delivered that I shall shortly be begging her to fuck me with. Even if you disregard all the porn magazines and movies, I have spent around 10% of my net salary as an adult paying women for sex (and a couple of men for good measure). When the marriage went well, when the sex was great, when I felt warm and loved and wanted, paying for sex felt unnecessary at best and a nasty stain from the past at worst. I wanted to sit in a bar with them, only the two of us knowing she had fucked 6 men that day for money.


fetish Mushrom 2018-07-17

I checked out the room, placing an extra box of rubbers in the bedside table. After haggling for a few minutes, we settled on $20 for a fast blowjob in his car. I then unzipped him, rolled on a rubber, and started sucking. He ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked, and shot off in less than 5 minutes. He gave me an extra $20, and I entered the lobby to "arrange for a room." I waited 3 minutes, then exited. I rolled the rubber onto him, then sucked him for a couple of minutes, to make sure he was as hard as possible. As he was getting close the fourth time, he started begging me to continue.

The Surrender

fetish Kirsenne99 2018-07-07

For a moment my mind ground with all the common stresses of the office, the way the lights pierced my head like little bolts of unnatural lightning tearing away my patience. He knew I was a desperate professional, a desperate woman who had surrendered her information and a large sum of money to a strange website. He knew that I was a woman wearing a red blouse drinking alone at the bar like the site had specified. He was a strong man with large hands and a completely unreadable face. He stood before me and slid his fingers inside my shirt just barely hinting at touching my skin. His practiced hands found their way around my body to the zipper of my tight, high-waisted skirt.

A 50s Tryst

fetish necronyms 2018-06-08

She pulled the brocade pin from her tresses and long, neat waves of hair fell like cascading gumballs through a parlour machine. She lay, despondent across his warm, full lap, and felt him lift the silk brocade of her robe to reveal her round, perky bottom peeking beneath her girdle. Though once apathetic toward the idea, she felt the strong, firm shape of his hand cupping the heated, throbbing shape of her backside, and then lift with quickness. She dug her sharp red nails into his brown trousers 'round his calve and bit into her bottom lip so many times that little beads of blood formed beneath her perfectly white teeth.

The Harem Slave Ch. 11

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-02-20

So while Sophie was sliding this stranger's dick into her mouth, Sabrina was taking a big, black cock up her tight ass. Eric moaned even louder at this turn of events, watching Sophie slide two more fingers into Sabrina's pussy. She pushed her fingers in to the knuckles, then began to ball her hand into a fist, forcing her whole hand into Sabrina's tight cunt. His eyes locked on Sabrina's fisted cunt, he began slamming into Sophie's pussy again and again, his hands gripping her hips for leverage. Eric felt her pussy begin to spasm around his shaft and pulled out, moaning at the flood of Sophie's cum that followed, gushing out onto the floor.

The Art of Scat - Q&A

fetish jessie2015 2018-01-20

The clients enjoyed watching me chew and swallow their feces, and many even scooped up some of the excess with their hands and placed it into my mouth. While I was busy chewing or swallowing it he would smear the excess over my face and body and scoop up some with his fingers and feed it into my mouth so that they could film me eating and licking it from his fingers. Then they filmed as I laid on the floor and one by one each of the guys used a big spoon to scoop up its contents and feed it into my wide open mouth, filming as I chewed and swallowed it, licking my lips and exclaiming how delicious it was!

The Harem Slave Ch. 10

fetish naughtybabygirl 2017-12-18

Sophie watched in horror mingled with fascination as the man unzipped his tux pants and pulled out a decent-sized cock. "Aha, what have we here?" The man had his hand on the plug in her ass, and was about it pull it out, when the Master's voice rang out. By the time all of the pre-paid customers had been satisfied, Sophie's hair had come down, her dress ripped to shreds, her shoes pulled off her feet, and her body covered in cum. "Let's go get something to drink," said Sabrina eagerly, taking Sophie by the hand and pulling her out of the pool. Sabrina smiled coyly at a passing waiter as she selected a drink from his tray, making sure to turn her body so that he couldn't possibly miss her enormous tits.

The Arrangement

fetish LittleLady99 2017-12-09

It felt kind of romantic, and it made it seem, I don't know, like I didn't have to think for myself. I felt like a huge dork, and looked away without answering. A little roughly, he spread my legs wider and pulled my pussy lips open. It felt so good, I moaned again and started to press my legs closed. "I think I can forgive you, Amanda." And with that, I felt his finger slide back into me. Gently, pressing forward a little at a time, then withdrawing to rub more lubricant in, he started to slide his finger into my ass. It still felt weird, basically like I had to poop, but I wasn't going to say that, but it was numb enough that it didn't hurt at all anymore.