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Unexpected Afterglow

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-12-04

The middle-aged woman who came to seat them gave Shaiana a look that was somewhere between fear and contempt before asking if they only needed a table for two. Shaiana had to spread her knees to fit under the table, and even then the edge was pressing into her thighs, but it felt nice to be sitting down. "Let's start with that I like the idea of you ordering food for me in general, so don't feel bad about doing so." With each item and each adjustment he made in her name, Shaiana could feel her body throbbing like it had when she first started growing. The second plate being placed half on and half off her left areolae made her whole body clench as an unexpected orgasm rushed out from between her legs.


fetish WetMyself 2018-09-06

But Julia started to really need to pee, and asked again to use the bathroom once the ride had finished. As soon as Chris said 'a few hours,' a bright yellow spot began to grow at Julia's crotch. "Did you wet your diaper, dirty little girl?" he asked in a loud voice, earning a crowd of staring faces locked on Julia. Chris began to notice little trails of pee skating down Julia's legs around the end of the day. Chris informed a rather elated Julia on the trip home that she "will stay diapered until I tell you that you can be a big girl again, and wear big girl undies again..

Nicky Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish gomorrah 2018-08-13

You like 'bitch', huh?" Nicky said. The thought of watching you suck another man off in front of me has had me dripping all night, and I think I need some urgent relief." She grinned now, knowing full well I'd comply with her order. My white shirt and blue jeans, and Nicky's white dress had quickly become a mess of colour. The girl responded by casually sliding her hand down Nicky's thighs, and sensually drawing her dress back up, exposing her thighs, and more excitingly, her uncovered crotch. The black girl looked over Nicky's shoulder down her front, spotting her exposed pussy between her own hands, and slid her right hand over Nicky's mound, kissing her neck, and burying two very long thin fingers in between Nicky's furry slit.

Rules for Submissive Men

fetish jlltec 2018-08-11

Orgasm control is a powerful psychological aspect for a submissive man, and you too will learn to enjoy your teasing and control. It is another important power exchange with you controlling the single physical aspect of maleness that is maleness alone, a hard cock and orgasm at will. If he works out in a gym, ask him if other men are shaved and what they look like, are they big, circumcised, big balls, small balls, compare them to him. Go to the bedroom, strip him, grab his cock and lead him back to your girlfriend, saying, "well you have already seen him naked, you may as well get a better look." Doing the same thing in front of a couple would be more than twice as embarrassing.

New Friends

fetish HappyOldGuy 2018-08-06

H: I walk right into the Jacuzzi - fully dressed - then wade up to you and present my hard cock to your mouth. Then I push your right butt cheek toward the door and march you outside again to stand naked by the car. I am SO fucking hot right now that I need to jamb my cock into your pussy. Before long, you are riding the host's cock while I am actively fucking his wife - right there in the entry hall - with the front doors wide open. I want to eat you and finger you and fuck your mouth and suck your nipples and keep you on edge for an entire day.

The Milk Maid's Gift

fetish AlinaX 2018-06-22

I position the cups and let the pump do its work, suckling, drawing the milk from me, relieving the ache in my too-full breasts and stirring instead a different ache, the need to be touched, and more, to be driven to climax and beyond. At first the amount of milk was tiny, a disappointing few drops that would hardly provide the quantities the doctors needed, but my breasts developed, adjusting to the demand of being constantly emptied, and after a month I was producing about a litre of milk each day. And while the stimulation of my nipples continues, and the machine sucks the seemingly endless stream of milk from my breasts, I suck on the general's formidable cock, moaning with lust as I stare up hungrily into his eyes.

Free to Use

fetish Nekole 2018-03-31

I came just as the man pulled his dick out of my mouth and released his thick cum over my face, the viscous liquid slowly giving in to gravity and sliding down my face to drip from my chin onto my large breasts. Then both men quickly pulled out and I heard a condom being pulled off as I watched the first man pumping his dick, feeling the warm cum hit my lower back just as my face was ejaculated on. With a smile I lower my hips and slowly take the man into me, leaning forward to suck on the dick in front of me I hear the lube being opened and shiver in anticipation as I feel the head of the third cock slide into my well stretched ass.

CFNM College

fetish Jreforma 2018-03-13

Miss Courtney answered in a patient voice, "I have asked Sarah to help me as she is studying to become a nurse one day, so this is good experience for her." She tried to pull James' hands away but he was too strong. "Now, James," Principal Melissa said, "this is weird for you right now, but let Miss Courtney and Sarah finish you off, and you will feel much better afterwards." She then clamped a hand firmly around his mouth to muffle his protests. Principal Melissa removed her hand from his mouth, "See, it feels good, doesn't it?" She laughed happily as Miss Courtney and Sarah giggled in response.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 05

fetish fursmoke11 2018-02-17

Ruth Mears took a long drag on the half smoked marlboro, exhaled a steady stream upwards and then looked at Paul and Julie with black eyes; her red spikey fringe falling over them putting them even darker in shadow. Well how can I deny you this?" Part of Ruth Mears struggled inside to resist the wickedness of tempting the girl into this ; but that part of her remained gagged as tonight the song of corruption was to be sung loud among the dreamy spires, their silhouettes diffused in her exhale against the stars that twinkled through. "Kiss her Paul....deeply...you know what I mean." Ruth turned on her heels and bade them goodnight, watching as Paul put his arm around his girl who awaited the inevitable, a smile growing on her face as the tip of her boyfriend's cigarette sizzled red.