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A Conservative Lady, or A Latex Fuck Bunny?

fetish Lustyrose4u 2018-06-26

On one of our early-on dates, she wore a very tasteful black leather pencil skirt that fit to her ankles, a white silk blouse buttoned to the neck and black patent pumps with at least 5 inch heels and wide ankle straps… with tiny brass padlocks on them, holding her feet captive in her shoes. I chose my ultra tight fitting black leather Cod-Piece jeans, a black latex pull on Tee shirt top, my Marlon Brando style Harley Motorcycle jacket with studded shoulders and back, and custom made knee high lace up riding boots that have a 4 inch heel and a 1 inch platform. She leaned over to my side of the car, and with her mouth wide open, began to suck and lick my cock like a cherry lollipop.

M's First Tie, Part 4

fetish gilrenard 2018-06-26

M keeps her left hand stroking the marks on her breasts, as her right hand slides over the rope marks on her thigh. “I would love that,” she replies, as she takes my hand and places it on her breast. M quickens the pace of her rocking, drives my hand harder to her pussy and answers, “Please Gil, right now!” I grab her wrist and kiss the back of her hand and ask her, “How does it feel?” When Brooke is back behind the counter, I slide my hand onto M’s right leg and undo the bottom two buttons of her dress. M replies in a nervous voice, “I hope you have a change of clothes for me, and a bucket and mop.” “What if I squirt, Gil?” she asks.

Kitty Girl Goes to the Beach - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-06-11

Eager to please, her aroma filling my nose as she began to slide her wet cunt over my face, I pressed my tongue between her pink edged folds, lifting my hands so that I could grasp her hips, the tips of my fingers pressing firmly in as she rode me. There was wetness growing upon my belly as Cindy began grinding her cunt against me, her hips rolling sensuously as she made love to my girlfriend’s mouth, her kisses hungry and fierce. All that mattered was making my owner cum like the good little kitty I so wanted to be, lapping at her soaking wet cunt, my tongue coated with her juices.

An Accident on a Train

fetish naughtyannie 2018-06-07

We’ve been laughing and holding hands and playing footsie under the table and I don’t want to stop looking at you. Thank god, I can feel the train slowing; it’s getting close to our stop. I’ve got my eyes shut, blocking out everything but the sense of relief, and I’m only half aware of a sharp intake of breath and a rising chorus of mutterings: “Oh my god,” “how disgusting,” “look at the state of her,” “she can’t even stand up she’s so drunk.” You push your hand up under my t-shirt and inside my bra, squeezing my breast roughly, your orgasm coming as the flow of pee stops.

Sex in a Taxi

fetish Nox661 2018-04-26

The taxi pulled up to the terminal gate at the Portland International airport, fighting its way through the unending flow of traffic as people hurried to and from their planes. Appearing to be around the age of 30 he had a body that appeared to have been lovingly crafted by long hours at the gym, and the frown on his face said that he was not the kind of person that you wanted to disappoint, for your own safety. She moaned softly as his cock slipped inside of her, although she burned with shame at betraying her husband like this, something about this situation filled her with desire. He pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of her, followed closely by a thick stream of cum.

Buy Something Red

fetish chloe_carter 2018-04-07

I smile in spite of myself, thinking about your hands finding the material, taking in its luxurious feel for a moment then tearing it off of me with a hungry growl. "Shhhh," you whisper closely to my ear, sliding your fingers along the left strap of the red lace and then pulling it from my skin slightly, letting it snap back against my pale skin, where it will undoubtedly leave a mark. My good little girl." Your words are soft and kind, but your hands are suddenly rough as you position my arms above me, palms on the mirror. "You know what to do, my good little slut." My eyes never leaving yours in the mirror, I take your finger slowly onto my tongue, tasting my salty sweetness, all there for you.

Cum in a Cab

fetish marriedpervs 2018-04-05

I momentarily stopped, looked the cabbie in the eye whilst keeping the head of my man's penis in my mouth, then smiled with my eyes and resumed sucking his cock. I glanced up once more, and noticed the cabbie attempting to drive whilst watching me suck cock, and I again smiled as I engulfed my mouth, throat and cheeks with my husband's dick. Steve kept pumping a few more times as I relished the naughty orgasm I was having in front of the stranger that had just fucked me, after watching me suck my husband off in the back of his cab.

Four Little Fetish Blips

fetish RedHairedandFriendly 2018-03-26

Mike dropped to his knees and buried his mouth against the silk covered pussy and breathed deep the scent of his "daughter." The girl was no relation to him, but she was the fuck he wanted and when she turned 18, admitted she wanted to be "Daddy's little girl," he was driving into her. "Ohhh fuck me Dad!" Melanie screamed as her ass lifted from the table and her fingers wrapped around her lover's head. Mike drank her up, pulled and twisted his fingers in and out of her until she was screaming again for her Daddy to fuck her with his massive cock. Melanie gasped when her pussy was stretched to accommodate his dick and as she was fucking her Daddy Mike was swatting his little girl's ass all afternoon.

Bus Blowjob

fetish secretsugar 2018-03-14

So after shoving the damn thing into a pair of boxers and dress pants, which isn't so easy at a rock-hard 10 inches, (Impressive, I know) I made it to my stop barely on time. As I examined the rest of the people on the bus, Natasha took the opportunity to unzip my pants while I was distracted. Natasha worked her skilled fingers, reaching down my open pants and sliding the leg of my boxers up to reach my bare cock. With one hand jerking me off, she simultaneously took my entire 'mushroom head' dick into her mouth, then, amazingly, kept going. I felt the hot cum rush from the base of my cock to the tip, and down Natasha's slick throat.

Gropes of Wrath

fetish tonysnow 2018-02-13

Later Elise told me that not only did he place his hand on her ass and stroked it, as he waited for drink order, but had rubbed his hard cock against her knee so hard that she could feel the entire length of his shaft against her. It turned out that the young college kid standing next to her facing away from the bar had not only placed his left hand on the inside of her left thigh, but had worked his way to her pussy. Elise said she could feel Patrick's cock convulse as he came, abruptly pulling out of her pussy and exploding his hot cum all over her ass, pussy and skirt.

Birthday Strap-On Surprise

fetish thestorynovice 2018-02-09

I take her cock in my left hand and stroke it smoothly, feeling the texture of the latex shaft. I find her clit and begin to massage it with my middle finger, taking her cock deeper into my throat before bobbing my head faster. "You would make some guy really happy, sucking cock like that," she says. "Its only for you," I say, before taking her cock so deep I can feel her pubic hair against my nose. With both hands now free, she uses them to hold my head, thrusting her hips upwards, fucking my mouth. When she slides behind me I feel the hardness of her cock brush the back of my thighs. I feel the head press hard against my sphincter.

Jamaican Desert

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-02-06

The Jamaican woman pressed her warm, fat body against Theresa's back and reached under her arms, cupping the married woman's pale breasts with her soft ebony hands. Theresa moaned long and low as the other woman's thick black fingers parted her swollen labia and rubbed her hard, needy clit. Theresa's wide hips wiggled from side to side, enticing the black woman's fingers into her dripping wet hole and she eased the man's big cock into her hungry mouth. He stopped moving and let his cock deflate inside her as Theresa lapped hungrily at the black woman's pussy. Jeremy pushed his tongue deep inside his pretty wife and sucked a big glob of cum into his mouth.

She Pees Freely

fetish daddykins 2018-02-01

Then I turned the camera on and steadied it with one hand while I aimed my cock with the other at Sarah's elevated ass. I let go of the finger clamp I'd put around my cock and the dam broke, spilling a couple of beers worth of warm piss onto Sarah's naked ass. I'd never had a mouthful of a woman's pee before, but the sight of Sarah fingering her cunt to get her juices flowing inflamed me, making me hot for her bodily wastes. Sarah aimed the camera at the two horn dogs and caught the image of the masturbator letting fly with a powerful spurt of semen that trucker boy snared on his quivering tongue.

The Cult of Venus Ch. 02

fetish Iole 2018-01-15

Lila knew how the lounges were used because she had seen them demonstrated by some of the priestesses and their lovers in the Kama Sutra class, and she could guess at the purpose of the sex swing. Jody, a short, curvy brunette, who had won the last spin, lay on the ramp blindfolded with her head and shoulders downhill resting on the wedge and her legs hanging from the high end with her cunt perched on the edge ready to receive the cock of the next winner. When Lila stopped swimming a man approached her and placed a hand between her legs and bounced her up and down in the water.

Making a Sissy

fetish kittycalamity 2018-01-14

"Ugh, fine," he sighed, trying to relax, but every which-way he tried to sit, apparently, put some kind of orgasmic pressure on his stiff dick crammed against the front of the lacy pink panties. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and gave it a good, wet suck, then pulled away with an audible "pop." He stifled a moan, his fingers curling in my short hair, and I grinned, nuzzling my cheek against his thigh. Good boy." I said it the way I'd say it to a dog, and he fucking loved it, I could see it by the way his eyebrows came together, his eyes shut, his back arched in ecstasy as I held his dick and talked to him in a low voice.

Boy Brides Ch. 1

fetish yano 2018-01-09

Then, with a few passers-by in the darkened distance, Darren accepted David's dare and stepped beyond the corner to be pictured for the first time in front of a potential audience who were making their way to the night-club further down the precinct. In the fitting room I was ordered to strip naked and slip on stockings and a suspender belt, abundant in lace frills, and then walk into the front shop and welcome 'my guests' Laura and Claire. "We want to thank you for your kindness in helping select our bridal gowns," said Laura as Claire dropped to her knees and began to fondle my penis. "I was instructed to help dress each girl, firstly with a petticoat which they stepped into and I raised around their waist to fasten the Velcro.


fetish MirageLM 2018-01-05

He thought she sounded more than just a little turned on by his story, but with her message being anonymous he had no way to contact her and see if she was interested in a "first hand" experience. The heels and stockings accentuated the shape of her legs, and other than the nubs of her erect nipples protruding under the fabric of her blouse, there was no indication that she was, for all intents and purposes, prepared for a sexual adventure. His smile was warm and his eyes appreciative as he took in the sight of her high heels, silk encased legs, short skirt and of course, her now fully erect nipples. Each step caused her bare pussy lips to rub together, capturing her throbbing clit between their slick edges and making her knees wobble with need.

At The Pool

fetish Drakon66 2018-01-03

I went to the small bed room of my one bedroom apartment to change into my swim suit and grab a towel. I had recently told her about my pantyhose fetish and she said that she liked how turned on I got every time she wore hose, so she wasn't too surprised I had a hose fetish. One thing about Lisa that makes her orgasm very intensely is when she would feel me cum inside her. I could feel my balls tighten and my cock swell as my orgasm unleashed a gusher inside Lisa's clasping pussy. Lisa clamped her legs tight around me and her pussy went into over drive as my orgasm set hers off.

Trish Steps Out

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2017-11-30

Trish had never been particularly attracted to big muscle bound men but the more cuckold porn she and Tim watched together the more she started to like the look of a big strong black man. Her head bobbed on the bouncers tasty dick and she sucked hard as Tony fucked her from behind at a ferocious pace. She lowered her head back onto the bouncer's delicious cock and she sucked and stroked it whilst Tony pounded her hard and fast. Trish felt cool air inside her gaping pussy and she sucked leisurely on the bouncer's beautiful cock for several moments while she recovered from the ferocity of her climax.

Femdom Blue

fetish smutnut 2017-11-26

"What do you think, Gertrude," the cute little Latina officer asked her. What did I..?" Before I could finish, Gertrude stepped forward almost knocking her little Latina partner over in an attempt to open the driver side door to my car and pull me out by the elbow. Or let me ask you another way, would you like to have a little fun with us or would you rather my partner and I bust you for public indecency so you have to register as a sex offender and explain this whole mess to your girlfriend?" Officers Lopez and Grunt pulled me out of the backseat of the squad car. We don't want to be known as a couple of cock teases." Officer Lopez winked at her partner.

Fuck Me Dean Ch. 03

fetish Aussie_Ton 2017-11-12

Fuck my titties with that beautiful cock." Shannon said as she slid closer holding one breast in either hand, and wrapped them around my saliva slickened cock. Pointing it towards her inviting lips and flicking her tongue around the underside of the shaft and head she said, "I want to be covered, I want to feel your hot sticky cum all over me! As I regained my breath and saw her there looking for all the world like a wanton pornstar released on the world I couldn't help but remain partially erect watching as she let the sticky ropes of cum slide down her cheeks and chin, catching some of the pools with her tongue and letting others coalesce in her ample cleavage.

Rubber Ball

fetish akfetish 2017-11-04

Holding the leash with his left hand, William bent Kate over his knee and slowly rolled up the back of her short white latex nurse's dress, despite her feeble protests. When he failed to land another blow in a timely manner Kate turned her head to look up at him (not an easy task with her stark white posture collar locked onto her gorgeous neck.) Her eyes were wide, pupils dilated; they were close to pleading. Her surprised gasp was cut short when William suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled, forcing Kate to arch her back and look him in the eye again. Hidden from view by his lab coat Kate placed a hand around his cock and pulled it to her waiting lips.

Fuck Latin, Anyway

fetish luciusmalloy 2017-11-01

He's resolutely avoided thinking about Clarke like this since he met her, knowing that she's Octavia's friend, but her tongue is in his mouth and her small hands are tugging at the hem of his shirt and she started it, so he figures it's safe to let her divest him of his shirt, to do away with hers as well, to unhook the bra that she's already half hanging out of after her earlier exploits. He figures she probably knows what she's doing, considering the wink and the less mess comment, but he's a big believer in open and honest communication, so he manages to articulate "fuck, Clarke, I'm going to come" or something that sounds roughly similar about seven seconds before he actually does.

Panty Passion

fetish SheLeppie 2017-10-12

You finally manage to tuck yourself into them, and you lightly stroke your cock through the fabric, rubbing your finger over the wet patch I have left for you, then licking your finger while our eyes lock. Licking and sucking on the head, tasting our juices, as I gently squeeze up and down your length, loving how you feel beneath the thin fabric. You even take your cock out of your panties and proceed to stroke it lovingly against the silky sheer fabric, pressing it most insistently between my pussy lips. I flick my panties back over, trapping your cock inside them, and pressed against my soft pussy as we lie there blissfully.