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fetish drkfetyshnyghts 2018-12-01

Deep, deep breathing and deep deep groans all rolled into the same sound and emitted through the oral valve.  Julia carefully wrapped the spent gelatine thing up into a coil and placed it into a stainless steel bucket that had been placed on the lower tray of the trolley.  Before turning her attention to the anal valve, she squatted down, onto her own high heels for a closer look at Lydia's gaping sexuality. As the tip of the transparent, vein ridden thing touched the centre of her mouth, the centre of those delicious lips, so they parted in readiness to absorb the thing.  Julia slid the sausage in full in one smooth firm movement and at the same time, twisted the end to lock it.  It was just a case of imagination, knowing that behind that hood, the woman's eyes would be bulging, popping almost as her tongue was forced to the bottom of her mouth and how her throat muscles contorted and adapted around it.

When Women Rule Ch. 09

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-30

No doubt having been able to sense my slight disappointment, Liz explained why she had not demanded that Denise remove her panties for punishment, and I had to accept that. How we became excited when Matron announced Denise was to get three strokes right on her wide-open pussy as a punishment. He turned red and almost plaintively, said, "Darling, don't make me wet myself and everything." I did love him for being so sweet so I took him into the bathroom and told him he could do his wee-wee while I watched. I was slightly taken aback when Liz took her turn and sat on the toilet, her legs apart and her pussy open to my view.

The Feared '57' Ch. 05

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-16

Dorine had been permitted by both the Principal, Irene Crawford, and a Duty Mistress, Latin teacher Valerie Warren, to participate in the early humiliating disciplinary sessions where Janet had found herself the recipient. When Nick stopped off to tell Dorine the bad news—that her feigned sickness had not allowed her to escape from Janet Saunders' serving as Duty Mistress—the senior Prefect first cried and then muttered, "She's not going to get away with this." She picked up her telephone. "Miss, I think you let them off rather lightly for a cheating offense, which we prefects are told is one of the most serious at school," Elaine said, "but on the other hand, having Dorine wear the nettles in her panties was quite severe.

Kinky Regression

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-14

Helen becoming impatient orders Becky to bring Hayley into the room. “There’s a good little girl, look what mummy has found in her bag.” Mummy Hayley takes a used tissue from her handbag, wiping his mouth clean, kissing him sloppily on the lips. Helen orders Hayley to put her new sissy-baby onto Lowri’s lap. “That’s lovely Holly Grace, milk Mummy Lowri dry.” Mummy places his small finger towards her nose, Alan seems to know what is expected of him. Helen is delighted as she presses her face close up to the sissy-baby. “There’s a good little ickle wickle baby, give Mummy Lowri a wet sloppy kiss.” Alan Leighton Jones has enjoyed his time as a pretty baby-girl with two extremely confident mummies covering his every need.

Black On Black Pegging: Vanier

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-04

I was walking around the east end of Ottawa the other day when I saw that punk-ass fool named Wilfred Augustine. He's a sorry-ass Haitian punk who kind of looks like Miles Davis, only uglier and shorter. Wilfred's eyes widened when she saw the shiny black strap-on dildo. Wilfred began sucking my strap-on dildo, and I sighed in pleasure. I swear my pussy twitched at the sight of this Black man on his knees before me, obediently sucking on my strap-on dildo just like I told him to. He's sucking that dildo like he's got some kind of experience with this sort of thing. I told Wilfred nonchalantly that I was going to fuck his ass with my strap-on dildo once he got done sucking it.



fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

He loved to spank her, to watch her ass redden and flex beneath his hand, the sound of her moans and watching her body writhe as he brutalized her bottom. Brooke shuddered and writhed, her ass dancing in front of him as she tried to slam her body back onto his cock, yet evade his punishing hand at the same time. He no longer needed to spank her with his hand, his body did it for him as his hips moved away and then thrust forward hard, over and over, slapping into her brutalized flesh as he penetrated deeper and deeper inside of her.

The Party's Ripe for Caning Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-01

"And Mr. Phillips, you will find out if you care to challenge me in future that there are more painful punishments in store for you even than having nettles in your shorts." She did not see Larry Stoddard send a knowing wink to Henry Aslund in case the latter had not noted the special disdain their Duty Mistress had shown for this First Former, for whom they also had scant respect. "That means an extra, boy," Linda responded, and drew the cane back to fire a stinging stroke that crossed the others and clearly left the recipient in severe pain.

A Young Stepmother Takes Charge

fetish lesliejones 2018-10-31

"Den, I plan to give her a chance to agree to my terms for living here, but when she resists, yes, I do intend to spank her if that proves to be what is needed to change her attitude," she said firmly, as his firm member again took her to new ecstatic heights, making further conversation somewhat difficult and not at all what Yvonne or Dennis wanted right then. Kathryn glanced at Lyle, furious at how much he clearly had enjoyed seeing her get spanked by her cool-looking young stepmother, and at Dennis, who clearly had abdicated his role as her father.

More than a Lodger…Part 11

fetish DarkSide 2018-10-31

Jerry walked around the table and stood next to Tom. He reached down, held Tom’s cock in his hand and started to masturbate it like his own. “The swelling is taking its time to go down,” questioned Laura, “does Emily suck harder, Tom,” she asked. Laura reached out to hold Jerry’s cock, she brought the ruler up to shoulder height and she saw Jerry wince at the thought of what was about to happen. Laura wanked on Jerry’s cock; just like he did to Tom. She pumped her hand up and down on it then she lowered her face to his knob and kissed it gently. “What are you looking at?” asked Laura as she raised her head from Jerry’s cock.

The Feared '57' Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-10-29

Dorine was still transported by the possibility of seeing a teacher disciplined so ignominiously by the school's principal, but she managed to gather her sensibilities in time to answer in a clear yet unemotional tone, "Oh yes, Miss Crawford, as a prefect here, I have learned that I am expected to keep everything I observe in confidence and you may certainly rely on me to maintain that." Irene affected great surprise, noting in a very superior tone, "I'm quite disappointed in your behavior, Janet, in that I do not know how we can expect our girls to behave properly when being disciplined when a teacher is unable to control her bodily functions." Valerie merely smiled at the principal's somewhat expected rebuke to the English teacher.

A True Slut Ch. 04

fetish ArminiusMerivale 2018-10-01

"You're going to be fucked by anyone who walks inside of this room." Still afraid, Tori felt the man thrusting in her asshole, his cock feeling lubed up. It felt as she was being raped, but then Tori imagined what her master did yesterday, and soon, her juices began to flow down her thighs more as she was moaning through the hollow gag. The thrusts were becoming more rough and even faster for several minutes before she felt his cock grow thick, and thinking he was going to creampie her asshole, he pulled out and covered her ass in his semen, two little shots.

After The Train

fetish DavidDavina 2018-09-29

I couldn't see her face but I heard her gasp and then her hands took hold of my head and pulled it firmly into her body. 'No sleep for you my girl,' I said as I slipped the rope around each wrist and fastened them to the other table legs. I wanted to stay there forever, breathing in the mixed essences of her young, female body but she gave a sigh of pleasure and said 'Daddy, you must punish me first before making me feel better. 'You are right Janet, plenty of time for us.' I rose and stripped off my clothes so that I stood naked behind her, my cock straining from my body and bouncing with each rapid beat of my heart.

A Misunderstanding Ch. 05

fetish undiecontrol 2018-09-28

And one person who always entered without knocking was Sarah who had been asked by Emma to do periodic checks on Simon. This brought giggles and whispers from the typing pool who put a romantic interpretation on this gesture but Simon knew that all Sarah was doing was feeling for his bra and camisole straps. Weekday evenings seemed to be largely consumed by corner time punishments for trivial offences, or else helping Emma with the domestic chores. Once he'd passed the half-way point, she started to count down the time saying something like "Only two weeks to go, darling." Then it was only one week and then it was into counting days.

Punishment Room

fetish forestlover123 2018-09-28

I approach you kneeling on the box and kiss you, allowing my hands to run down your body caressing your breast and hard nipples. Running my hands down your body, my fingers caress your belly before coming to rest on your thong again, where they trace the outline of your sex. "During the punishment you must kneel with your hands on your head, breast pushed out and keep your legs a minimum shoulder width apart" I say. I administer another fifteen strokes which brings some more colour into your cheeks, and note that your legs are now very close to crossing the chalk line I have drawn on the box.

A Maid's Tale Part 2

fetish Lil-Mystery92 2018-09-24

I was a little confused to begin with as the box looked like one of Barbs and I thought she might have left it there by mistake, but then I saw the black envelope with my name across it in white. I went ahead and opened the box inside I found a black dress with a ruffle skirt that just covered my bum, a white apron and bonnet and thigh high black stockings. When I had first bent over for the spanking Barb saw my underwear and freaked she said only girls who want sex wear pink lace underwear she had ripped them off me and stuck them in my mouth while she stripped the dress and apron off me to find my bra.

The Housemaid Ch. 07

fetish purpleangelica1 2018-09-23

John didn't know the young master like she did yet; it was only natural to be scared, especially since Annabel knew he feared his own desire. I want them to meld together so that you feel both, love both." Alex insinuated his finger between the tight globes of John's ass, and the big man moaned and shifted his weight to open his legs wider. As Alex rubbed over John's arsehole, he said, "Annabel, be a dear and wet my fingers for me. The extra lubrication was enough to allow first one, then the other to pop in and John moaned helplessly as Alex twisted and pumped his arsehole with his two fingers and pinched his nipples as Annabel continued to lick contentedly at his scrotum.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 06

fetish Alfamann 2018-09-22

My concerns that life would never be the same following my spanking session with my boss, Geoff, and my Parents in Law, Jane and Ben, were both right and wrong. When I enter my Parents in Law house I briefly greet Jane and Ben before going straight into the lounge and standing in the corner. I pulled the belt out of my jeans and reticently handed it over to my Mother in Law. With the belt held in her hand Jane got out of the car and walked around to my door. "Get out of the car, close the garage door, then come inside and tell Ben why you have been punished." Jane then exited the vehicle, my jeans, belt and panties in her hand.

Reluctant Prisoner

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-09-12

The hotel offered to drop its complaint against Paul if he agreed to go with the women for one day, accompanied by a bus driver and a security guard, and submit himself to any punishment the women wanted to impose (which would replace the entertainment that had been planned); subject only to the requirement that he would be done no lasting physical harm and the punishment would be administered away from public view. Most of the women shook hands with him, but one middle-aged lady instead of taking his hand, reached down and gently shook his penis, saying, "I think I prefer this!" He seemed a bit shocked, but took it in stride.

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 05

fetish sissymissyct 2018-09-12

"Take a nice deep breath of your sissy sauce Brenda", she whispered in my ear as I felt Miss Annie bind my wrists and legs to the chair. Breathe deep." I tried to tell myself that I didn't want to suck cocks but the pictures were bombarding my mind. " I am a sissy bimbo, I need to suck cock, I need to drink cummies, I want to be fucked. Mistress Maddy's face lit up like the morning sun and said yes my bimbo I would love to see you suck my Thomas' cock" When Miss Maddy told Thomas it was time, Sissy felt the cock swell a bit in her mouth and the first stream of cum splashed into her throat.

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 01

fetish occasus514 2018-09-09

He couldn't remember the last time he had been so upset at his pretty wife. While most of their spankings had been erotic, Jason had been forced to drag out the straight backed chair on a few occasions and turn his petite wife over his knee, spanking her until she was in tears and he was emotionally spent. As she watched her husband leave, hearing the door shut behind him, she tried to think about the last time she had been in this much trouble. The other corner of the room held the straight backed chair, which she knew would soon be pulled out so that he could pull her easily over his knee, bare her bottom, and spank her until she cried and begged him to stop.


fetish Horhay_J 2018-09-09

Mrs. Heyward let this information sink in as Rachael quickly played out scenarios in her head trying to anticipate where this was going. Mrs. Heyward stepped on a pedal that lowered the upper part of the chair and placed Rachael in a completely laying down position save for her elevated and spread legs. It wasn't long before James was completely erect and in rhythm with her head bobbing Rachael began to stroke the thick shaft with her right hand. Never stopping her sucking, bobbing, and pumping she reached her left hand between James' legs and pressed her finger to the opening of his anus.


fetish Horhay_J 2018-08-31

"As punishment for premature release I believe it would only be correct for you to return your cum back to your body, where it never should have left in the first place." Bradley turned with wide eyes towards Miss Rachael, fearing what would come next. Though she tried to pay attention to Mr. Walker's lesson and help the students she was completely distracted by the myriad of thoughts flashing through her head regarding how she would humiliate and punish Bradley after class. The young student sat, naked and brooding, in his seat, just waiting for Miss Rachael to make the first move; she was nonchalantly correcting papers at the front of the room and deliberately making Bradley wait for his punishment.

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 04

fetish Chastebob 2018-08-31

In short order David was being led down the steps to the basement punishment room, his face still covered with Mary's menstrual blood. He would never know if she did it to continue to curry favor, or if it was an attempt to show him that it could have been worse if it hadn't been her for the 24 strokes, but the next words from Mary were: "Would anyone from the group like to administer his extras? David was still a little dumbfounded about how the simple ceremony to celebrate his acceptance of his wife's authority over their sex life had turned into a severe group punishment, or what her role exactly was in all of this.

The Colony Party Ch. 07

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-08-30

But Adi had others killed and made it look like an accident to have Priya all for himself. It took Adi time to recognise that it was his good friend, Ajay, from his school! Ajay and Adi were best friends in high school. Adi then went to take a shower and Ajay went on to eat his meal in the Living Room. For the first time after entering Adi's home, Ajay took a good look around. Adi took Ajay to Priya's place and showed her to him. Ajay took a look at her and said, "Isn't she attending the evening party?" Ajay lifted the blanket and admired the good work done on her body which made it look like she was wearing clothes.