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The Season To Remember Part 2

fetish Jakie837 2018-12-04

I exchanged words with Reece and Shayla, who were both already in bras and panties and getting ready to climb into bed, before undoing my belt, dropping my pants on the floor next to the bed, and climbing in. "Good night everyone." Reece said, turning off the lights. "Shayla, Taylor, come with me." Reece said, dragging them into the living room. "We get off school on most game days." Reece told me, and I sighed with relief. "Whatcha lookin at Jakie?" Called Reece, putting her arm around my shoulders and walking in sync with me. "You should come and visit us in our room after practice." Taylor said, and Reece nodded. "Hey Jakie." Called Aedan as I headed into the boys dressing room.

Frankie and her Friends Son

fetish 2018-05-22

Frankie juices where now flowing down her legs as three fingers turned into four long ways she leaned further back to the table as she pulled another chair towards her she lifted her other leg up to give him even more access, she was jumping all over now as her pussy rode his fingers the slopping sound it was making turning her inside out as he fingers punched in and out of her she felt his thumb touch her clit her g-spot taking the battering of its life she was cumming in buckets now her legs shaking, Reece trying to hold her up with his hand inside her, as she started to climb upwards her whole body shaking, she was only just aware of his thumb slipping inside her as he changed position slightly the fluttering started in her breasts as her nipples stood out it continued its run down her body her pussy throbbing uncontrollably and cumming and cumming she felt the whole world stand still as his full hand slipped inside her he moved slowly at first, Frankie not even aware of what was happening anymore just a feeling of complete fullness as she pushed one last time Reece started to pump his fist in and out.