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Kinky Regression Ch 2

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-11-28

Hayley has Alan in her arms, cuddling him tightly against her breasts. “This is your Mummy Laura, smile for mummy, Holly Grace.” “You’re my pretty Holly Grace and Laura is another yummy mummy.” “Noisy plastic baby-panties, look so cute on Holly Grace. Laura introduces Nikki to their new sissy-baby. Hayley is delighted at the sound of her baby gulping milk from Nikki. Becky pulls Alan from Nikki’s breast, picking him up in her arms. Helen had gone to another room, having an interesting chat with Alan’s second cousin Emma-Jane. Baby Holly Grace stares awkwardly at Nanny Gross. “Ah Holly Grace, want my tits, out they pop babes, begging to be milked.” Becky takes Alan back to Hayley.

Furry Lust

fetish JodiStarr 2018-11-28

So, imagine the first time I had unboxed my newly shipped fursuit: By myself, I had an incredible evening of admiring, touching, and parading, with and without the suit, until I, understandable, reached the most incredible orgasm ever. I was going to a meet-and-greet drinks and dancing event where I was going to look out for Lily and Rocky, and hopefully, meet other interesting characters as well. Not thinking then about the good decision to wear a padded panty to protect my precious fursuit from such an event, I clenched the absorbent material between my legs, feeling the waves starting from my sacral chakra, rushing down to sweep over my root chakra low down.

Negotiable Companionship Ch. 03

fetish OddLittleDesires 2018-11-01

'You looked like it,' said Susan. 'Nope, don't like the taste,' said Emma, and dismissively waved an arm stump. If Susan made Rachel feel even smaller than usual than Emma's presence had the exact opposite effect. 'Anyway, Rachel here was telling us about a little tentacle adventure,' Susan said. 'Oy,' said Sally, and slapped Susan's hand. Finally, to stop Sally from lifting her arms up even behind her back, Susan attached the mono-glove to the corset. 'There,' said Susan, and turned Sally around by her shoulders. 'Don't get any ideas,' Susan said and slapped Sally's bum. 'You know you look kinda scary like this,' said Emma. 'You're one to talk,' Sally said looking at Emma's scars. 'You look great, Sally,' Emma said.

More than a Lodger…Part 11

fetish DarkSide 2018-10-31

Jerry walked around the table and stood next to Tom. He reached down, held Tom’s cock in his hand and started to masturbate it like his own. “The swelling is taking its time to go down,” questioned Laura, “does Emily suck harder, Tom,” she asked. Laura reached out to hold Jerry’s cock, she brought the ruler up to shoulder height and she saw Jerry wince at the thought of what was about to happen. Laura wanked on Jerry’s cock; just like he did to Tom. She pumped her hand up and down on it then she lowered her face to his knob and kissed it gently. “What are you looking at?” asked Laura as she raised her head from Jerry’s cock.

Baby Girl & Daddy

fetish Angel Fyre 2018-10-01

"Baby girl, would you like Daddy to show you a few things, so you will be ready when a boy wants to take you on a date to do naughty things?" "I bet my baby girl will like this too." His touch was firmer, moving over and around my lips. Please make your little girl cum." With that, he plunged two fingers into my wet waiting pussy and sucked on my clit. Do you like it slow like this, or do you want Daddy to pump his hard throbbing cock faster and deeper into your wet hot pussy? "Oh…Daddy…please…faster…pump me faster…deeper…I want to cum…I love having your hard cock inside me." With that, he started fucking me, moving his cock faster and deeper into my waiting wet pussy.

Belonging To Ms. Tery Ch. 01

fetish CamScorp 2018-09-20

My girlfriend Cathy was starting to get tired of me and my fetish for her feet and shoes. I looked down at her boots and wanted to fall to the floor and lick them. "If you're going to stare at my boots with hungry eyes, I think it fair I give you the opportunity to lick them." She said. It isn't enough he is submissive to you, but you won't reward him." Ms. Tery said. This was the toe on her left foot, the one that Ms. Tery had used to defeat Cathy. I looked up and could see she was wearing her mask and had on a shiny black half body suit.

Ultimate Lez Wet Panty Party

fetish Softhardclassy 2018-09-07

We love to behave like horny bitches in heat, squeezing titties fully covered, stroking fat bald cunts fully wet... The two stand up now, firm legs slightly spread, admiring ourselves, stroking our bodies, gazing lovingly up & down our well-clad selves, the Maid looking up, in awe of her mistresses (still on her knees, ass high, fingering herself madly in the clear plastic pants). Blonde & Maid lock bellies, rubbing smooth mounds, hands caressing firm round asses, clad & naked, finding slits, pushing, shoving fingers. Maid & Blonde examine moist panties, fingering, licking, turning each other on, Lady on the sofa sooo hot now, excited, pencil skirt off, vibrator against crotches, her clit swollen, masturbating..

Pretty Little Slut Ch. 02

fetish Steve1980 2018-05-23

As the car pulled away, Beth turned to me, and undid my zipper. She reached into my boxers, grabbed my balls, hiked them up high, and then let them drop. The thong and camisole from last week was sitting on the bed. I knelt in front of Beth, as she pulled a dildo from under the covers. I felt my own cock get harder as I opened my mouth. Beth pulled away and removed the boxers. She turned away from me, leaned forward onto the bed, and said, "Lick my asshole, slut." I reached around to where she was still holding the dildo and jerked her cock, making it bounce back against her clit. Then I felt the tip start to go in my asshole.

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-03

Suddenly the room was filled with a loud hiss and pattering sound as Ailish's pee hole opened and a hot deluge of golden yellow pee started to bounce over the table top as she sprayed her piss all over it. The flow of urine from Ailish's pussy was a now a torrent of golden pee; spraying downwards over the short distance between her pussy lips and the wooden boards now receiving her piss shower. Ailish opened to her mouth to say something but the words never got out as Buki's piss flaps parted and a thin stream of hot golden pee started to descend into her mouth. Instantly Ailish started to return the favour, parting her own pussy flaps to allow out a similar flow of piss, squirting upwards into Buki's waiting mouth.

The Meeting

fetish MoniqueT 2018-04-01

He took the cigarette from her hand and as he started smoking, his left hand touched her cheek to behind her ear, and then trailed down her neck, in between her breasts, past her belly button and then went behind towards her ass where he grabbed a handful and pulled her in closer. He penetrated her with his tongue, and then making his way up found her clit started licking her; first with small, firm licks and then with bigger licks, slower, so she could just feel the contact and wetness of his mouth. He placed his hand on the wall for support and held one of his ass cheeks aside letting her understand he wanted more of her inside him.

Dr. Sexy Dermatologist

fetish horroticstories 2018-03-30

There's this great taco place just a few blocks away, and they have excellent margaritas." Thomas said while fidgeting his hands to calm what I can only assume is nerves. I have evening hours tonight from 7-9..." Like a good boy trying to impress my father, he promised to have me back at the office in time. My hands pulled his hair, tilting his head back as I then unbuttoned his top two buttons and bit his chest. Thomas sat me down on top of a chest I had and playfully pulled my hair back. His beautiful cock came free, and I kissed his tip gently as I popped it into my mouth.

Pissed Off Boss Ch. 03

fetish TwistedPlayr 2018-02-03

Rick heard the bottle being squeezed, and then felt a stream of the thick liquid running down the crack of his ass. "That's it." Ms. Pittman said, and Rick felt her rubbing the head of the cock up and down his crack. It took over a minute before he felt the head pop past the tight ring of his ass, but she still wasn't ready to feed him the entire shaft. He jumped as he felt the cold angular tip of the dish-liquid bottle push into his hole, and shivered his insides were flooded with cool liquid. She pulled his cheeks apart and Rick could feel Sue near him as she filmed his gaping ass.

Dana Ch. 02

fetish primacord 2018-02-02

"Come on," she said, "lets grab a shower and fuck." One thing I had learned over the years was that when my wife got horny, she wanted to be fucked, and when she wanted to be fucked... Then she went for broke and said, "I want to fuck your tight little ass." "Would you like my cock in your ass? Dana added a second finger, and started to finger-fuck my ass, going in and out, deeper and deeper. Dana guided her "cock" to my ass while she held me open with her fingers. Eventually, the pain subsided to a dull throbbing as Dana grabbed my hips and slowly pushed her "cock" into my ass.

Up Against the Wall

fetish furryfan 2018-01-19

"Love your hairy arms too," the cop said in a guttural tone, grinding himself into Pam's ass as his hands kept stroking. The cop groaned like a wounded animal as his fingers raked through the damp tufts of hair that filled Pam's armpits, and her knees buckled as he bit into her neck, feeling his hardness against her. "Mmmmm," the cop said as his hand worked its way through the swirling tangle of hair that surrounded Pam's womanhood, and when his fingers parted the lips of her pussy she let out a groan that sent a shiver down the cop's spine. "Open your mouth," the cop said, rubbing the stick along Pam lips while his other hand held a fist full of her scalp, forcing her head up and back.

Good Girl

fetish missperception 2017-12-24

He then took his index finger from her clit and proceeded to push it inside her, pumping it in and out, feeling all of her wetness drip down on his hand. He took the opportunity to look at what he was experiencing….the sight of his very shaved wife in her knee high socks and shiny black shoes, her pony tail still swishing behind her was enough to drive him crazy. Her hands reached up to grab the arm of the couch behind her head and she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as she came on him, squeezing his dick so incredibly hard, which was enough to send him off.

Sissy's New Toy Ch. 01

fetish sissyfemme 2017-12-16

"I like to touch my cock too." She traced her fingers up and down the shaft before slipping it into her grip and beginning to stroke it. I got myself settled so I could lean down to the whole cock easily and began to kiss and lick the whole thing, from the fat head down to the hairless but moveable balls. After only a couple minutes, she came, her ass clenching down on my finger and her hand reaching out to my hair to hold my head as she ground against the base, getting the real peak out of the orgasm.

The Only Effective Cure

fetish Ms_Messalina 2017-12-11

Without waiting for his instruction, she unzipped him and slid his cock free from his pants so she could feel more of his skin, his hands never leaving her nipples, which he now twisted and pinched with ferocious delicacy in time with her stroking of his erection. "Is there any way I can make you more comfortable?" Kevin's gloved fingers started stroking her thighs, staying away from what she wanted him to touch most. " Of course, we wouldn't want to shock your system after the rather, hmmmmm, intense experience of the first exam, so let's begin with this." After removing his gloves and fishing around in the pocket of the lab coat, he presented a flexible yet formidable anal plug and a small vial of lubricant.