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Exhibition Wife!

fetish tcg 2018-12-02

My fingers slip down between her legs and I know Rose is having a very hard time pretending to be asl**p as I rub her satin covered pussy. After a long 5 -- 10 minutes Rose reaches over and runs her hand along the length of Marty's cock and gives its head a tight squeeze. Rose never moves as Marty bends over, puts his nose to her pussy and inhales deeply while still tugging on his panty covered cock. I know she was still in a very deep sl**p so while Marty is in the bathroom jerking his dick with Rose’s satin panties, I gently spread her legs further, remove a little more of the sheet and very gently rub the clit.

The Ravishing of Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

fetish JessicaSatin 2018-11-07

He wrapped his right hand around her neck, immobilizing her so he could touch her as he pleased. She relaxed into his grip, the pressure of his hands sending hot tingles down her neck and through her arms. He pressed his nose into her soft brown hair and inhaled deeply. He could feel the shudders of her orgasm building, so he removed his fingers from her clitoris and slowed his thrusts inside of her. Even though his penis was aching to explode with cum, he needed to tease her. He moved faster. Her vision blurred indigo and violet with hazes of bright green against the iron bars. Hot darts of pleasure shot down her thighs and through her abdomen. He fingered her clitoris again as he pushed himself harder, faster into her. His cum exploded in hot torrents inside her.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 07

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-09-17

"She let me off the chocolate," I said, trying to think of something even Rose couldn't construe negatively. "I should think she did!" said Rose, "After the way she went for you that was the least she could do. I did my best to clamp the pad of my thumb over her mound, and work her clitoris: her fanny was opening up enormously, there seemed to be so much space in there I wondered if I should slide even more fingers inside, but her breathing told me she was on the verge of coming, so I kept up the same motions until I felt her vaginal muscles contract, and she gripped my fingers and came in a noisy, bed-shaking orgasm.

The Wedding

fetish zeta515 2018-08-07

Adopting her usual stern manner, Miranda had told her bewildered brother that what had happened was normal but (as she had cautioned him before), he should not encourage these arousals, as he needed to save himself for marriage (at least if he wanted a decent woman). The next day, she called Rose and said, "I am not sure what happened, but Max really, really likes you. "It's all right Max, no need to be embarrassed, you can tell me," said Miranda, trying to encourage him. Looking at Max, Miranda said, "Rose gave me some special things for you to wear, for tonight." Max blushed and Miranda rapidly continued, pressed for time.

Pissed Off

fetish peebudy 2018-06-15

The band played a slow song next, and John pulled Rose close to him, and sang softly in her ear, as he felt her rock hard nipples drilling into his chest. Rose closed her eyes and started pissing again, this time aiming her spray at his cock and balls. Rose lifted herself up high, grabbing his rigid cock with her right hand, and then dropping her ass straight down on it, burying it deep within her asshole, thanks to the warm lubrication of her piss. She knew she could keep up like this for as long as she wanted, the cock ring keeping him from cumming, but the look in his eyes was telling her that it was time to let him in on this game.

Rose's First Fight

fetish kruklanki 2018-06-14

I knew that if I said yes, Rose would have more reason to fight her so I said "yes, she looks sexy standing there in the ring in just that little black thong bikini and boots with her hands on her hips and her head up like that doesn't she?" Oh, and I mean I want her to be topless in a thong too of course." The MC asked Alicja if she agreed to the match at which she nodded and Rose was asked to exit the ring until the next bout was over and then it would be her turn. This was the first time I'd seen my sexy wife in pain and up came by boner again as Alicja pulled back hard thrusting Rose's tits forward while she spread her knees apart on the canvas.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 02

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-06-08

I could feel a very gentle movement between my legs, but I forgot whose hand was touching me: Rose was right: man, woman, what did it matter if it felt good? Rose was getting really worked up now: I let my hand fall over her mound with my middle finger sunk down over her clit and began to rotate, round and round, building her up, bringing her closer and closer – until suddenly she thrust her pelvis up and down, groaning and making the bed tremble, crashing one of her knees against the cell wall over and again as she was seized by a thunderclap of an orgasm.

La Rose

fetish Artemis_Daniels 2018-06-06

A gentleman, I thought rolling my eyes in my head. His hand embraced the curves my neck, my crimson hair pinned up on my head, some curls falling onto my ivory shoulders. I wanted to reveal my terrible burden to him, but I knew I couldn't. "You look very noble, Sir." I didn't mean to judge to I lowered my head. Clear as a beautiful day, his flaxen hair looking like wheat in a field and i was in this feild with this man inside of me, pleasuring me, making me feel like a person, loved and desired. I placed my hands on his chest and played with his nipples as he continued to dominate me with his massive cock.

The Marriage

fetish zeta515 2018-06-04

Grabbing her robe, she covered her beautiful and voluptuous body with the flimsy garment and left the bedroom and the slumbering Max. Going into the living room, she glanced out the window and saw a short stocky grey-haired women dressed completely in white approaching the front door followed by a tall auburn companion, also dressed in white. While Charlene lubricated the end of the tube, Martha turned to Max, and grabbing the head of his limp penis, spread the head and smeared the lubricant over tip and into the urethra opening. Martha looked at Max's penis and then Rose and said, "Six inches?" This Martha placed securely into the end of the newly severed tube and looking at Rose said, "To prevent infections.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 9

fetish germanmemail 2018-05-23

Nancy turned to go release Trish and Rose left to room obviously to meet with Penny who worked for Janice at the store walked up to Rose, gave her a peck on Rose stepped forward and as she slowly flicked the bells on Janice's nipples While Nancy did as told with a wonderful soft mouth Rose walked back across the bit on her finger and then applied it directly to Janice's tight little ass and Janice sucked in a big breath of air, Rose reached up pulled her head down Then I watched as Rose reached down and pulled the elastics tight and attached tight little ass hole, the elastics pulled on those newly pierced nipples and

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 05

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-05-19

Janice was having great fun teasing her step-mother, while the woman had to endure playing the role of schoolgirl. Janice didn't want trouble in the store, so she grabbed her mother, and quickly spanked her. What Janice didn't know was that her mother had been playing around with a boy from school that afternoon. It was so funny seeing her mother dressed like a teenager, and it was absurd that she was going off to play with a couple of school friends. While Rose was off with her friends from school, Janice went ahead and bought her mother some clothes. Janice had pushed her out the door with the boy, telling her to behave herself like a good girl.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 11

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-05-14

"Come here Chloe," said Rose: "and this time I want you to talk to me." "Then lunch was brought out, and Dawes said: 'Everyone except Mason can have a toilet break.' The girls scuttled off as fast as they could: most of them had been crossing their legs for the last hour: but I had to sit and suffer. "In fact," said Rose: "next time you feel like farting I want you to lie on your back and draw your knees up and say 'Rose, I'm going to fart' and let loose as though you were in a farting competition. It must have been a relief to Rose when the call to Showers finally came, as I had spent the previous hour or so alternately twitching on my bed and pacing the cell like a caged leopard.

Big Night for me!

fetish pasexhound 2018-04-19

“Jesus, she can really suck cock!” I said “Watch this!” and grabbed Rose by her hair, and started to fuck her face hard. Rose reached back to spread her cheeks, which impaled her face onto my cock, Kelly looked up at me, and backed away a little, “What?” she said. I felt her ass grip me real tight and heard Kelly say “Ya baby….cum….cum on daddies cock….cum hard little girl!” Rose buried her face into my bed and groaned loudly. Kelly came up off my cock to tell Rose to suck harder, when she looked up at me and said “I want you to cum on my face b*****r.” Kelly spit on my dick and stared to stroke it fast.

Mom Get's Adventurous

fetish 2018-04-11

No-one would have suspected that Rose was subtly grinding her pussy against her sons hard cock and Steve had to head straight for the toilet after the dance. Rose slowly raised her pussy and felt a massive load of cum drip out, all over her sons cock and balls. When Rose felt that she was close to cumming, she told Steve that now was the time to fuck her hard n fast. Rose screamed out “cum with me son” and Steve once again filled his mother’s pussy, this time cumming together as mother and son. As Rose lifted the sheets to invite her son back into bed, she watched his cock begin to grow hard………….she knew it was going to be a great day.

Finding A Dream

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-03-23

Weeks later, at the mall, I lean on a railing and watch a woman with one leg walking with crutches. If I could ask Lori just one question, that would be it, though it would only generate a million more questions if she turned out to be like Rose. "We were betting if you just found her missing leg nice to look at or something you wanted for yourself." I smile. "Isn't he fine?" Bonnie whispers to Rose then taking a turn, letting her lips sink lower until all is inside, then tightly sliding back to the head. I open my eyes enough to see Rose move her face between Bonnie's thighs, her head moving slowly as she kisses and sucks here and there.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 07

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-03-07

Janice needed her step-mother to continue taking her place in school. 'Who then, a boy from school?' Janice asked her mother. 'Paul liked it, he said you looked cute,' Janice laughed. Like, I can't can I, you know, with, err, like, a boy from school, yea,' Rose hesitantly spoke. While Janice was at work, Rose snuck out, dressed in her adult clothes to purchase a pregnancy test kit. 'A short skirt with leggings, like, okay?' Rose smiled at her daughter. Janice wasn't sure about dressing her mother up to look like a young slut. Buy new fashionable clothes, to impress Paul, and your friends in school,' Janice strongly advised. There's a test next week, and, like, I should do real good,' Rose said, sinking back into the role.

New Slave Ch. 01

fetish MarkusMarquis 2018-03-06

The high altitude air cleared Rose's lungs as she slowly made her way up the winding path to her final destination, Markess University located on the top of one of Switzerland's less known mountains. Getting there hadn't been easy especially with only three words of French, however the European school system had done its proper job in instructing English to its citizens so there was hardly any hassle communicating with countrymen and women who could easily correct Rose's English grammar mistakes. Well at least it was an educational institution and that was a start, however when Rose asked a few more questions, the woman just said to go up there and speak with the Steward, they were sure to let her in.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 06

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-02-03

"Chloe:" said Rose: and suddenly she was sitting up on her bed looking very serious: "there's something not right about this. "Well, Prana came up to me – after I'd been in the shower – and she told me I had nice breasts, and I told her she had nice breasts, and then she said she'd like to have sex with me and would I like to have sex with her, and I thought a bit, as I didn't really, but Wilson had just been bullying me and – " "You've got to get hold of some chocolate," said Rose: "by whatever means it takes." "Officer Clark," said Rose, when the tepid bowls had been handed out.

The Hair and the Rose Garden

fetish sethp 2018-01-14

John stood up to stretch and truthfully get a better view into Millie's windows, and noticed what looked like shoes sticking out from behind a little hedge that framed a small rock path beside a row of rose bushes. John leaned forward and picked up a handful of Millie's hair with one hand and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs with his other hand. "Uh, sorry I...." John started but was cut off as Millie's hand grabbed his cock purposefully. Millie, not waiting for an answer, pulled up her shirt, exposing her wondrous breasts and large, hard nipples. John's hands made their way up Millie's back and entwined in her wet, soft hair. John started to buck his hips forward, driving his cock deeper into Millie's mouth.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 06

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-01-13

After a deception went wrong, Rose was forced into going to school, in place of her daughter. Rose hadn't tried on her new uniform as Janice had asked her to. 'Look at my new uniform, mom!' Rose moaned at her daughter. Now I try to wear decent school clothes, if my mom can be bothered to buy them!' Rose laughed. Rose smiled at Brian, and said, 'Don't worry, I know how to keep my mouth shut. 'You have a nice obedient pet, Brian,' Rose couldn't help saying. Rose pinched an engorged nipple, and cupped her teacher's face in the other hand. Rose didn't know whether to feel sorry for Miss Derby, or simply laugh at her.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 08

fetish StoryTeller07 2017-12-14

The real Janice had got a job, taken over the name Rose, and the role of mother, meaning she was in charge of her step-mother. 'Does acting like a wanton slut mean Paul didn't fuck you?' Janice asked her mother. Pretending to be a schoolgirl, to cover up for her daughter, Janice took the role of mother. 'From now on you're going to be a good girl at home, and a good schoolgirl in class,' Janice told her mother. Yes, like, yea, I'll try real hard, I'll be a good girl, mom,' Rose promised. Standing close behind Rose he told her, 'Be a good girl for your mother. Her daughter had sent her to stand in the corner on purpose, to show off her mother's spanked ass to the boyfriend.

Teacher's Pet

fetish peebudy 2017-12-07

The spiked punch not only melted Rose's defenses, it intensified the spark of sexual energy that she immediately felt upon meeting John, and soon they found themselves tearing off each other's clothes and falling on her dormroom bed, like a two-headed naked octopus with their arms and legs furiously exploring each other's bodies. "I didn't mean to....honest" she pouted, "I thought I could hold it until the end of class, but then I started having nasty thoughts and before I knew it I was wetting myself in the middle of class." The kinky thought of actually wetting herself in class back when she was in her small town high school sent a surge of energy through Rose's pussy, and John saw her nipples push more urgently at the sheer covering of her blouse.

Duplex Ch. 10

fetish naughtyboyincali 2017-11-08

"Jason," Mary said, putting her hand under my chin so that I'd look her in the eye, "What papers did she bring by for you?" "There, all done," Mary said, "now you look like the little boy you are." With my hands on my head, I stood in the corner just like Mary wanted while she stepped into her shower and turned on the water. "I'm Rose," the older woman said, reaching out her hand to Mary. "You know, Rose," Mary said, "I haven't used an old fashioned thermometer like that in years. Mary held out a pair of shorts and just as I was about to step into them, Rose said, "Jason tells me you haven't yet spanked him for piddling in his shorts."

Rose by Any Other Name

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-11-01

Evan rested his arm on the back of her head, making sure she couldn't pull up very far and she bobbed up and down enthusiastically wishing he would give her permission to reach under her short skirt and play with her pussy (of course she had no panties on, he liked her visiting family while so exposed) while she did this. She nodded as she lifted her head from his lap and flipped his dick back into his jeans then smiled a sexy smile at Evan and opened her mouth to show him the cum she had held in there, like a dog trying to please it's demanding master. A week after the cum encrusted kiss with her big sister Rose came home from work to the house she shared with Evan to find a silver collar and leash wrapped around the door handle.