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The Ravishing of Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

fetish JessicaSatin 2018-06-20

He wrapped his right hand around her neck, immobilizing her so he could touch her as he pleased. She relaxed into his grip, the pressure of his hands sending hot tingles down her neck and through her arms. He pressed his nose into her soft brown hair and inhaled deeply. He could feel the shudders of her orgasm building, so he removed his fingers from her clitoris and slowed his thrusts inside of her. Even though his penis was aching to explode with cum, he needed to tease her. He moved faster. Her vision blurred indigo and violet with hazes of bright green against the iron bars. Hot darts of pleasure shot down her thighs and through her abdomen. He fingered her clitoris again as he pushed himself harder, faster into her. His cum exploded in hot torrents inside her.

Exhibition Wife!

fetish tcg 2018-05-24

My fingers slip down between her legs and I know Rose is having a very hard time pretending to be asl**p as I rub her satin covered pussy. After a long 5 -- 10 minutes Rose reaches over and runs her hand along the length of Marty's cock and gives its head a tight squeeze. Rose never moves as Marty bends over, puts his nose to her pussy and inhales deeply while still tugging on his panty covered cock. I know she was still in a very deep sl**p so while Marty is in the bathroom jerking his dick with Rose’s satin panties, I gently spread her legs further, remove a little more of the sheet and very gently rub the clit.

Big Night for me!

fetish pasexhound 2018-05-12

“Jesus, she can really suck cock!” I said “Watch this!” and grabbed Rose by her hair, and started to fuck her face hard. Rose reached back to spread her cheeks, which impaled her face onto my cock, Kelly looked up at me, and backed away a little, “What?” she said. I felt her ass grip me real tight and heard Kelly say “Ya baby….cum….cum on daddies cock….cum hard little girl!” Rose buried her face into my bed and groaned loudly. Kelly came up off my cock to tell Rose to suck harder, when she looked up at me and said “I want you to cum on my face b*****r.” Kelly spit on my dick and stared to stroke it fast.

Mom Get's Adventurous

fetish 2018-05-05

No-one would have suspected that Rose was subtly grinding her pussy against her sons hard cock and Steve had to head straight for the toilet after the dance. Rose slowly raised her pussy and felt a massive load of cum drip out, all over her sons cock and balls. When Rose felt that she was close to cumming, she told Steve that now was the time to fuck her hard n fast. Rose screamed out “cum with me son” and Steve once again filled his mother’s pussy, this time cumming together as mother and son. As Rose lifted the sheets to invite her son back into bed, she watched his cock begin to grow hard………….she knew it was going to be a great day.

The Hair and the Rose Garden

fetish sethp 2017-11-16

John stood up to stretch and truthfully get a better view into Millie's windows, and noticed what looked like shoes sticking out from behind a little hedge that framed a small rock path beside a row of rose bushes. John leaned forward and picked up a handful of Millie's hair with one hand and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs with his other hand. "Uh, sorry I...." John started but was cut off as Millie's hand grabbed his cock purposefully. Millie, not waiting for an answer, pulled up her shirt, exposing her wondrous breasts and large, hard nipples. John's hands made their way up Millie's back and entwined in her wet, soft hair. John started to buck his hips forward, driving his cock deeper into Millie's mouth.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 9

fetish germanmemail 2017-10-17

Nancy turned to go release Trish and Rose left to room obviously to meet with Penny who worked for Janice at the store walked up to Rose, gave her a peck on Rose stepped forward and as she slowly flicked the bells on Janice's nipples While Nancy did as told with a wonderful soft mouth Rose walked back across the bit on her finger and then applied it directly to Janice's tight little ass and Janice sucked in a big breath of air, Rose reached up pulled her head down Then I watched as Rose reached down and pulled the elastics tight and attached tight little ass hole, the elastics pulled on those newly pierced nipples and

La Rose

fetish Artemis_Daniels 2017-05-24

A gentleman, I thought rolling my eyes in my head. His hand embraced the curves my neck, my crimson hair pinned up on my head, some curls falling onto my ivory shoulders. I wanted to reveal my terrible burden to him, but I knew I couldn't. "You look very noble, Sir." I didn't mean to judge to I lowered my head. Clear as a beautiful day, his flaxen hair looking like wheat in a field and i was in this feild with this man inside of me, pleasuring me, making me feel like a person, loved and desired. I placed my hands on his chest and played with his nipples as he continued to dominate me with his massive cock.