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The Room

fetish Swoopmott 2018-12-04

She moans louder when she hears and feels him moaning into her now very wet pussy but then his hand moves again and the butt plug slowly pulls out a little and then pushes itself back inside of her. Then the feeling of his still semi erect dick is felt running over her lips and she takes it into her mouth, tasting his and her own cum mixed together on it as she sucks a little harder cleaning it off, roiling her tongue around the head slowly, making him groan quietly and grip roughly to the back of her head and pulling her head in closer to him.

Cherry Vanilla

fetish AuthorJ_A 2018-11-27

As I stripped, Ryan pulled out his favorite ice cream. I looked up and saw Ryan walking towards me with the ice cream in one hand and a scooper in the other. Ryan then took the scooper and dipped it into the ice cream. Ryan walked over with the scoop of ice cream. "Cherry Vanilla, but you were close," Ryan said softly. He then placed the scooper with the ice cream on my neck and slowly moved it down. Ryan got another scoop of ice cream. The sweet flavor of ice cream turned Ryan on. Ryan placed the ice cream on the table along with a spoon. I sat at the table and ate the melted ice cream.

Steph's Descent Ch. 4

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-11-23

When Fitz told Steph this, they looked at each other and, without speaking, kissed and undressed each other. Steph thought that Amanda felt something too. But then she was totally professional, although she did pinch them, telling Steph they needed to be hard so the piercing would be easier. Amanda looked Steph in the eye. Amanda pushed a nipple bar through the tube and took the tube out. Amanda adjusted both nipple bars a little more than was really necessary but Steph didn’t mind. Amanda got a wipe out of its packet and tenderly wiped around Steph’s nipple. And she’d had great sex with two wonderful partners, Fitz, who she was falling for, and Amanda, who was the perfect female partner.

Her Reward

fetish Katje 2018-11-18

"Are you going to cum for Daddy, since he's giving you what you want?" His voice was a rumble as his mouth centered over her clit, sucking it between his lips, lashing it with his tongue as a second finger met the first to slip into her dark hole, his thumb tucking into her pussy as he felt her hips begin to buck, muscles clenching down around him. "Show me, Daddy, teach me how to." Her voice trailed off as she looked up, lips red from her teeth, gasping in delight as his hands flew out and cupped her ass, pulling her cheeks apart as he moved her, nipples puckering tightly as the burn slowly faded, replaced with a dark fire spreading from where his cock breached her naughtiest hole, licking at her pussy and clit.

Sleepy Little Girl

fetish cuddlybabygirl 2018-11-11

I looked up into his eyes and whined softly, moving my hips in time with his hand. "You know I can't resist when you pout like that, Kitten." He began kissing the top of my breasts and used both hands to push my behind into his fully hard cock. After a few more slaps, he caressed my behind until his fingers began to touch my soaking cunt. I gripped the blanket and moaned loudly, my cunt growing more wet with each slap. I wanted him to claim me in every way possible so I used my hands to hold his cock in my mouth. I felt each shot of cum fly into my mouth and moaned with each one. 

A Friend in Need Ch. 03

fetish theprince 2018-10-02

Prince held Kalie's hands tight and thrust his hard cock into her wet pussy. I WANT TO PUNCHFUCK THAT CUNT TILL YOU SPEW CUM AND PISS", he screamed leaning over her body and fucking her like a horse. The loud wet hard fucking sounds drowning the muffled screams of Lisa screaming "BREED ME" into Kalie's cunt. Lisa could feel Prince's cock slide deep inside her cunt. The sight of her husband pumping her friend's cunt like he didn't care and the feel of her cunt rubbed all over Lisa's face made her horny and desperate to cum. Prince pushed his cock in deep inside Lisa's cunt and held it in there, pushing his body deeper into his wife's best friend.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 01

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-10-01

Surprisingly, he strongly agreed and had told her that it was imperative to have me there as a huge part of the turn on for him was taking a man's wife in front of her husband, having her experience incredible orgasms on a superior cock while her husband watched in utter humiliation and ultimate emasculation. In fact, Brian continued telling Jen that he had his IT guy look through my work computer and found that not only was I on various cuckold sites and posting things frequently about our desires, but also that we (Jen and I) were emailing back and forth about finding a naughty and devious Bull to enter our lives.

Be My Little Girl Ch. 02

fetish AnxiouslyWaiting 2018-08-28

"Don't forget to turn the movie off." I said bitterly storming to the stairs, however before I get four steps up I feel a pair of hands, in a strong vice around my waist, pulling my bottoms down and then move to cover my mouth as we fall onto the steps. Don't you go demanding your daddy anything." He grunted and my eyes opened wide as a stifled moan exited my mouth into his hand as he pushes his thick cock into my pussy, causing my eyes to roll back and my whole body to tremble. His dirty talk was turning me on more, thought and I felt my pussy get wetter because of it making it easier to fuck him.

The Cameraman Cums Around

fetish twiddershins 2018-08-28

I'd been shooting videos of Grace fucking male models (who knows where she meets all these guys?) every Saturday for the past year. Dave tore Grace's face off his cock and lifted her out of the chair by her hair. I was going to protest that this wasn't fair for a shot because it meant I'd have to get to the other side again when Dave reached around, grabbed one of her tits in each hand so he could tweak the nipples, and impaled her sloppy hole with his giant member. I'm not sure if either of us had any idea what Dave meant when he asked it, but Grace slapped her palms down on the edge of the desk again and shouted, "Fucking do it to me!"

I Met My Master Online

fetish thatmoaninggirl 2018-08-25

Are you a filthy slut?" He asks as he shoves himself even deeper inside of my mouth. "Say it, tell me what a dirty slut you are, tell me how much you love my dick in your mouth." He pulls my hair hard, forcing me to look up at him. "I am a dirty slut, I love having your hard cock in my mouth!" I cry out. I am a dirty slut and I want it so bad!" I scream a little as he starts to shove himself inside of me. Should I cum inside of such a filthy little slut?" He slaps my ass again as he stops choking me.

Oh Rocky!

fetish JacobGoody 2018-08-02

I stood in front of the mirror in nothing but my blue boxers, shiny clippers in hand, waiting for my girlfriend Gina to respond. Then, one day, after a decent bit of mattress fun, Gina asked me if I didn't like going down on her. Gina could tell when i wasn't being my genuine self, and would push me to be honest - which most of the time meant, I didn't want to be some boring, uncurious loser. With a weird grin on her face, Gina wrapped my belt around my neck, looped it through the buckle and pulled tight - creating a collar and leash of sorts. Despite all the trimming, I still had dark hair on my legs, and sprouting from the side of a rather obscene looking panty bulge.

A Scent to Remember

fetish wolf_of_the_waters 2018-07-26

"What are you doing in my cabin little cat?" He could feel her trembling against his muscular body, small against his larger wolf stature. He started softly nibbling her ear, quickly evoking a low moan from the lovely cat. "Oh I will." A low growl escaped the wolf as he lifted her up slightly, lowering her onto the swollen head of his large cock. That was all he needed as he started drawing out, till just the head filled her tight little slit, and then stroking back in deep. He then dragged over his fangs over her skin till he found the spot he would leave his mark; as he stroked his last stroke, starting to cum deep inside her, he bit down, and she screamed.

A Surprise Party with Daddy

fetish LittleTemptress 2018-07-18

Suddenly you pull me to you and kiss me harshly and grasp my hair while your other hand slides across my stomach and starts to pull up my shirt. I try to pull away from you and stop you because I know people will be looking, wondering what's going on but your hold on my hair becomes firmer and I stop struggling. I can feel every ones eyes on me as they try to figure out what's going to happen. I feel your rigid cock begin to pulse and know I will taste you very soon. Closing my eyes and preparing myself for you, you pull out and your hot cum covers my face in thick streams just to show me that I really am Your little cock slut...

Peachy Keen

fetish Fee_de_lune 2018-07-15

This time I'm ready to let him get his tongue inside me, this time I want to feel it slip wetly into me and he groans against me as he makes it inside. I wiggle my peachy arse against his hard cock and without another word, he lines it up against my slippery little hole, and begins to push. Each time he gently thrusts, I push out like he said, and slowly but surely he makes his way in until finally, his balls are resting against my pussy. He moves a hand down from my hip to slide a finger inside my cunt and the feeling of having two holes full of him is too much.

A New Meaning for Compliance

fetish little_donna 2018-07-14

At one point I thought it had all been a dream, but that idea quickly vanished when I stepped from the shower stall and saw Alec leaning against a wall staring. Perhaps he had experienced a change of heart or maybe he thought his extortion was a little too dangerous, but all that vanished when, on the third morning, as I was about to enter the shower, not only was he standing there, but his penis was exposed and he was stroking himself, as he watched me stand naked in front of him. I jerked him quickly hoping he would cum soon and felt filthy when his hand reached up and began to fondle my breasts. The following Monday Alec again met me, but this time, as I had planned, I stayed dressed.


fetish Mizilla 2018-07-07

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. "Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. "Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry

fetish skyeslut 2018-07-07

He unbuckled and I dropped to my knees , sucking his heavy balls, he slapped my face hard with his cock, shoving into my mouth, all the way down into my throat, he used my hair to keep me jammed up against him releasing me a little as I gagged, then forcing back down to make me gag some more... I felt whoever it was at my mouth and the familiar feel of him in my ass as I sucked greedily on the unknown cock - the two of them worked me so hard that I passed out - when I came round it was us again and I knew I'd probably found the guy I wanted to marry.

Story of the Dancing Girl

fetish project_legolas 2018-06-26

She stumbled back, her keys dropping on the floor as the man stepped inside, looking menacing in the flickering streetlight from outside for a brief second before closing the door and locking them in the darkness of her home. "You're gonna shut the fuck up because you're a good little slut, aren't you?" the guy whispered hoarsely at her ear, fumbling with what Lisa assumed was his belt and pants while on top of her. "Fuck!" he spoke loudly as she felt all his strength pushing her down now, his full weight collapsing on top of her as he came, his cock unleashing a torrent of hot seed inside of her.


Brienne Pt. 02

fetish LetoAtreides 2018-06-19

I had knowingly filled her unbelievably tight 24 year old cunt with my life giving sperm. She responded by moaning into my mouth and giving my a soft gentle kind of sloppy deep kiss. You're so fucking tight, it feels like you'll break it." When we broke our kiss, I looked her deep in the eyes again and grabbed her throat. At the same time I could feel her distended little hard clit against me. With the head of my cock still at her entrance I shot my hips up, forcing my way back in and started pumping her furiously. When she finally started coming down, she fell towards me, but I caught her with both hands by her throat.

Filthy Fuckers

fetish theprince 2018-06-05

She was scooping the cum mixed with her cunt juice out of her freshly fucked pussy and rubbing it into her mouth and face.... His cock was throbbing as he watched Lisa scoop the cum out her cunt and smear her face and hair and mouth with it. I want to feel it enter my cunt and poking at my fucking throat from the inside." "I am going to push my face into that cunt and snort your fucking cunt juices till my head is swimming with your scent.." Prince rasped. Lisa gagged hard and spat on his cock and balls, rubbing the filthy throat slime in. Lisa could feel her face being used as a mop on Prince's cock and balls.

A Slippery Lesson

fetish FantasyRed 2018-06-04

He eagerly used his tongue and lips to lick and suck on my clit, pausing occasionally to cover my entire pussy with his mouth and suck hard, pulling blood flow down. As I came, I felt Jarrod's tongue slide inside my pussy and all around my lips as he worked to taste and swallow every ounce of my juices. When I sensed he was close to coming, I focused my sucking hard and fast on the head of his cock, while I used a free hand to stroke his shaft in unison with the movement of my mouth. Jarrod used one hand to hold my hip close to his crotch, and reached the other around to fondle my breast and nipple as he fucked me.

Stacey Baby

fetish Writerotic 2018-06-01

I took her out of the room and whispered in her ear while I cupped her pussy mound in my hand and squeezed, When her ass was throbbing and red and gave off a lot of heat, I paused, looking at the crisscross patterns on her skin; her pussy glistening in the moonlight as she panted, but I wasn't through yet. Stacey sounded in rapture and my hand was totally covered in her wonderful juices so I kept pumping faster and faster till her orgasm crashed through her body like a tsunami; she buried her face in my shirt and squealed as loud as she could with each pulse of her orgasmic tide,

Friend In Need

fetish euphor1a 2018-05-18

As Steve finally pulled his eyes away and continued on his way down the corridor, Harry still kept his eyes focused, wishing he had this woman in his arms - wishing he could pleasure her, like the goddess she is. He used his fingers and pretended like he was going to insert them into her pussy, but kept pulling them away, slightly touching her effective parts without actually doing anything. "I never thought she wanted to be fucked like this, or I would've done it along time ago!" Harry thought. He fucked her harder, and she could still feel his warm cock going deep inside of her, rubbing against her inner walls.

Becky Meets 13 Inches

fetish Longhair21 2018-05-09

Jen was Becky's long time girl friend. Becky liked to think she was Clark Kent to Jen's Superman. With the outside sunshine still shining in Jen started to press Becky about her big night. Really, it didn't matter who it was or what they looked like - the girls flirted with everyone (except Captain Cave Man...even drunk Becky thought that was gross). Like many of the other girls Becky started to stroke his cock in fun but for her it seemed to be getting hard. It was at full thickness and length when a thought came to Becky's head: "don't cum for him." Jen had asked that. That night Jen called to Becky, "Come upstairs"