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The Wet Patch (continued)

fetish bobsmart 2018-04-30

Sally was one of those girls who knew instinctively what a boy wanted. She knew that she didn't have to go to the bathroom to wash her pussy before going to bed with a guy - with him left desperately wanking for five minutes in the bedroom, in anticipation of the sex to come. She wasn't one of these girls that needed telling not to wash all trace of their womanly smell away from their pussies. It was wonderful to savour the changing smell of her pussy. From the slightly salty taste of sweat and pussy juice mixed together as her knickers were first removed, to that milder smell and taste as her fresh juices started to flow in expectation of a cock entering her.

beat down by a porn star- Sally D Angelo

fetish lilguy41 2018-03-04

“Well don’t just stand there a look at our tits...go in there and start making us some wine coolers” Sally Said slapping in the ass. They came with their men, trading each other and getting d***k on wine and Sex. Sally was riding a big black guy’s cock, stretching her tight pussy. She grabbed his armed and gave it a twist “Lick Sally PUSSY get deep in there….YESSS lower…higher…right there keep licking your little shit” “After I fucked this little slut in the ass, maybe I let You fuck Sally Tushy” She Said. “Come over her a suck my cock your little shit” Sally Said I see how hard your cock is, take every inch of my cock” Sally Said “That it you little slut...take Sally’s Rubber Cock.

Cum Party

fetish Sally5050 2018-03-01

On the day I was finishing at school some years later her friend came up to me and told me that Susie had given birth to a baby girl called Poppy. One day Poppy said “Dad you look like a woman with your smooth skin and jutting breasts, behave in a feminine way and wear girly clothes all the time – I can’t really call you Dad anymore”. With shiny sticky faces we had the longest kiss and then swallowed down 2 Kumtwat cocktails each whilst Sally undid our dresses letting them fall to the floor and using a garden spray covered us in a fine mist of cum and immediately threw her latest invention Cumfetti which stuck all over us.

Ultra-Mint Lip Gloss

fetish picturepainter1 2018-02-24

But today, as a surprise Sally had planned to wear some ultra mint lip-gloss for the sucking which she knew would make John’s cock tingle so beautifully and make him cum even harder. As she did she felt the rough hands of the security guard mauling at her breasts and she moaned gently as she opened her red lips before closing them over the man’s thick cock. The guard pushed deeper as Sally felt her breasts being mauled this time by the older man who was clearly enjoying himself as he touched and caressed the teenagers fat melons. Releasing the cock and leaning back Sally lifted her breasts as an offer to the men and they started to wank furiously before shooting in long strings of cum splattering her far and fat breasts.

Sharing Secret Ch. 1

fetish Shanbabe4u 2018-02-16

And with the sound of the running water assuring me that Sally was in the shower, I began to masturbate. Don't you want to kiss me?" She knelt up onto the bed and slowly lowered her face down to my still half-turned head. I slowly lifted my hands; I watched Sally's face. I almost cried when she jumped off the bed but she came slowly back, inspecting me, crawling lower and looking between my legs. Her wet hand came out from between her legs, slowly reached out and laid itself on my enlarged cock. "Oh God Sally, I never dreamed of you ever wanting to touch me. Sally dragged me out from the bed, took hold of my hand and led me to the still running shower.

Kate monday continues

fetish sissychris 2018-02-16

I turned and walked with them , every step was hard trying to hold my pee, a car was parked on the pavement, I walked through the narrowgap first, as I walked ahead of the girls Kate patted my bum gently , the carrot moved in a little, the pressure on my bladder was huge, Oh , oh oooh god, her body started to quiver her bum moving back and forth on her hand her face fell on to my stomach,her breath landing on my erect cock she moved closer her tongue licking the head, Oh Kate as she lowered back down , I exploded inside , she lifted and pushed back down with f***e, my load pumping into her warm body , she watched my face as I cum

A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter 12

fetish rollhigh 2017-12-17

When Sally finally let Rick pull his cock from her mouth one of the other ladies, named Beth, came over to her and started licking up the cum from Sally’s face. Sally felt things inside her feel like there were expanding and she tried pushing her pussy further inside his sucking mouth. As soon as Sally was in place Tom told her to open her mouth and to bring her chin down against his cock about half way down from the head. Sally took his cock out and asked Tom if it was possible to make him feel like she did when he made her cum with his mouth. When his cock finished Sally kept him inside her sucking mouth while her pussy banged out one more big orgasm.

My Neighbour Sally's Panties Ch. 02

fetish Harrowborg 2017-11-19

"So, the great Mrs. Gifford had a little accident" Sally remarked, smelling the small streak of shit my mum must have left shortly before using the toilet. She reached up and unzipped my jeans, pushing her hand inside and cupping my stiffening cock and balls held inside her panties. So here, I, Will Gifford sat in my mum's friend's house tongue kissing a man, and having my balls sucked through a women's panties. I saw it, before I felt it, a small wet patch forming in her crotch as she released her pee, dripping down between my thighs and soaking into her panties. I could smell the urine drifting from her crotch and see her soaked panties dripping yellow drops onto her feet or my exposed legs.

The Knight and the Horny Mage Chapter 2

fetish fuckemon 2017-11-18

"Did I have a wet dream AGAIN?" He opened his eyes and looked at his hand. He saw Sally's bl**d on his hand. Sally flicked her hair and walked out of the room as if to say, "DUH!" Jack got up, and followed her out of the room. Jack crouched down so he could lick Sally's pussy. Jack responded to the strange flavor by saying, "Hm. I don't think I've ever tasted something like this before." He continues to lick for a while with an, "Uuuughhhnnn..." of pleasure escaping from Sally mouth about every 20 seconds, when Sally came all over hiss face. Sally pulled up her panties and they continued their adventure through the forest.

Emily's story - the story of a submissive

fetish Jacktarr 2017-10-10

When he asked me about doing it with another girl and I told him about my school friend daddy nearly came in his pants and after we explored what we'd like from a third person in our lives he set about finding someone. After talking for a while daddy asked Sally how she was feeling, she told him that she was happier than she had ever been and how comfortable she felt with us. Keen to feel what daddy had already felt I raised Sally's skirt until I could get my hand onto her soft plum pussy. I lay beside Sally, holding her hand "good girl," I told her, "take daddy inside you, milk his cock sweetie." I encouraged.

Beat Down by a Porn Star- Sally D Angelo

fetish lilguy41 2017-09-29

getting d***k on wine and Sex. Sally was riding a big black guy's cock, "Come on Vanessa Show him what a real Dick looks like" Sally Said Vanessa Videl got up and grabbed a cock of a big tall black man. "After I fucked this little slut in the ass, maybe I let You fuck Sally Tushy" "Come over her a suck my cock your little shit" Sally Said inch of my cock" Sally Said "That it you little slut...take Sally's Rubber "Tight as a little fist" Sally Said grinding into him. "Well would you look at that...little slut likes it" Sally laughed "Yea Least the little wimp will be good for something" Sally Said

A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken chapter NINE

fetish rollhigh 2017-09-13

Then again she would slide her lips further down his shaft until this time she felt Josh thrust his hips up trying to get more of his cock into her sucking mouth. He told Bill and the other customer standing there that she was going to continue sucking that cum coated cock for a long time. This girl is unreal Jeff thought to himself as he watched Sally sucking his cock and eating his thick gooey cum. With a thick film of cum coating her eyes Sally looked up at Jeff and told him Josh was on his way home now. Then Josh told her to get ready to suck the cum from his cock and she screamed at him hell yes feed your whore your sperm.

A Christmas Present

fetish griffen1 2017-09-13

from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how other arm under her ass, and said, "Which way to the I laid her on the bed, and said, "I want you to strip me I then laid on the bed and Jen started playing with my Jen said, "Did you feel that?" She said, "Yes your cock head in inside my womb. I got a nice rhythm going and Jen started cumming I told Jen I was going to pull out as I was not wearing top of Jen and started playing with her big nipples and Jen said, "You do not know how good that feels. "Yes, she said, "I want you to fuck me until I


From neighbours with love (Femdom story) Part 2

fetish germanmemail 2017-09-12

Tanya grabbed the leash and pulled tightly while Julie brought the shock device to my buttocks. Julie gave the shock probe to Tanya and Sally held the testicle leash. "Get your ass over and eat out Tanya and Sally too you son of a bitch, we need some cock in there when you finish your cunt sucking." "You cunt licking whore eat out my inside too!" She held my sopping face against her red sticky hole as I plunged my tongue in, and I sucked out pussy juice from deep inside. I fucked as hard as I could and in no time at all I groaned and jerked forward violently, and made strange grunting sounds as I hosed her inner vagina with hot nut cream.

My Cross-Dressing for a couple fantasy

fetish marcusp1979 2017-09-06

with that sally came and sat down beside me on the sofa and as she turned herself towards me she placed a hand on my knee, gently she run her palm along my thigh and after gently caressing it over the material of my silk stockings she slowly slid her hand up underneath the hem line of my dress, continuing to slide her hand up until she found my stocking tops, for a minute or two she just caressed me right there, the feel of her hand brushing my thigh and the lace work on the top of my thigh soon had me feeling aroused.

kate Wednesday night

fetish sissychris 2017-08-30

She was telling me about her day, when she bent forward to her hand bag, I could see down her blouse her breast hanging inside a pink bra pulling her breast together , at the bottom of her cleavage,i i could see a little bow , her legs uncrossed , I got a glimpse of her bright pink knickers showing through the mesh of her black tights , she took her hair brush out of her bag, she sat up and took out the band holding I sat watching telly I had heard the shower running, I also heard a couple of yelps and cries of pain and pleasure,my cock was hard since wearing the dress I wanted to masturbate, but didn't dare, I looked at the time it was 9.30 I heard foot steps coming down the stairs , get in there bitch

MY s****r'S "WET PATCH"

fetish bobsmart 2017-08-23

I don't know whether Sally had told her Mum what she wanted: my step-Mum is modern when it comes to sex, and understands that her daughter needs satisfying regularly, but within minutes of Sally and her boyfriend coming out of the kitchen, her Mum told me that my Dad and her were indeed going out shopping and suggested that I go out as well. They left the house with their arms around each other and I couldn't resist going into her room to look for her knickers and pull back the covers to look at the wet patch on the sheets.

Sally Company Slut - Part 6

fetish checkitycheck 2017-08-05

Whilst she is back seeing Saul and his friends on a Friday and Saturday night she has been quite attentive to me and we have had full sex quite a bit although she is much more slack than when I first met her so the sensation is not so good for either of us given my moderate size. Sally unzipped me and pulled out my semi hard cock rubbing it gently and continued " Yes, they will be completely inked, hon with his tribal motif which is a shield and spear (one on each buttock cheek) and with the words "Saul's Arse on one side and " By His Grace" on the other"

A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter Seven

fetish rollhigh 2017-07-06

Sally removed his still sperm covered cock from her mouth and started rubbing the head around her lips and told him, I’m glad too. Still pumping his cock, Sally looked up and into Jeff’s eyes she said, Now I want you to use your hands and fuck my face till you need to cum again. Sally pulled back so the people watching could see Josh start filling her mouth with his cum and then the cock head went back inside her mouth. When Sally was slurping the last of the cum Josh pulled out and brought his cock up to her face and blasted a big wad straight into her right eye before stuffing his cock into her mouth.

Cleaning Sally

fetish loyalsock 2017-06-23

'You need to eat me out' Sally said, 'you need to suck all your sperm out from inside of me to clean me properly, if you only wipe it will gradually dribble out this afternoon at work.' I looked at Sally incredulously as I realized what she wanted me to do. Slowly I moved over towards her hairy pussy and with just the tip of my tongue lapped at a small globule of sperm, which was trapped in the dark, matted pubic hair above her clit. I poked out my tongue and was f***ed to lick the whole length of her slippery pussy, at the same time taking in a mouthful of my salty come diluted with her love juices.

Husband's Revenge

fetish 425olds 2017-06-08

He said he saw naked white guy standing next to the bed, with what looked like a wet fresh ly fucked cock hanging between his legs, videoing the action; and another naked big black man coming towards him. I told her to slow down and after a while she lifted her face off of my wet cock with a pop and said, "I have got to have this black beauty inside my love box, until last night I had never been fucked by a black man." She threw one leg over my hips, grabbed my cock in one hand, spread her puffy cunt lips with the fingers of the other hand; and sat right down on my cock till her clean-shaven pussy was rubbing my curly black pubic hair.

A Bondage Story

fetish wastedaway 2017-05-23

My seven inch muscle was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my crotch, she said, "Remember your promise? Sally twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain dangling from the back of the collar. You will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!" I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt. Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking ass,' can't we?" I felt the riding crops slap down hard on my ass, and I shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it.