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Promise to Come Again

fetish spuddick 2018-01-31

I wanted to touch his face, to run my finger along his nose, to look into his eyes, even to kiss him. I rolled off of him and we laid beside each other on the narrow bench, my hand on his dick and his finger in my mouth. My breasts were jostled like large, fat, quivering helium balloons stuck to the sweating white ceiling while the winds of sex knocked them aside. But finally, it set rhythms of pleasure through my body and he stroked faster and deeper, delving inside of me like no man before him I bared my white, sweating breasts to the ceiling and cried out.

Becoming a Sissy Part 9

fetish snoozer2000 2018-01-22

Julia responded quickly "I'm not eating his cum out of you :-)" Sarah laughed, she definitely was fixated on a massive cock, but Julia certainly knew how to turn her on, and she would always be grateful to Julia for helping her realise her own sexual needs. As she started to feel her orgasm building she gradually increased the size of the movements until by the end she was lifting herself off so that Tom would be able to see the head of the dildo before it was slammed back inside her body. He played and played the video each time gazing in wonder at Sarah's magnificent orgasm, pounding her cunt with the huge dildo, her tits bouncing and finally the massive ejaculation.

Doing Favor For My Anal Bi Girl Firend

fetish trueman_darling 2018-01-19

Mike watched Sarah's chin dance up and down as she mouthed Jennifer's asshole, and saw her tongue wriggling in and out of the clenching hole. Sarah had knelt beside them, her face at his hip getting a close up view of her girlfriend's asshole being fucked, but now she moved onto the bed, getting on her hands and knees before Jennifer. "Is it good in her ass?" Sarah asked over her shoulder as Jennifer curled her tongue into a point and worked it deep. Sarah rolled away from Jen and crawled down the bed, then turned around on her hands and knees until her ass was toward Mike.

Sarah has a wild experience (continued)

fetish 2018-01-16

I was only a short ride from home and was careful not to squash the woodlice in my knickers as i sat on the saddle.Once home i rushed in doors and went straight to my room and layed on the bed, lifting my skirt i looked inside my knickers, all 5 were still inside. I picked up the smartie tube which was now full of woodlice and held it between my legs. Pulling the smartie tube out, i saw it was empty, the whole lot were in me. It felt like i was as on fire down there, loads of little legs crawling every where. I froze as i layed there,watching the other woodlice crawl on me.

I think we should Talk

fetish ruuddog 2018-01-16

I love you but I want to understand.” Sarah sounded frustrated and I knew this was going to escalate into a fight if I didn’t start talking. I want to keep playing I just don’t know if I can handle it.” I knew I sounded stupid I had started all this and now I sounded like a baby. “I am not sure I like this Sarah what if some thing happens I cant even break my fall if I were to trip.” I know I sounded like a w hiner but this was not going at all how I wanted it to. “No sarah I don’t want it to be permanent I don’t know if I could stand it.” I was panicking she was going to ruin my little button.

The f****y – Sissy’s Babysitters - Par

fetish 2018-01-10

My reminiscing stopped when Sarah, now Lady Sarah in our role-play stopped the recording, just at the moment as I gagged on the hard cock being f***ed deep into my mouth. Lady Sarah then showered, as I knelt in the bedroom waiting to help dry and dress her, my ass filled with the butt-plug. Dressing Lady Sarah in black basque, my hands smoothing the stockings up her legs and attaching them to her suspenders....Lady Sarah allowing me to lick and enjoy her shaved pussy. Standing facing the corner my sissy ass filled with the butt-plug, gagged and bound I waited for Lady Sarah to make her next move, but she did not do anything to me, I heard her send a text message, then leave the room.

My wife , a old friend and a new cuckold who is me

fetish 2018-01-06

the master door was open to the room and i seen ben on top of my wife and he did not look like a man that had knee surgey at all he was fucking sarah hard. as he fingerd sarah.all i seen when i looked up was a gray hairy bush in my face and i felt old saggy ball's slap me on the chen then i sucked his cock long and fast ben said i was a good cock sucker as he bent sarah over the bed and placed his cock in her he said boy! he looked at sarah and says off dont meam your pussy and climbs onto the bed puts his old cock in my wife with me next to then and start's ficking her hard .

Gwen & Sarah: The Pissmop Sisters

fetish TheDarkCloud 2017-12-29

Both Sarah and Gwen crawled over the plastic covering, their bodies shimmering in a coating of piss, towards the table that held the two glasses and then when they got there they held them in their hands, looked each other in the eyes and started to pour them into their waiting mouths. "Sarah, you get yourself the other side of the tuba and while I sodomise your big sis I want you to dip her head right into the piss, hold it for at least 30 seconds before letting her up OK?", her nod and smile told me she was well up for this scene so with us in position I thrust my eight inches of cock up and into Gwen's tight arsehole and began to establish a harsh rhythm of pounding her.


fetish alibodge 2017-12-14

She groaned kissed me again the pushed me away as she turned and licked my foreskin, savouring the taste of my precum like it was a fine wine, then beginning her ministrations to my balls and shaft as if they were expensive porcelain, gentle nibbles and kisses, caresses, alternating with deep throated whole hearted whore in the street gobbling, she was an expert in the field, a mistress of the craft, she knew when and she knew how, I came close then she would return to my lips, again at the precise perfect moment she would return to my genitals, hand lips tongue, hard one moment and gentle as a butterfly the next, I near lost my mind, seed sprayed like a fountain, cum splattered across my belly she removed it with that wonderful tongue making a meal of swallowing it, then relentlessly she returned to my poor spent tool and with her amazing touch soon had me hard again at an unheard of speed, the process was repeated, not once but twice more and not since I was a youngster had I ever been drained so fully and so effectively, I slept the sl**p of the dead, her head on my shoulder, the black leather collar stark against her skin, that copper blond sweet smelling hair soft against my neck, her soft body against mine and a fine breast in my hand.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2017-12-08

As she struggled with the zip, Anne felt a large spurt of pee escape from her pussy, splashing into her panties. Eventually freeing her zip, Anne froze as she felt a turd easing its way out of her bottom into the seat of her panties. Cutting one of those wonderful eggy farts (she'd not been nicknamed 'eggy' in a previous life for nothing) Anne head a familiar crackling noise as a large turd snaked its way out of her bottom and landed on the woodland floor. Anne looked up and smiling down at her was Sarah Worthington, an old friend from her nursing days on the Urology unit in Newcastle.

Shemale Assassin

fetish drew1207 2017-11-29

When they reached her camp, Sarah was about to warn Kayla of the other three Assassins when they dropped from the trees, hidden blades extended. Sarah reach between them and softly grasped Kayla's cock, rubbing it slowly and gently, feeling the bl**d pulsing through it in time with her heartbeat. Sarah looked at her questioningly, making sure Kayla was sure, she nodded quickly, smiling happily. Sarah pressed the head of her cock firmly against Kayla's tight anus, pressing forward gently, but not softly enough that she wouldn't make it inside the beautiful black shemale's ass. After a moment's struggle, the head of Sarah's cock slid into Kayla's ass, causing them both to sigh with deep pleasure.

A humiliating orgy.

fetish tigrenar 2017-11-26

The mewling sound is coming from Sarah, elicited by your strap-on cock thrusting in and out of her pussy no doubt. "Damn man, and I thought I was kinky 'cause I like to watch this hot piece of ass fuck anything that moves." My best friend slaps his wife's ass as he looks down at me with...admiration?! "And because I know how much you both like them, Sarah has some presents for you..." You gesture to the kitchen, where Sarah reappears, naked once more, this time wearing a collar that reads slut and a fox tail butt plug swinging with the sway of her hips. "I....I got on my back, lift my legs over my head, and.....and my Mistress fucked my ass until I came on my face." Re-telling the event somehow made it even more obscene, but Liz moaned slightly and chuckled.

I think we should Talk Chapter 2

fetish ruuddog 2017-11-17

“You know I am going to have to come up with ways to punish you other than denying you orgasms since that is what you wanted in the first place. “Just squeeze my thight when you want to too start and stop and when I am done I will let you have an orgasm.” I felt my hand move to the inside of her thigh. “Be sure you stop me when you need to swallow we don’t want to make a big mess.” I felt my fingers tighten up on her thigh as I moved my mouth into position.

Sharing my girlfriend with an old man

fetish Bigboy78_69 2017-11-17

After Sara was gone the older gentleman came over and sat next to me and introduced himself as Jim. He was tall like me and a bit tad overweight but a good looking guy. He gently felt Sara's dripping pussy causing her to let out a little moan and then he savagely thrust his massive cock into her tiny hole. She began to moan and scream so loudly and she told the old man that he was making her cum. I walked back to the bed and stared at my beautiful girlfriend still lying where the old man had left her with his cum seeping from her pussy.

Chav humiliation - chapter 1

fetish mr_massive 2017-11-08

They started to laugh as I approached, then the ginger one said: "hey, you little mosher freak, me mate will wank you off for a tenner!" My little dick got instantly hard. Get your cock out and lets get this over with." I pulled down my pants and stood before the two chav girls, my dick throbbing and pointing up at 45 degrees, undeniably hard. Chelsea laughed so hard she could hardly breathe, gasping lungfuls of air in between insults like "tiny!", "unbelievably tiny" and "micro cock". Pathetic micro dicks like him never can keep their hands off their creepy little cocks!" She whipped the washcloth off, exposing my hard little nub and burst out laughing at the sight if my exposed bell-end:

Trapped f****y

fetish Mattfrod 2017-11-07

I chain Amanda and Jennifer to a hook half way up the wall and lead Sarah to their new toilet, ordering the other 2 to watch as they would soon be using it.looking at me in horror as I lowered the machine and stood Sarah over the top.I raised the machine, as it raised I tied her arms to a ring on the saddle that f***ed her arms behind her back. I then slipped another pair of panties onto Amanda and pushed Sarah’s head into a hole, drawstring was tightened and Sarah was stuck snug at her mother’s behind I squeezed my hand through and unplugged cumulus tubes.


fetish SafeSexting 2017-11-01

I know that Jeni was just going because Sarah wanted to go. I watched as the guy in the back rammed her ass with his dick of my sweet little Jeni. "fuck your cunt, this is your little bitchy cunt, fuck it good" I took a risk and pulled out of her pussy and slipped in her ass all at once, she gasped and then started moaning "fuck your little asswhore" she said, I kept fucking her and looked up and it was my girlfriend!! Jeni then asked me on the way to the car "did you like watching your slutty girlfriend fuck the frat guys?"

My first FMF

fetish mercander 2017-10-23

I dared Sarah to start flashing and teasing others guys from the college and surprisingly she agreed, so I was verry happy to see their "OMG shes hot" look and after that their HARD-ON, so entertaining. Soon after that..i saw Sarah talking to this girl, Britney, a lovely skinny, long read hair, 5.9 feet tall, 34B breats, green eyes and i could swear that her lips were so tasty...i really hoped that she will join us tonight. After some more pussy pumping, i told them to get in line because i would came soon...I came in Sarahs mouth after 50 hour of hard fucking and after that we all started to kiss eachother and cum`swapping until we fel asl**p.

I'm My b*****r In Law's Wife

fetish naughty_bi_interest 2017-10-12

The next day I returned to my mother's house and met Paul, my s****r's fiancé. He thanked me for my help and after looking in on my s****r one last time he left because the groom isn't supposed to see the bride before the wedding. I was ready to see how I looked in it, but my mother told me I had to have the makeup and hair done before that happened. "I'll help you with that," my mother told me, "We still have a couple of days to get you ready." The wedding day arrived and I was more nervous than I think a normal bride would be.

Slut wife: First day at work

fetish Whoreowner 2017-10-09

As soon as the door was closed her boss moved away from the desk and dragged sarah out, he threw her down on the desk on her back, he ripped open her blouse and yanked her tits from her bra, he grabbed and mauled them as he pushed her skirt up and yanked her panties to 1 side. By the time she left the work that day she had been fucked by her boss again, sucked off two of her induction tutors and flashed several workers as she practised picking up items from the floor, one of whom had reached up and removed her panties and then left with them saying she could have them back tomorrow.

Foot Scents

fetish fidopedar 2017-10-07

Sarah had the cutest round ass I’d ever seen, tight and smooth, and if she moved her legs apart when I was behind her, I could see just a little bit of her fur coming all the way around past the bottom of her pussy. I could almost come looking at them and imagining myself kissing them, but I didn’t want Sarah to know how much they turned me on, so I was careful not to stare too hard at her feet, and I took my pleasure in them in small, sideways glances. When we were cleaned up, Sarah gave me a sultry look and said “Michael, now I’d like you to do something for me.” With that, she took off her pants and lay back down on the couch, this time with her legs apart.

Sex with the Whole Company

fetish Mycke 2017-10-06

We must have fucked 20 times one afternoon, so much so that sperm covered my face, hair, breasts and stomach. That was another thing about Radik – his quantity of sperm seemed to increase the more he came. But to those who took the time to really look closely, Sarah was beautiful. One morning, 3 weeks into my sexual-agenda in the workplace, I sat down next to Sarah as she banged out some numbers on her Texas instrument. Despite the fact that Sarah dressed in clothing reminiscent of peasantry, she projected a certain sexual confidence, which from time to time would express itself through an unmistakably dipping blouse, or a hem, which trespassed her knees.

I Am Not Gay, Really

fetish 2017-10-04

The wine flowed freely and Michelle finally got up the nerve to ask Sarah about Jake's massive penis. Michelle couldn't believe that I had talked to Jake about our sex life, much less ask him if he would be willing to have sex with her. I ran into Jake over the next weekend and he told me that Michelle had asked Sarah about penis size. That evening I found the picture of Jake's erect penis from Sarah in Michelle's inbox. Laying in the missionary position Michelle took Jake's massive penis inside of her little by little as Sarah massaged her clit. Michelle couldn't look away, I watched as she stared at Jake with his cock inside of me.

Sarah's Teen Lovers 2

fetish 2017-09-20

Seth loves fucking my wife's tight little asshole and Sarah told me about a friend of Seth's that they would gave Dale a quick little "hello" kiss as his hand Seth stuck his head out the door and told Dale that they "Wanna watch a movie?" Dale asked my bride as she closed Dale told my sexy bride as she continued to suck him Dale moved between my brides legs and slowly licked her brides freshly fucked pussy Dale started to raise up and play with his cock watching one of my brides fuck flicks Sarah fuck Seth, talked about sex and both agreed that Dale slipped his cock into my eager bride as she pulled know," Dale said as my bride began to recover.