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Promise to Come Again

fetish spuddick 2018-11-24

I wanted to touch his face, to run my finger along his nose, to look into his eyes, even to kiss him. I rolled off of him and we laid beside each other on the narrow bench, my hand on his dick and his finger in my mouth. My breasts were jostled like large, fat, quivering helium balloons stuck to the sweating white ceiling while the winds of sex knocked them aside. But finally, it set rhythms of pleasure through my body and he stroked faster and deeper, delving inside of me like no man before him I bared my white, sweating breasts to the ceiling and cried out.

Not Quite a Regular Guy

fetish owengreybeard 2018-10-04

Sarah's eyes looked calmly into mine as she asked the question. The anesthetic took effect very quickly, and Sarah's face relaxed as her leg went numb. We loaded Sarah and a cooler with the remains of her leg into Dr. Garson's SUV, and as I was propping her up with a sleeping bag, she gathered me into a hug and whispered, "Thank you so much for your help today, Dr. Owen. During the trip to the hospital in Bend, he looked back to check on Sarah, and she had one hand on the top of her propped-up stump, and the other down her shorts. As I turned to face her, Sarah was standing in the shallow end of the pool, hopping gently to keep her balance.

Sarah's Teen Lovers 2

fetish 2018-10-03

Seth loves fucking my wife's tight little asshole and Sarah told me about a friend of Seth's that they would gave Dale a quick little "hello" kiss as his hand Seth stuck his head out the door and told Dale that they "Wanna watch a movie?" Dale asked my bride as she closed Dale told my sexy bride as she continued to suck him Dale moved between my brides legs and slowly licked her brides freshly fucked pussy Dale started to raise up and play with his cock watching one of my brides fuck flicks Sarah fuck Seth, talked about sex and both agreed that Dale slipped his cock into my eager bride as she pulled know," Dale said as my bride began to recover.

Jane Changes Job

fetish flyinpete2001 2018-09-30

Serge closed and I struggled again to get free, but quickly gave up as by now realised I was only going to get out of this when they had finished; deciding to relax, and wait for the shaft to be pushed into my pussy, only it wasn't. The shaft in my arse, kept the one in my pussy pushed hard against my spongy G spot, making me feel like peeing. Serge started to pound Sarah's pussy, each time he drove into her, he pushed her down onto the cock buried deep in her arse. Serge moved back to me, he placed a hand on my pussy and pushed down, the pressure increasing the feeling making me moan with pleasure, frustration and the need to pee all at the same time.

Secret Lesbian Ch. 01

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-09-28

I live in an apartment with my 5 college roommates; Alice, Sarah, Jane, Kelly and Sophie. I got home to see Kelly and Alice on the couch, Jane cooking and Sarah's door was closed - I could only assume she had gone to bed early to sleep for the shift. I left my room to see Alice and Jane cleaning the pots while Kelly watched TV. "Good," said Myra "now leave the pillow where it was and Sarah can have a nice sleep when she comes back." Challenge number 2 completed," said Myra "Tomorrow, meet me in the alley down the side of the coffee shop, 9pm."

Sarah Awakens in Paris Ch. 3

fetish Edwina 2018-09-28

The English wife needed no bidding, opening her mouth wide to accommodate the enormous bulblike helmet of the cock she quickly sucked it into her mouth running her tongue around the head and probing the sensitive pee slit. As the dildo slid home Eloise sighed and hollowing her back and spreading her legs she opened up still more to allow Madelaine the freedom to fuck her deeply. Sarah released the magnificent tool in her mouth and gathering cushions she placed them on the floor to offering her quim to the black woman's Madelaine groaned with delight and quickly covered Sarah's quim with her mouth as the younger woman started to pee.

Decades pass ( Sarah's Story)

fetish 10x13 2018-09-26

Being blindfolded, tits bound and nipples clamped, so I removed the clip from her clit and began to suck and nibble on her “little penis.” Sarah went off like a bottle rocket! As I approached I noticed Sarah’s nipples were taught and standing like two soldiers, she took rapid short breaths in anticipation, her sizable clit throbbed and her pussy oozed a mixture of her cunt cream and the lube from the eggplant. The glove hand spread more lubrication over Sarah's clit and labia as I inserted a couple of fingers deeply until I could feel her cervix. Still holding herself open, in my semi-hard state when my stream finally started, it hit her full on in the chest, cascading over her tits and nipples, running down her tummy, over her clit and down into her pussy.

One Thing Leads to Another Ch. 07

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-09-24

Seeing that bruise on her face, although that was Linda's work, not mine, made me that much more worried she would say something to the policeman, but Sarah only smiled politely as the policeman left, like she had no interest whatsoever in talking to him, then rushed to the door before I could close it. Even after Sarah's long talk and her apology, I still didn't have a good feeling about facing Tiffany or any of the other girls. "I don't think I'd want to tell you," I felt my face flush red with embarrassment knowing Tiffany knew how small my cock was, and I didn't even know which pictures Sarah had sent her, but I'm sure, knowing Sarah, the pictures must have been the most compromising.

Sex with the Whole Company

fetish Mycke 2018-09-22

We must have fucked 20 times one afternoon, so much so that sperm covered my face, hair, breasts and stomach. That was another thing about Radik – his quantity of sperm seemed to increase the more he came. But to those who took the time to really look closely, Sarah was beautiful. One morning, 3 weeks into my sexual-agenda in the workplace, I sat down next to Sarah as she banged out some numbers on her Texas instrument. Despite the fact that Sarah dressed in clothing reminiscent of peasantry, she projected a certain sexual confidence, which from time to time would express itself through an unmistakably dipping blouse, or a hem, which trespassed her knees.

Trapped f****y

fetish Mattfrod 2018-09-17

I chain Amanda and Jennifer to a hook half way up the wall and lead Sarah to their new toilet, ordering the other 2 to watch as they would soon be using it.looking at me in horror as I lowered the machine and stood Sarah over the top.I raised the machine, as it raised I tied her arms to a ring on the saddle that f***ed her arms behind her back. I then slipped another pair of panties onto Amanda and pushed Sarah’s head into a hole, drawstring was tightened and Sarah was stuck snug at her mother’s behind I squeezed my hand through and unplugged cumulus tubes.

Paid By The Foot

fetish lovecraft68 2018-09-15

The idea for this story came from a long time friend of mine who when we were talking about fetishes told me that back when she was in college there was a guy at a local club nicknamed "The Foot Doctor" who would go around offering girls money to be able to jerk off on their feet. "Hey, Keri, you're looking hot tonight!" Joe called from the middle of the group I'd waved to, "We didn't even know you had legs, let alone a pair like that!" "Tell you what, Keri, you are a pretty girl." Joe said, "You and Sarah are one hot pair."


fetish MrH76 2018-09-07

" Do you like me talking about my damp panties David, does it turn you on". Sadly I was kinda frozen, I did not know what to do or say, all I knew was that my cock felt like it was going to explode as I stared between Sarah's legs at her beautiful cunt. once I have swallowed all of your spunk you are going to smell and lick my panties while I finger fuck myself again. Do you like my fanny David, do you want to taste my snatch and lick my bum. And my cunt is wet David, look my fingers are soaked, would you like to taste my fanny .

A Piggy's day Off

fetish Piggie 2018-09-05

I think I'll place them in the bottom of my pig sty and give them a good squish with my ass." Sarah picked up the three chocolate cakes and laid them in the bottom of the tub. Down into the chocolate mixture it went and you could tell by the look on Sarah's face that it found it's new home inside her pussy. I thought you'd want to see what I've been doing all day." As Sarah stepped out of the tub, her potato covered ass wiggled and her tits bounced as she headed to the other bathroom to get cleaned up. He started up the video to see his wife dressed as a pig sitting in a pool covering herself with thick pancake batter followed with syrup and then shoving a giant eclair in her mouth .


fetish alibodge 2018-09-05

She groaned kissed me again the pushed me away as she turned and licked my foreskin, savouring the taste of my precum like it was a fine wine, then beginning her ministrations to my balls and shaft as if they were expensive porcelain, gentle nibbles and kisses, caresses, alternating with deep throated whole hearted whore in the street gobbling, she was an expert in the field, a mistress of the craft, she knew when and she knew how, I came close then she would return to my lips, again at the precise perfect moment she would return to my genitals, hand lips tongue, hard one moment and gentle as a butterfly the next, I near lost my mind, seed sprayed like a fountain, cum splattered across my belly she removed it with that wonderful tongue making a meal of swallowing it, then relentlessly she returned to my poor spent tool and with her amazing touch soon had me hard again at an unheard of speed, the process was repeated, not once but twice more and not since I was a youngster had I ever been drained so fully and so effectively, I slept the sl**p of the dead, her head on my shoulder, the black leather collar stark against her skin, that copper blond sweet smelling hair soft against my neck, her soft body against mine and a fine breast in my hand.

Sarah's Exam

fetish freindlyphysician 2018-09-04

Sarah said o.k., that's fine and right away she started mentally preparing herself for the compromising position she might soon find herself in; she figured that if she was unfortunate enough to get a male doctor, that she could handle basic stuff and the breast exam if she had to, but there was no way she was going to take off her panties in front of a man; it was just too contrary to her modest puritan nature and she felt that; there was just no way she could do that.

My wife , a old friend and a new cuckold who is me

fetish 2018-08-29

the master door was open to the room and i seen ben on top of my wife and he did not look like a man that had knee surgey at all he was fucking sarah hard. as he fingerd sarah.all i seen when i looked up was a gray hairy bush in my face and i felt old saggy ball's slap me on the chen then i sucked his cock long and fast ben said i was a good cock sucker as he bent sarah over the bed and placed his cock in her he said boy! he looked at sarah and says off dont meam your pussy and climbs onto the bed puts his old cock in my wife with me next to then and start's ficking her hard .

Proud Holders Ch. 08

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-20

Miss Sarah boarded the minibus and found Anne defiantly sat in her seat, arms crossed and clearly in no mood to co-operate. Look Anne, if it's what you really want you can pack your bags and leave the moment we get back. All sorts of people come on this course from every walk of life you can imagine and some you can't - or perhaps would rather not think about. A fair number of my students have made it big in one way or another - except they haven't mastered the art of controlling the need to wee so that it only ever happens when they want it to.

I Am Not Gay, Really

fetish 2018-08-15

The wine flowed freely and Michelle finally got up the nerve to ask Sarah about Jake's massive penis. Michelle couldn't believe that I had talked to Jake about our sex life, much less ask him if he would be willing to have sex with her. I ran into Jake over the next weekend and he told me that Michelle had asked Sarah about penis size. That evening I found the picture of Jake's erect penis from Sarah in Michelle's inbox. Laying in the missionary position Michelle took Jake's massive penis inside of her little by little as Sarah massaged her clit. Michelle couldn't look away, I watched as she stared at Jake with his cock inside of me.

Kitten Ch. 02

fetish MamaK 2018-08-10

Her breath came ragged as Natalie's hands ventured down her curvaceous body, pinching and pulling her own nipples causing them to stand to attention, snaking down her supple abdomen skin, ending their journey at the tip of her tantalising slit. It took what was left of her self-restraint not to moan with longing when Natalie slipped her nectar covered finger out of her succulent pussy and lightly ran it over Kitten's lips. Natalie clasped her pet around the jaw applying pressure with her fingers to the mandible causing Kitten's mouth to pop open. Kitten rose to her knees, she placed one hand on each of Natalie's wide set hips. Kitten's hair was matted under her fingers, gripping it tightly she ground her pet's face into her throbbing pussy.

Chav humiliation - chapter 1

fetish mr_massive 2018-08-10

They started to laugh as I approached, then the ginger one said: "hey, you little mosher freak, me mate will wank you off for a tenner!" My little dick got instantly hard. Get your cock out and lets get this over with." I pulled down my pants and stood before the two chav girls, my dick throbbing and pointing up at 45 degrees, undeniably hard. Chelsea laughed so hard she could hardly breathe, gasping lungfuls of air in between insults like "tiny!", "unbelievably tiny" and "micro cock". Pathetic micro dicks like him never can keep their hands off their creepy little cocks!" She whipped the washcloth off, exposing my hard little nub and burst out laughing at the sight if my exposed bell-end:

My Name is Fred Ch. 02

fetish gushogan 2018-08-09

When I got home Sarah asked if I liked my private time with a room full of jock babes. I told Sarah when I got home that Vershana outed like half the jock babes at school tonight. Missy had an away road trip starting the next day, but said she would come by and ask Sarah upon her return. I told Sarah about my "date" with Missy first thing when I got home. Sarah wanted me to remember that she was my best girl and liked to eat the cum from my little dick. Sarah told me not to get the idea that Missy would be willing to eat my cum like she did.

David's French Tutor Ch. 08

fetish Thorilla 2018-08-09

"Master Penis is enjoying his little tongue tickling," said Sarah pouting at me with a demure expression on her face. "Does Master Penis wish to explore Sarah's little mouth?" said Anna in a deep sensuous voice and she lifted it off my stomach and held it vertical ready for her twin sister to stimulate further. "Sarah knows and doesn't mind," said Anna looking at her sister who was running her tongue around my tip which was held rigidly between her lips. With one enormously loud thrust I jerked out eight strings of sticky slimy semen into the young girl's mouth and looked at Anna who smiled at Sarah then at me and I knew that Anna wanted me to do the same to her too.

Sarah - Lung Hammer

fetish odnoha 2018-08-02

the plane," said Sarah, inhaling smoke from her cigarette "I need more smoke in my lungs, Tom," said Sarah. high-tar smoke into Sarah's lungs was highly intense. Tom said, "Let me light it, Sarah." He held the had lit three cigarettes, Sarah took an enormous drag from "OK," said Tom. He leaned over and gave Sarah a deep kiss, Sarah took several more long, deep drags and inhaled each that second cigarette," whispered Tom as they led Sarah to Phil led Tom and Sarah to a sleek, black limousine. want to smoke a lot of these cigarettes, Sarah." lung-filtered smoke into Tom. Tom inhaled all of Sarah's to get enough smoke." Tom pounced on Sarah for the start of

A Tentacle Party

fetish tigrenar 2018-07-29

Not bleedin' likely at this rate." Sarah mumbled to herself as she trudged along in her shiny little party dress. Both her hands were gripping and stroking them and Sarah let out a little gasp as the one in the woman's left hand suddenly squirt a thick, creamy liquid onto the woman's face. "Maybe this will help." Sarah's eyes widened as her friend, the one who invited her to the party tonight, stepped into the light of the ring of candles. Several more tentacles tore her tiny little dancing dress off, leaving her as nude as the tattooed woman still moaning on the floor. But they weren't done, even as the tattooed woman came again, another tentacle made its way toward Sarah's leaking pussy.