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My Friend May - An Unfinished Visit

fetish scotty792 2018-12-04

Showing her true sense of humour now, May thought for a few moments then said, "Yes, I was, wasn't I - that's not a problem though, I'm sure you'd like to masturbate me till you make me cum in my navy blue gym knickers again though I'd like to change them as they're so wet between my legs." We were both highly aroused as I took hold of the bottom of her navy blue gymslip and lifted it right up round her waist and, as I studied her lovely tight little navy knickers, I moaned, "I want to make you cum, May, I want to masturbate you till I make you cum in your navy blue school uniform knickers."

My Friend May

fetish scotty792 2018-11-29

We both gasped loudly as my hand slipped between her legs, closing over the lovely soft, smooth and incredibly tight crotch of her navy blue cotton school uniform knickers." Beside myself with delight, I moved my hand between her legs, the feel of the soft smooth navy blue cotton of her schoolgirl knickers driving me wild then, very softly, I asked, "Are you nice and tingly down there between your legs, May?" "I'd slip my finger into your hot wet schoolgirl pussy and finger fuck you," I told her, feeling her tense as I said that, "I'd finger fuck your tight little pussy till I make you come all over my hand and the inside of your gym knickers."

Teacher's Discipline Ch. 04

fetish tom6432 2018-08-24

Loudly for the class to hear I said: "For the remainder of the week you will wear white cotton regulation school girl panties under your clothes. Directing my attention to Linda I said: "Young lady lift your skirt above your hips right now," Linda could not believe what she was hearing that I would ask her to show her panties in her office in front of her administrative assistant. Linda her face now scarlet stood in front of her 28 year old assistant and said: "Miss Emma please paddle my bare cheeks." I watched as Emma lifted Linda's short skirt and told her to hold it up above her waist.

The Confessional

fetish ReverendS 2018-04-14

So in his mind's eye she was dressed like a young girl, wearing the kind of uniform a private school might have her wear, complete with red pleated skirt, white blouse, and pigtails held in place by bright read ribbons. As hot as the bedroom scene had been getting, a new image had now entered his thoughts, a vivid picture of the girl on the other side of the confessional, skirt hiked, fingers sliding beneath her underwear. At the same time he could hear her high pitched whimpering as she finally climaxed, keeping quiet like a good little girl, shaking the divider as the orgasm quaked through her.

A Dream Come True

fetish lunaswift 2018-03-27

Without glancing behind her to see what Dan was doing, she slowly moved her hand up her skirt, gently stroking her clit through her panties. As she peed she began to slowly ride him again, letting his cock move in and out of her even as his hand began to toy with her clit, hot pee trickling over his fingers. He grabbed Lucy's bottom with both hands and gently toyed with her anus, brushing his finger round her hole as he rammed himself up her one last time. Lucy jumped off him then, moving to suck the last of the cum from the end of his cock, licking his shaft and tasting her own wetness and her pee along its length.