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Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 05

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-12-04

When Margaret arrived, wearing a variation on her governess outfit, a navy skirt and a white blouse with paisley ascot and gold stickpin atop her usual sheer hose and burgundy pumps, she encountered Lenore in what looked like a collegiate or high school jumper, with a plain white blouse and espadrilles. "When I allow you to go out," she said, which conveyed a real tone of menace to Robbie, as he began to realize how his life might be restricted from now on, "You will start using appropriate protection when you have sex with them. She longed to be allowed to spank him but realized she had to do exactly what Margaret told her if she wanted to be given that kind of privilege.

To Spank a Schoolgirl

fetish Goldeniangel 2018-11-03

Every day it was something different, a short skirt that would lift up to reveal a pale ass (perfect for spanking) as she bent over to pick something up on her way up the stairs to a lecture seat in the back, lowcut shirts that made the most of her considerable cleavage... "You see, I've always wanted to sleep with a person of authority in my life," a pale white hand reached up and brushed back one long ponytail over her shoulder, then began unbuttoning her blouse, "And lately, I've mostly been thinking about sleeping with a teacher... Steadily he turned that lily white ass a bright pink, by now she was whimpering every time he hit and her demeanor wasn't nearly as confident or self-assured.

Nicky Raises The Bar

fetish steve w 2018-03-06

A young guy was trying to take a piss, but it was a bit fucking distracting having a beautiful eighteen-year-old slut standing next to you, pulling her tits until it hurt. I fucking deep throated that big fat cock, so shove it up my ass. She was fucking horny, but his cock was still huge, too big surely to fit up an eighteen-year-old ass, even if she did have a thing about gaping. When there was none left, she slid four fingers into her ass, then her whole fucking fist, and swirled her hand around in her crap-hole, digging out the last of the collective juices. She was going to walk through the mall, wearing a schoolgirl's outfit, covered in cum and piss, with her asshole gaping wide under that cute little skirt.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 02

fetish Hotenuf4u 2017-10-28

While rubbing her hands over the red, sore ass and then in between them to caress the now raging hard-on, "OH this color looks good." Not sure if she was talking about the red of the ass or the color of my pink panties until she said, "But I do think we will have to get you a few more pairs." She continued to caress the ass as she spoke, which felt so good. "Sissy boy, how do you think we can see it with you in there?" Elaine says loud enough for everyone in the store to hear,"Come out here so we can get a good look!"