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fetish Shylass 2018-11-25

Lost in petroleum clouds of pure pleasure, Nicola grabbed his hips and pounded deep into him, thrusting harder and faster as he crushed his beloved's lid onto his straining cock, flattening his hard flesh against the glass to dangerous levels. Pussy level with his eyeline (and oh, how he wanted to push his face into her folds and flaps!), she spread her buttcheeks, slowly lowering her bum onto the purple glass cock, letting it fill her up and putting her shaven pussy right on top of Bob's shaking hand. She kicked her legs out in front of her, and smooshed her pussy onto the spunky lubed glass, Bob's shaking hand still holding the base of the dildo (it never occurred to him that Nicola's activity could have smashed his beloved's glass face if he let go).

The Account Manager

fetish Pearl_Necklace 2018-11-07

I think you can convince Mr. Sanders to let me have the client," Mr. Smith said. "Thank you sir for letting me rim you today," I said and moved down to his asshole again. "You're such a greedy little whore," he said, tilting the camera to get a good view of me licking his asshole a few times before resuming my tongue fucking. I shoved my tongue into his ass, locked my lips against his pucker, looked square into the camera, and began fingering myself. "Thank you for letting me give you a rim job, sir," I said to the camera before he stopped filming, licking my lips in the process.

The Elevator

fetish Pearl_Necklace 2018-10-31

As the doors slid shut Mr. Smith turned to me, his usual smirk on his face, his hands on his belt buckle. I swallowed another mouthful of piss, and another, all while keeping one eye on the lit numbers above the elevator door. I nodded a little too vigorously this time, his piss hit my chin and dribbled onto my full breasts before I recovered and was able to line my mouth back up with his stream. He took a step closer as he finished peeing, his weaker stream of urine meant he needed to get a little closer to make sure it landed in my mouth.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 02

fetish barelegs 2018-09-19

She opened her legs very wide, to allow me to see both her index fingers, pressing herself firmly but gently , the palms of her hands resting on the inside of her thighs. "How do you like my legs now, Charles?" she asked, placing both her fingers over mine and pressing them gently but firmly into her cotton-covered crotch. Louise gently pulled my hands away from between her legs, and re-introduced them to the smooth skin of her inner thighs. You'll never be able to see a pretty girl with a short skirt and not think about stroking my long sexy bare legs! I could think of nothing else but those beautiful long smooth bare legs for the next two days.

The Bad Secretary

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-09-15

"Soon, please soon" she gasped, wriggling on my cock, twisting herself against me as we fucked like crazy, I was grunting and groaning as I felt myself build towards my orgasm, I screwed her harder and faster, sweat running down my body, dripping onto her rounded bottom as I leant forward over her arse, she was frantically fingering her clit now, balancing herself on the edge of her own orgasm, waiting for me and as I gulped in a huge lungful of air, to expel it in an animal cry as I exploded inside her, she tipped herself over the edge and shrieked as she came on my cock.

The Virtual Girl

fetish ronblack 2018-09-14

I un-cuffed her and laid back on the day bed and she then went to work on my hard dripping cock sucking and licking me stroking me with her tiny hands and her tight mouth stretched to get my thickness into her mouth she moaned as my cock pumped pre cum out into her mouth and she continued to suck and lick my cock, I then got her to sit on top of me and she desperately tried to bury my shaft into her taking about 2/3 of my length as her lips strained tight around my girth.

Secretary Morgan's Period

fetish headtyper 2018-09-06

Morgan hurriedly picked the paper up, walked out of the office leaving me wanting to masturbate right away. I suddenly thought about her big pussy pad nestled in her panties and worked my right hand slowly down her side to the middle of her crotch. "You really wanted to play with my big cunt even though you know darn well I'm on the rag right now," Morgan said with a very puzzled look on her face. "Why should your bloody pussy stop me from wanting it so bad?" I asked rubbing it through the pad. Morgan began kissing me wildly, squeezing my cock with her pussy mussles making feel like I was going to cum in seconds.

The Return of Justin D'Enfer Ch. 05

fetish The Needler 2018-08-06

The data is so conflicted and we're not sure what to do." Mary Thompkins, the head of his entertainment division, strode across the room quickly in her high heels, hand extended. Need to try something." Taking a deep breath, she worked her way down until she had his entire monstrous length down her throat, keeping her nose in his pubic hair for several seconds before coming up for air. Next came another mint flavored one, which all loved and Mary said she's like to have when she had a sore throat. Mary had no problems deep throating, while Melanie's tongue work as the best. When they were done, he was going to have Melanie suck his balls while he shot his load down Mary's throat while looking at Jean topless.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 07

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-06-18

Elaine and Lisa left the stage and continued to mingle with all of the other guests, leaving Sissy Boy exposed so every one could see his predicament, red ass high in the air, mouth accessible to every one. "I told you he enjoyed it mom, just look at the cum dripping down his thighs," said Lisa to her mom as they watched Sissy Boy taking the cock that was invading his mouth. I'm sure you and your men will find him up to your high standards." With that said Elaine left the stage leaving immobile Sissy Boy at the hands of these big cocked black men. Tyrone was the first to act; he pulled out his massive black cock and started face fucking Sissy Boy. At the same time the other workers took turn slapping his ass.

Sissy Boy Secretary Ch. 09

fetish Hotenuf4u 2018-06-01

My eyes popped wide open when I saw my Mom pull out a big black dildo and start to fuck herself while reading the story. A few days later my Mom nervously came to ask, "Tammy would it be possible for you to find a place to sleep tonight, your father and I have to talk and we need some privacy?" I watched Linda grab around my fathers neck to pull her self up, then she wrapped her legs around his back and mounted him, his cock going in deep. I noticed that most of the stories involved a white female dominating a black male which gave me the idea on how to help both my Mom and you at the same time.

A Bad Day Gets Better

fetish Hubee 2018-05-22

But I needed to be in control, so I grabbed her head and buried my cock in her throat, driving it in so hard that her head banged against the underside of the desk. When I was close to cumming I slowed my thrusts and, sensing my needs like a good slut, she changed her own pace and started licking my shaft slowly and lasciviously, then moved down to tickle my balls with her talented tongue. With difficulty I pulled my cock from her needy mouth and laid her head down on the desk, lolling part way over the edge. As my breath gradually returned to normal I watched as the huge load I had just deposited began to dribble from my slut's red, well-fucked, gaping cunt, pooling on my desk as she shuddered over and over.

Goddess Helena's Wealthy slave

fetish cigarashslave 2018-05-20

As I finish kissing your feet you pet my head and say, "Good boy but now you must sleep on the floor little piggy with no squealing while I sleep in this nice big bed." Now here it is six hours later and I'm beginning my chores list. She explains that her taste in older men is because they tend to have the ability along with the desire to do anything to please her which includes buying expensive gifts for her, taking her on exotic vacations, providing her with high dollars for weekly allowances, and they also are experts at giving her good orgasms by eating out her pussy, taking her strap-on up their asses and getting a thorough fucking, cleaning her boots, eating her cigarette or cigar ashes, and just being submissive to all her sexual needs.

Jaycee Joins Jasma

fetish jayrandolf 2018-04-30

"Rick-I can't take this ache- suck my milk." Jasma moaned, and she began to pant and stroke my prick with renewed vigor. "You see, Jaycee needs someone to relieve her tit-milk, too." At this, Jasma squirted her nipple directly onto my cock. I was drowning in sweet tit milk, and it splashed greedily down the front of my shirt and onto my pants as I suckled and gurgled on Jasma's 19 year old sister. Now Jasma was so excited she scooted in front of her sister, and facing her, began to suck on Jaycee's enormous brown udders. I reached through the window and squirted Jasma's tit milk all over the front of Jaycee, which only caused Jasma to suck harder on her sister's fat tits.

Jenny The Intern Takes Control

fetish writemarksmith 2018-04-25

When the elevator doors opened to our office, Jenny was the first thing I saw, casually bent the receptionist's high desk, chatting with her. Both girls both looked up at me and smiled as they said good morning, and I simply nodded and walked quickly to my office. "Now Rick, tell Val that this is not appropriate for the office" she stifled a laugh as she pointed at Val's ass, wrapped so tight in white yoga pants that you could imagine she was wearing nothing at all to cover her pert little bottom. She smiled sweetly up at me and said "Ohhh...you're such a sweetie, thanks!" I felt a sort of pride in pleasing her like this and she started to talk to me at length for the first time, telling me something about her first days and what she had learned.

The Secretary's Tail Ch. 01

fetish EHMiller 2018-04-15

"Oh, we'll be able to have fun alright, Trent, just like we do right now." And with that she slid her hand down his pants and took a hold of his flaccid cock, which quickly began to warm and stiffen. I'm going to give it to you now - I'm going to knock you up babe!" With that, and a low insistent growl, he slammed his cock all the way up into her and let loose, his prostate and balls pumping out his hot creamy spunk into her dark wet crevasse. Trent licked his lips and thought about running his hands down her taut belly and around her hips to grab onto her cute pert ass.

The Receptionist's Panties

fetish Upskirt_fan 2018-03-18

I'd hold them out and admire these tiny little panties -- size small -- and imagine how they looked on Chelsea's slender body. Chelsea slid her little yellow panties down to mid-thigh and now I could see her bare ass and pussy lips, clean and smooth. Chelsea then began to jerk me off while I stood there, staring at her awesomely tight little ass and her beautiful pussy lips. Chelsea wiped the excess cum, oozing from the tip of my penis, on her little yellow cotton panties. Still holding up her dress with my left hand, I backed away and saw the huge load of thick, pearl-colored cum she had milked from me into the crotch of her sexy little panties.

Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 02

fetish writemarksmith 2018-03-04

The one small challenge I had was at the end of the day when I had a meeting with Bob and Val. It was all business, and Val was dressed quite conservatively, but as Bob went on about the need to keep travel expenses down for the quarter, Val took her bare foot out of one shoe and started to stretch her toes. I couldn't resist looking down at her feet and I saw that she had casually taken one foot out of her flip flop and pointed it up at me. As I finished my spurts and breathed heavily on to her foot, I looked up at Jenny's angelic face and we both knew she would be the boss from now on.

Green Eyes Ch. 01

fetish assco 2018-02-05

And she stood over me, her in her white blouse and beige skirt, me naked with a stupid smile and a startled hard-on, and appraised me with hungry green eyes while she caught her breath and her breasts heaved. Her breasts pushed against my legs and she took my prick in her hand, all the time her green eyes locked on mine. Her mouth was hot and her lips held me tight and her tongue worked all over and she sucked me hard, wetly fucking my prick with her mouth, her hand wanking in time. I opened my eyes and looked down into her green eyes, glowing with mischief, and lips shiny with my cum and a full mouth.

Secretarial Encounter

fetish harper2000 2018-01-21

Each time her hand brushed my leg I felt my cock stir inside my jeans and my mind wandered to visions of her naked body, riding me as my tongue explores the breasts that had so far remained a mystery. My cock was hard against my pants and aching to be set free as I started to unbutton her blouse. I pulled one side of her plain white panties aside and circled her ass with my fingers, pinching and slapping until her skin was flushed and pink. I slipped her panties off, noticing the stringy wet cum that soaked them, and started to work on the other ass-cheek. I slapped her ass cheeks and dug my nails firmly into her hard flesh as I entered her fully.

My Secretary

fetish JackStark 2018-01-10

I grab the back of your neck with one hand, and lean in and tell you "you have been a naughty girl." I push you down and bend you over the desk and pull your skirt up to expose your lovely ass. I ask you sternly, "Do you know why you deserved that?" You say "Yes Sir, for teasing you." My only response is "Good girl." I grab your ass cheeks and spread them apart and slide into your already dripping pussy. I feel your pussy contract around my cock as you cum, and it feels so good, but it makes it hard to slide in and out of you. It feels so good, and I can feel your pussy pulsing as if you are trying to milk my cock.

Just Another Squeeze

fetish avasogently 2018-01-06

This I know, for whenever I walk into his office, my stockinged thighs swishing beneath my pinstriped micromini skirt and causing minute electric sparks from with every stiletto-sharp motion forward -- I hear him roll out his desk drawer and fumble for the lotion. My head swimming, preoccupied with failed romances and aborted dreams, I've plunged too far beneath the surface of my private ocean to hear him asking me to fetch him another tube of lotion. "Make it a daily handjob with lotion from the dollar store, and you sitting on my desk with your copper legs spread wide so I can see those big white panties, while I beat off to completion -- and it's a deal.

Taking Care of Business Ch. 02

fetish CheriSM 2018-01-04

Between Gibson slamming into her pussy and Lewis fingering her ass, Marcy could no longer hold back. The girl bent over the desk, her ass in the air, and Mr. Lewis pointed his cock at her pussy. Lewis told Gibson that Marcy had a very tight ass and he might like to play with it. As Gibson inserted another finger into Marcy's ass he could feel Lewis pumping in and out of her. Then she saw the girl look at Mr. Gibson and say, "I want your cock in my pussy. Running out of his office, Mr. Gibson saw Ava with one hand up her pussy and one up her ass riding them both as she came over and over again.

Secretarial Duties

fetish konstantine240 2017-12-24

"I'll tell you what...if you can stay extremely quiet while I finger you, I'll give you the best oral sex you've ever had," said Jake, reveling in the amount of control he had over her. Jessica was a very sexual person and loved to make noise, so staying perfectly quiet while her tight little pussy got finger fucked was extremely hard. However, she somehow managed to stay quiet and like Jake had promised, he slid his fingers out of her dripping wet cunt and lowered his warm moist mouth to her completely sopping pussy. Jessica stood up to put her clothes back on, and with a smile said, "Good, does this mean I get to keep my job?" He nodded enthusiastically as he watched her get dressed and leave his office.

Desperate Measures

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2017-12-22

So of course she was going to seduce him, if she could worm her way into his life she might be able to keep some, if not all, of her old lifestyle, but she had her back to the wall and wasn't used to being in this sort of situation, however she took comfort from the fact that she'd never failed with a man yet so had high hopes of salvaging something from this disaster. As she ground herself hard against his mouth she put her head back and groaned and moaned in ecstasy as her new slave licked and sucked her; everything was back as it should be, her position and power restored, and her new slave was much younger than the old one had been, she was going to enjoy breaking him to her will and using him to satisfy her needs!