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Miss L.J. Little Foot Bitch

fetish footlover95 2018-12-04

I dropped my pants to the floor, I was just about to start wanking when I received another text, “Remember no wanking your little wee wee,” she said. The second her beautiful feet covered in a, red five inch stiletto rubbed against my little cock, I looked into her magnificently beautiful sapphire eyes that you could lose yourself in and let out a moan. Good, my feet want to play with you little dick she said as she sat back down in her chair. I quickly crawled to over to her, she started to rub her bare toes against my aching cock and said, “Why don’t you kiss my knees and work your way up, I’ll tell you when to stop.”

Sarah's Friend

fetish LarsKaiden 2018-11-28

Only this time, she didn’t hold her knees together so tightly, but instead let them widen slowly until she was sitting cross-legged with her raised skirt and a full view of her white panty-covered crotch. It only took a few seconds for me to recall the events of the evening, tugging at my shaft with fury and literally exploding as I thought of Nadia in her little white panties. I was breathing heavily from the shock of having been woken up so suddenly, but after a moment I calmed down - realizing that it was Nadia - and started to enjoy the sweet musky smell of her panties.

Cherry Vanilla

fetish AuthorJ_A 2018-11-27

As I stripped, Ryan pulled out his favorite ice cream. I looked up and saw Ryan walking towards me with the ice cream in one hand and a scooper in the other. Ryan then took the scooper and dipped it into the ice cream. Ryan walked over with the scoop of ice cream. "Cherry Vanilla, but you were close," Ryan said softly. He then placed the scooper with the ice cream on my neck and slowly moved it down. Ryan got another scoop of ice cream. The sweet flavor of ice cream turned Ryan on. Ryan placed the ice cream on the table along with a spoon. I sat at the table and ate the melted ice cream.

His Everyday Object: The Beginning

fetish Kym_Rockwell 2018-11-22

Nathan's cock was getting hard and he wanted nothing more than to have Jon over his lap and owning his perfect bare ass. "..you talk dirty to them right?" Jon can see a bit of hair around the base of Derek's cock and forces his gaze to the objects in his hands. Derek pulls his hand back and realizes Jon wants him to look, not touch. Derek's balls smack his thigh as he watches Jon's first cum load drip down his fist as he strokes fast and furious. Jon did not know what would develop between him and Nathan but he knew it would be the start of an intense lesson of using objects, and more.

The Transformation of Mrs. Matthew - Part 2

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-11-17

She had been facing one of the barber station mirrors all along, observing Gregory's magical touching every time she opened her eyes. A gasp escaped her mouth as Gregory placed a firm hand on the crown of Wanda's head and began shearing her completely, mowing one path at a time, carefully, around each ear, temples and nape, adjusting her head from one side to the other, taking his time. Pulling the neck of the cape, Gregory tucked in a small towel and poured a generous amount of lather onto his palm, working vigorously to cover her head in it. Firm and careful, the blade sheared one path after another around Wanda's head, and where the blade exposed her scalp beneath, Gregory placed his hand there to allow her to feel the sensation.


fetish vauntaray 2018-11-14

Almost as if she were aware of my intentions, Eliza would arrive at Navya’s room the minute Navya got done with her work out session. We opened the balcony door to let the winter sink in, switched the lights off, pulled up a blanket to cover the three of us, at least partially, and started with Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Eliza in the middle, with Navya and I flanking the sides. And thus, ten minutes into the movie, just as the discussion on ‘making love’ came up in the movie, Eliza turned to me and started kissing, almost biting my ear, unabashedly, and right in front of Navya!

Getting A Lot Of What She Wants

fetish RumpleForeskin 2018-11-10

"The way I figure it, balling Carlo would ease his misery, help him in bed with Anna and, yes, let me satisfy my curiosity about, you know, something that big. Carlo and Anna were part owners and managers of the up-scale apartment complex where Ray and Cindy lived. When he just kept looking, Cindy moved nearer, took his big hands in hers and placed them on her hips, then encouraged him to enjoy anything he saw and liked. As Cindy groaned under the force of her own gut-wrenching orgasm, Carlo emitted an animal-like sound and began pumping his long pent-up load deep within her writhing body. But you'll have to wait a couple weeks on your special present." Cindy looked at her husband with a big, knowing smile.

Taser Sparkle Dances For Her Admirer

fetish fischer_mike 2018-11-08

Graham put down his drink, leaned forward and looked her in her eyes. She wanted to be fully naked, and sit down on Graham’s hard cock. Alexis opened her mouth and took his hard penis as deep in her mouth as she could. Alexis felt a hand slide up between her legs, following the inside curve of her left thigh. Exaggerating the movement of her hips, she started sliding her wet pussy over the hand. Graham got out of his chair, his hand grabbed the back of her neck and she was pushed towards the couch. He pushed her hard against the leather with his hips, and started to fuck her with long, slow strokes.

Megan Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-11-05

In front of me stood a massive mountain of woman, so big that I couldn't reach the top of her head, with muscles that could easily accidentally crush me in a passionate hug, her face in her hands, her huge body shaking in sobs. I finally found someone who really likes my muscles," she said putting her massive arm underneath my chin and tightening it hitting me on the chin. How cute; you're so tiny I can push you away with a little old flex, just like this," and just to show me she was only teasing me her thighs grew to massive proportions while a loud clapping sound could be heard echoing the room, from her thighs exploding into each other.

Rooming With Jodie

fetish ChrissieLecker 2018-11-04

I tried to protest, but all that came over my lips was a feeble, “Oh!” when her hand lifted up my skirt, ever so slowly, and then her other hand went to my exposed thigh, touched it and sneaked upwards in slow motion, until it was finally pressing down rhythmically on my pussy. “You can tell them the room’s already taken,” she told me, and when I didn’t respond immediately, she pushed down hard on my crotch and drew a whimper from me that carried all the embarrassment, shock and - my heart started to beat like mad when I realized what these emotions were - arousal that I suddenly felt.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 10

fetish fursmoke11 2018-09-28

Why didn't you tell me you liked me smoking?" Jennifer said , pounding her clenched fist softly on his chest and a tear in her eye "I mean I know you did like it and I thought you had gone off it; gone off me.I felt my whole sex appeal repertoire was wrong somehow." She did not pull away as the Italian looking lad just lingered a little too long with hand on glove and as she rose from the light, kept the cigarette dangling in his firm lips and exhaled a shot of smoke over her shoulder as he thanked her. After they had walked to the opposite side of the terrace, and Jennifer had watched them walk with a smile of seductive desire on her lips, John looked at her and again put his arm wound her and into the soft fur.

The Devil in Her Pt. 02

fetish BarryCKretive 2018-09-18

Angie took a sip of her drink as she contemplated the latest turn of events. Angie smiled and took his arm, secretly delighted at the prospect of embracing him, even if only in this simple way. As they stepped outside, the cool night air confronted Angie, causing her to immediately seek the shelter of his arms. A brief thought of Jaime flashed through Angie's mind and was dismissed just as quickly in favor of nuzzling closer to the dark stranger who confidently marched her down the sidewalk. The intensity of their eye-contact overwhelmed Angie and she wistfully turned her head away. Without another word, the stranger urged Angie to step past the security desk and towards the elevators.

The Sugar Daddy

fetish mdp_2004 2018-07-13

Her business angle was to keep me on the phone and so she told me the one thing I wanted to know anyway was the more money I gave her the wetter she got. "Rub your cock for me Bob" she said "and click that pay button for me when you're ready." Again she paused as I stroked my dick. "I like you and I want to get to know you better" she said. It was definitely a leg I wanted to feel on the side of my face and so without further delay I turned my focus to the pay pal screen and looked at the input fields. I stroked and asked "do you want to watch my cock erupt on cam for you?"

Bottled Water

fetish TheEnglishWriter 2018-07-12

Despite the glass in her hand, a bottle of water on her table was not unusual, but the two others in her bag were. I really had no idea why she wanted me to drink so much, but not get drunk. She took my hands in hers and asked, "What do you think about when you pee?" Her on her knees before me, my cock in her mouth, her hand around it, me holding her head to it as my piss flowed out, into her mouth, she drinking it as quickly as she could, some of it running out of the corners of her mouth. I leaned forward, and told her, "Come closer, I want to say something." Our heads came closer.

Bareback Girl

fetish LuvsPreggers 2018-06-29

Chris stood there and watched Tina work his cock. Tina let his cock drop from her mouth and she kneeled there, waiting for further directions. Tina began to struggle, put Chris outweighed her by 100 pounds, and he had a strong grip on her wrists, with her arms extended above her head. "Here's how it works: I am going to slide my naked cock into your fertile pussy, and fuck you. The big head of his cock was pressed right up against the opening to her womb, and every time he moved in and out, it dragged across her G-spot and added to her growing passion. As Tina's cry died away, she felt Chris thrust deep into her pussy.

Dominated and Humiliated

fetish Slaveformistress 2018-06-24

She held him there for a few seconds, staring dominantly at the crumpled, whimpering man in front of her, before spitting into his upturned face; throwing him to the cold, hard floor; and turning and striding jubilantly out of the shop without a backward glance Enraptured by a mixture of pain, fear and arousal he submitted unthinkingly and soon the front of his trousers darkened as his erection released the piss that his mistress had demanded. As the attendant disappeared to find a pair, she lowered her shoe, trapping her slave's head beneath the sharp heel. Once the attendant had returned with the boots she released her bitch from under her shoe and stared into his eyes dominantly.

'Death' by The Naughty Poet

fetish ticklechambers 2018-06-21

"You're such a naughty girl that I think you need a lesson." Bad, Bad, Bad, my repetitive thought progression; it's not easy without the power, like I'm just one of his possessions. "You're a very naughty girl," his hand ran up my thigh; however this time you might note, it went up really high. His lips to my ears he whispered so sweat, "My dear little child, hand me your feet." My pussy felt wet and nerves broke my will, I'd not do this willingly but with his words I will. I should have known your pleasure of punishment and sin." He laughed at my trembles and giggled at my moans, his hands rushed back down to my toes- oh god- "don't touch those!"

Kitty's PantyBoy PrickTease Pt. 01

fetish KittyZateez 2018-05-27

I'll toy with you for a few minutes like that (okay, maybe it will be a little longer than that), displaying them for you, making you beg me to wear them, and even telling you to try to grab them, but I'll abruptly pull them away, keeping them out of your reach. Would my PantyBoy like to wear these sexy panties for his Mistress so she can give him a nice, yummy prick tease tonight?" Finally, right when it seems like you might simply burst into tears with raw sexual frustration, I'll casually let the sexy panties slip out of my slutty red-fingernailed claws, and they'll land directly on your cock, which by now will be standing at full attention with a spot of pre-cum oozing out of the tip.

Kinky Boss Pt. 02: Under the table

fetish freeman64 2018-05-05

The woman met him at the store and asked him to bring him stuff, a list for which she had ready, and gave him a girlie magazine and wanted a porn movie. The next day also she let him lick her for a long time and asked him whether he wanted to make love to her. She continued: "Would you like to sit under a table, unseen, and lick a woman as she went about talking on phone, signing files and people coming to see her." His heart chugged like a train and almost stopped when she opened her thighs displaying a clean shaven pussy which was bigger than that of his woman enticer.

Rosina's Dark Delta

fetish chrislick 2018-05-02

Again she stood with her back to me and I went up close, kissed her neck again and then unzipped her dress. 'You might want to...' she said and passed me her daughter's panties. I ran them gently between her buttocks and held them to my nose: beautiful aroma - not shit, but arse, the most exciting smell in the world. 'Beautiful.' She leaned further forwards and said breathlessly, 'Tell me what you're going to do.' 'Rosina, I'm going to lick your arse.' 'You're going to lick my asshole?' she said with utter contentment. I licked her firmly up the inside of each buttock and I turned my head sideways so the thin tip of my tongue got right into her crack.

Peaches 'N' Cream

fetish AuthorF418 2018-04-18

I started by the frozen pizzas and made my way to the other side of the aisle; the side that had ice cream. "I was wondering if you could check and see if you had an ice cream I was looking for," she said. "Here you go," I said, handing her the ice cream. As I left the store and began my walk home, there was only one thing on my mind: a woman so beautiful and sexy, and I didn't even know her name. "So, not trying Peaches 'N' Cream is unacceptable," she said holding a spoon. I walked over slowly and Kendra followed with the ice cream.

Corporate Revenge

fetish msgrant67 2018-04-08

The secretary was obviously unaware of this as it wasn't true, but, without knowing the details, she knew something was going on between George and Jennifer so it didn't seem unlikely. George jumped up, trying to figure out what the Hell just happened, probably thinking that he had inadvertently hurt her somehow, and he didn't even realize what the scene must look like to the individuals who had just rushed into the office. His secretary, the HR rep and Jennifer's lawyer, along with a couple of other office workers had heard the scream and rushed in, only to see George with is pants down on top of Jennifer who was fully clothed in her suit but with a ripped shirt.

The Picnic

fetish trevorm 2018-04-03

After we'd eaten and drank far too much, Aunt Alice said, "Well, honey, I've just got to find me a quiet spot where I can pee." For a moment nothing seemed to happen, and then I heard a soft hissing sound and felt the warm water splashing down onto me. Aunt Alice took my face between her hands and kissed my mouth. It was damp and when I sucked the strands of hair through my teeth I could still taste Aunt Alice's slightly salty pee. I suddenly felt a warm flowing sensation between my legs and when I looked down into the river, a pale yellow cloud was spreading from me, colouring the crystal clear water.

Joys With Red Floods

fetish Tunak Mizaz 2018-04-02

Till one day, I held her hand and kissed it. So while she got down to tell me her tattles, I held her hand, caressing it casually, and slowly implanted a kiss on her palm. I was holding her tight, and in that moment of such closeness, kissed her on her mouth. To get the game going, once I controlled my disappointments, I started fondling her breasts, and French kissed her mouth. I did not know what to say, I had dreamt of her for so long and when the opportunity had come my way, would I shy away from assaulting my desired dusky beauty. Her face was reddened, her nipples were erect and I wanted to enter the flooded dark crevices of joy.