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Room Mate Dominates part 2

fetish Trueren 2018-11-06

The feeling of Jennifer's cock pounding into his ass had been pure heaven. He lay there thinking of other ways she could fuck him; other positions and places where she could slide her big cock into him and ride his ass. With his free hand he grabbed his ass, pulling his cock closer until he could take the head into his mouth. Obediently, John returned to sucking his cock, taking the head into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the head.  He slammed his cock in deep, taking his hand from her neck, he grabbed her braid, pulling her head back. She felt her own need to fuck come back, as well as the madness that took her when a cock was in her ass.

Suzie and Her Big Dick

fetish Sensualady47 2017-12-03

Sweet was Suzie's orgasm, until the knock on her door, she knew her nipples from the twisting session were rock hard, and that it was probably her father making sure she was getting ready for school. "Baby, you are my little girl, I would love to drive you to school, jump out of bed and give me a hug." Suzie made sure her white t-shirt was pulled down, and her soaking wet panties covered by the t-shirt, she jumped out of bed and stood up, stretching up and wrapping her arms around daddy, pulling him close, his tall frame, he smelled so good, felt so warm.

Dennis Does Self

fetish dennyboy2 2017-11-15

"Oh yes, suck yourself and eat your hot cum, my stud husband." My hard pulsing cock was now positioned a few inches above as I slowly began "walking" down the wall. My hand began guiding my cock closer and closer until finally it was poised to be sucked. Now I slowly sucked more and more into my mouth, tonguing the hot, slimy, velvety, but hard penis with increased urgency. As I popped my cock out of my mouth, that huge saved up load of cum erupted onto my waiting tongue followed by a second and third spurt. She greedily pulled my legs down and did a little cock sucking of her own, then straddled me, and crushed her lips to mine.