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Revenge of the Soriority Sisters - Ginger's Ale

fetish Orallee69 2018-12-02

“I think I can convince him that he can quit smoking by giving you oral sex,” Della said with a grin. “Frank, what would help reduce your urge to smoke, and what would make you able to have intercourse for a longer period of time and not be tired afterwards is to ingest pheromones from Ginger before you have intercourse,” Della said carefully. “I would suggest that you let her sit on your face and that you satisfy her orally in the morning and at bedtime, and when you have intercourse, you’ll see results regarding your smoking in a month or so,” Della proposed. “Well,” Della said, leaning back in her chair, “There is a quicker way, but you won’t believe it and I know you won’t want to do it.”

The Making of a Submissive: Part 2

fetish AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-02

I acknowledged her by humming into her breast, my lips firmly attached to her nipple, while my hand explored the other, my fingertips plucking, pulling, rubbing, bringing it to full stiffness. She pulled my hand away, bringing it down to her knee, whispering, “Go for it!” I looked up into her eyes, raised my head and kissed her. “Inside.” She said, “I want you to make me cum.” I was now kissing her neck, feeling her pulse as my fingers slipped slowly inside, feeling her heat as they disappeared. I feasted for several minutes, my lips and tongue working in concert with my fingers to bring her off for the second time tonight.


fetish HiveMaster 2018-12-01

Breaking the kiss the blonde stood back and taking the brunette by the arm led her into the stable block. The rope going over the joist caused the brunettes hands to be pulled up and eventually the girl had to bend over as her arms went higher and higher. The blonde walked to the presented rear of the brunette and without any warning bought the cane slamming down on the other girls backside. The brunette had stopped reacting to the individual cane strokes and had just been moaning and swaying the whole time, but she jumped a little at the hand on her cunt. The brunettes legs went, the blonde dropped the cane and grabbed her before she pulled her arms out of her joints.

The Girl Living on the Floor Above

fetish Heel 2018-11-30

“Shut up, Sophie!” Jessica said, then looked at me and added,” I need some painkillers. When her feet touched the floor, a soft whine escaped her lips and her left cheek started to twitch. Jessica curled up her toes, hesitated for a second, then said,” It’s fine”. “I need an ankle,” she said, gasping.” “You are driving me mad, Sophie,” Jessica said to the cat, then slipped her hand under my shirt, her cool fingers rubbing my chest gently. “My ankle feels much better now,” Jessica said and thrust her bottom up to meet me. “What’s the problem?” I asked and looked down at her ankle. “Poor little tootsie!” I said and started massaging her thigh, just above the cast.


fetish tb0ne2u 2018-11-29

Pam reached down and petted Duke's head and ran her hand down his long ear as if to let him know that she understood that Hank was too much to take when he was watching football. She reached up, taking Hank's rock-hard cock in her hand and began stroking it. Pam moaned and exhaled heavily a couple of times, but Hank was now all the way in and began moving his cock in and out of her butt. Pam and Hank got into rhythm, her butt slamming into his legs as his throbbing cock rammed deep inside of her. Pam arched her back and licked her lips as Hank grabbed her butt cheek and gave it a hard squeeze.


fetish NatashaTsarinaErotic 2018-11-28

He gave one to Jerry through the half open door to his bedroom and then sat down on the sofa while he waited for his friend. They made it over to the bar while skirting the dance floor and when they got there Tommy ordered two gin tonics without even asking Jerry what he wanted. When Tommy handed Jerry his drink he drank some of it and watched a young woman dancing a few feet away from him. While Tommy took a walk around the bar Jerry drank from his second drink while sitting on a bar stool that had become free. When he walked into his apartment, Jerry hung his jacket on the hook by the door and then got a cold beer from the fridge.


Promise to Come Again

fetish spuddick 2018-11-24

I wanted to touch his face, to run my finger along his nose, to look into his eyes, even to kiss him. I rolled off of him and we laid beside each other on the narrow bench, my hand on his dick and his finger in my mouth. My breasts were jostled like large, fat, quivering helium balloons stuck to the sweating white ceiling while the winds of sex knocked them aside. But finally, it set rhythms of pleasure through my body and he stroked faster and deeper, delving inside of me like no man before him I bared my white, sweating breasts to the ceiling and cried out.

Melissa's Golden Fun.

fetish SeanR83 2018-11-23

She got to her knees in front of me, she took my rock hard cock by the tip and licked at my pee hole. I groaned as I could feel it coming, I warned Melissa and she opened her mouth in front of my cock. We let the water cascade over our bodies as I pulled her close to me my still rock hard cock pressing against her belly.  I slammed my cock into her hole as hard as I could, her body shaking as she started getting close to another orgasm. I could not help myself and started to jerk my cock hard, her pee falling from my face onto my body.

The Rest of the Story

fetish benawriter 2018-11-22

“I need to be used sexually, I mean physically and give you oral sex; you can do whatever you want to me but I don’t want you to let me…you know…” he said as his voice trailed off. I was at the point where I didn’t care if he came or not; I just wanted to come on that glorious cock, and I did, allowing myself a quick release and then grinding away against his body for a second mind blowing climax. “I decided that from now on, whenever I got sexual urges, I would find someone like you to help me get an emotional release and to punish me with some pain during the sex,” he said softly.

Lingerie Lost

fetish Innocentgirl29 2018-11-22

A few moments later I hear Dave shout a goodbye and I breathe a sigh of relief as Paul comes in and helps lay the table for our evening meal.  While Paul is telling a complicated joke, I can feel my wetness almost dripping from my pussy lips so I excuse myself and once in the bathroom I find my panties from earlier in the wash bin and use them to soak up the excess wetness from between my legs.  Gripping my panties, I pull them up against my cunt so that they form a tight cameltoe before they slip between my puffy labia, soaking up my wetness as I grind my pussy against the sensual material. 

Shaved ch 2 Bungalow for two.

fetish Kandikiss51 2018-11-21

“Yeah, that’s why I want you to do it, because the thought of you shaving, massaging and eating my smooth cunt, makes me cum harder.” She got the razor and things, laid them within reach and purred, “Shave your cock and balls.” “You bet, that way, when you are done with me, I can rub this smooth cock inside your bare skinned cunt.” “Ooooh that feels good, if you keep doing it like that I will cum before you're finished shaving me!” He looked up at her and exclaimed, “That’s good, and you know I’ll make you cum again when done.” She stopped sucking long enough to squeal, “Hell yes baby, I want you to fill my mouth with your sweet cum!"

What Pam Liked Most

fetish DarkSide 2018-11-21

“Of course you can, Pam,”, I replied, “Anything you want - you don‘t need to ask.”, I continued. “Or do you want to get fucked really hard ….”, I said, as I pushed my cock in deep with one big thrust. I removed my cock, letting it rest at the entrance of her pussy then I thrust it in hard a second time. My hand was still stroking her hair as I let my cock thrust into her, speeding up a little as time went on. After that submission, I just fucked Pam as hard as I could and each time I pulled on her hair, pulling her head backwards.

Lust Afoot

fetish tb0ne2u 2018-11-20

Without going into too much detail Ken also confessed that he had developed a real appreciation for beautiful feet and he thought Milly's were some of the most beautiful he had ever seen. Ken put his bottle down and began massaging Milly's luscious feet. He then began kissing Milly's feet and sucking each of her sexy toes. Milly laid on the bed and Ken began to lick her pussy lips and flick her clit with his tongue. Ken began ramming her so hard that it wasn't long before Milly let out loud screams and her whole body began shaking, then her pussy juices flowed and ran out her pussy and down Ken's cock onto the bed.

Her Diary

fetish Orallee69 2018-11-17

For instance, in option one I “make” him lick and suck my breasts for a long time, which is something I like. Swabbing it with my tongue brought soft moans from her, and she slipped one leg over my shoulder, resting one hand on the back of my head for support and to keep me in place. I sucked at her labia and pubic hairs like a madman, grunting as I enjoyed my orgasm, and she came again, pulling at my head with her free hand as her thighs crushed my face. My face wet and a new taste in my mouth, I uttered, “I think we need to revise option three.”

Canadian Horror Story

fetish gilrenard 2018-11-17

Veronica gasped when she felt the rope sink across the top of her breasts, around her arms, and pull her back, tight against the chair. Nat walked over to me, got up on her toes and whispered in my ear, “My next tie is in a chair, promise me, Gil. That is so fucking hot.” "Does Gil, you know, go both ways perhaps?" Jason whispered his question to Nat. Jason turned to look at the bound Veronica and huffed, "She looks like she's ready to cum, the lucky slut." He turned to Nat and winked. The dark figure placed a gloved hand on her throat and squeezed, till Nat couldn't make a sound.

A Fucking good time Chapter 2

fetish gber1 2018-11-15

The blondes friend got to work rather quickly, picking a black colored cock to suckle, letting her lips take in the head, as her hands softly searched for other tools to pleasure. Once she had three covered, she began massaging each member in her hands from tip to bottom, and took more of the black penis into her mouth, saliva coating the length as she worked. So, she softly gripped a white member in her hand, and a black in her other, while taking a odd, creamy colored one in her mouth. The blonde was quite excited, and from such, she moved her hand down to her panties, moving them to the side and slowly sticking her fingers inside of her aching pussy, as her tongue throughly massaged the tip of the member.

Sweetest Sins

fetish Poppet 2018-11-13

I kiss him deeply, as he sucks on my tongue, tasting me and the chocolate mix. I begin to suck gently on him, wanting to taste the mix of both him and the chocolate. Sucking his cock out of my mouth hard, with a nice smacking pop I look at him with a giggle. His mouth never moving, teasing me still he dips two fingers into the chocolate before making his way between my thighs. He keeps thrusting inside me, fucking me with his chocolate covered fingers, his mouth biting and sucking harder. His fingers thrusting deeper, the slight sound of wetness making its slicking noise turns me more, as he bites my clit hard.

The Bohemian's Apprentice

fetish TheTravellingMan 2018-11-11

With the feeblest caress of his hard cock with a solitary finger, a tender gasp left his body. Showing him the look on her face as she penetrated her sex, he gasped as she squeezed her eyes closed and moaned for him. Each time, Lina looked up, smiled and occasionally bit her top lip. Daubs of soft soap followed, she giggled as his cock looked like it had a big foam afro. She held him tightly inside her, her eyes rolling back as he drove into her slowly but firmly as her body took over. She looked to his body and gasped, his cock began to jerk in time with each powerful beat of his heart.

Pounding with a Full Bladder

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-11-11

All what I wanted to do to was stand in front of the urinal, unzip my pants, whip out my aching cock and piss long and hard. My cock had gone semi hard within my pants from all the holding and the 3 hour wait. "My hormones are really out of control today baby and I need you in me." I could feel her leg in between mine and her hand playing over my urine filled cock. I need to piss so bad..." I moaned as she sucked my dick like a straw. At that, I felt pee squirt out of the tip of my cock in a sharp jet, right into her pussy .

More than a Lodger…Part 3

fetish DarkSide 2018-11-10

I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him.

Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

fetish Morninglcoffee 2018-11-08

Yes, I am tall and I am "built" so the young woman said.. We stood as clothing fell to the floor, And fell to the bed of lasciviousness, Her knees bent with long feet on the sheets, Sodden with the scent of harvest, As her lovely head went back and she looked to the sky, Until my mouth was covered The beautiful flower jumped from my bed, With a warm wet cloth she returned, But like most young woman they think the grass is greener over the hill, and yet the older man remains her thrill. There is nothing wrong with a young woman that time does not cure. There is nothing wrong with an older man that a young woman cannot fix.

Looking For Milk

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-06

Our Skype session was sexy and she showed me her breasts.  She showed me her nipples and made her breasts leak her milk.  It was quite erotic.  I took out my dick and masturbated for her.  She liked my cock and told me to go to a specific hotel where she worked.  We agreed she’d meet me tomorrow at the hotel.  I was excited and couldn’t wait to meet her.  She was a professional and I was hiring her for body.

Harem Ch. 06

fetish MyCherryTree 2018-11-05

He understood some of Gerig's troubles, the man had been trying to have a son for eight years, likewise Adam had been trying to just get his wife pregnant at all - he was starting to suspect that she might be barren. So when Gerig mentioned his kingdom and his club fully stocked with pregnant women, Adam didn't believe him at first. 20 minutes into their flight his flight attendant Anika had come back to his seat and sat lightly on his lap, her pink pleather mini skirt uniform riding up high enough for him to see her dainty white panties. "Of course Mr. Adam," said the driver with a nod. She was an astoundingly beautiful Swede, over 6' tall, with long black hair, and a beautiful face with big blue wide set eyes and soft petals for lips.

Master Gets What Master Wants

fetish Poppet 2018-11-04

It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it.