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Disciplining Mom Ch. 10

fetish lesliejones 2018-06-20

Here she was, in charge of Emily's sisters, both older than she, and her mother, at home, but at the office, she was afraid that her use of the ladies room might start the gossip mill turning with sordid discussion of whether and how much she farted in the stall and whether she did a large jobbie that plopped loudly into the bowl. "Marian," she quickly added, "lift your little skirt, pull down those panties, and hold yourself open down there so the ladies may see what your pussy looks like after a little time with us." "I certainly can't disagree with the logic of that," Emily responded with a wide grin, and proceeded to thank Deb, as did Karen, for the time and effort she had clearly expended on training Marian.

Senior Cut Day

fetish vicburress 2018-06-20

Our high school has an amazing number of little places to hide, and I was probably showing my asshole off in all of them today." Carmen stood and pulled down her sweatpants, revealing an extremely plump and spankable ass, inches away from my face. Its dirty flavor made my hand zoom again to my cock, and I used my tongue to lubricate both the turd and the inside of Carmen's warm asshole. To express my gratitude, I showed her her own turd nugget sitting on my tongue, and then dropped trou so that she could watch while I smeared it onto my own ass. "Ha ha, only if you cut some cheese!" They pulled down my pants and began to collaboratively finger-fuck my now extremely shit-caked asshole.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 04

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-06

Emi had just gotten back from a run and was grinding her sweaty ass into my face when the first party guest showed up. I barely had enough time to open my mouth before her stream of liquid shit started spewing into it. Whatever the reason, a handful of women came in while Lauren had been shitting in my mouth. The whole night I was just thinking about the fact that I was still serving my amazing goddess Emi when I consumed all of these girls' waste. Emi came home visibly drunk and smelling like sex. She fell asleep like that with her ass over my nose and fortunately with my mouth able to breathe a little bit of air.

Emi's Fart Slave

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-05

"Keep going, your almost finished," she said, when I started to hesitate, then ruffled my hair a little bit and called me a "good boy" when I continued working. I began to flail around as I felt it was starting again, and she shouted "lick my asshole if you ever want me to get off of you!" "Now are you going to behave this time?" she said while briefly lifting up her butt, but she didn't wait for a reply and simply plopped back down and ground her ass on my face. "Good boy, now here's the rest of my homework, I want that done by tomorrow." She then took the money out of my wallet and told me to leave.

Slave to My Little Sister Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-06-02

She kicked me lightly and scraped the bottom of her foot across my face then commanded me "now bitch, he didn't use a condom so I want you to suck all of his cum out of my vag and ass and swallow it; do a thorough job of it too, we can't have me getting pregnant" She then started laughing and said "It's funny that you're always so hard like that cuz your penis is mine, and I'm never gonna let you cum since you're a bitch not a real man" I gagged on it managing to choke it down little by little, but right as I was started to clear out some of the poop that covered my face, I felt myself drifting away as I had breathed in nearly three minutes.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 12

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-05-30

Mistress Eva ordered the girls to lie in tight embrace under Master Robert's waiting ass; cheek to cheek with mouths open and eyes on the terror above. Eventually she found lips and a tongue and began French-kissing Shitface, with her arms already around her, she squeezed tighter and the girl responded by pushing more shit into Claudia's mouth with her tongue. "Let's give you an hors d'oeuvre of human waste before you're inundated with cow shit," she said as she pressed the girl's gaping mouth against Claudia's anus. Still the girl's tongue rimmed Claudia who figured there was no point holding the inevitable and released a fierce eruption into Shitface's mouth. Shitface, still cleaning Master Robert's ass, moaned at the sensation of Claudia's tongue wiping over her anus.

My Descent into Slavery

fetish fucktoy99 2018-05-29

Jackie stood up and I began to stand and follow her but she pushed down on my chest keeping me in place, she then said "It's getting pretty dark so I think we should go back to my place before we do anything else." This statement really excited me, I had no idea what else we were going to do but I definitely wanted to find out; I was so turned on that she could've told me to do anything for her and I would've done it. Jackie tied my leash to her bed and told me I would sleep there on the floor tonight and that her parents would come home late at night and probably leave for work early in the morning, so she didn't want me making any noise.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 02

fetish fucktoy99 2018-05-26

Emi opened the door and didn't acknowledge me at all; she just sort of matter of factly ordered me to get down on all fours, then took her homework out of my hand and started walking back into the house. Okay, while I'm gone you need to eat all of my poop from the toilet and then leave your head in the bowl so you can commit to memory what my shit smells like. I thought about just leaving but remembered from talking to Emi before all this started that she had a dog before and the shock collar was also part of an electric fence system they had put in.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 13

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-05-24

With pleasing Mistress Eva the primary cause on her conscience, Claudia didn't fight back as the shemales gently pushed her downward, laying her face down. A whirring sound commenced as Master Robert began slowly lowering Claudia's framed body towards the sewerage filled tank. "You must pay the ultimate penalty," said Mistress Eva as Claudia felt the first of the brown sludge touch her nail-polished toes. So deep now was Claudia that she had to look right up to see Mistress Eva, which was hard to do with the gag fastened tightly to the frame. There was no mercy from Mistress Eva as she sent Claudia lower, sewerage rolled in over her bottom lip like an overflowing dam.

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 03

fetish fucktoy99 2018-05-24

Especially Emi, sometimes I just dream about burying my face in that amazing ass of hers. It seemed like Emi knew this would happen, in fact, that's probably why she hadn't let me cum since this whole ordeal began. I terminated the lease on my apartment and moved in full time with Emi. It almost seemed normal when she said that I would be her new roommate. Emi giggled about what she'd just done, and the whole time I obediently choked down her poop. She swiftly turned around, placed her spandex clad ass in my face, and farted a loud one, after which she started laughing. Right after she had eased my conscience, Emi also eased forward so that her ass was covering my nose and mouth completely.

Fucking Louise

fetish M_Sirk 2018-05-21

(I remember in particular a cream-coloured, short-sleeved blouse of thin, rough/smooth material, probably silk, which she sometimes wore without a bra, and the specific sensation of stroking her nipples through this material until they grew hard.) At night I'd lie in bed holding her from behind, her breasts cupped in my hands. I can remember feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of menstruation (as I suppose is fairly common) when I first started going out with her, but I soon came to positively enjoy fucking her while she was having her period - the sight of my cock covered in thick, dark-red menstrual blood pumping into her bloody brown-haired pussy; the peculiar, slightly cloying smell of it and the dark, sticky stains left on our thighs and genitals after we had finished.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 02

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-20

As she struggled with the zip, Anne felt a large spurt of pee escape from her pussy, splashing into her panties. Eventually freeing her zip, Anne froze as she felt a turd easing its way out of her bottom into the seat of her panties. Cutting one of those wonderful eggy farts (she'd not been nicknamed 'eggy' in a previous life for nothing) Anne head a familiar crackling noise as a large turd snaked its way out of her bottom and landed on the woodland floor. Anne looked up and smiling down at her was Sarah Worthington, an old friend from her nursing days on the Urology unit in Newcastle.

Best friends

fetish 2018-05-17

Susan ran one finger along Helen's slit, parting those Helen smiled broadly and Susan began to giggle Helen lay down on the floor, behind Susan, on her front Helen's finger made it's way into Susan's rectum. bowl while Helen had one finger firmly up Susan's dirt Susan was pushing and pressing against Helen's inserted Helen gyrated her finger up in Susan's hole and hooked at Helen's wet and stinky bum hole and cunt as both brink of orgasm by finger fucking Susan's shitty bum Helen and Anne trailed behind Susan into the bathroom. Anne and Helen laughed and stood astride Susan, over Anne and Helen obeyed and soon Anne's cunt and bum hole girls and Susan gave Anne a deep open mouthed kiss,

Oldies but Goodies

fetish gallowglass 2018-05-13

The last time round, she didn't let go of my hands at once, but just flashed me a wicked look. "Fuck the arse off me." she shot back in a queenly and commanding voice. No doubt quite elegant in her time, good cheekbones, thighs and calves well-proportioned, but the rest of the body skinny and shrunk, and the breasts sadly wrinkled. For the first time ever, I started to notice a woman's feet. Now I was suddenly becoming aroused by the sight of Maureen's stockinged foot, shapely and poised, especially that lovely curve of the instep. It was clear she liked being on top, and the way she went at it, I started to wonder why she needed a stair-lift at all.

Prince and the Insatiable Slut Ch. 03

fetish theprince 2018-05-12

She turned to Prince and said, "Prince, since we have all these people in the hotel already piss on this bitch, why don't we let them FUCK her. Do you want to get your cunt and ass fucked by every motherfucker in this hotel?" I want EACH and EVERY cock to fuck the shit out my cunt and ass. Jenna and Prince popped open two bottles of champagne and poured it all over Diane. Get a taste of some great wine from my shit hole." Diane grabbed Prince by the hair and spat hard on his face and laughed. Prince whipped the bottles out and clear liquid flew out from Diane's asshole onto the crowd. She could hear the crowd fight for a taste of that spurting champagne from her nasty dirty slut asshole.

September Sunday Morning

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-05-09

Anne's bottom felt full and it wasn't surprising since she'd not done a poo since Thursday lunchtime, a memorable event in itself as she'd nearly clogged the staff toilet at school. One such accident had happened a year or so earlier at school, luckily only half an hour before the end of afternoon lessons, but the headmaster hadn't been pleased and he'd made it quite plain to her that if she needed to go for a shit she was to use the staff toilets, preferably at break or lunchtime, not fill her knickers. Nothing felt better than holding a good poo in when she needed to go really badly and the feeling which had actually been bewing for some time was now getting intense.

Dahska Beginnings

fetish the giant peach 2018-05-08

"Hi sexy, um, You taste great, " Oxard came out of the water behind Ashley wrapping his arm around her body as he licked his finger. "Fucking cunt, " Oxard threw up his middle finger at Dahska as she swam away to shore. "Yes, here now, " Ashley moved her hand letting his cock rub her hot pussy. "Yes, baby it's so fucking hot seeing you take it, You don't want me to stop do you, " Oxard was flexing his hand and relaxing it to his heart beat which was fast. "Well, you see Groanen got Dahska to drink his piss and he told the guys and um they want to piss in her mouth too, " Oxard looked like he was scared.

Weekend Discipline

fetish amypussy 2018-05-05

He started out, holding shit just over the weekend, but he enjoys the sensations of having to wait so much that I have decided to make him hold his bowels all week long. "Tom, you nasty little shit holder, your gonna have to get fucked in your ass...I'm sorry to say... I however, am really going to enjoy this very perverse act, and have been waiting all week to bury a huge dildo in my sissy husband's packed asshole. not as dirty as I thought...I'm gonna fuck it so hard, your not gonna be able to shit for another week...you nasty...shit holding...sissy bitch." Of course, it's a fake dick, so I can fuck him as long as I want.

Closing Time

fetish zaaz 2018-05-03

The drunken girl who said yes when he asked, 'wanna go home and screw,' was kind of cute. She grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it. He grabbed her hair and face fucked her as his cock started to go limp. "I'm the dirty fucking bitch who ate shit off your cock and puked on your piss," she shot back. When his ass stopped spewing, he felt her mouth clamp over his hole and suck the last of the shit right out of him! The psycho bitch was covered in shit and puke. She rubbed shit on his chest and in his hair as he pounded her cunt with the biggest hard on he'd ever know.

Happy Birthday!

fetish Analmastwhore1 2018-04-30

At that, you rip your hand out of my ass and smear my dirty shit all over my tits, wiping your fingers before shoving them in my mouth and ordering me to lick them clean. At that moment, you shove your cock in my mouth and I devour it as if it's been in my ass - wanting you to know how a good, willing, fuckable, girl behaves. Pulling your arm up to check the time, so as not to appear obvious, you make a fist and say "Like I told you, only good girls sleep in my bed." "You know it's what I want.

High School Scat Loves Ch. 03

fetish JLitM 2018-04-25

Jimmy and his girlfriend Stephanie were walking home from school, when they were approached by Sarah. Jimmy and Stephanie just looked at each other in a strange way, and went to find Sarah's house. Sarah undid her jeans, and much to the surprise of Jimmy and Stephanie, a diaper full of piss and shit was on the grown woman! Jessica began to lube up both Jimmy and Stephanie, and then she slowly inserted both ends of the dildo into their asses. Jimmy got behind Sarah and began to fuck her ass. "I also have to empty my bowels," Stephanie stated, so she positioned her ass over Jimmy and began to shit there.

My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eating

fetish muscular-slave 2018-04-24

That turn-of-the-New-Year, at mid-night it was forcibly led to perform open volume shit-eating under the complete and severe control of this feces-freak’s first Shit Feeder, who became my "Shit Master." It all happened in and around Shit Master’s Clara Street flat that was right behind the old "South of the Slot Hotel" where several years prior it had first been fist-fucked in the seventies. Its bowels were radically fist-fucked non-stop during that entire time which included lots of dirty ass-eating, cock-sucking and piss-drinking by it giving men the full-service they deserved. Many males such as you and me know that two shit-eating sewers can perform ritual filth worship together as shit pigs – with or without a physical Shit Master present.

Jess the Giantess

fetish Afetishlova 2018-04-19

A few days later Jess wasn't feeling any better so her parents took her to the doctor. "Jess honey," her mother looked her up and down, "What happened?" It didn't help that most of Jess's favorite foods were gas inducing, but there sweet daughter asked for so little and lived a tough life so when the chance rose to indulge her Jess's parents always did. Once dessert was through Jess's parents tipped the waiter and manager well and told him to give an extra $50 to whoever had to clean the bathroom. Aside from the slight embarrassment and the smell Jess always felt good after a big dump: relieved, relaxed, lighter. "Oh my God, Jess!" she said looking up at her little girl.

Dinner is Served

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-04-19

His hands were sweating and he wasn't sure what was supposed to happen so he has rather nervously and looked around at all the Black art and the exquisite furnishings, waiting for instructions. You want to suck that log while it's coming out of my divine black goddess asshole like it's a fat, hard shit cock and you want to eat the filthy crap that I shit out of my body, don't you?" She made him beg for it and he was panting like a dog as he pleaded with her to use his mouth for what it was intended for, a hole for black women to use for whatever reason they saw fit.