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Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 02

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-12-04

Claudia assumed she'd be naked for the session, but she desperately wanted to make a good impression on Mistress Eva. She worried that her peach-colored dress, albeit relatively short, would be too vanilla in its image. Mistress Eva deflated the rubber anal plug and replaced it with a metal one that looked like 4 steel balls welded together. Claudia couldn't see her own shit on the inflatable plug as it was removed, she only felt Mistress Eva wiping something clean on the back of her white stockings. After picking up what looked like some kind of toolbox, Mistress Eva started pulling Claudia along cumbersomely by her chain and collar.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 04

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-29

As she peered down through the toilet seat at Claudia's immobile face, Mistress Eva began to explain. Claudia couldn't believe what she was hearing, but Mistress Eva went on regardless, "In addition to Robert and me, you'll also serve my 22 guests and come to realize that this is your only purpose in life; it's what you deserve." Back down slammed the toilet seat as Mistress Eva returned to the house to prepare for her party, while Claudia was left to stare at the barn ceiling to dwell on these new revelations. Master Klaus, a tall fair-haired man, dropped his trousers and began masturbating above Claudia's face as the Mistress continued her commentary.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 07

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-22

The woman who'd been talking to Mistress Eva earlier had a foot fetish and Claudia could feel her forcing her shit between her feet and shoes. What she felt next was the gloved hands of Mistress Eva packing her vagina with the shit that had just spewed out her own ass, along with whatever other shit was in reach. "Now, for a bit of an exchange," announced Mistress Eva as she took the anal plug, which was almost as long as a dildo, and started jamming it in Claudia's shit filled cunt. The Asian woman came in to help Mistress Eva and took over dildo duties in Claudia's ass. "How badly do you want to cum and swallow?" asked Mistress Eva.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 06

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-21

She may very well be my greatest finished article," smiled Mistress Eva as she looked down at Claudia's empty brown eyes and shit-stained mouth. Mistress Eva walked over to help spread her ass cheeks and gave the woman a spank of encouragement as she prepared to shit over where Claudia's legs lay. Mistress Eva began walking over with the nose clamp, ready to activate the flush function that had worked so well earlier, but to her amazement Claudia was already gargling and swallowing down Arthur's dense dump. "However, if I deem your performance to be unsatisfactory, the gag will go right back on and you'll be placed under the asses of 8 cows with this on your nose." Mistress Eva displayed a few snaps of the clamp she'd used to great effect earlier.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 03

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-19

Inside at each end she could see a pair of wrist/ankle clamps and about 4 brackets with accompanying bolts welded to the floor directly under the toilet seat. Mistress Eva disconnected and discarded the chain connected to Claudia's collar and began pushing her neck down against the floor; shifting it up and down until it reached a desired location. Claudia watched as the secrets of her fate unraveled before her with Mistress Eva pushing down on the gag to pin her mouth and face down hard. Claudia eventually realized that the gag was being bolted to the steel brackets welded to the trough; all while pinning her face down against the floor and spreading her mouth wide.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 05

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-16

Claudia could see the perfection in Mistress Eva's ass as she positioned it directly above her cum and shit filled mouth. Mistress Eva, pulled her ass cheeks far back, carefully swiveling in circular motions so that Claudia's mouth filled like a soft serve cone full of chocolate ice-cream. The sound and smell of bodily gases pushing more shit out of Mistress Eva's anal passage made Claudia hyperventilate through her nose. "You can relax now, Shitlips, I've finished shitting," assured Mistress Eva, wiping her ass with Claudia's dress. With the exception of the shit on Claudia's eyes, Mistress Eva compressed the rest of the load into Claudia's mouth, bulging out her cheeks and filling in any empty gaps between her lips, teeth, and right up to her gums.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 08

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-15

Mistress Eva bolted the gag firmly to the trough and back into Claudia's mouth. It pissed first though, like a fire hose, before completing a huge mountain of shit that had been started by the opposing cow. After the second cow above her breasts unloaded, the level of shit and urine around Claudia's head had reached the other edges of her face. It was right at the edge of her mouth and as she felt the patter of another cow shitting over her breasts, she knew that it was about to start spilling over her lips. Cow shit, human shit, semen, urine; anything that had collected at the bottom end of the trough was now flowing into Claudia's mouth.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 13

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-15

With pleasing Mistress Eva the primary cause on her conscience, Claudia didn't fight back as the shemales gently pushed her downward, laying her face down. A whirring sound commenced as Master Robert began slowly lowering Claudia's framed body towards the sewerage filled tank. "You must pay the ultimate penalty," said Mistress Eva as Claudia felt the first of the brown sludge touch her nail-polished toes. So deep now was Claudia that she had to look right up to see Mistress Eva, which was hard to do with the gag fastened tightly to the frame. There was no mercy from Mistress Eva as she sent Claudia lower, sewerage rolled in over her bottom lip like an overflowing dam.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Ch. 01

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-05

With lots of time to dwell on a recently failed relationship and a love-life with little direction, Claudia inadvertently falls into perversions of scat persuasion. Only Claudia herself knew that she was on her way to her first ever scat date. Claudia also looked for experience, someone who could offer tutelage, so when she glanced at Mistress Eva's ad for a toilet slave, all the boxes appeared to have checks in them. Despite feeling like she was succumbing to reckless abandon, Claudia decided life was too short to suppress desires. Claudia replied with, "Yes and yes." The first 'yes' felt like a lie, but the question was vague. Claudia felt unprecedented adrenaline at the sheer idea of it and began counting down to the day.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 11

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-03

Claudia knew her contractual obligations required her to also serve Master Robert and she had every intention to do so, with impetus and enthusiasm, but only because she wanted to please Mistress Eva. Mistress Eva took the honors of unchaining and towing her toilet slave up the stairs to the other bathroom which Claudia recognized from last time she visited. "Not before a bit of throat practice though," interrupted Master Robert as he unearthed his generous phallus and drove it into the girl's mouth; thrusting violently with a firm grip on the back of her head. Master Robert kept her head impaled on his cock until she began gagging and he released accordingly; as if he knew when Claudia was about to vomit.

Conditioning of a Scat Slave Pt. 10

fetish subtlesurrender 2018-11-01

With most of her belongings secretly placed in storage, Claudia packed a suitcase and a carry bag of what she thought she might need as a live-in toilet slave at Mistress Eva's. Claudia felt Mistress Eva's sphincter open against her tongue followed by the sliver of a thick log streaming out like a train out a tunnel. "Be a good pig and clean that up for me," said Mistress Eva. Claudia crawled over and licked the shit off, smacking her lips in delight. A diligent Claudia licked, slurped, chewed, and swallowed until the last remains of shit from the bathroom floor, Mistress Eva's ass and shoes had been consumed.

Casual Encounters Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-09-21

I jammed a hard finger back in her asshole and toppled her over on her back, leaning over to kiss her hard, my lips pouring piss into her mouth. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand and thrust it into my ass, the remaining finger and thumb, getting the entire fist into my now distended gaper. I was laughing lovingly at the scene when her coughing abruptly shot an enormous fart out of her ass into my face, followed by a final river of liquid piss and whiskey, bringing with it thick clumps of intestinal scrapings, all smelling and tasting of woman anal slime. Each lick, she pushed into me and it quivered, her shit tube seemingly turned inside out for me to actually embrace with my teeth.

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 03

fetish jpb209 2018-06-05

I reward her by reaching round to frig her clit - her legs are apart and as she approaches climax I seize the butt plug with my left hand and forcefully pull it out and push it in repeatedly. Her mouth slowly opens, the shit encrusted plug moves towards her and my left hand continues to play with her clit. I felt more shit passing down my system and told her, "Quick - put your open mouth over my hole." She did and a liquid mass exploded over her, she choked down what she could but the rest ran onto her hair and all over her face. I could see her mouth still working on the shit, brown drool escaping to run down her face just like brown liquid was slowly oozing from her stinking ass.

Piss Drinking Tranny Whore

fetish nolimitstoryteller 2018-04-29

I kept my eyes closed; I felt a bigger thicker cock being shoved into my mouth. I savored each drop licking it from his shaft; I felt a string of warm cum landing on my face from the man on my right, I open my mouth to catching some of it. "I can help you with that he said." He took my hand and led me to the fire exit, he opened the door and we went out into the parking lot. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth; I felt warm piss hitting me from every direction. I sat in the tub eating my shit and drinking my piss while stroking my cock until I shot a load onto my stomach.

My Ritual Initiation into Shit-eating

fetish muscular-slave 2018-04-26

That turn-of-the-New-Year, at mid-night it was forcibly led to perform open volume shit-eating under the complete and severe control of this feces-freak’s first Shit Feeder, who became my "Shit Master." It all happened in and around Shit Master’s Clara Street flat that was right behind the old "South of the Slot Hotel" where several years prior it had first been fist-fucked in the seventies. Its bowels were radically fist-fucked non-stop during that entire time which included lots of dirty ass-eating, cock-sucking and piss-drinking by it giving men the full-service they deserved. Many males such as you and me know that two shit-eating sewers can perform ritual filth worship together as shit pigs – with or without a physical Shit Master present.

Dinner is Served

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-03-06

His hands were sweating and he wasn't sure what was supposed to happen so he has rather nervously and looked around at all the Black art and the exquisite furnishings, waiting for instructions. You want to suck that log while it's coming out of my divine black goddess asshole like it's a fat, hard shit cock and you want to eat the filthy crap that I shit out of my body, don't you?" She made him beg for it and he was panting like a dog as he pleaded with her to use his mouth for what it was intended for, a hole for black women to use for whatever reason they saw fit.

Shit Eating Maid.

fetish girlloverrekha 2018-02-21

I had Stained many a Panties and Bed Sheets while thinking of Chhaya but I was scared to make the first move towards her for fear of her Rejection but one day finally the day came when I heard some noise from her room as I peeped in I found her lying on the floor masturbating violently with 3 fingers into her 'Honey Pot', I went on looking I soon came to know from her movement and moans that she was going to CUMM any moment btu what I saw next I something that Shocked me and I am sure it will shock you all as well, I saw Chayya let go of her and she Shat on the floor I did not now what to do but went on looking and what I saw next was even Worse, she bent over and Ate all the shit and licked the Floor clean.

The Dark Erotic Side Of The Moon

fetish scattyNova 2018-02-20

I feel a presence: The castellan of the castle banishes the moon-urchins with a clap of his hands. I sit on an old rocking chair and look at her shyly, feeling uneasy. Suddenly four moon-girls come in my room and lead me to the bathroom. The mixture of shit and moon-berry juice is fragrant. Heartened, I return to licking the rest of my shit from his cock, stroking it. Touching it, smelling it – seeing it coming out of my asshole; hearing the tiny farts as I shit? With one hand I keep his mouth closed, with the other i smear my shit all over his body. I can feel his tongue licking my ass.

The Shit-Packed Life of Rachel Quin

fetish Heresyourstupidusername 2017-12-05

Following the shower, Rachel stepped out, letting several more naked servant women step closer and lick her clean. The toilet servant opened her mouth wide, catching Rachel's stream of pee and, ultimately, catching the giant turd that came out of her ass. This was supplied by a sorority house downtown, whom she paid to piss and shit in different toilets. At the same time, Rachel would need to shit, due to the exlax, filling the vat almost as much as she would empty it. Servants were there to time her, help her out when she was done, and shit in the vat themselves, if Rachel demanded a difficulty increase. "Nighty night, Miss Rachel." said the servant, turning off the lights as she walked out of the room.

Casual Encounters Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2017-10-13

In town only this weekend (I'd take a hotel room for cover), late 40's, WM (white, married) sexy, professional and society, wants to dirty your mouth and body with my holes. She glanced at my direction and said to him, "Listen friend, my girlfriend and I are having a little argument right now, so thank you, and kiss off." He got up embarrassed and returned to his table. I had this forbidden thought that in a foreign city I would hook up with a decent and good-looking guy who would enjoy my blood, since I'm in the middle of my period right now. "Diane," she looked in my eyes, holding her drink, "I have to go piss like a hydrant, I'm about to wet my pants.