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You're So Fired

fetish miniwritessmut 2018-04-04

Michael stood there, unsure what to do, until Candy pointed to the door at the far end of the room and told him that he could change into something a little more comfortable if he so chose. She took hold of the metal hose and crawled across the bed as he once again strained to get away -- "Good, work up an appetite," she said -- and fed the tube into his open mouth. Michelle felt sick, like she never wanted to eat again, and as if to prove there was no god, Candy informed him that he was almost a third finished! Michelle heard the door open and saw Candy walk back, blushing and looking extremely embarrassed and upset.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 04: Milky Show

fetish qexiqex 2018-03-05

Tom was watching intently, as the vacuum pump worked on evacuating the two large glass cylinders which they pushed over Jana's breasts. This was really the only way Tom could come up with, that may increase Jana's bust size a bit for the last scenes. Tom, Tim and Bob pushed those big cylinders over Jana's breasts again. Jana closed her eyes, thought about the story so far, imagined how it would be, as the warrior Yeina, fallen into the hands of those awful monsters, trapped by her own breasts in this narrow tunnel. "I really like your bigger boobs, fits you incredibly well!" Bob giggled, who was finally out of his machine, "May I check how they actually feel?

Ann's Art Project Ch. 04

fetish qexiqex 2017-12-24

Ann was still a bit miffed by how Sue took advantage of her, how her friend used those hurting boobs for her own project instead of helping with that mold. Soon, Ann had to strip naked and climb into her column again, with Sue happily assisting her to get everything in place. "Finally I get to see how those rollers work," grinned Sue as Ann pressed her large breasts against the tight holes. Sue took special care to squeeze some of the stuff between Ann's tits and the rims of the openings, so that the replicas would be big enough to be fixed into the holes.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 01: Intro

fetish qexiqex 2017-11-30

Three months later, Tom, Tim, Bob, Julie and some support staff all met at the old ruins. The giant head of this thing looked like straight from a medieval horror movie, horrendous and intimidating, and was a real work of art. Bob asked Tim and Tom to help him get strapped in, to be able to try it out, get uses to the controls. The beast moved his ridiculously huge arm in front of her nose, let the plate-sized hands rotate, and boomed, "How do you like my features?" "Jana, finally!" Tom ran towards her, looking at her, then at the big, mechanical arm swaying in front of her. "Tom, you really sound like a freaking sales-man!" Julie laughed, "Better watch this!"