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Steph's Descent Ch 07

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-01-14

Fitz wanting to tattoo her always did. Fitz stencilled the Gemini tattoo and began to ink it in. Fitz had tattooed her a number of times and had plans to cover her in his work. Amanda loved needle play and Steph had turned into a pain slut. They looked a little like Steph and Amanda. Steph was wet from the tattooing so Fitz could slip right in. “I’m falling in love with your cock, Fitz. A friend of his, a fellow tattoo artist was visiting from interstate and he wanted Steph to meet him. Lucifer plunged his tattooed cock into her wet, waiting hole. After about four orgasms Lucifer came again, this time painting the walls of her cunt with his hot cum.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-01-12

The Ex wasn't answering my calls so I decided to say screw it and go to the gym despite my chastity situation. Then, as if by some sixth sense, I began to notice each and every female in visible distance, especially the hot brunette in the row in front of me wearing only tight spandex shorts and sports bra "Can I get you anything?" I asked approaching her table, my cock instantly trying to produce a spontaneous erection that was hindered by my tight little cage. You look like you just got punched in the balls," Kara said. I didn't realize wearing a chastity device would mean no longer standing up to pee unless my cock was aligned just right with the opening at the end.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 05

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-01-12

You have to understand that not having an orgasm for over a week doesn't sound like a long time, and I'm sure I've gone longer than that without wearing a chastity device. Under her watchful eye, I did as she said and managed to lock the device back onto my cock, which instantly tested the confines of the cage trying to get hard. "I think when I come over from now on, we should keep a little saucer under your cock to catch all that precum I know you drip everywhere, especially now after being locked up for two weeks. All the while, I was licking her feet and smelling her pantyhose, completely incapable of getting an erection, my cock aggressively pressing against its cage.

A Moment Of Madness CH 2

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2018-01-09

Louise spits on a wet-wipe, cleaning his mouth like she would do to a little baby. Belinda meanwhile pulls his panties down, applying a sticky gel to Alan’s throbbing cock and sweaty balls. Belinda watches intently as Louise rubs her hand in a circular manner caressing the sissy’s balls. In one, Alan sits between Louise and Belinda with a finger up both their noses. Catherine asks Louise to sit the sissy on her lap. After the breast-feeding has finished Louise offers Catherine a coffee. “Just tell the other girls in work that Alan is a kinky sissy transvestite.” Sticking two fingers up her nostrils, twisting them around like a pneumatic drill, Alan groans with delight, shooting his load over Mummy’s hand.

Steph's Descent Ch. 09

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-01-07

It ended up with Steph getting her first tattoo on her pubic mound and fucking the tattooist who had a huge cock. Steph had introduced Phil to Lucifer, a huge guy with a huge cock. Steph had fucked and sucked Lucifer often but he revealed that he was actually bisexual and was attracted to sissy Phil. So the upshot was that Phil would move in with Lucifer and Amanda would live with Steph. Her career as a porn actress had taken off, she was in love with Amanda, and her husband was a sissy porn actor who lived with his boyfriend Lucifer. Steph lived with Amanda and Phil lived with Lucifer.

Steph's Descent Ch.08

fetish fitzythemartian 2017-12-30

Phil had no idea what was in store for him when Steph took him, fully sissified, to Fitz’s tattoo parlour. Fitz had thought it a great idea and took delight in doing the tattoos. Steph and Amanda took Phil home. Later that day Steph called Fitz and Steve to come over. She loved the pain of the needles, but Amanda took every opportunity to play with her too. Steph’s life now consisted of visiting Fitz at the tattoo parlour each day to get her dragon coloured in, followed by steamy sex with one or all of her new big-cocked boyfriends. He took great delight playing with Phil, telling him he looked really pretty with his tattooed lingerie and make up.

Don Venuto's Sissies

fetish marybethsanford 2017-12-22

"It's an invitation to a birthday party?" Mark's mother said. You've got to go dressed as a little girl." Carol said. invitations, and I'll call a couple of the moms," Mark's mother said. supposed to have shoes, dresses and accessories." Mark's mother said on OK?" Mark's mother said as she transferred the slip to the arm "Life your arms honey." Mark's mother said as she gathered the slip. so the dress slids over it." Mark's mother said fighting that smile "Do you guys really like this stuff?" Mark asked as the dress and slip "Do you think he dresses like this?" Mark's mother asked. "Going to show you a trick we girls learn," Mark's mother said.

Happy to be used

fetish excaliburofthelake 2017-12-22

I can feel the tiled floor beneath me as he pulls me, my nipples sore from the chain. I feel something around my neck, a collar, and it gets pulled tight before something forces my head back. My ear plug is removed, "You can only swallow if this string is pulled, like this." He pulls the string and I swallow his delicious pee, "Good girl. I feel the stream fill my mouth and wait for the tug on the string. I feel so happy to be used like this, kept full and horny for I don't know how long. I feel the dildo re-enter my ass, "Consider that our thanks slut." My chain gets pulled "Crawl." I follow, having enjoyed a fantastic night pleasing my Daddy

Black Femdom For Black Sissy

fetish Samuelx 2017-12-17

Grinning, Madame Whitley rubbed Shane/Stacy the Sissy's head patronizingly as she watched the Black male slut suck her strap-on dildo with gusto. Madame Whitley grinned and gripped Shane/Stacy the Sissy's hips as she thrust her strap-on dildo into the Black male Sissy slut's backdoor. For ages Madame Whitley longed to not only completely dominate Shane Johnson, but the biracial dominatrix wanted to transform the macho Black male security guard into a Sissy, and not just any Sissy, her own personal bitch. Grinning, Madame Whitley unleashed a jet of bright yellow urine upon Shane/Stacy the Sissy's face, and the Black male slut happily drank it, delighted to taste his mistress sweet nectar.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 03

fetish chastity_sissy 2017-12-15

And she knew I couldn't help myself but listen to them with my cock all locked up, being dressed up in a sissy corset and nylons, listening to them having sex knowing I had no way of getting myself off. "Oh God, I can't...I can't...It feels so good, but it's so huge...it hurts, but don't stop, please, I can do it, please, let me feel your cock deep inside my tight ass," she kept saying. "Sounds like your problem since I'm going to fuck your brains out until you can hardly talk," her bull of a boyfriend said. There was a surge of intensity after he said this as they both moaned loudly, her because the humiliation was just what she wanted and for him, because she obviously was working her tongue a little extra in anticipation.

A Moment Of Madness

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2017-12-14

White knee-high socks and black Mary-Jane shoes make him the perfect sexy school-girl. Louise opens the door looking ravishing in her red, satin blouse and tight, black leather trousers. This is obviously the same Belinda he has known from years ago, last seeing her at Louise’s wedding evening reception. “A lovely color purple, Caitlin looked like a princess didn't she Alan? Mummy Belinda puts a blonde, little-girls wig on his head with a pink bow. Belinda sits close to her friend so that both mummies have full access to their new foster-daughter. Louise strokes the front of his dress while Belinda inspects his mobile. Louise places her hand over his mouth making sure he feels the warmth of Belinda’s snotty substance.

Kinky Regression Ch 2

fetish HayleyHollyGrace 2017-12-12

Hayley has Alan in her arms, cuddling him tightly against her breasts. “This is your Mummy Laura, smile for mummy, Holly Grace.” “You’re my pretty Holly Grace and Laura is another yummy mummy.” “Noisy plastic baby-panties, look so cute on Holly Grace. Laura introduces Nikki to their new sissy-baby. Hayley is delighted at the sound of her baby gulping milk from Nikki. Becky pulls Alan from Nikki’s breast, picking him up in her arms. Helen had gone to another room, having an interesting chat with Alan’s second cousin Emma-Jane. Baby Holly Grace stares awkwardly at Nanny Gross. “Ah Holly Grace, want my tits, out they pop babes, begging to be milked.” Becky takes Alan back to Hayley.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04

fetish chastity_sissy 2017-12-10

I know she had said all those things about keeping me locked up for a month with no orgasms, but I told myself this was only a temporary deal and she'd soon get bored and move on to something else. To me, it felt like I was wearing a huge sign that said, "COCK IN CAGE, PLEASE LOOK!" but in reality, nothing about my crotch stood out any more than it had before I was in chastity. "Tell me how much you like listening to his huge cock fuck me while you listen on the phone," she said, still lightly moving her fingers up and down the cage.

My fate

fetish sissyteri 2017-12-07

An emasculated, sissy faggot locked in chastity, made up like a pretty girl, dressed in stockings,and high heels and panties, prostrate and helpless before one of your wife’s lovers, as he pumps your mouth full of his residual cum after he has pumped her to delirium! You know that she will regularly invite male company, and that you must sit there in your stockings, heels and panties, playing frustratedly with your chastity device whilst your trophy wife is consumed by another man; whilst she mocks you in front of him, about what a pathetic sissy loser you are; about how her male company is providing her with the real sexual fulfilment you were incapable of giving her.

Sissy Maids & Sex Slaves Ch. 01

fetish RickyRooster 2017-12-06

You bend me over, spank my bottom hard two or three times and then you remove the butt plug from your pussy and without delay you ram it forcefully up my tight hole causing me to jerk and moan. You force your ass back against my face as my tongue worms its way in and up and around your fabulous fuck hole until suddenly you shout 'Enough.' You tell me to stand between the slaves facing them and you approach the three of us slowly. You lean forward across Marlons broad back, grinding your pussy into his bottom and forcing your erect nipples into his back and you whisper into his ear 'Suck my maids cock through his panties.

A New Slave

fetish jdk0210 2017-12-06

"Eager little slut, aren't we." Shaking my head yes, I close my eyes and let them roll back into my head as I feel pure ecstasy. I take it between my lips, sucking on it gently, kissing it lovingly, flicking it one more time with the tip of my tongue until I go back down to her sweet hole, licking all the way from her cute little rosebud to her pussy, circling around her pussy once, then diving my tongue in with everything I have. Riding my face, her deep breathes now become screams of pleasure, "Don't stop slave, right there, mmmmm, yes, yes, ah, mmm, oh fuck yes, tongue fuck your mistress' pussy!!!!

The Pantyboy Diaries Ch. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2017-12-05

When he got on the train, he was still wearing the hot pink Hiphugger panty that he bought at Victoria's Secret. Sydney had somehow arranged for all of the women sitting in the car to be seated all the way in the back where Jaymie had to begin his march. The other woman whispered "You really do look good in pink, pantyboy" she said and gave Jaymie's rock hard cock a little tug through his Amtrak panties.. Further down the line was the conductor, Zoe, who originally gave Sydney Jaymie's Amtrak panties before his march. Sydney then pulled down her yoga pants a little bit, unveiling bright red panties, which immediately caused a tent to form in Jaymie's crotch.

Making a Sissy

fetish kittycalamity 2017-12-03

"Ugh, fine," he sighed, trying to relax, but every which-way he tried to sit, apparently, put some kind of orgasmic pressure on his stiff dick crammed against the front of the lacy pink panties. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and gave it a good, wet suck, then pulled away with an audible "pop." He stifled a moan, his fingers curling in my short hair, and I grinned, nuzzling my cheek against his thigh. Good boy." I said it the way I'd say it to a dog, and he fucking loved it, I could see it by the way his eyebrows came together, his eyes shut, his back arched in ecstasy as I held his dick and talked to him in a low voice.

Black Stud for Her, Sissy Cuckold for Him

fetish 425olds 2017-11-29

Sissyboi, get over here and lick your wife's pussy clean!" The husband started to protest but by the look on the black man's face; he knew he had no choice. He got down below his wife's pussy and watched as the black bulls big schlong popped out releasing a wave of white hot cum to pour down onto the husbands face and mouth. After completely cleaning her up and swallowing what felt like mouthfuls of sperm-rich cum from his wife's sore pussy, the husband turned to get up only to be stopped by the black man. While the husband obediently sucks on the wife's pussy, the black man starts to fondle his ass, slapping his cheeks and pulling on his lacy panties.

Becoming a Sissy Part 9

fetish snoozer2000 2017-11-27

Julia responded quickly "I'm not eating his cum out of you :-)" Sarah laughed, she definitely was fixated on a massive cock, but Julia certainly knew how to turn her on, and she would always be grateful to Julia for helping her realise her own sexual needs. As she started to feel her orgasm building she gradually increased the size of the movements until by the end she was lifting herself off so that Tom would be able to see the head of the dildo before it was slammed back inside her body. He played and played the video each time gazing in wonder at Sarah's magnificent orgasm, pounding her cunt with the huge dildo, her tits bouncing and finally the massive ejaculation.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 2

fetish submissive~pet~ 2017-11-27

sissy paula (left cheek) and property of MISTRESS CAROLYN on the right cheek. Once i got there and told her what i needed done and gave her Mistress Carolyns phone number. Ok my cock sucking sissy its time to serve all the horny men. I will be back in 8 hours, if i don't get held up in traffic, or find a stud that will keep me occupied, and cause me to forget about you here on your knees with big fat black cocks in your mouth. I tried to keep a count of how many cocks went in my mouth that day. Oh my sissy looks like that belt will come off tomorrow or should i say tonight?

If Women Ruled The World Ch. 03

fetish chronoxxx 2017-11-25

My heart was knocked so hard and heavy I swayed and perspired as I tiptoed back to my room, suddenly conscious of the makeup on my face, my hairless naked body and my very nearly dry pink finger and toe nails. Maybe I was wrong about you, maybe you wouldn't like to worship me and my body while wearing all of these clothes?" She writhed on the couch basking in my torture before continuing, "And maybe I won't introduce you to other Mistress' sissies so you can fall in love and rub your little white willies together?" With that She laughed loudly and watched with satisfaction as my willy shamefully hardened, tenting my knickers once more.

Sissy for life

fetish germanmemail 2017-11-25

I can’t honestly say that it felt good, nothing like an orgasm—well, how I remember an orgasm used to feel before I was forbidden to have them—but the long slow expressing of semen from the tip of my swollen and numb cock gave me at least some relief from the urgent build-up in my balls. Steffie had probably gone into shock by the time Nikos snipped the testicle free, laid it on my hubby’s hollow tummy, and repeated the operation on his second ball, completing his total emasculation. Little more than a month after Diana and Max were married, Nikos and Steffie tied the knot in one of those states that had legalized gay marriages.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 3

fetish submissive~pet~ 2017-11-25

Mistress cuffed my wrist to the ankle cuffs, and told me to greet each man with 5 licks on their assholes with my slut ass licking tongue. Hello guys take a necklace from the box red is for cock sucking and pink in to fuck my sissy’s asshole. Try as I might the thing kept my mouth open wide and ready for the cocks to enter and penetrate my waiting throat. The first man was thick and about 10 inches long; he rammed his hard meat down my throat and held it there till Mistress said next. Ok now its time to enjoy my slaves mouth and asshole.