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Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 04

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-28

I know she had said all those things about keeping me locked up for a month with no orgasms, but I told myself this was only a temporary deal and she'd soon get bored and move on to something else. To me, it felt like I was wearing a huge sign that said, "COCK IN CAGE, PLEASE LOOK!" but in reality, nothing about my crotch stood out any more than it had before I was in chastity. "Tell me how much you like listening to his huge cock fuck me while you listen on the phone," she said, still lightly moving her fingers up and down the cage.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 05

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-11-21

You have to understand that not having an orgasm for over a week doesn't sound like a long time, and I'm sure I've gone longer than that without wearing a chastity device. Under her watchful eye, I did as she said and managed to lock the device back onto my cock, which instantly tested the confines of the cage trying to get hard. "I think when I come over from now on, we should keep a little saucer under your cock to catch all that precum I know you drip everywhere, especially now after being locked up for two weeks. All the while, I was licking her feet and smelling her pantyhose, completely incapable of getting an erection, my cock aggressively pressing against its cage.

Steve's Maid

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2017-11-05

He pulled down his shorts slowly and started to rub on his cock shaft, closing his eyes while imagining a German girl, with a name tag on her, Tulip wearing a maid's uniform cleaning his room. Her finger tip trailed all over his bare chest, descending down slowly, just to make the little boy shiver while waiting for the moment to come, when she will touch his cock, for the first time, who was looking away at the time, when she played with her nails all over his hairless chest and down to tummy while she had a sadistic smile engraved on her lips the whole time.