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3 AM: She Finally Comes Home

fetish siscuc 2018-05-16

It had been Andrea who had convinced my wife to go, telling her what great lovers Black men are and why she deserves better than me, her wimpy white husband. Your wicked wife out getting Black fucked while little sad and pathetic you stays at home and minces around the house in a little lacy dress, stockings and heels? As we chatted he gently rested his large Black hand on my thigh and when he meet no resistance slowly started stroking further up my leg and past my stocking top. "He then took my hand and led me to the dance floor, slowly we danced and kissed, necking each other as we swayed sexily, he was rubbing that huge manhood against me and i knew i was going to submit to him, knew that tonight he was going to turn me onto Black and turn you into my cuckold.

Husbands Panties Lead to a Surprise

fetish jennycnnn 2018-05-15

I started the conversation, "You know what, my pussy really needs a good licking tonight Steve and these panties I made for you are really special. His fingers slid underneath my panties and I could feel it slide inside of my wanting pussy. It felt wonderful as he worked his cock in and out, pushing a little harder each time, until I could feel the fabric of his bikini rubbing against my clitoris. I could feel the warmth filling me up and then he suddenly pulled out and stroked his cock as he continued to cum on the outside of my pussy lips and the crack of my ass.

Mistress Aimz

fetish hyperpress 2018-05-15

We sat together and while mistress's right hand was being worked on she rubbed my crotch over my jeans and soon unbuttoned them and opened my fly exposing my pink satin panties. I went to put my pants back on and mistress only needed to look me in the eyes to know I should do otherwise and I sat back in my pink panties, my clit completely soft, yet my internal arousal knew so much more...I was at the height of my arousal in reality. Mistress came over to me and pulling out her red high-gloss lipstick, she painted my open mouth with wet redness and then after applying her own thick layer she leaned down, sitting in my lap and kissed me like a lesbian slut and we kissed and grinded on each other's crotches in front of five horny cougars.

The Pantyboy Diaries Ch. 01

fetish JPantyboyVSL 2018-05-14

When he got on the train, he was still wearing the hot pink Hiphugger panty that he bought at Victoria's Secret. Sydney had somehow arranged for all of the women sitting in the car to be seated all the way in the back where Jaymie had to begin his march. The other woman whispered "You really do look good in pink, pantyboy" she said and gave Jaymie's rock hard cock a little tug through his Amtrak panties.. Further down the line was the conductor, Zoe, who originally gave Sydney Jaymie's Amtrak panties before his march. Sydney then pulled down her yoga pants a little bit, unveiling bright red panties, which immediately caused a tent to form in Jaymie's crotch.

Male Order Ch. 01

fetish stac2918 2018-05-14

Her words were driving me crazy, her claim over my cock made me even harder, reading on, Kate's note said "...I hope you like your new panties, I wore them all day today thinking about you and what I was going to do to you once I took ownership of your cock. No one had ever seen me in panties before, knowing that Kate, a girl I had ever met, was looking at a photo my hard cock in her panties was too much for me, I had to cum. Pulling the panties I off, I started wanking, as I moved the gusset of Kate's white thong to my nose again.

Would I be happy if I could remember...

fetish 2018-05-09

We finally got to the condo and it was just as Shelly said. felt like it had went so deep into my thigh muscle, but I guess I need to Shelly continued, "You are going to love Isabella. huge dicks pounding away at the girls asses started arousing me. "I believe you've been tied up long enough my sweet little sissy." She said. must have been thinking out loud because Shelly gave a chuckle and said, orgasm you are going to get a mouth full of shit!" Shelly sneered. shower your filthy ass," she said as she walked out of the room. working for a lot of men when we first start but we are going to change

Sharing Ch. 02

fetish thetoy 2018-05-08

Whoops, gotta run!" Pulling up her suit pants, she blew me a kiss on her way out, as I remained kneeling, looking at her with love and confusion. "Yes, he knows all about kelli, and he loves the idea!" She moved up and down on my dick as she felt it wilt a little, bringing it back to rigidity. "He wants you to watch him fuck me, and we talked how I'd laugh at you and how pitiful you'd look." Miranda was beginning to pant, and her pussy was liquid heat. Afterwards, I cleaned her sweet pussy of what she called my sissy cum and fell asleep with my head nestled between her thighs, her soft hand on my hair, and the smell of her surrounding me.

From Brother to Bitch Ch. 01

fetish Mixedwritings1993 2018-05-07

Vito was waiting for this opportunity to trigger, and he forced his middle finger to push into James's mouth and looked into his eyes and smiled, "well, getting any idea of what I might want, little brother?" Soon, he was fully erect and Vito closed his eyes and was trembling with full erotic pleasure, the idea of doing this in front James, turned him on even more than before, it didn't take him more than few minutes to clench his toes, and shoot up all his loads on his brother's face intentionally. James nodded and left his room, sinking on his own bed and started to sleep with that same old thumb inside his mouth, sucking like a toddler, because he needs a long rest for tomorrow.


fetish cwsissy 2018-05-06

Now open your mouth and lick the head gently and show us how much you love sucking cock. Finally, she lay down on top of me, pushing my rock-hard cock out of the way and told the young stud to come up behind her. She pushed back and forth until finally his cock softened and dropped out of her pussy bringing a huge dollop of his creamy cum with it into my mouth. Finally she pulled up off my face and said, "Lick him clean now, my sissy hubby." I crawled over to the young stud, finally getting to take in his whole, gorgeous, hairy body. He smiled a bit when he saw me licking my own precum up, especially as my wife said, "He loves to eat his own cum too.

A Deal is Completed.

fetish waraxe13 2018-05-05

I moaned in response, causing me to arch my back and sucked harder on the big cock in my mouth as Bella's tongue pushed into my cunt. He laughed and said, 'Get over here girls.' Immediately Bella pulled her tongue out of my cunt, and I crawled over watching his meat spreading my Mistress' pussy. 'You like Bella's cock sissy?' Said Bella, as she slam-fucked me harder, her balls slapping on my gouch. Bella pushed down on the middle of my back and fucked me harder still in my raw cunt and turned to her Daddy and said, 'Daddy, can I cum?' As I was doing this my Mistress shouted, 'I'm cumming again!' As Daddy was slowly pushing his cock deep into her pussy.

Sissy Sharon's Saturday

fetish scatpetsmaster 2018-05-01

Frank hands my clothes to Mistress Angela and then bends me over facing the hole on the left hand wall of the room and clips a chain from the corner to my collar. If I almost stand up, my boi pussy matches the hole in the wall, so it’s possible for two men to use me at the same time. When I’m not being fucked in the pussy, I can kneel on the slightly padded floor (Frank is very thoughtful) and just suck the cocks that are constantly poking through the left hand hole in the wall. I’m usually brought here a couple of times a month, and Frank makes good money when men know I am available.

Becoming a Sissy Part 9

fetish snoozer2000 2018-04-30

Julia responded quickly "I'm not eating his cum out of you :-)" Sarah laughed, she definitely was fixated on a massive cock, but Julia certainly knew how to turn her on, and she would always be grateful to Julia for helping her realise her own sexual needs. As she started to feel her orgasm building she gradually increased the size of the movements until by the end she was lifting herself off so that Tom would be able to see the head of the dildo before it was slammed back inside her body. He played and played the video each time gazing in wonder at Sarah's magnificent orgasm, pounding her cunt with the huge dildo, her tits bouncing and finally the massive ejaculation.

Sissy and her Mistress

fetish drew1207 2018-04-28

After what seems like forever, you pull up and I struggle to run into the car with my big heels and extremely large plug. "Aww, is little sissy girl upset that I was running a few minutes behind? After a few minutes of this, you order me to "Stick that huge meat up your sissy hole and don't stop till its in your stomach" "Look at the little sissy fuck her hole" you laugh. "Sissy squirting all over my car like some useless little fucking whore. "if you fuck your new toy for an hour while eating my ass and pussy, maybe, just maybe if you do a good enough job, I will forgive your little transgression. "mmmmmmmmmm.....yesss...lick my holes baby, fuck my pussy with your mouth you sissy slut" you command.

Sissy Cuckold Husband

fetish bisissystephenie 2018-04-28

Like many husbands, I've wanted to see my wife fuck other men. From now on I was to dress as a sissy all the time; bras, panties, garter belt, stockings, high heels, lots of lipstick and make-up, and nighties and dresses. She said five men fucked her pussy and I would be sucking creampies every day from now on. Everything and every sensation made me feel sissy and girly and I wanted to feel the humiliation in front of my wife as she watched me be a faggot and see in my eyes how much I craved it. I never realized how much I loved being a sissy for my wife and her men.

Internet Meeting Ch. 03

fetish Stillherer 2018-04-27

Not knowing where to look I took a long shuddering breath when her fingers slipped about my arm and with a firm grip directed me towards a curtain at the back of the shop. As I pulled them up to my hips the woman's head suddenly appeared and in a concerned voice inquired, "Is everything alright sir?" She asked it innocently but I flushed a deep red turning abruptly away so that she wouldn't see that I was wearing panties. With another long breath and a heavy sigh she conceded, "Yes sir, of course." Wistfully the woman then reached beneath the counter and fumbling under her skirt she unceremoniously hauled her clerk Geraldine up from there.

Bennie the Cuckold

fetish AfricanWriter 2018-04-24

"I want you down here right now" I walked towards her and immediately Stan stopped and looked at my midsection with shock in his eyes."Damn Bennie, your belly has swallowed your cock" Sharon broke out in laughter. Sharon stepped in, "Bennie, I am going to try and use humiliation to motivate you, I talked to Stan and he was friendly enough to offer his services, at an additional cost of cause, from now on we all work out naked." As soon as she said this, Stan took off his clothes, my eyes were fixed on his cock, and it was about 9 inches soft and very thick. Finally the kiss broke off and they turned to look at me, "hey Bennie, looks like you are enjoying the scene look, I can see the tip of your cock for the very time" Stan yelled to which Sharon broke down in laughter.

Caught In the Act

fetish secretanon 2018-04-23

My flat mate and longtime friend thought I was gay and there is no way to explain to her that wearing panties and sucking another guys' dick is not gay in anyway, but I did my best to make it less embarrassing and explain what me and Ash do in our little adventures. I wanted Ash to blow his load all over my face and I wanted to fuck Cindy since high school or at least feel her luscious ass checks in my cock as she gave me a butt job. Jerking off in my panties, I watched as Ash pulled out his dick and came all over Cindy's face.

In Praise of Pindicks Ch. 01

fetish rembrandt 2018-04-22

Just bear in mind that if you have a pindick as a friend, you can certainly tweak his buttons and play to his insecurities in just the right ways to gain full control over his sexually obsessed little package. You emphasis the idea that you will never be more than friends, you tease his little pindick by exposing your body to him (and by enforcing his sexual addiction to the shame that you do not see him as a prospective lover) and you also end up confusing and conditioning his little pindick to grow hard at the thought of you on the toilet, or dressing, or showering, or plenty of other mundane activities.

Cuckold's first time

fetish waraxe13 2018-04-22

'Don't be silly,' She said, tweaking my nipples, 'All that drool from my mouth being on his cock I'm going to share with you in a loving kiss.' Her hands left my nipples and grabbed my ball skin, she pulled it up, causing my little balls to recede inside my body. 'Back on it,' Said Marcus, pulling her back towards the tip, 'Suck that cock.' He held her head and started fucking her mouth. Slowly she started rocking on the tip, until the glistening black tool was going deeper inside her, each time she would moan when it went out, until she was filled back up again, each time the size was too much, but the stretching felt so good and the cock so right.

My Strapon Fantasy

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-04-20

She moves my head and I start sucking her other nipple, whilst she watches me stroke her cock. I was on my hands and knees between her legs and I pushed my ass up as high as I could, looking up at Amy with her cock between my lips. She moaned and slammed her cock into me, moving her hand from my head to play reach into my bra and play with my nipples. "God it feels so good to be on this end of things, keeping pushing that ass back Sissy, you look so cute" She moved both hands on to my ass once I had her strapon all the way inside me and took my nipple in her mouth.

Chapter 6 Mommy Returns

fetish klammer 2018-04-11

Now Helen knew that when I as 13 years old I secretly spied my mother Helen also knows that when I was 18, after my father died, my mother cravings of a woman like my mother. After I had revealed my dark secret to Helen she made me call mother up my breast implant operation whilst Helen and Heidi were off in Ibiza for I have always had tiny feet for a man and my hands look heterosexual men treat sissies, as opposed to real women, was the utter "You look like a beautiful young woman," she exclaimed. time I looked in the mirror and saw my shrunken cock and balls. "Most mothers don't have sons that are sissies," she replied with a laugh

Story of a Sissy

fetish hyperpress 2018-04-11

I draw your left foot up to my mouth and run the tip of my tongue along the tips of each toe as lightly as I possibly can imagine doing—then I try to be more delicate. Your eyes close, your mouth opens, and from within you escapes a moan that sounds as if it's coming from inside my mind, the moan itself is like a guiding hand, telling me what to do next, how to lick and suck your toes and you are turned on but you can't touch yourself because your nails are still wet but your urgency is immediately clear as you thrust your hips up and your feet deep into my mouth.

Indulging His Fantasy

fetish domdame 2018-04-08

It wasn't long before the smell of bacon wafted down to the office where I was playing my game and I couldn't help but think, "Why didn't I try this sooner?" "There's one more thing I need you to clean before you get your reward." I said to him as I pulled up my skirt. So you have two choices, don't do it and we'll pretend none of this ever happened, or jerk your cock off on that donut and eat every last bite and we will start getting you used to it until you can lick me clean every time and save me the hassle of having to wash it off myself." He began to nibble the donut and his cock started to get hard again.

The Wrong Bus (Part 1)

fetish curiouscuck 2018-04-06

well I looked like a man in panties and bra. the way I looked and how my lingerie made me feel like a little I got on my bus as usual to head home and read a sissy story and forward you will at all times wear a bra and panties. pretty little mouth of yours?" I shake my head no and begin to beg going to be a good girl and suck a real man's cock unlike that For the first time in my life I feel a cock pass my lips and into my pushes into my throat and I feel him begin to spurt his cum down my pull my pants on feeling my still wet panties squish against me and