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Bar talk

fetish rolf3000 2018-11-23

Several times, he has refused to give me a foot massage because my feet were too smelly, even when they were almost fresh form the shower. The next time we had an argument and I felt my temper rising, instead of slapping him, I quickly fetched the handcuffs and locked him to a table. I calmly explained that he could go on for as long as he wanted, but my feet were going to stay right there until he would calm down and apologize. I couldn't help but laugh, which made him more angry, but again, the foot odour spoke for itself and pretty soon he gave in and kept his mouth shut.

My smell fetish

fetish jualbuquerque 2018-11-08

It was Friday, we left the gym around 5pm and it was such a hot day that Lara invited us to get some ice cream at her place (actually I knew she'd like to spend more time with Lucas, but who wouldn't?). I let Lara sucking Luca's dick, went behind him and gave a tasteful lick in his ass. Lucas moaned loudly and camed inside Lara's mouth with my finger inside his dirty ass. Things happened very fast: Lara stuck a finger inside my ass and Lucas got in a position that my face ended up underneath his arms. That smell of a sweaty man, his thick cock filling me and a finger inside my ass was more than enough to make me cum yelling, moaning, shaking.

Female feet don't smell... Part 1

fetish rolf3000 2018-11-05

The pretty girl looked at me briefly, then rolled her eyes and said, "No." She turned back to her friend and kept talking. "Look, can you leave us alone?" the pretty girl said. "Trudy, my god, what are you…" her friend started, looking like she didn’t know whether to laugh or be shocked. "Anyway, he’s not much bothered by the smell, so I guess his only problem is that he looks pretty stupid with a foot in his face. Christ, I think he is actually going to stay there. I was sweating and it felt like my only working senses were smell and vision, while the rest of my brain had stopped working, as if her foot had shut my system down.

Nadia's Friend

fetish misteradelaide 2018-09-16

She was very beautiful, around half our age at little more than 20 and she looked into the camera and said hi before scooting down and closing her mouth to Nadia's pussy. Molly was so hot, the scene so wild and Nadia's smell so lovely that I don't think I made it all the way inside her before I began to cum. I pushed my fingers back inside her and moved them in a slow fucking motion and I felt the bed move as Nadia lowered her pussy onto my cock. We fucked hard and fast as Nadia watched and it lasted just a few moments before we dug our fingers into each other, my toes curled and my hair stood on end in the most amazing orgasm as I jerked inside her tight hole.

Natural Scent

fetish jazzyukprincess 2018-08-10

As David brings his face down again to Alice's impatient bum, he again smells the shitty stench coming from around her anus. As David wiggles his tongue around the opening of Alice's bum hole he has to come up and take a breath to avoid choking. 'My darling David, didn't I tell you you'd like it?' I knew you'd love tasting my sticky, smelly bum hole covered in my shit. She can smell the aroma of her shit and David's saliva on his lips and breath as she kisses him deeply, thrusting her tongue deep in to his mouth, then gently sucking on his lips, just to get the full taste of her own dirty bum from his mouth.

Laura's Sweaty, Smelly Awakening

fetish escalon 2018-07-26

Laura wondered if other women's shoes and feet smelled as good as hers and what it would be like to lick the sweat off of another woman's skin. Then she would push her face into the heap of thongs and panties – all sizes, colors, and fabrics – and intoxicate herself on the intimate smells of all of her friends and their moms and aunts...pussy smell mixed with sweat, stale urine, and an even more tangy odor from the panties with 'skid marks.' The smell of their underpants would make Laura want to push her nose into all of the women's moist cunts and sweaty assholes....

Lickr (tm)

fetish lickr 2018-06-02

If you're interested in the app I think you're interested in, you won't mind licking my armpits clean for me!" When I got to work, I immediately closed the door of my office and went to the website. "23 year old female, in need of pussy cleaning unwashed" I went to bed and jerked off to the incredible kinkiness of licking a stranger's pussy in a train bathroom. I opened the message and it said "32 year old woman, in need of pussy licking unwashed, armpit licking and ass licking unwashed." "39 year old woman, in need of pussy cleaning unwashed". All day at work I could smell this lady's pussy on my face...

Jessica The Happily Depraved Slut

fetish fetishfanatic 2018-03-14

Her body was covered in a slight sheen of sweat from arousal and anticipation, her lips were parted as she panted slightly at the sensations running through her, and the great tufts of matted blonde hair at her pussy and armpits were glistening from sweaty moisture. This way they could both comfortably sit with their arses on the floor and with Jessica's legs bent out over and behind him and her hands around his waist they were stable enough for the filthy blonde slut to move her mouth up against Owen's sweaty armpit. Owen felt vaginal muscles contract on his hard dick as Jessica began to sensually lick the sweaty insides of his right armpit, his left arm was thrown out behind him providing balance.

Becoming Her Pedestal

fetish BrockRockhold 2017-12-30

"Now Malafi, I made a promise to the Gods, and you better believe I'm not one to break my word..." she smiled, turning to the sea of people surrounding her temple. Ariah snapped her fingers again, prompting her guards to flip Malafi onto his back. Ariah slowly removed the wraps as the guards pulled Malafi's head toward the base of her throne. Ariah cupped her feet together and gently lowered her vinegar-soaked soles toward Malafi's nose and mouth. Ariah dug her toes into Malafi's mouth. Malafi could see the fumes evaporating from Ariah's soles. Ariah's guards pulled Malafi's chains, dragging his limp body into the temple as the crowd chanted the name of their new Queen.

Laura's Smelly Sex Games

fetish escalon 2017-11-22

Then, looking down at her feet thoughtfully, she added "although I guess it was just as hot toady and I walked even more so maybe they are just as bad." Again pretending to sound genuinely concerned, Laura turned to Erin and said "but really, tell me if it's too much and I'll put my shoes outside the door when we come back after a lot of walking, I mean I won't be offended or anything. "I want to lay her on the floor and walk on her with my little, sweaty feet...it would be so hot to rub my tan feet on her white thighs and soft pink breasts, then make her smell and lick my stinky soles and suck my oily toes...," Laura said with relish, salaciously emphasizing every word for her and Alec's enjoyment.

Molly's Ass Slave

fetish milfleglover 2017-11-07

I obeyed again, my trembling hands kneading the soft, creamy smooth muscles of her legs, one in each hand, as I lifted Molly's small, socked feet to my face, rubbing it over them, inhaling the crisp, sweet-sour heat from her black socks. "Take them off, suck and lick my feet clean, they're quite filthy and I haven't washed them in a day or so," Molly said, putting the soup bowl on a side table and watching TV, but with one hand, unsnapping her trousers and pushing a hand into her crotch. I lay back on the couch, facing up and Molly sat atop it, pinching it between her firm, warm, sweaty asscheeks, my mouth attached to her bitter butt hole, licking and sucking it deep, cleaning it for her.