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Band Parents Ch. 03

fetish BillyBobJoeEd 2018-09-16

I ended up masturbating in the shower as I thought about the hot sex Linda and Charles had after I left their bedroom, especially the mental image of her taking his sticky cock in her mouth and licking him clean. Unfortunately, the level of arousal I had reached by then, what with the thoughts of Linda that had preoccupied me all day and the teasing that Lily had been doing, had driven me to where it was impossible to hold back and I came all too soon, filling my wife's depths with a load that had been building up all day.

Cum Fetish

fetish hotchat 2018-08-01

As I jerk off I suck on the bubble and enjoy a constant flow of cum as I stroke to a great orgasm. By the time 79 guys have shot their load on you it is hard too find an area not covered in cum. Eating other guys cum ,of course, is the easiest and quickest way to enjoy large quantities of cum, so another alternative is the normal public park or public restroom. If I can get the girl to allow several guys to shoot their load in their cunt before I take my turn it is just absolutely great!!! Some guys like to cum as I deep throat their cocks but that way doesn't allow me to taste the cum very well.

Girlfriend's Special Surprise

fetish Stillherer 2018-07-14

Panting, hands on knees, I shivered with the cool air on my sex hot body and pent up passion as I watched incredulously as my erection slowly deflated. Standing there stark naked my swelling cock ignoring the cool air as goose bumps dimpled my body I watched expectantly trying to see what she was up to behind the cars open trunk. A whimper of need escaped my lips as her wondrously hot mouth left my still straining hard erection and she kissed her way wetly, hotly, up my cool dimpled flesh. Squatting down beside me my girl friend stroked my numb shivering body and purred breathlessly in my ear, "Hurry up and get dressed sweetie, we have a whole weekend to look forward to."

Sharing the Load

fetish TongaFrank 2018-05-10

On this particular night, after reaching her first orgasm at the tip of my curious and nimble tongue, my beautiful wife returned the favor by licking, nuzzling, and sucking me with all of the skill she had perfected over many years of marriage and countless previous opportunities. So despite our experiments in bringing pleasure to each other throughout our marriage, I had never heard of snowballing, at least not the definition my wife shared with me that night. Snowballing, my beautiful wife explained to me while my erection pulsated in her soft hand, was when the man would reach orgasm in the woman's mouth, but then, instead of swallowing it, she would pass the load back to the man via a passionate kiss, and he would swallow it.

An Edible Journey Ch. 03.5

fetish NigelOW 2018-04-24

My fantasy of watching Trina getting fucked by another cock was more than fulfilled, Trina had more orgasms than she could count, Ray obviously had a good time filling my wife's beautiful cunt to overflowing with his spunk, and he really got off on the spectacle of me eating her out immediately afterwards. The night before Ray had gone to the guest room to crash after coming twice, I'd also come twice -- once from Trina jerking me off while Ray fucked her and the second time blowing me right after Ray collapsed next to us on the bed after his second cum, while Trina's orgasm tally had left us in the dust, like I said, quite an evening.

How it Began Ch. 02

fetish jlltec 2018-04-10

"My father was one of the sorority boys, and then my mom's boyfriend and then of course they got married." El said. That said, we do have an orgasm denial week where the girls are pleasured as usual and the guys have to wait until Saturday night to cum. By the way, when you have a house full of sexually liberated woman and sexually obedient men there are a lot of orgasms happening all the time. I think you too will find being a submissive young man with a hard bobbing cock has its advantages," she said. El said, "One other thing I like is when a guy asks permission to cum.

Jennifer's Jizz Fantasy Ch. 03

fetish 64park 2018-01-29

Jennifer, her face still gooey with two loads of her boyfriend's jizz, and Chris with his mouth sopping wet with his girlfriend's cum juices as he finished eating her to completion, began to kiss and caress, warm lips on soft skin. "But when was the first time you literally asked a guy to sperm on your face?" asked Chris as he continued to probe Jennifer's sopping, cum gooey cunt with his fingers while she masturbated him. "I was at my friend's house...I had broken up with my boyfriend, so this guy took me in for a week, and we were getting drunk one night and I was horny..." Jennifer grabbed Chris' dick even more firmly with one hand, as she grabbed his cunt-fingering hand with the other and whispered..." finger fuck me 'til I cum, baby!"

Uncle Bob and His Niece Ch. 04

fetish LaPatitMort 2017-12-29

True to form, Trisha begged off the first 'Tuesday Night at the Movies.' Chloe, Tickles and I all bathed early and arrived in the TV room wrapped in warm robes about the same time. Chloe slowed her pumping hands, lowered her tongue and lips and began to suck my cum from Tickles toes. The taste of cum and having a nipple twisted hard by Chloe brought a needy moan from Tickles. Our foreheads touched, slipped lower and never broke contact as we licked over Chloe's ovaries torturing with tickles instead of bites this time. Our foreheads bumped again while I sucked Chloe's clit and Tickles tongued her asshole. Tickles pushed lower to force a three-way kiss with me and Chloe's spewing cunt.

Melissa Ch. 02

fetish in_use 2017-11-23

Melissa jumped up, slid her pants off letting them fall to the floor, and then pulled her halter top over her head, leaving her standing in front of me in a very small pair of sheer panties with a matching bra. I told her to start fucking herself with her dildo, and as she did I fucked her mouth with long strokes, pulling out to watch the combination of pre cum and saliva run down her face. Melissa opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out as far as she could, still pounding her pussy at blinding speed with the huge dildo. I shoved my cock back in her mouth, telling her what a filthy slut she was, and if she squirted again on the couch I was going to cover her entire slutty face with cum.

How it Began

fetish jlltec 2017-11-07

"In many ways I think they are, my Mom is a very strong woman and your Dad is just a very nice guy, very accommodating, helpful and sincere. My mom says your mother and dad were the same way and it's why our parents were friends, I think. She looked at me and said with a smile, "Now that's a hard on!" As she laid on my chest catching her breath she said, "I just love the taste of cum in your mouth. She leaned in and kissed me saying, "Cum in me, I want to see how good you are with your tongue, I know what your cock can do." She started humping me again, kissing me and talking to me as she fucked me.