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The Season To Remember Part 2

fetish Jakie837 2018-12-04

I exchanged words with Reece and Shayla, who were both already in bras and panties and getting ready to climb into bed, before undoing my belt, dropping my pants on the floor next to the bed, and climbing in. "Good night everyone." Reece said, turning off the lights. "Shayla, Taylor, come with me." Reece said, dragging them into the living room. "We get off school on most game days." Reece told me, and I sighed with relief. "Whatcha lookin at Jakie?" Called Reece, putting her arm around my shoulders and walking in sync with me. "You should come and visit us in our room after practice." Taylor said, and Reece nodded. "Hey Jakie." Called Aedan as I headed into the boys dressing room.

Standing O

fetish The5th 2018-01-08

Audible frustration in the local crowd were expressed in groans but I felt her hand taking mine from my leg to hers, allowing my fingers to feel the smooth flesh of her thigh. A curling smile grew on my lips as our gazes met, those hazel lasers burning into my brain, sending a coded message as she guided my hand higher on her thigh, pushing her dress up under the table. Above the table, her hand grabbed the pint glass with remarkable steadiness and brought it to her lips for a quick gulp. I offered my hand to assist her over the bench and followed her silhouette swaying down the hall, imagining her thighs glistening with her sweet juices.

Cleats, Clit and Cum

fetish sexualrelief7191 2017-10-23

Soon after, the door to the weight room open and in came Morgan, Janelle's best friend and the team's main defender. Morgan and Susie then both removed the socks, revealing Janelle's feet. Susie stopped her toe sucking and went for Janelle's shorts, removing them and revealing her captain's wet panties. Then, Morgan took her right foot and Susie took her left foot and started rubbing Janelle's pussy. The juices ran all over Morgan and Susie's feet, and the two girls giggled at the feeling of the wet cum on their feet. Morgan and Susie both smiled at Janelle, thanking her for her delicious feet and cum.