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Chanel and Ethan 30

fetish tangerinesky 2018-06-21

I desperately want to squirm, but remain open and placid as his hand starts pressing on my abdomen, his fingers inside me still ruthlessly fucking my front wall. "Trust me baby, let it happen," Ethan cajoles me, his beautiful green eyes begging. "Oh fuck," I hear Ethan groan, his fingers still pressing on the reason for my existence in this very moment. Finally Ethan has stopped fucking me, my center twitching as I come back to earth, and I shiver. Ethan wouldn't let me go while we slept, and as we walk all over town, his hands are always at my waist or lower back. "Do you want me to get out of your way?" I ask, closing my eyes at the feel of his mouth.

My Dominating Passenger

fetish DarkSide 2018-06-13

“We are going to play a little game, Tom,” she said, “I am going to wank you off, and when I say the word, you have one minute to spurt all the spunk your balls are holding over my hand. “Because you were so fucking useless, it seems I am going to have to show you how to cum!” she exclaimed, and with that Sandra positioned one leg outside the car door while the other was close to the gear stick. “Fuck, I‘m fucking cumming…” declared Sandra, and with those words echoing out of the car door, my face was drenched in female spunk. “Same game!” she exclaimed, but this time if you don’t cum, you’re going to have to lick my arse!” she smiled as she let the words fall from her mouth.

More than a Lodger…Part 3

fetish DarkSide 2018-06-05

I had actually thought that Laura and Jerry had gone out together until I heard a shout from somewhere in the house. I raised my hand to knock, when I heard Jerry shout out the words “Oh Fuck!” I didn’t know what I was thinking of by wanting to knock. Although Jerry was supporting Laura and Tom on top of himself, he did his very best to pump his cock into Laura’s arse. Suddenly the licking stopped as Jerry laid back on the sofa and fucked his cock as hard as he could into Laura’s arse. Laura climbed onto the sofa and licked the spunk off Jerry’s face, scooping it up with her tongue and sharing it with him.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 06

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-05-29

"This naughty boy has started to pee in his panties," Kathy said sharply to Margaret. She then told Robbie he could pull down the panties, sit on the seat, and pee, but that he better not get the seat wet and he was not given permission to make a doody yet. "He definitely does need to go, Kathy," Margaret said to Robbie's sister, who was having a hard time restraining herself from giggling at the amusing situation of her brother being made to hold his poo in until given permission by the imperious governess. Kathy helped advance the progress of the occasion by reaching under her skirt after she had turned away from Robbie, still seated on the toilet, and pulled her lime green panties down and off.

Tara's First Squirt

fetish ctarrantella 2018-04-19

Eventually, Tara came to the realization I didn't want to have sex with her. Previously, I figured, if I went down on her it was less time I would have to look at her pregnant belly and think of all the reasons why I didn't want to have sex with her. I licked her pussy like never before, I felt the moisture build up with every passing second. After another cry of pleasure, I heard what sounded like a low volume pop and hiss for a split second, followed by a warm wet splash on my chin. With one hard final thrust the head of my cock erupted like a volcano inside my wife's pussy.


fetish delicatedarkness 2018-04-05

He chuckled as I tried to escape and I felt his fingers tighten in my hair and the knife press a little harder into my throat. "Firstly, I'll give you a head start, secondly if you will insist on running, I want you naked when I catch you." With one last smirk, he let me go and I ran away on shaking legs. Slowly he inched his body forward, resting between my spread legs, the knife tip still dancing across my skin. Slowly he pulled his hips back, sliding out of me and I opened my mouth to moan but I saw him smile and the knife bit at my neck once more.

Tara Squirts Her Husband

fetish ctarrantella 2018-03-27

There have been more than a handful of times in my marriage when my wife Tara has squirted. I asked Tara to straddle my face so I could feel her wet pussy all over my mouth, lips, and nose. I moved away from her clit for a little bit licking her lips and rubbing my face all over her extremely wet pussy. I felt like I gargled my wife's ejaculation, savoring the tangy taste of her juice before finally holding her liquid in my mouth for several seconds and swallowing every ounce. I felt like this was the greatest night of sex and pleasure I gave my wife in the ten plus years we've been married.

Jimmy Gets a Girl Ch. 04

fetish ScottWood 2018-03-25

From his new vantage point on the floor Jim was also right behind Tiffany's squatting body and he could see the firm spheres of her ass and the lips of her pussy between them, above which was the dark little hole of her anus. "Our present is on the table too, Jim." Dad said as he held Tiffany's head down on his dick for some deep throat. He slowed down on the vibrator and Jim saw that Gramps was inserting his old cock into Cleopatra's firm ass. Cleopatra squatted, with a pop as the dick came out of her ass, then she shrieked and thrust her hips towards Jim. A huge squirt like a jet of water hosed from her pussy and splashed all over Jim's cock and hand.

The Raven Witch Ch. 01

fetish ExtremisticSwitch 2018-03-20

Noticing nothing else, no other person nearby, and fully sure that I could not break free, I relaxed my body and started meditating. Realizing that if I did not break free soon, she would have her way with me, I summoned all the unnatural strength I had left in my body. As I failed to answer she laughed and bit her lips, proceeding to move onto her knees and then pulled her dress over me. The amount of darkness surrounding me was unnatural, and the next moment she forced her cunt onto my mouth. The next moment a gushing of cum and piss filled my mouth to the brim and started running down my face.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 05

fetish sunniedaies 2018-03-17

Amadeus turned back once again but this time to see Brody stroking his huge cock that was steadily growing hard in his hand. May we speak for a short time, My Princess?" Amadeus slid his eyes from the naked slave to the lady maid. As soon as they left, Nico reached a petite hand for Amadeus's big strong hand and she drew him onto the bed to sit facing her. Not wanting to disappoint his Princess, Amadeus placed the pot of jelly on the bed and then shed every last stitch of his clothing. Amadeus pushed two thick fingers up into Nico's hot cunt as he lifted himself to lick the milk from her stomach.

Miss Nipple Pageant

fetish deLorsagne 2018-03-16

Lola stays in shape by doing hot yoga, nude of course, and also meditates at least a half hour a day." Lola also went straight for the poll and did a couple of moves, nothing as fancy as Crystal but it still got the audience excited. She stroked her breast for a couple seconds then lifted one of her tits to her mouth and began playing with her long, thick pink nipples with her tongue, flicking it back and forth. "Tiffany, I think I speak for everyone in the club when I say I have never envied a piece of machinery before seeing you ride that bull, am I right!?" The crowd was loving the talent portion so far.

Midtown Memoirs Ch. 03

fetish Willie_Nailer 2018-03-09

Chrystal breaks from her conversation with Jim to quickly tell us both that "Tawny" is a well-known dancer visiting from California and is a "super hot blonde with a special talent" to which Jim replies, "blondes are more his type, while as for me, I like the exotic brunettes" and he begins to rub Chrystal's round ass. After you get cleaned up, Tawny would like to see you in private." Finally coming back to the world of the living, I begin to hear the entire bar cheering and the DJ saying, "Whoaaaa! As I remove my finger from her clit, I quickly begin to lick her pussy in earnest, grabbing her from under her ass and lifting her lower body up with her legs still spread wide.

Serving My Boss Ch. 02

fetish womensToilet 2018-03-09

They apparently loved it and Priya told me I was to stay there soaked in piss while they went back to the living room as their ladies night was not over. After a while one friend of Priya came in and took another piss on me, spitted on my face and left without saying a word. When a friend of her came in and saw me covered in shit she left a scream then started puking, right on my face, and basically everywhere... She then stood up, took her husband's cock in her hand and directed on my face, he soon started peeing too.

Claiming of a Slave

fetish MasterSyco 2018-03-06

I suck your nipple into my mouth as hard as I can, your soft flesh feeling like heaven on my tongue. I lean in and lick from your clit to the bottom of that perfect pussy pressing firmly, allowing my tongue to slide inside. I let my hard cock drip its precum onto your perfect ass, lick it up, and move around the bed to kiss you with my essence on my tongue. I let you lick, kiss, and suck but just for a moment before I pull away. As I feel you start to orgasm I hold mine back until yours begins to reach its peak, then I let go with a deep growl.

The Step

fetish Girl Friend 2018-03-05

Meghan had arrived at the club, completely prepared for the next stage of the game, the step. Once upside down, Meghan felt good, and her pussy started juicing in anticipation of getting fucked upside down. "I'm going to fuck your pussy good!" Mr. Hardgrove exclaimed as he shoved the entire dildo into Meghan's cunt. Pump my pussy harder with that dildo will you." Meghan begged him. The adjoining room was Mr. Hardgrove's apartment and he was waiting to get Meghan in there for the longest time! Mr. Hardgrove had planned to put a leash and collar Meghan and walk her around his apartment, while she was on all fours.


fetish babydoll17 2018-02-16

His cock twitches and makes her choke a little; she regains control and continues to push it further into her and his nine inches of cock are now fully in her mouth and throat as he starts to face-fuck her once again. She knows he is close to cumming in her, so she removes him from her mouth and takes one of his hands from her head and places it on his cock. He starts to kiss her wet pussy, sucking all the juices on her pussy and ass into his mouth, savoring her flavours; he loves it. He is so amazed that he wants her to do it again, so he turns up the vibrator and starts to eat her out again, and every once and a while to tease her he shoves his cock head in, and it works.

My Beautiful Launderette

fetish misteradelaide 2018-02-15

As soon as her blouse was opened and I buried my face into her cleavage she was at my belt and jeans, pulling them down as I lifted one of her large brown nipples free of the fabric of her bra. I turned my head to one side and tried to fuck her with my tongue and as I pulled her lips apart with my fingers my mouth filled with a stream of sticky, white metallic tasting juice. I pulled my tongue from inside her and licked her lips and as she let go of her clit a huge squirt of hot fluid filled my mouth and covered my face.

A Pee Lust Story Ch. 02

fetish GirlWithBoots 2018-02-09

As the last spurts of urine dripped out of his working hand, he heard the moaning drop in tone, become more like groans of pain, more rhythmic, ripping from her and he knew that she was close. He felt, for only the third time, that gushing cum, ejaculating all over his hand and wrist and his fingers inside pushed harder, over and over, milking it from her as her cunt spasmed around his fingers. Her whole body seemed to melt and become boneless and he stood, pulling her up against him, one hand gripping her ass, the other around her shoulders.

The Harem Slave Ch. 19

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-02-04

The bitch actually likes it!" He reached up and crudely smeared Sophie's juices across her lips. "Now I like to see a bitch squirt some piss," he said, "but I'd rather see her squirt some pussy juice. There was a brief whining noise, and suddenly Sophie felt something nudge at her dripping pussy. Sophie's pussy stretched wider this time, easily accommodating two inches of big, fake dick. It pulled back further too, coming completely out of Sophie's pussy before pounding back in. Would you like to sniff my ass, you little bitch?" Sophie pushed harder and harder, fucking his ass with her tongue. When the last few drops spurted from his dick, he pulled away, and Sophie's tongue popped out of his ass.

Smoke in the Air

fetish Lostinsmoke 2018-01-29

My cock began to grow and twitch at the sight of Dawn taking deep inhales and blowing the smoke into the air. Dawn was taking long drags off of her cigarette and was blowing the smoke down into my face as I tongue fucked her. I grabbed Dawn by the throat and whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck your ass, my smoking hot whore." I removed my cock from Dawns pussy and licked her asshole to get it ready for my cock. Dawn screamed out in pain and I grabbed her by her throat again and began choking her, telling her to "Take my cock in your ass." Dawn continued to smoke her cigarette and would take longer drags the deeper I drove my cock into her pussy.

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 03

fetish Sodomite 2018-01-25

I thought about it long and hard for a while and decided on a letter telling her that I was a person from a nearby neighborhood and one night out jogging I caught a glimpse of her naked body, as she was walking around her house, through a window as I passed by. It was a beautiful sight, my gorgeous neighbor rubbing her now sopping pussy, while trying to jam a huge plug into her tight ass. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and pain now as the plug stretched her ass to the limit and her hand fingered her hungry hole for all she was worth. Soon I saw her body jerk a little and I knew that the plug had just popped into her ass.


fetish English Lady 2018-01-22

"I bet you're enjoying it too." He pushes my thighs apart with one big soft hand then runs the fingers up my inner thigh until he connects with my wet lips. The words seem to egg him on and he moves harder and faster, making the sofa creek as he braces himself against the arm, pressing himself ever deeper inside of me and I can sense he is getting ever closer, harder and faster he fucks, hammering me back against the arm, my breasts and rounded tummy bouncing, my head thrown back , my mouth in a constant ooooh of pleasure. Sitting back he runs his eyes over me and I get an extra shot of passion and slip my hands down over my hiked up skirt to my lightly hair scattered pussy.

My BBW Encounter Ch. 01

fetish rpfs 2018-01-18

I said I wanted a MILF, a cougar, someone into all sorts of kinky shit without being specific. Most of the time I was disappointed, either gay guys looking for a quick fuck or scammers looking to add an email address to their collection. When I glanced down at my phone to see who had emailed me, I felt myself stiffen immediately. Repulsed at the thought of fucking a whale, I read the rest, positive I wasn't going to respond. I closed the email and went back to work, disappointed that my fantasy girl hadn't messaged me. My mind immediately went back to the email. Melissa: "So tell me what sort of kinky things you're in to, Ryan."

A Disgraceful Slut

fetish Mailman421 2018-01-10

My hands were massaging, slapping her bare arse as she sucked hard, and the cabby then turned one hand back to us and started groping one of her tits! The perversity was overwhelming for us both as I pulled my cock out and she kept vomiting, her legs splayed and soaked in her juices and piss, her body slouched against my car, her exposed tits covered in her own vomit and mouth slime. Bending her over the kitchen table facing the glass, she had a perfect reflection of her abused and filthy body to look at as I began to slap her arse and nuzzle my cock against her protruding cunt.