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On Display: A Mannequin Fetish

fetish Chameleongirl 2018-10-29

"I didn't bring one, but I'll be happy to email it if you'd like." The store clerk seemed pleased by Michelle's enthusiasm and eagerness, though in taking a careful look at her appearance, it did not seem that she would be a good fit for such a specialized boutique. "It's good to see you here Michelle," said Cecilia, the lady with the angled short black hair, now wearing a long red sweater dress that appeared to be cashmere. In a lavender floral print dress and dark purple heels, Michelle confidently admired her display work as a very attractive couple entered the store; a man and a woman in their mid-twenties.

The Red Couch

fetish Ransome 2018-08-23

Lauren was weighed down with piles of jeans and looking through the sales racks at Stacy's when it occurred to her that she had to pee. She set the pile of jeans on the couch and rushed to the middle stall only to recoil from the unflushed and ghastly mess she found. She was startled to find herself aroused and was just reaching a hand between her legs to enjoy the wetness but just then the door burst open and a woman walked in. The woman went into the middle stall, unfazed, and Lauren slid a finger over her clit. Just as the woman was going out the door she noticed Lauren's pants around her ankles, scowled and rushed out.

Play The Misty Flute For Me

fetish cowpoke68 2018-03-03

The asst manager saw me and introduced us telling Misty that she would be seeing me again because i was in and out of the stores all the time working. In a little bit i heard the door open and misty walked in and said she needed to restock the cooler and would she be in my way. A few days later I got a work order for door bell problems at her store. Then one day i get this call from Misty and she is now manager of a smaller less busy store on the edge of town and she seemed to be having some problems with her milk getting warm.

d***k Meeting?..Exactly

fetish AboveAverage20 2018-02-27

Last Summer I Was Walking Down to the Store to buy a pack of smokes, when this lady; She looked like she was at least 25 years old, and d***k, asked me if i needed a ride (There is a bar halfway between my house and the corner store) It was raining so i agreed to let her give me a ride (With caution in my mind because of her Alcohol level) So we got to the store and she let me out..blah blah i did my thing. 15 minutes of small talk pasted till we got to my street, but i started feeling something in my stomache, i told her to turn left but instead she kept going straight..into the school parking lot..

Store Dick

fetish Hubee 2018-01-08

Each cubicle has a well hidden camera and shoppers can be watched on screens in the upstairs office – something the store manager seems to spend way too much time doing. Outside the dressing rooms is the area I call 'Sad City', because it is where the husbands and boyfriends wait whilst their partners try on the clothes. I take up my usual position - beside the entrance to the stockroom - and try to look like a husband waiting for his wife - but watching the 'targets' at the same time. The camera is full of pictures of the woman in front of me flashing in the shopping precinct outside the store.

The Junk Store

fetish jacksgirl 2018-01-05

Then as I turned the corner in the back of the store, kind of bumped into a little old man. "I mean, I probably do need it but don't know anybody who would do that for me..." my voice just kind of trailed away. He came back to where I stood, picked up the paddle with one hand, and took my arm with the other hand, leading me to where the counter made an L in the back of the store. He just kept it up until it felt like it would never end. "Oh, yes, I knew she'd be nice and wet!" He kept stroking my pussy until I felt myself come all over his fingers.

The Weekend Slave Ch. 03

fetish cybergirlsex 2017-11-10

I laid it out for you on the bed." Ryan curiously ventured into her room and was dismayed at what he found: a pair of hopelessly threadbare denim short shorts, a black lacy thong, and one of Anna's t-shirts, a small hot pink number that read "Fuck Me" in bejeweled black letters across the front. By the time Anna ventured back to the dressing rooms, leading the new male clerk by his tie, the salesgirl had given Ryan a handjob leading to an erection of massive proportions. He humped Paul's hand until Paul finally let go, instead grabbing Ryan's hips and pulling him back onto Paul's cock as Paul started to cum.