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Anything For Georgetown Part three

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-20

Sometimes they touch me the way I want them to, but other times … it’s like they’re not listening.” He’d had to make his way down a sidewalk on a street lined with frat houses, and crawl a block, while he crawled through each of his brother’s legs, and got a smacking from each and every one of them. Houlihan slid out the bottom drawer and took out a smaller version of the paddle he’d been nailed with by the frat guys and laid it on the desk. So she got the car for her sixteenth birthday, even though he was the oldest; he’d had to walk to his part time job in high school until he had saved up for a battered sub-compact.

Anything For Georgetown (part eight--Houlihan finds out Monica danced at a party.)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-19

Monica looked behind her. Nick had asked her about the gun during their phone call, and she’d said yes, but she never thought he’d have to bring it out. Monica spent the rest of Christmas vacation brooding a bit. Blake had called him over Christmas break in a shaky voice, telling him he wasn’t going to keep an eye on Monica anymore. He explained how Monica wanted his silence, but that he couldn’t guarantee what any of the other 29 boys would say. He admitted he was looking for an exchange, either money or sex, but … well, Monica had left with her bodyguard. Houlihan thought something was up, but didn’t press it. I swear!” Now, Monica really wasn’t looking good.

Anything For Georgetown (Part seven--Monica entertains--and gets blackmailed)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-12

Usually she looked forward to these dance parties, as a form of making money and expressing herself, but she’d never done a party this big. She’d brought her CDs, but sometimes the guys had music they wanted her to dance to. Monica had seen the video for the song, but hadn’t liked Britney’s outfit. For this particular routine, Monica wore a little black velvet dress, stiletto heels, and what looked like diamond jewelry. The man took a picture of the “George” plate with his cell phone, then pulled into the driveway of the house across the street, backed down, and drove off. Blake promised to tip off Houlihan if he heard anything about Monica getting loose again. “Excuse me?” Monica didn’t like where this was going.

Anything For Georgetown (part five, Monica is realizing what she's getting into)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-11

Yes, the thrill of punishing her by giving her the kinky attention the boys didn’t want to give was exciting enough, but Monica was unaware that Houlihan would spread the word that she was to be on her best behavior. But Houlihan wanted her to know that if she wanted to tell Monica how she felt about her, she should do just that—and it would be okay. Monday rolled around, and Houlihan decided he’d speak to Brenda that day, if he could. He’d known a few girls like Brenda, unattractive but they slept with boys anyway, and it didn’t help their popularity. School went on that fall, like usual, except students noticed a quieter Monica O’Toole.

Anything For Georgetown Part two

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-10

Women like Monica would have an easy time of it in life; from wealthy, loving parents to a wealthy, loving husband. Monica was a little surprised when she got the note in Spanish class summoning her to Houlihan’s office after school, if she didn’t have any other obligations. Monica couldn’t imagine Brenda in a nice house twenty-two years from now; she seemed like the type of girl to deny herself the finer things in life, just because she could. Monica could tell Brenda was the kind of girl who thought behaving would earn her brownie points. I figured, ‘hey, why not?’ I know what guys like to look at, and it’s pretty obvious I’ve got it.

Anything For Georgetown (part 10 Monica has some unwelcome news)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-03

As time for college acceptance letters came due, she worried a bit. She’d applied to Georgetown, of course, and the University of Notre Dame (which her parents were a little more pleased about, since it was in-state) as well as Brown University. She had about six places she was waiting on, but her heart was in Georgetown already, and she didn’t know if she’d get there. She’d given it some thought, and she really didn’t want to be with him anymore. They came from different backgrounds, and she normally stayed away from guys like him, but if nothing else, she realized that good people and brilliance come from places you’d least expect it.

Anything For Georgetown (Part six--Monica is asked to entertain at a party)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2018-11-02

He managed to get some guys to pony up for one of Monica’s stripping parties. So Blake was a little surprised that Monica wasn’t interested in doing the party. “I’ve got thirty guys together—Tim Goldsworthy’s parents are taking him to Myrtle Beach for a few days, and he made an extra key to his house. A few of the guys were going to get beer. Nick DelVecchio wasn’t happy that she hadn’t done any parties this fall. If word got back to him that she turned down a 3,000 party … And what would Houlihan say? I don’t know who’s all going to be there.” As she hung up, Monica felt a sense of foreboding.

Strip Tease

fetish rrspence2002 2018-10-04

And for 5 days, Ross and Jonni enjoyed total relaxation, stimulation and arousal as they explored the sauna, the Jacuzzi, the Greenhouse and gardens and the surrounding area from the boat that was moored off the Gazebo. The second time they explored the gardens, Jonni slipped a bottle of rubbing and loving oil into her shorts. Hopping and heel-toeing to keep her balance, she whispered to Ross that "this is much more satisfying when it is your hand here but right now, you are just going to have to wait your turn." She began peeling her pant down from her waist after unwrapping her stump from its pocket and kicking it a few times.

A Succubus' Curse

fetish Rett 2018-08-06

I don't know, I mean..." She paused and took a breath, "Can you make me irresistible or not?" she said with a little more confidence, however it was evident that the woman had noticed her fear. It was only the instant Jess realised what exactly the succubus was gazing at when the swelling snapped back into action, only that she wasn't getting taller this time, but swelling from a different part of her body. The front of Jess' shirt opened up like a pair of curtains, displaying her swollen, round tits in full view of the woman's satisfied eyes. The feeling of arousal was becoming more powerful now, and when Jess was hit by a wave of hot, sticky pleasure, it knocked her head down, arching her back and hands on her knees as she strained against the attack.


fetish Ha275 2018-07-12

Fred knew Audrey would be bogged down by the weight of her curves on a petite body but as he was planning it all out with thoughts about fucking her like crazy if she gave the initiative, she immediately tackled him and launched him on the bed. The former shook his head but that made Audrey angrier because she thought of it as sign of Fred wanting to rub his face in her mound more than an answer. Fred could only grumble and got himself a hard on instantly when Audrey started shaking her behind on his face. But just as Fred went to kiss Audrey's neck, she grabbed his head and wrapped her legs around his body.


fetish Pookiegirl 2018-05-17

A sudden 'snip' sound, the first button has been clipped from my blouse and the blunt side of the scissor blade slides downwards, parting the two sides of the fabric, seeking the next button...and the next...there are 6 altogether. The scissors are open, the blunt side of the lower blade touching me just above the band of my knickers, the blades gape a little, holding my eyes. Master slides the upwards, still open, until the blade burrows under the narrow band of fabric between my bra cups. He slides his fingers back under the edge of the cups again, as he did before, reaching downwards for my nipples, brushing them briefly before he withdraws his hands again.

My First CFNM Night Ch. 01

fetish JacobGoody 2018-05-05

My heart was in my throat, and I couldn't believe I was about to strip naked and submit to a room full of women I didn't know. Three of the men were at least a decade or two older than me, stockier, hairier, with thick cocks and unruly bushes, a tall well muscled fellow with dark black skin and a slender uncut penis stood beside Mistress Nadine wearing leather gauntlets on his wrists looking displeased. I looked up at the women and the men, hooked my thumbs in the elastic waistband of my shorts, and slowly pulled them off across my thighs, and over my feet, kicking them to the side, standing up straight, exposed for all to see.

Naked Souls Ch. 02

fetish Tara_Neale 2018-04-12

Because before she could change her mind, Linda had brought up an app on her phone and purchased a plane ticket to the city where Josh went to college. She had not managed to work up the nerve all day long to even answer a single one of Josh's dozen or more messages. Linda unconsciously licked her lips as Josh continued to push the briefs lower until he could kick them free. But she would have never thought she would actually have the guts to purchase a plane ticket on the spur of the moment and travel almost a thousand mile to meet a much younger man that she did not really 'know.' She certainly would have thought herself capable of commanding that young man to strip naked for her.

Daring Dice

fetish Skitty 2018-03-25

Lady Anne was desperately curious about a game called "Daring Dice." All she knew about it was that her brother, Lord Matthias, played with some of the servants, and none of them would tell her a thing about it. There was short, red-headed Claire, one of the upstairs maids, Rebecca, a long-legged blonde girl who worked in the kitchen, Stephanie, the quiet, brown-haired girl who tended the vegetable garden, and Lucy, a vivacious blonde who delivered milk and eggs from the village. "Good girl, Steph!" said Lord Matthias. As Lord Matthias and the girls scrutinized her intently, she was sure they were passing judgement on her mismatched under-attire, a beige-colored brassiere and a rather worn pair of blue panties. "Well, girls, it looks like we have a winner," said Lord Matthias.

Sherry's Test Ch. 03

fetish PolyVoyeur 2018-03-06

You are going to stand before each of your colleagues, slowly pull down your panties and ask your colleague to take a good look at your pussy. Sherry flushed with embarrassment as she, for the first time and unfortunately not the last time, peeled down her panties to expose her beautiful pussy adorned by a trim landing strip. Mike relished looking at Sherry peeling down her panties slowly and she almost smiled at him with the knowledge that other than nudie bars, this was not an experience Mike was going to get with an attractive woman. "Please look at my pussy, Harvey" said Sherry as casually as possible. Finally, her assigned task came to an end and Sherry looked at Roberts and glanced at clock hinting an end to the session.

Teacher's Own Punishment

fetish Debtor42 2018-01-07

Each girl fulfilled her part, Kwan had swiped a bottle of vodka from her parents heavily filled liquor cabinet, Emma had gotten her brother to get her a packet of 20 Marlborough lights (to avoid any suspicion that she would be using them out for weed later on) and Caity had scored some weed from the local pot head in town, each of the contraband was hidden in the confines of their school bags. Emma was next in line, this time though, she was told to lift her skirt slowly herself, then put her hands back, with a few sharp breaths she started to pull it up but stopped short of her thighs.