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The Season To Remember Part 2

fetish Jakie837 2018-12-04

I exchanged words with Reece and Shayla, who were both already in bras and panties and getting ready to climb into bed, before undoing my belt, dropping my pants on the floor next to the bed, and climbing in. "Good night everyone." Reece said, turning off the lights. "Shayla, Taylor, come with me." Reece said, dragging them into the living room. "We get off school on most game days." Reece told me, and I sighed with relief. "Whatcha lookin at Jakie?" Called Reece, putting her arm around my shoulders and walking in sync with me. "You should come and visit us in our room after practice." Taylor said, and Reece nodded. "Hey Jakie." Called Aedan as I headed into the boys dressing room.

The Device

fetish profx 2018-07-17

"Toilet boy?" I thought myself as her pussy juices began running down my cheeks. "I want you to come, Toilet Boy! Then, as if remembering something important, she brought her right hand up to my mouth and firmly held it open. While I was going down on you, I called you Toilet Boy, and that's what I want you to be. I don't know why, but there was nothing I wanted more than to serve as Taylor's toilet! Her feet were quite malodorous this morning, so I'd imagine it's going to be quite severe after they get all sweaty from running. Before you eat all the gross contents of my sweaty socks, I want you to clean my feet with your tongue.

Sorority Slave Auction

fetish Chrs_Straight 2018-04-23

Erin’s new owner pushed his way to the edge of the stage and tried to help the frightened, naked woman step down from the dance floor. As if on cue, as soon as Erin’s feet were on the floor, some guy next to her pinned her hands behind her back, while her new owner grabbed her tits and began mauling them roughly. Just warming Taylor up for you is all.” He punctuated this statement by slapping Taylor’s tits harder enough so that they began to turn bright red. With her hands held behind her back, Taylor was fair game for a few horny guys who reached out and groped her before David got her out of the room. David actually liked the fact that he’d bought a girl that everyone wanted to fuck.

A night to remember

fetish Ajdj0403 2018-04-23

I pulled my shorts down and stood up by her chest and face and start stroking my dick as I play with her tits with my other hand. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "You know, that wasn't very nice of me stopping you before you finished, I can at least help you with that before I go to bed." With all the talking I didn't realize my dick was still hard as a rock. She quickly grabs it and strokes me faster, putting the tip of my dick to her lips as I bust my load, filling her mouth up with my cum and a little on her hands.

Sarah's Cabin Adventure

fetish mv1205 2017-12-31

Taylor and Kari turned around to see what has happening and started laughing as Sarah lost her balance and her books fell to the floor. Sarah started to get up but Michelle pushed her hard and she fell back into the toilet seat, as Kari and Taylor held her down. "That's on low, I think you can take more..." Michelle turned it up a notch, and watched Sarah begin to scream and moan louder, squirming more and more, the mixture in her diaper and the strong vibrations both driving her wild, until she reached orgasm and started shaking and trembling. Michelle and Kari left the room and came back a while later to find Sarah asleep on Taylor's lap.

The Neighbor

fetish jeb22 2017-11-06

Tom's hand moved up and down his cock as his eyes took in Taylor's nylon clad legs and followed them up to her thighs and found himself hoping for a glimpse of a little more. Taylor looked down at him one last time, patted his head and slid her hand down to his chin and lifted his face up to look at her," Don't worry baby, I won't say a word about this," and then walked out of the room which was followed shortly after by the opening and closing of the front door signaling her exit from the house.