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The Secret is out? (part 2)

fetish graham397 2018-03-02

By the looks of your little erection, so far so good baby", she teased while I continue massaging her feet. After 20 minutes of Mistress Sarah's sly remarks, and my massaging her feet and shoulders, she pushed off and said, "wank for me, you little pathetic stroker!". "Little one, how badly do you want to cum?!" she teased, whilst stroking my inner thigh, watching with glee my penis bounce about with anticipation. "How much do you want me to grasp your penis and take you right here and right now?!" she says stroking my inner thigh, her touch making me twitch for release. Quickly responding, "Yes Mistress!" She slaps my ass and hurries upstairs.

Chastity Experiment Ch. 01

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-02-27

"You can kiss my boots all you like, but I won't be letting you out of that chastity cage," she said eventually. Her feet were mere inches from my face, and I couldn't help but pick up the musky scent of sweat and pantyhose, further causing my cock cage to twitch uncomfortably. "I guess you just really need to think about how you're going to deal with that cock cage day and night for the next thirty days, especially with me around constantly teasing you with my hosiery and boots. "We'll start with this initial thirty days so I can get what I need for my research, but who knows where it'll go from there?" Holly said in her cute little voice, allowing me to taste and smell her feet while she continued to work.

The Secret is out?

fetish graham397 2018-02-23

I've been in a stable relationship for six months with a beautiful girl, called Sarah. I feel like crap that I don't turn you on, that I'm not good enough for you," Sarah raged, "I'm so pissed off!" "Do you WANT me to be your Mistress, little one? Because I thought you pathetic enough to submit, I prepared some rules, especially, for you, Graham. I am a good Mistress, little one." She said with an evil smile. "Yes, Mistress Sarah!" I replied. Even I am not used to such power, in our relationship and must also learn the ways of being your Mistress," she said, with a dawning realization and a smug smile that was to become a common fixture on her beautiful face.

Sex Therapy

fetish footlover95 2018-02-23

As I was picking up her sandal I closed my eyes and inhaled as quietly as I could, the beautiful aroma of her delicious succulent pale white toes. I placed her sandal on her feet and just as I was getting up she said, I lifted her feet and press it against my face and inhaled loudly twice, whilst letting out loud moans in between. Streams of cum shot into the air and landed on my stomach and her feet, as I let out a loud grunt and moan. she pressed one foot hard against my balls and cock and said "You've told me that you’ve always wanted to be dominated by a women, knows your chance.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 03

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-02-22

And she knew I couldn't help myself but listen to them with my cock all locked up, being dressed up in a sissy corset and nylons, listening to them having sex knowing I had no way of getting myself off. "Oh God, I can't...I can't...It feels so good, but it's so huge...it hurts, but don't stop, please, I can do it, please, let me feel your cock deep inside my tight ass," she kept saying. "Sounds like your problem since I'm going to fuck your brains out until you can hardly talk," her bull of a boyfriend said. There was a surge of intensity after he said this as they both moaned loudly, her because the humiliation was just what she wanted and for him, because she obviously was working her tongue a little extra in anticipation.

Hannah G Marketing Back To Work (Part 3)

fetish footlover95 2018-02-14

“You make two sales today and I’ll let you do anything with my feet when you get back to the office.” She saw the smile on my face and said, “I’ll take that as a yes, come on the meeting going to start in a little while.” Amy started to giggle as well, she then place her feet on the table in front of me and said, “Go on then suck my big toe, or I’ll make you cum in your pants, I’ll love to see you explain that to Hannah." Before we entered the office Amy stopped and said, “If you ever want to play with my feet again you won’t tell Hannah about it understood, whist grasping my cock.” I just moaned and nodded.

The Tease

fetish kaotik1 2018-02-13

You roll your head back with pleasure as I begin to suck and lick my way around your nipples through your blouse leaving a wet mark where my mouth was. Then after a couple of minutes you feel my cock twitching inside your pussy as I’m trying to push my cock in deeper, but you caught on and quickly dismounted from my aching cock and balls. You begin pulsing your pussy muscles trapping my sensitive cock head in your moist wet pussy knowing the feeling is driving me insane. You must be able to read minds because she stopped sucking on my cock and just worked it with her hand then let go again.

Sarah's Friend

fetish LarsKaiden 2018-02-08

Only this time, she didn’t hold her knees together so tightly, but instead let them widen slowly until she was sitting cross-legged with her raised skirt and a full view of her white panty-covered crotch. It only took a few seconds for me to recall the events of the evening, tugging at my shaft with fury and literally exploding as I thought of Nadia in her little white panties. I was breathing heavily from the shock of having been woken up so suddenly, but after a moment I calmed down - realizing that it was Nadia - and started to enjoy the sweet musky smell of her panties.

Dominique - Her place

fetish Satyr 2018-02-07

“The longer you take to get out of those wet clothes, the more water you are going to have to mop off my floor.” She said. “Ok, so put your clothes in the dryer.” She said and motioned with her eyes to the small closet at the end of the kitchen, “And get the mop out and clean my floor.” Dominique's little body shuddered and she thrust her pussy against me several times in quick succession. Dominique pressed into me and with her orgasm finished, she could focus just on pushing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. I stepped into the water and looked at Dominique's nude body.

Driving Mrs. Tandy Chapter 3

fetish Heel 2018-02-04

Her hand felt soft and warm in his. “You were so kind to me,” she said and smoothly withdrew her hand. “I didn’t want to offend you,” he said, drowning in her green eyes. He started wringing his hands, and then said: Her eyes bulged and her good hand shot up to stop him. “Yes, but I can control my craziness,” he said and smiled. “What are you doing?” she asked, turning her eyes down in a futile attempt to see his hands. He took his hand back, then looked anxiously at her pale face. She just took his hand and placed it on the cast. “It feels good,” she said, moaning softly.

Summer Wine

fetish the_lady_of_shalott 2018-01-30

She moved her hips rhythmically and every time just when she was about to let her body drop on his lap she was moving away very quickly. Then she pulled away and watched him suffer with a cunning glow in her cat-like eyes. The metal of the handcuffs around his painfully heated skin felt almost like a brand with hot iron. "You know you want it!" She dug her nails in his thighs as she sucked on him very lightly, so much as to feel the salty taste of his cock on her lips. But the fragrance that streamed on his face when he felt her getting so close finally made his head spin and put him under the spell of lust coming from the inside.

Lifeguard Training, All Tied Up

fetish michaelthomas 2018-01-30

She hauled the leg end of the board up, and I tried my best to look at the ceiling, rather than straight down my body, over my growing cock and into Laurie’s cleavage. Jessica had ensured that one of the straps had covered my aching cock this time, which saved the embarrassment as Becky's firm chest leant against me as she reached over to tie a strap, but it wasn't helping the frustration. She struggled a little bit with the ropes and needed help pulling across the straps from Jessica – who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to push her chest and Alexandra’s onto me. She pulled herself on top of me, and slowly dropped her swimsuit-covered pussy onto my cock, the fabric still wet from the pool.

Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 02

fetish chastity_sissy 2018-01-29

The Ex wasn't answering my calls so I decided to say screw it and go to the gym despite my chastity situation. Then, as if by some sixth sense, I began to notice each and every female in visible distance, especially the hot brunette in the row in front of me wearing only tight spandex shorts and sports bra "Can I get you anything?" I asked approaching her table, my cock instantly trying to produce a spontaneous erection that was hindered by my tight little cage. You look like you just got punched in the balls," Kara said. I didn't realize wearing a chastity device would mean no longer standing up to pee unless my cock was aligned just right with the opening at the end.


fetish Cinner 2018-01-29

She cried but he didn't care, he held them like a vise and squeezed them until they were both painfully empty and she was breathing raggedly, begging him to stop; alternatively between declaring her innocence and desire only to take advantage of the unusually good weather and promising that she had learned her lesson. All the time he did this he held her naked form still, pressed up against his own fully clothed body, by massaging her firm round ass, squeezing it, kneading it like dough, slapping it, slipping his fingers between the cheeks to tease the hole to her anus and dig insistently into her tunnel.

Foot Slave Ch. 04

fetish msgrant67 2018-01-19

For the first couple of months, he got released from his belt multiple times per week, Phoebe and I would alternate taking care of him, and sometimes even do it together. Almost as soon as he entered her though, Phoebe faked that she thought that she had heard something and made him stop; then she got dressed, instructed him to as well, and they left the dressing room. I stepped into the doorway and whispered, just loudly enough to be heard, "Paulie, I feel bad about our fight, if you can come right now to my room, you can have me, but you need to hurry and be quiet because I don't want Phoebe to hear."

JD, Punish Me!

fetish celestija 2018-01-17

I would love nothing more than to suck your cock, and feel you fucking my ass like the naughty little whore I am, but I will do anything you ask of me. He watched as the girl slowly stripped in front of him, her hands lingering over her breasts, fingers gently circling her nipples until they stood hard once again. When he thought this chick might actually be starting to get off on her ass fucking JD picked up the pace and started thrusting as hard as he possibly could, one hand wrapped firmly around each of her tits so she couldn't move too far.

Inches Away

fetish jacketjack 2018-01-08

"Um, yeah, sure," Jack said as he let his eyes fall to Vanessa's blouse. "So look, Jack, I want you to stop worrying about this thing, okay? Jack didn't know what to do with himself but he knew Vanessa was right next door with another man. He heard the man push Vanessa right up to the door. Take it all in, dirty girl." Jack heard the muffled slurping sounds as Vanessa eagerly sucked off the stranger. Here it comes," Jack heard, and he turned away and sat on the bed as the man emptied himself into Vanessa. "Yes, Jack, I know you like it," she said as she reached back and squeezed his crotch.

Teen Teasing with Her Panties

fetish Treated2 2018-01-04

Every time I sampled those pink panties, wondering if she'd been wearing them while we were talking, my mind went in circles. "Would you like to give it a little kiss before you hide it away?" She placed one delicate hand on the back of my head and pulled it towards her. After the mothers had left, Amy looked at me with a very serious expression, and stepped slowly towards me, not stopping until her breasts were touching my chest and her face was inches from mine. She pulled my face to hers, and slipped her sweet little tongue inside my mouth, licking and sucking mine as I shuddered with the last of my orgasm.

The Gift

fetish stateofdenial 2017-12-29

I could still feel you looking at me as I spied the phallic shaped metal cage, adorned with a small lock and key. and pleasure me very good if you want to even get hard again." You bite your lip and toy with the key as you continue. I want to see my caged tiger." You pull away and slide out of the car, looking over your shoulder you saunter towards the front door. Thinking of nothing but how little separates you from my naked body and how much separates my wet pussy from your aching, horny shaft." You accent your explicit words know how much it gets me going to hear you talk dirty.

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 07

fetish k4d0h1 2017-12-27

"Maybe I could return the kiss?" I said marveling at her thighs and where the fabric of her thin tight shorts accentuated her great thick pussy lips. But hadn't readily a good response to keep me from pursuing as she knew I loved sucking her pussy only half as much as she enjoyed the experience herself. I wanted to feel my small dick and know she would acknowledge as even smaller than before after my clean yet sloppy seconds. I loved the idea she was talking to some big dicked ex lover and enjoying the tease. "It's fine but honey, your dick is really small, love you and all but seriously," she laughed.

Tease Ch. 02

fetish Ms_Jane 2017-12-21

But I don't think you will, you like to be forced, just a little, trying to control your gag reflex, drooling and struggling for breath, your arse filled with a buzzing vibe, your throat full of my cock. Such a slut you are and so fucking gorgeous, particularly like that, cock streaming pre-come, body rigid, your arse flexing and moving around my fingers. Loving the frantic way you try to resist or control or restrain yourself, wanting to come so much but also wanting to prolong the moment or moments forever, every nerve twitching, your cock a hard throbbing mass of feeling that draws together everything from your head to your toes.

The Key, The Pepsi, The Chastity

fetish bawdybloke 2017-12-19

Her passionate grunts clear that she was lewdly enjoying his thick veiny cock stretching her filled cunt. I wanted to hold her as he drove her into a gasping climax, feeling the passionate quivers of her muscles as her fiery body shivered with saturated lust. I wanted to taste her passionate desire for her male co-star as he elicited fervid whimpers from the young slut. Horrid humiliating laughs, as my mouth sucked at her pussy and swept over her slick cunt. I heard the clink of bottles as she adjusted her rump on my face, enjoying a few laughs with friends, with drinks, while I pleasured her. She giggled, kissing the key in the heave of her bosom, smiling at her alpha male friends shaking their heads at me.

Shawna's Wedding Night

fetish rick_oh 2017-12-18

"Oh my gosh, you don't have any self control," Shawna said as he came out of his deep immersion into intercourse. Shawna, of course, knew several things she could tell her new husband that would help his self control, but she decided to go slowly with her advice. She loved having her sperm-filled cunt lapped and sucked on after intercourse, but she also liked the idea of him struggling with his self control and being able to wait until she said the magic words, "You may ejaculate." An hour later that night, she invited him inside her, and told him that he was to lick her pussy clean after intercourse every time during their honeymoon.

Little Miss Cock Tease

fetish SexyLynnea 2017-12-18

While Missy and I got situated at a table and ordered some drinks, my eyes scanned the room. I spotted a shy guy with his friend sitting at the very end of the bar in the dim light. I walked over to his end of the bar to order my third drink and lightly brushed my arm against his. I propped my left foot on the toilet seat and began to finger my pussy. I slide my finger to my clit and began to rub it in wild little circles. You want to come home with me and fuck me all night long? Then I stopped and said I needed to get a condom, Missy had them in her purse.