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Fun Size

fetish runtz4 2018-09-12

"Look, I'll make you a bet, if you're bigger than this candy bar," Janet said holding up a fun sized Snickers, "I'll give you a blow job, and we'll be sure to convince all our friends Angie was just messing with us." "I think you lost more than the bet, dude." James smiled a little disgusted and a little turned on at the thought of Angie sucking his dick. "I think you'd rather have tiny little penis and be made fun of than to have a big, hard, pleasurable cock." She continued to taunt me, as she jerked James's cock in her hand. Angie on my right, Janet to my left and James directly behind me, I grabbed my dick and jerked it.

A Dog's Life Ch. 04

fetish Compliant1 2018-08-23

"It's true that I had sex with Danny, and I want you to know that I will take a lover if and whenever I feel like having a real man inside me. This was the first time Gretchen acknowledged that everything she made me do all summer revolved around dogs. Well, since you've spent the entire summer as a dog and you want to remain as my pet dog, there is only one thing left to complete your training." This is going to sound strange, considering all of the humiliating, emasculating tasks and punishments I experienced that summer, but I knew that the act she wanted me to perform would seal her dominance over me.

Caught in Panties Ch. 02

fetish pantyperv 2018-08-18

"So...what is your name again?" I was going to lie, but Tammy quickly chimed in and said, "His name is Mike, but we're thinking of coming up with another pet sissy name for him since he likes wearing panties. The sales girl took my cock in her soft little hand and I thought I would explode right there. "Well seeing as how you have been having so much fun with your panties I thought it was time for me to start enjoying my end of the bargain." I felt a sick feeling in my stomach because I knew that that meant she was planning on taking another man's cock later in the week.

Oh Fiona Ch. 03

fetish TheRainmaker 2018-03-29

Just." She places one hand on my chest and once again leans in to whisper in my ear, "I bet your little dick will look so cute in one of my thongs." Her hands finally come to a rest on either side of my hips, and her face is but a few inches from my swollen member. "Tom, honey, dear, it's miniscule." She says as she holds up her thumb and index finger -- the international symbol of a small penis. "This has to be the smallest penis I've ever seen." Fiona says before reaching out a hand to grasp it. She slowly brings her hand so that it is between both our faces, all the while holding my gaze.

A Trip to the Nurse's Office

fetish littleerection 2018-03-21

I dropped my pants for her once, and she just laughed at me, mocked me, took a picture of me naked and showed it to all her friends, and then broke up with me. She then held it up next to my stub, and used her other hand to take a picture of my small penis hitting slightly below the 2 ½ inch line. Rachael then took a chart out of her bag, and it was a penis size chart! "Now, this chart will tell you where you stand as a male" said Nurse Rachael, "Now, there's no category for you, since your below three inches in length, which is as small as the chart goes.

From Gloryhole Peegasm to Shemale

fetish billyrobey 2018-03-17

Actually I think he said something like, "hey, let me suck your dick." Recently I had let some weird, slightly older guy watch me jerk off. Eventually I shot tons of cum all over the video monitor which was an inch or 2 higher then my cock level. The way his mouth was stimulating my cock head gave me a weird feeling. This poor guy probably also got a squirt of just plain pee in his mouth. I got hard again which was more embarrassing than shrinking down and retracting into a mangina (vagina) - which is what happens when it's cold and I sit down and lean forward (like when I pee).

Fed Up with Tiny Tom Ch. 03

fetish MildmanInVA 2018-02-18

The weekend rolled around, and my dear wife, Shannon informed me that David would be stopping by for some play time, and that he would be bringing their 28 year old co-worker, Linda Reynolds. After dinner, I was instructed to give David a full body massage as he lay on the carpet, and Shannon and Linda made out and explored each others' bodies on the couch. David only made it a gorgeous threesome as he moved the couch with his muscular tanned body and huge thick cock as he alternately fucked both of the beautiful women. I looked down at my neglected little cock as I watched David's massive tool bring total pleasure to two women and knew I would only be a spectator now to three individuals having control over my life.

Fed Up with Tiny Tom

fetish MildmanInVA 2017-12-30

Just as he finished his last little dribble and flushed the toilet, he was ready to tuck away his meager penis, but Shannon turned to him with her hands on her hips, pissed and fed up. Tom looked at her muscular strong body and knew there was no point in trying to resist or reason with her, and slowly approached her dirty ass. As he approached her opening he could smell the strong scent of female poop, but it wasn't offensive like the shit stains of his undies and as he slowly and nervously began to lick and clean, his tiny dick became aroused to reach his full 3 and ¼ inches.

Humiliated in Thailand

fetish Chartownr 2017-12-11

This time Toi brought his fingers close to my dick and spaced them to show how big it was ( not quite 1 ½ inches I would say and it looked like it was at full mast even though it wasn't). They were obviously contemplating the mechanics of jacking off such a tiny, or should I say nit noi dick, when Toi, Souchai, and Bew came into the shower room. As I walked pass the commons area I heard someone yell, "I hear Nit-Noi's tiny dick likes the fat cock!" I turned to see who it was and I noticed Amy and several stunning Thai women (teachers) lounging and amused.