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My Little Penis and Me Ch. 02

fetish mceh501 2018-11-29

After what she had said I could feel my cock starting to erect itself, but I didn't want my Aunt to know, "Aunt Deborah? I didn't get a good look because the panties were pulled down as well in a split second to reveal my Aunt Deborah's chubby, cottage cheese ass-cheeks. "Don't feel bad little Timmy, not everyone can have a man sized penis like your older cousin Jon. Who knows, you're still young; maybe it'll get a little bigger." She put her left hand on my shoulder, and used just the fingertips of her right hand to slowly massage the sensitive head of my penis.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 01

fetish mceh501 2018-11-18

One day I got an email from an old high school friend, a girl named Zoey, reading, "Hey Tim I haven't seen you in like forever! Back in high school, I heard stories from a few different guys who said she got around, but when I asked her she said she only had sex once, and went down on one of her old boyfriends a couple times. Besides, I think it's kinda cute." I didn't know what to say, I felt so mixed up.I wanted to be angry at her for being so insensitive, but at the same time I realized she was really my only chance of getting laid since most girls didn't like me.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 04

fetish mceh501 2018-11-11

That's weird, I don't know why there would be...." I realized in my head: They must the underwear I wore last night after Jon fucked me. I know one day you'll find a girl who doesn't have a big sexual appetite, and she will adore your little penis." She was talking loudly, I think other people in the restruant could hear us, which was embarrasing. "Yeah," I said, not wanting to talk about Jon anymore. Standing there naked she said, "By the way, I asked Jon about what happened to both of yours' underwear, and he said he wasn't sure. and now he's gonna make Zoey a slut for his big cock just like me!!!" I could feel my orgasm building.

Slumber Party

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-09-21

On a Friday night, In an average suburban town, Holly, Rachel, Karen and Mindy were having a slumber party. "I've got a story to tell, its about John Tanners." Rachel announced. "well, you're gonna think I'm being really shallow, but he had a small dick." All the girls chuckled amongst themselves, mostly assuming that Rachel was joking. Let me tell you the story first, then you can judge me." Rachel said. I sat him down, I told him 'its okay' 'nothings wrong' 'don't worry baby' I felt like a mother comforting her newborn baby. After 45 minutes of crying he finally stopped and said something like 'don't tell anyone okay, I'm so sorry, but don't tell anyone'.

Kelly and Lara

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-08-16

It was so incredibly emasculating: Laura on her knees, holding a massive cock with both hands, laughing at my little prick. It's time for me to enjoy a real man." Kelly forced herself between Jeff's legs, pushing Laura out of the way. "Can I ask you a question?" she said to me "I guess so." I said, looking over at Jeff's huge dick being worshipped by Kelly, wishing mine was big and strong and manly. She then took my tiny cock completely in her mouth, my little ding-dong was screaming with pleasure, and I kept looking at Jeff's massive veiny penis as Kelly engulfed it. Laura reached over and with her left hand, she joined Kelly in worshiping Jeff's cock.

Gina's Gym

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-06-14

Brad knew he wasn't a 'big' man below the belt, he always avoided the showers and places of public nudity. I see right through you, I know you're nothing but talk, and I know you got nothing but hot air in those pants." Her remark caused the entire gym to erupt in laughter. If I win, I want you and all your new friends to take a hike and leave my gym once and for all!!" He was clearly worked up, as he practically shouted his terms. "I'm waiting." She said as several girls joined her in the ring. Brad was crying like a little boy, balling his eyes out. This time she actually did look down, "Nice man pussy." She said.

Allison Sucks 100 Feet of Cock

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-25

"Hi, losers," she said, looking up at the boys, "I just came to tell you that if you ever jerked off to me (and I know you all have) and want me to suck your dick, just come to this address." She pulled a flyer out of her panties. The next fourteen nerds had give or take six inches of cock, which she diligently sucked and let their cum be spewed all over her and roll down her throat and into her stomach. "My bra's on the floor, tiny man," she said, "I'm going to suck a real cock and complete my goal."

Fetish Obsession

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-04-15

I eventually cornered her in between classes and asked her why she hadn't been returning my calls, "Look Danny, I'm sorry but I just don't think we're compatible. What I didn't know was that Karen was having a good time, telling all her friends about my 'little shmackel' as my mother had so eloquently put it. Hurt, I walked away, wondering what on earth would possess her to go out of her way to publicly humiliate me like that. As I jerked it to her image, I began to imagine her laughing about my penis and telling all her friends that I was hung like a peanut.

Oh Fiona Ch. 04

fetish TheRainmaker 2018-03-22

She gives me a knowing smile, "Looks like you're not sorry about that at all.", she makes an exaggerating 'tutting' sound of disapproval, "looks like you LIKE having a tiny babydick which squirts too quick." she smirks. "Admit that you like me making fun of your cute little baby's penis." "Admit that your tiny dicklet is more like a clit, and that you're just a sweet little girl." Now, do you want to tell me how big, sorry, I mean how SMALL it is, or am I going to find out myself?" she says with a naughty twinkle in her eye as she waves the ruler in front of me. Now go on little man, tell the whole world just how pathetically tiny your excuse for penis is.

A Trip to the Nurse's Office

fetish littleerection 2018-03-21

I dropped my pants for her once, and she just laughed at me, mocked me, took a picture of me naked and showed it to all her friends, and then broke up with me. She then held it up next to my stub, and used her other hand to take a picture of my small penis hitting slightly below the 2 ½ inch line. Rachael then took a chart out of her bag, and it was a penis size chart! "Now, this chart will tell you where you stand as a male" said Nurse Rachael, "Now, there's no category for you, since your below three inches in length, which is as small as the chart goes.

Slip Of The Towel

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-03-18

You eventually decide to separate yourself from your colleagues and go in search of a private area where you can relax without being forced to engage in mundane small talk. You look up only to notice three topless girls playing volleyball. Sandy, Chloe and Katrina decide that they have played enough volleyball and decide to take a dip in the water. All this commotion has attracted attention and soon a crowd forms and joins in on the laughter. In shame you run out of there, off the beach back into your hotel room while the crowd continues to laugh at your expense. When you come to, you realize that the sounds of sex have now been replaced by laughter.

The Artist

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-01-01

"The best part of the painting is the penis." She said grinning from ear to ear. I think I'll call this painting 'the frightened turtle'" she let out another giggle as I covered myself once again in utter embarrassment. She couldn't possibly be thinking of showing this in her gallery on Saturday night along with her other paintings. That's what you looked like." She said. I began to think, 'If I hadn't cried like a little sissy bitch, would she still have fucked me?' Probably..... Claudia said hi and Tina went in to shake her hand, "This is a great guy! Thereafter, Claudia spread the rumor that I was the man in the 'frightened little turtle painting'.

Strip Poker Disaster

fetish godoffapping69 2017-12-24

The girls said nothing, but as Tyler sat down I noticed Elena give Alyssa a stunned but excited look. Elena and Bryce were laughing at my small penis and balls as well, and even Tyler (the obvious Alpha-male of the table) joined in laughing at my misfortune. When we stood side by side, you could see the girls face's change between the look of animalistic lust when they gazed at Tyler's throbbing piece of meat, and the look of disgust when they saw my little penis sitting on top of my blueberry-sized balls. Tyler just stood there, hands on his hips, looking at me as the 4 hottest girls at school all competed for opportunities to stroke his throbbing horse-cock.

A Christmas to Remember

fetish MistyMorgan 2017-10-24

So while he was in the kitchen preparing our food and drinks I huddled with Mary, Norma, and Bonnie and we decided when James came out of the kitchen that we would strip him off his pink frilly panties, tease him and play with his little penis. I smiled and said to James, "Now, that a good boy!" The girls liked this and came closer to see his cum emerging from the head of his little cock. James backed a little into it because he likes the way it feels and then he started licking and probing Norma and a tentative Mary started pumping her hips in a rhythm that felt good to her.

Smallest Dick At The Party Ch. 01

fetish lusciouslips55 2017-10-22

When Gary had seen Frank was drunk and barely conscious of his surroundings at the party, he had dragged Jane off to the bathroom and brazenly pulled his cock out. A couple of weeks ago they had made a plan for this night to humiliate her boyfriend, Jane knew it would turn Gary on so she agreed to it. Last weekend his plan had worked perfectly, Jane had to do some persuading but Frank ended up going out with some friends to the club, where he got drunk and in the end slept with Brenda. "That was really pathetic" Brenda said as she pulled her underwear up sniggering, "I couldn't feel your dick and you looked stupid thrusting away like that all focused, as if you had something worthwhile down there"