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...and Butterfly do

fetish Adagio 2018-01-14

She looked just like a doll, she just didn’t talk which wasn’t a bad thing. I just smirked at the customer and then walked over to the doll and put my puny cock into her mouth. I didn't know how I could get my lack of length into the doll's ass. Trying to catch my breath, after freeing my cock from the doll's ass. It felt like five pounds of sausage, as his cock stretched my sphincter. I was looking into the customer’s eyes while I jerked my cock. My cock felt so good in his mouth. Like a wheelbarrow I was moving, one hand in front of the other as they steered me around the room.

Intro to medical fetish

fetish Annie_S 2018-01-04

The new stretching feeling and massaging my g-spot made my pussy gently pulsate around his fingers. He slowly inserted it half way into my ready hole then lingered a little bit, pulling my labia apart with his thumb and index finger then continued to invade me. I wanted him hard, even his balls needed to tighten up nicely for me, so I could play with them and I could restrain them with my little gadget. With his digits still inside me it was a bit difficult to archive a perfect seal, so he told me to keep it firm, while he was pumping the bulb with his left hand and me with his right.

Master Gets What Master Wants

fetish Poppet 2017-12-29

It makes me want to beg for them to be touched, but I’m too wrapped up in what he’s doing to me. I can feel the cool air hit my puckered little hole, making me want to clench my cheeks shut, but he keeps them open. I can feel him bury his tongue deeper inside my ass, the buzzing hard on my clit, my moans howling with the wind. I feel my heart race again; I know he’s finally going to fuck me like a good slut. I feel the winds strong; blowing over us, the heat of our bodies with the mixed coldness of the wind teasing my skin makes me cry through it.

Kitty Girl's Day Out

fetish sprite 2017-12-29

I took a short break, chatting with two of my favorite people here on Lush, my Mistress and Dancing Doll… coming clean about my state, discussing… well, perhaps those topics should be left to the imagination… then, it was time to let go of the last little vestiges of girl-hood, leave that 5% behind and transform into kitty girl –why do I suddenly hear dramatic movie music in my head? Well, she helped me dress, touching up my make-up, making sure my ears were on straight, and telling me what a pretty little kitty I was before sending me home to await my owner which is a story in and of itself, one I may or may not feel compelled to share.

Dessert's On Me

fetish Master_Jonathan 2017-12-27

Closing my eyes and giving myself over to the feelings, I imagined you were nestled between my widespread legs, sliding your wonderful tongue all over my clit and my cunt. Always pour the Coke into the Jack," you had instructed me, "so it mixes properly." When I finish making the drink, I return with it coming up in front of you and kneeling, head down and knees apart, holding the glass out to you. Your hands hold my head firmly as I feel the first hot salty shot hit the back of my throat. I feel your hot cum splashing inside my mouth, coating my teeth and tongue on the way down my throat.

The Chair

fetish hooster1 2017-12-26

She wants to shift to bring that teasing finger closer to the aching center of her womanhood, but the other hand still pins her neck to the wall, making her think twice. This time, she feels the cold, smooth touch of silk as he lets the little end of his tie brush the inside of her thigh, just above the stocking, and against her breast, exposed by her half cup bra. "For disobeying me and wearing panties, I have decided you will have to endure The Chair for 30 minutes." She feels the object between her legs move slightly, then start buzzing.

The Toy Party Accountant

fetish robertkeller 2017-12-23

Sherry instructed the women that this is her "test dummy" She said "He can't see you, fyi" and they all laughed. "Can you breathe through that nose opening?" I said yes but I unzipped the mouth portion and said" Is it ok if I open this?" She said" I was hoping you would." She handed me her freebie dildo and I quickly screwed it on  and laid there waiting for her to mount it. Without hesitation  her asshole flexed around my nose it was so tight, she began to orgasm, and feverishly began pumping that cock as she came, her juices gushed out all over my face.

Slick and Slide

fetish CJMcNally 2017-12-22

Darren wished he could have been able to reach up and grab that arse to hold her cunt over his face until he suffocated from her scent. ‘Oh…..mmmmm.’ Naomi bit her bottom lip as the pressure and explosive wave of euphoric pleasure spread throughout her body. She could tell by the lust crazed stare he gave her that he wanted to prove to her he was a better lay than the wicked device still buzzing away on his head. Yes!’ He cried, and she squeezed his member, pursing her lips together over the head of his cock to the point it hurt a little. Darren threw his head back; writhing in a mixture of pleasure and pain under the diligent administration of her furious hand fuck.

Living Doll

fetish PervyStoryteller 2017-12-19

Trixie climbs on top of me, bouncing up and down on my cock while her husband feeds her his, but all three of us are staring at the machine between Doll’s motionless legs, imagining the slow, steady, relentless thrusts of the dildo inside captive Doll. Cindy soon finds herself being spit-roasted by John and Thomas, who always work together, but all three of them stare at the machine between Doll’s latex thighs, imagining the steady, relentless, unceasing thrusts of the dildo in Doll’s cunt. Doll remains completely still and completely silent, eyes covered where she’d otherwise stare straight at the ceiling as the machine whirrs and the dildo keeps up its inexorable, steady, relentless thrusting.

Home alone

fetish styxx 2017-12-15

The wolf took a step closer, its head coming into the relative light cast by the crack of the door while the rest of its body stayed in the shadows. Jan sat back; placing her palms flat on the floor behind her while the huge animal stepped closer to her, bending its head slightly to lick her throat again, then her shoulders in long lavish passes of its hot tongue. It was an assault on her insides, her labia, her senses and desires; Jan gasped, gritted her teeth, came and pushed back on his cock, driving him deeper, filling her cunt and womb with his rock solid cock in a primal need to feel him impregnate her.

Red Leather Chair

fetish Rain_Lover 2017-11-30

After watching the clip for the ninth time, I need to be touched so bad that I slip off my jeans and knickers and watch people fucking with my wet pussy pushed as hard on the new red leather as I can manage. I plant my shoulders on the seat, throw my legs up over the back of the chair (maximum contact skin on leather) and watch the firelight gleam on my silver vibrator as I stroke it in and out of my pussy. A pussy hole, a slit over my ass, cutaway breast areas with leather straps. My pale skin looks good against the dark red leather. The leather straps over the cut-away breast panels take a long time.

The Mischievous Use of Portal Rings

fetish FieryLion 2017-11-14

After arriving at a quiet area, she sat on a nearby bench, closed her eyes to let the refreshing breeze play with her hair, and pulled out her phone to read. Lin opened her eyes wide and looked at Vina. Vina pulled out her phone and continued reading, but gave up quickly for she couldn't focus. A small glowing blue ring appeared in mid air above her car keys. Mode 3, color green: Allow the user to interact with and interchange matter both ways like a normal portal. To test the various modes, she filled the sink with water, switched to mode 1, and placed the other end of the ring portal under water.

Becky’s New Toy

fetish acman 2017-11-10

I got on there and sent my wife a new dildo with a harness and some other toys. First she would suck on the dildo and play with her pussy for about 5 minutes or so. She would fuck her self with that dildo for about 5 minutes or so pulling it out to suck of her juices and then shove it back in. She did this until she had orgasms about 10 times Then she did something strange. With some lube she lubed up her ass and started sitting on the dildo working it in her asshole. She fucked her ass for about 10 minutes jumping up and down on the dildo. When she got up she started sucking on the dildo.

Stretching Pt. 01

fetish ggerard87 2017-11-08

I still remember the pop my cock felt as it entered her tight little pussy for the first time. I got very good at licking her clit with my tongue, and always did so while inserting a finger into her tight pussy, which would bring her to orgasm. Apparently she was drunker than I thought because the next day she complained that her pussy was sore and said, "We must have had some rough sex last night because I'm sore and I don't really remember what happened." "What did you do to me?" It was part the fact that her pussy being stretched so wide was kind of porn star like and slutty, and part that she had such a huge orgasm while doing it.

A Different Relationship Ch. 01

fetish Newbottombitch 2017-11-03

I wanted to start slow but she held my hand and just slipped forward impaling herself with the vibrator till there was only an inch of it left sticking out of her. She always orgasmed pretty quickly and after a few minutes she started to scream as she came for the first time. I thought about it for a moment but decided that I did not want to upset her again and because I enjoyed the last hour immensely I slowly started to raise her bottom without slipping out of her pussy. After letting you cum inside me I finally decided what I knew all along and that is that I don't want you fucking me anymore.

Out with Aunt Jo Ch. 02

fetish Parthenokinesis 2017-10-26

"Tell us, Betty Anne, " Jo said, "What have you had in your ass bigger than this plug? Jo dropped to her knees and started working the plug into Betty Anne's ass. Jo grabbed Betty Anne by the hair and pulled her toward me, rubbing her face over my cock. Soon enough her mouth found me and Jo's thumb started rubbing harder.Betty Anne moaned and I felt that in my cock as I drained onto her tongue. Betty Anne nodded, bobbing her head on my cock, sucking hard and swallowing. She pulled her thumb from my ass and walked behind Betty Anne, dropped to her knees and pressed against her back. "What do you need, Mr. Jimmy, sir?" Betty Anne asked, looking right into my eyes.

Friends and Toys

fetish Lustyleo 2017-10-25

This time she walked the shorter way to the other side, but before she turned the corner I reached up and pushed the button. I could see her eyes looking to the side towards me, a slight smile upon her lips as she moved her chair to sit, I pushed it again...Another gasp, this time she looked directly at me. Looking at me with alarm in her eyes...I smiled, but no, I did not push the button. Her eyes got big and she leaned towards the Lady...I could read her lips. The Lady had a real concerned look on her face this time. You could see the embarrassment in Carrie's face as she shuddered and tried to explain herself to her new friend.

An Email to My Kinky Lover

fetish sexbot8 2017-10-24

I roughly kiss you and bite your lower lip hard and slip a leash around your neck, and say: "Don't worry, the evening will only hurt a little." You exclaim that your roommates might be home; I don't want to hear your whining so I duct tape your mouth shut. I reach out and hold your dick so when I catch any pre-cum, I make you suck it off my fingers and then tell me how much you like watching. I yank your leash that you're still wearing so your mouth is centimeters away from my tits, and as I grab for purple, you quickly start sucking, licking, lapping, and eating anything finish on my glistening body.

Tied & Teased

fetish tzme_plzme 2017-10-20

I lower my head and begin to lick and suck on your nipples. I bend down and give you a gentle kiss on the lips then turn and leave the room. I come back a few minutes later and without saying a word I pick up the feather and begin to run it all over you. Popping it into my mouth, I lower my head once again and begin to lick and suck your hard nipples. My hand moving slowly up and down, you can see the head of my cock begin to shine from the precum. I lower my head and begin to lick your inner thigh. Inserting 2 fingers in your cunt, I begin to frig your pussy as I increase the sucking pressure on your clit.

Stretching Pt. 03

fetish ggerard87 2017-10-15

My little slut was into size, and I couldn't help but be turned on by it, and it wasn't just that she liked size, it was how whoreish she acted with the big toy inside of her. Amy's pussy was so small and tight that stretching her a little would probably be good for sex. As time went on, I started to noticed that Amy's pussy was getting looser, and would learn she had become a pro at taking this big toy. Apparently, having now grown accustomed to the big toy, she would regularly stuff the 2-inch wide toy in her pussy while using the bullet vibrator on her clit. The feeling of slipping into her tight little asshole with the huge toy stuffed into her pussy was almost painful on my cock.

She Got Man'd Up

fetish clipperdreams 2017-10-06

Jesse takes a comb and scissors and starts cutting off long lengths of my hair. With enough off the back, Jesse moves to the back of me to hold my head and Frank clips me from the front, taking the top of my hair off. Jesse holds my head and Frank puts the clippers to my neck. Jesse places me front side down on the chair and secures my arms while Frank secures my legs. I turn to look at Frank and Jesse and they are just as surprised at the mistake. He adds, with a wink, that he hopes that Chris enjoys the outcome, then turns, smiles at me, and walks away.

Classified Ads Ch. 01

fetish ValCapone 2017-09-14

I am in my late twenties, tall, long legs, big full lips, green eyes, blond hair down to my gorgeous round ass, and some nice C cup tits, and I have lots of money. Barely entering and turning it slowly, then not moving it at all and pulling it out to look at the next photo, resisting the urge to pound my pussy with the phallus, still teasing until I was sweating all over and leaving a nice big puddle on my chair. I slowly got off my chair and knelt down in front of him and started softly kissing his manhood gently tracing my tongue until it stood at attention.

His Pet

fetish naughtygirl_62 2017-09-11

The hooded figure closes the door behind me, and without saying a word motions for me to follow them down a long dark hallway that is made even more chilling by the flickering of flames of the oil lamps that cause the shadows to jump from one spot to another. A male voice coming from under the hood of my usher orders, "You have agreed to obey and will do the bidding of your sir?" I slip my leather coat from my shoulders and then slowly begin removing the rest of my clothes until I am shivering naked in the middle of the dark dank room.

Ode to The Aquarius King: Owned

fetish Kandy5647 2017-09-07

2.) It helped to mask her kings' screams from having his ass relentlessly pounded and tortured ever so sweetly. There he was face down, blindfolded, hands bound together, on his knees with his tight dark chocolate ass sticking high up in the air. She replaced her hand with the head of an 8" dildo that was attached to a modified electromechanical jack hammer into his ass. She watched him squirm and scream as the jack hammer relentlessly pounded his ass. She pulled her fingers out of his ass and inserted the head of the dildo attached to the new fucking machine. She let him go, slid under him and took his bouncing hard dick in her mouth and sucked him off until he screamed and unloaded his hot jizz deep into her mouth and throat.