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Of Cocks & Clits Ch. 01

fetish sexotics2006 2018-09-12

The "boner belt" modification was one that Mathias Jennings hadn't required for close to two years - and thus, there was nothing stopping the incredible ballooning of his crotch when his cock surged back to life. Then again, with her mouth agape as wide as possible, tongue extended so far that it curled down to the tip of her chin, Lauren looked as though she had a pretty good idea what was about to happen and not the least bit reserved about having him explode on her face. The hail of cum that drenched her mouth and face was probably the most volume Matthias had pumped from his body in years.

Time for a Trim

fetish fetishguy81 2018-09-11

Brittany pulled my head towards her cock as I opened my mouth. I opened my mouth and Brittany started stroking her cock as fast as she could. I swallowed the cum and Brittany shoved her cock back in my mouth to clean it up. Brittany moved her body right up against mine and I could feel her cock starting to get hard again right against my ass. I looked in the mirror and saw Brittany with a massive smile on her fact as she pushed in further. Brittany pushed in one last time and I felt her cock swell. I felt the cum fill my rectum as Brittany slowly pulled her limp cock from my ass and undid the handcuffs.

How I Became A Filthy Tranny Slave Ch. 02

fetish beyondkink 2018-08-15

A look of panic filled my face as two of the men held me tight and the third began injecting the chemicals into me. My abductor then popped the ball gag out of my mouth and it hung loosely under my chin still attached to the straps that surrounded my face. "Open," he once again commanded and then began working the cum into the rest of my mouth with the brush. "Now that we've cleaned your filthy little face and mouth, its time to start your training," he told me as the two other men lifted me to my feet and started leading me to a strange contraption laying on the floor...

Evolution Ch. 03

fetish jamieengland1 2018-08-09

"We'll start with these." He pulled a tiny black piece of sheer cloth from the bag and handed it to me. Very sexy." He pulled another little folded cloth from the bag on the bed and handed it to me. Looking down, I could see that it was translucent, almost transparent, over my breasts where it was pulled the tightest, and my small nipples were clearly on display. You will be wearing heels soon, but not tonight, not for the first time." He handed me the shoes. I felt my hips and my ass thrust forward in the shoes, and my shoulders pulled back. "You look very pretty, my slut." He ran a hand over my ass, and I caught my breath.

High School Dilemma Ch. 06

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-07-27

"This is very good Sissy but you forgot my napkin," Jimmy said as he took a forkful of egg and a bite of toast, "but first sit down and take the pen and write down everything you can remember about yesterday. "You need a good spanking this morning Sissy don't you?" Joe grinningly said, 'because you didn't answer me and because you were thinking about skipping out on us. "Yes Mister Sean," I said through my tears, "I liked my spanking and the dildo in my pussy Sir," Quickly my mind came up with the reply, "Mister Jimmy likes me to have both my ass and pussy plugged when he's away but he has said I should suck many cocks to improve my technique, Sir.

Piss Drinking Tranny Whore

fetish nolimitstoryteller 2018-04-29

I kept my eyes closed; I felt a bigger thicker cock being shoved into my mouth. I savored each drop licking it from his shaft; I felt a string of warm cum landing on my face from the man on my right, I open my mouth to catching some of it. "I can help you with that he said." He took my hand and led me to the fire exit, he opened the door and we went out into the parking lot. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth; I felt warm piss hitting me from every direction. I sat in the tub eating my shit and drinking my piss while stroking my cock until I shot a load onto my stomach.

Nicole and Her Ass Lover

fetish Freak4fantasyfuck 2018-04-08

With each new plunge I feel the shit squeeze out around my penis as his ass tries to get rid of it. I quickly pull out my shit covered cock and shove my face into his faeces covered cheeks, putting my mouth over the wide anus. I feel his bowels let the shit flow into my mouth. YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!"I reach my climax and hold Peter's mouth onto my cock as I cum into his mouth. Then Peter says, "I want your ass Nicole." I look at him and smile. He fell asleep on the couch and I slipped my penis into his ass full of my shit, and slept with my cock lodged and stiff up his huge ass...

High School Dilemma Ch. 05

fetish LaurenWestley 2017-12-08

I even wondered, since Sean was the youngest, did their Mom take a trip to Italy, get pregnant, come home and birth Joe finally settling down with a nice Irish lad in her neighborhood? Sean puts his hand on my thigh and says, "I like that sissy girl. I walked back to the car with a hobo's nut-juice in my belly instead of in my mouth with my high heels clicking away in the dead of the night. I climbed into the car sitting between Sean and Joe. I had been so upset I had forgotten about letting Jim's cum and piss cocktail out.

Evolution Ch. 02

fetish jamieengland1 2017-10-27

While I sucked, swirling my tongue, growing feverish again for the hardness, thirsty again for the taste of come running deep into me, He unbuttoned my shirt and began to caress my breasts, tweaking my nipples, then squeezing them between His rough fingers, pulling them out and away from my chest. And I came at the same time, overwhelmed by His nasty talk, the heat , the excitement of the cock in my mouth, and the electric feel of his rough fingers teasing and torturing my nipples and chest, puling and twisting and squeezing the nipples relentlessly. I opened them, and licked the come from His finger, and then, compelled by need, began to suck on His finger, looking up into His blue eyes, adoring, overwhelmed with lust, gratitude, obedience, and submission.