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Kitty Girl

fetish sprite 2018-11-28

A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on one side and "property of Kay" on the other. "It’s Cindy!" I hissed at her, before following my smarter sister down the hall and burying my head under a pillow in the safety of our shared bedroom. Still, there was no way that Kay would let our neighbor wander down the hall and expose my strange little kink… "I’d have to ask Mike," she said, looking far too considering of the idea, like she wasn’t aware that it was just my owner joking around.

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part III

fetish sprite 2018-11-26

Pushing her against the bathroom counter, we kissed again, her arms wrapped tightly around me, my small hands roaming over her breasts, twisting her nipples as I secretly delighted in her gasps. "Oh, please…" she gasped, hips pushing forwards as she pulled my face into her, and let me feed on her, my tongue finding its way inside of her dripping cunt. The following Christmas Kay and Cindy gave me a joint gift, a sexy little bikini like out fit to match my ears, complete with a tail and kitten paws for both my feet and hands, one that I wear proudly at those times when I am feeling my most kitteny!

The Further Adventures of Kitty Girl - Part II

fetish sprite 2018-11-06

Instead we luxuriated in each others presence, sharing the warmth of our bodies, touching intimately, gentle hands tracking the roundness of breasts, soft lips kissing shadowed places, legs intertwined, bodies pressing together as we shifted comfortably upon the sheets. Instead, I lay there, my head turned as she climbed from her perch and began going through our toy drawer, lifting items one at time, watching my reaction with each new discovery. I came, my entire body alight with passion and pleasure that was almost painful as Cindy began striking my nipples once more with the ruler, taking me to new heights. Even after cumming so hard for her, I felt excitement growing within me, desire slowly following her teasing touch, like a trail of electric current gravitating towards my quivering cunt.

A Quick Moment

fetish sprite 2018-11-05

Glancing around carefully, I decided to be a little daring and pop the button of my jeans and loosen up the zipper a bit, just enough that I could slip a couple fingers into them and assure myself that yes, my panties were wet and that, beneath them, my cunt was even wetter. Worse, perhaps, or perhaps not, for it took my mind from the humiliation of pissing my jeans, I felt the last vestiges of self-control flee as the orgasm that I’d been ignoring came back to haunt me. Oh, and yes, I left a ridiculously large tip before fleeing, a reminder never to stop there again, in case someone recognized me as the girl who pissed her pants… but not before taking a quick moment to write it all down... 

My Mind's Eye

fetish DaltonWickham 2018-08-27

"Do you want me to piss on you, slave?" I was certain she was there, my body again convulsing as another hot jet of pee escaped my cock. Mistress..." I managed nothing more as my cock again throbbed, sending forth another jet of the golden fluid, my body relaxing as I rocked backwards against the wall. My love..." I panted, crying as I came; it happening with such force that I sprayed my entire front, sticky cum planting itself on my chest and stomach before running down over my hands and balls with the unstoppable was of piss. My mind snapped back to reality just as my vision ended, my lover crying out in ecstasy as I filled her with my cum, my hands firm on her hips...

My Date with an Online Dom

fetish 1masterslut 2018-05-20

We had agreed in advance that there would be no sex this time, and I had a very worried daughter, whom I told that I would not allow him to bind me, either (I'm a rope slut, he's a Kinbakushi). But he later told me that it took hours to finish, and that I was moaning so sweetly the entire time, that it nearly drove him insane, trying to keep from tearing my jeans off and take me against my will. But I must have had one after the other when deep in sub space, because when I got home and went to change for bed, my jeans were soaking wet almost to the knees!!

s****rs dirty stuff (true story)

fetish family18 2018-04-27

i got out the tishes an seen all her clothes an few panties i said i wud enjoy myself.but 1st i did my nightly run threw her room.which involves rotting through her presses under bed hoppn 4 smethn dirty besides panties i never find anything but its wrth a try.i noticed on top of her dresser their was a basket clothes i moved it revealing their was a top opening to dresser i remember it was always emtyed buti lifted it anyways.

Sleeping at my Master's feet

fetish Herbivore 2018-03-14

Between the dogs, my coughing, and my Master's movements against my face in his sleep, I often awoke, to be greeted with such a glorious sight each time. The way He pushed his feet against my face, flexed His arches, and lightly kicked at me, making Himself comfortable, I only inched closer to Him. When He lifted his feet and placed one on my breast and one on my neck, I was certain He was awake and playing with me. If He was toying with me, then it would have been to see me do this for sure, and the fact that His head was turned the opposite way while I lightly rocked the bed pleasuring myself underneath Him assured me He was asleep.

My daughters bra..my true story

fetish jafar1969 2017-11-17

It was when i was getting her washing out of the bag she had given me that i found her underwear.I was curious, i checked her bra size..38DD, that was a surprise and i found myself running my fingers over the inside of the bra cups, right where her big tits had been, probably very recently. the next step was to rub the bra over my face, then..making sure the front door was locked and my wife wouldn't be home, i undressed and started to wank my cock using the bra and a pair of her black panties (thong). The actual feeling of spunking into my daughters bra was a mixture of shock, pleasure and pure horniness, and i loved rubbing my spunk all round the inner cup of her bra.