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Cindy and Mindy Ch. 01

fetish djubre666 2018-12-04

They had the same body type as their mother, and instead of being thin and lean which would be expected at their height, they had huge breasts even at their size, a tiny narrow waist which flared into wide shapely hips, and continued endlessly in long legs currently completely hidden by skirts. The bitch is now taller and has bigger boobs." said Mindy slapping Cindy's breast which wobbled wildly, to which I swerved wildly almost crashing. "Oh, he'll get a kiss afterwards for sure, but right now, we can give him something to look at." Mindy said, turning around and with a short breathy moan twisted in her seat kissing the surprised Cindy on her lips.

A Little Problem

fetish msound1 2018-05-14

I didn't feel nauseous, my breasts got even bigger and about ten times more sensitive, and most of the guys in my school didn't seem to mind screwing a pregnant chick. I knew there was no way I could possibly go without sex, so I decided to go with the kind that couldn't make me pregnant. As it turned out, they wanted to have a baby of their own, only Julia couldn't get pregnant. Apparently, there were countless horny guys out willing to pay a few bucks to watch horny pregnant sluts like yours truly get drilled. I wasn't completely successful, but even though a couple of guys at the club tried their best to knock me up again, I remained baby-free for a while.

Pimping Ch. 02

fetish XXXerxes37 2018-03-09

Her first instinct was to demand my exit but I remained inside her arse without moving and gradually the initial pain wore off and before long she was again begging me to continue. After Chloe moved Chantelle whispered in my ear the she wanted me on my back on the carpet immediately after she withdrew the strap-on temporarily. Whilst I had been screaming Chantelle indicated to Chloe that she should move over my face in order to let me suck my cum out of her arsehole. Chantelle continued fucking me with the strap-on and at the same time engaged in a long set of kisses with her twin sister.

Side By Side

fetish Karen Kraft 2018-02-13

One would have thought that Jane, June, Nikki, and Nathan's first double date would have been awkward and embarrassing, but it wasn't. While Jane and June were accustomed to the oddity of sex with her sister reading, sleeping, or watching TV, the twins figured any expectation that Nikki and Nathan might share such openness was dismissed, at least for the time being. After a month or two, Jane, June, and Nathan had quit pretending the non-engaging sister was not present during sex, but proactively discussed sexual their proclivities, kinks, and comfort levels. Nikki and June had ventured down that path often, and Jane had come to accept bondage play and allowed their body to participate, as a practical consideration.

David's French Tutor Ch. 01

fetish Thorilla 2017-12-12

"Please tell us Miss Marie," Anna said, crossing her feet and brushing down her skirt hem which had attracted my attention. I punished him with his poor conversational French by insisting he lie on the floor face up in front of me while I raised my skirt and petticoats and walked backwards and forwards over him with my feet on each side of his body. For minor mistakes you will sit with your knees apart like so." Miss Marie sat on her tall tutors chair and moved both her feet and knees apart in a very indecorous pose. Before I had time to gulp Miss Marie had reached down and pulled her long skirt up to her knees and there underneath was the most exquisitely ornamented wide underskirt I, or even the girls, had ever seen.

Friday nite at the ranch.....Part 1

fetish JoeFrank 2017-11-29

We had recently had twin s****rs move to town, so this particular evening I had invited them to join us and meet some of the locals. Some of the guys were really excited about meeting the twins as we knew they were both single. My friends younger s****r Laney followed me for a glass of wine. We were talking about the twins and she even mentioned how sexy they were. Laney, a very sexy, busty brunette, with green eyes and a smile that could light up a room, was also a 19yr old virgin and as I mentioned, my buddie's little s****r. Funny, that with the twins mingling around, no one else followed us down as they usually would.

Summer on the Farm Ch. 02

fetish christian_hm 2017-11-25

All I can think about right now is how good it's going to feel when I stick my fat cock up your ass in a bit." As Christian attempted to work his tongue up his friend's ass, Dustin was having a great time receiving his pleasure and sucking on the beautiful penis before him. Holding in a moan from Christian now sticking a lard-covered finger up his ass, Dustin opened his throat as much as he could and bore down on the cock before him. Noticing this, Julie pulled Tiffany's head away from her nipple, removed her hand from under her dress, and stood both of them up, giving her sister a stern look.

After a Tough Day

fetish 2017-10-30

All I could think of was getting home and have my slut Miem fix me a drink and dinner. I sat down water dripped from slut miem as she shook. My useless slut miem eating garabge. Miem my filthy slut, cunt whore stood there. not today slut was going to learn what it menat to disappoint and suffering. One of the twins ran over and started to kick my slut in the stomach. The twins start to beat the shit out of my bitch miem! One twin took a wire brush and scrubbed sluts cunt1 She screamed through two orgasms! My slut miem ahd given up fighting and screaming she layed there in shock! All night long i heard my useless cunt miem crying in pain.