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fetish NoahBody 2018-11-29

Speaking of laps…her fingers continued stroking my cock while her other hand now maneuvered between my legs and began alternating between squeezing and rubbing my balls. Her thumb and fingers moved faster and for a brief second I actually thought she was going to let me cum. For a brief second my wife moved away from my wavering tongue, only to pull the crotch of her panties to the side, and now her bare pussy was right before me. She grabbed me just under the head of my cock again with just her thumb and forefinger began quickly moving her fingers up and down, pulling back on my foreskin, her fingernails slowly tickling my balls.

House Husband 5

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-11-22

Then I’m going to have another bath, a real one, a long one, with all my oils and potions in it, I’ll be in there at least an hour and I DON’T want to be disturbed, sir.” she laughed. "You’re on your own for a few days, I’m afraid and I want to phone around a few of our shops and see if they’ve got any “Seconds” that I can maybe take up to head office. Enjoy them any time, day or night, except for those dresses!"Sally said. I‘ll get dressed, but I am going back to bed later," said Sal.

House Husband 3

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-11-21

Then she giggled, “You’re right she said, lets get cleaned up and changed, I feel a bit of a mess, all that dried cum around my pussy and down my legs, and I expect you feel the same, don’t you?” “I’ll have champagne and OJ I think, I don’t mind if I sleep for a few hours, It’s 3am” she said, “and it’s been a very long day, and night. “No” I said “Lets take it easy for a few hours, and get some real sleep” I’ll have a chocolate drink I think, not a soda pop, do you still want your Champagne?” “No chocolate would be nice, and relaxing.”

House Husband 2

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-11-17

“I’m going upstairs to change for bed,” she said, "Fifteen minutes for a clean up and a change into my nightie, then I’ll come down again.” “I’m going to pull your panties down, but only so far, then I’m going to take my peignoir off, you can put it on if you like and then you are going to give me the best fucking that you can, but I don’t expect it to be as good as I want, so you might have to keep trying until you get it right. Sal’ went wild, berserk, she screamed, pushed backwards hard against me, then pulled away a bit before pressing back against me again, her butt hole was gripping my finger as in a vice.

Being Neighbourly

fetish PervyStoryteller 2018-11-12

Suddenly I was standing there with my cock out in the open, watching as Caroline brought both hands up to maul her huge breasts through the négligée; breasts I’d still only seen in my imagination. “You have your fetish,” Caroline said, nodding at the panties I was still holding in my hand. That would be another way in which Caroline was very different from Ann. “Maybe I’ll hold you to that,” I said, feeling a little ashamed of how easy it seemed to be to cast marital fidelity to the wind. But I took aim as she kept her mouth and eyes closed, letting the jet of urine wash away the sperm from her face as she clutched at her big breasts, pinching her nipples.

House Husband 4

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-11-05

Sally said, “So, let me get this right, you’re wearing stockings, a suspender belt, a cami, satin knickers, a tight white blouse, (Which you’ve soiled by the way) a tight black skirt, a starched pinny, a mop cap AND my high heeled mules, and you don’t have an erection?” Yes Mistress, er…. “I know exactly what dress to put you in, you could have it on in one minute from now, and I will get it for you, but first take a few minutes to look” Sal’ said, ”Feast your eyes on all of them, and feel them, if you want take all your clothes off and enter the wardrobe naked, you can walk among them, feel the different fabrics against your skin, several at a time, I’ll close the door, you can do it in the dark if you like.”

Victoria's Secret Panty Shopping

fetish lvrpat843 2018-11-04

I knew exactly what kind of Victoria's Secret panty best suited me and was my favorite: Cotton Lingerie high-leg briefs, size M. When she bent down to pick something up, I saw a pair of sky blue panties with cherries on it showing off the top of her pants. I picked ten pairs of Cotton Lingerie size M high-leg brief panties and placed them in my shopping bag. After I tried on all of them, I picked up the sky blue panty with cherries, slipped it onto my crotch, and began to leak pre-cum into it while I pulled at the front part of the waistband to rub my throbbing penis with it as I laid on my back.

The Lodgers Lingerie Ch. 01

fetish lycranlace 2018-09-30

With one hand I pulled my now very wet hard on out from the confines of the black thong and started stroking myself gently with the white lace boyshorts whilst with my free hand I dialled Val's work number. I bent over in front of the mirror and looking over my shoulder watched the image of the thong and lacy tops of the hold ups showing from beneath the hem line of the short skirt as I thrust my hips and imagined that I was shagging Val. I grabbed a pair of Val's lace panties that I had reprocessed and once again shot my sticky load into the handful of lace.

Fetish begins at 40 Ch. 02

fetish Learningfast 2018-09-17

Even since they'd made love with her dressed firmly in girdle, bra and stockings, she'd been building a collection of firm exciting corsetry and long, controlling bras. He expressed the view many times over the years that he wanted her to be free of "artificial shaping" until that special event when she'd taken the step to dress in her first "grown up" girdle and stockings. She spends a moment to feel at her figure inside the two girdles and the smoothness over her body; and then she looks around the room at all the other items of firm underwear. "Let me try one of these," she moves over to a pile of girdles on the floor and selects another high-waist, zip-fastened style with six suspenders.

Lake Tahoe

fetish kinkygirl 2018-09-16

It was gone 11p.m by the time we got to our chalet, but having had a couple of hours snoozing in the van we decided to dump our gear and go for a few drinks. Now I know you guys out there are thinking "Great, two girls sharing a bed", but it happens all the time and it has never turned into a lesbian sex-fest! After breakfast we got showered and changed into our snow wear, and then Dani took us to get our equipment and lift passes. Reaching into them I began to gently rub my clitty in little circles, never taking my eyes from his hand as he worked his cock faster.


fetish 2018-09-12

She didn't think i saw her, but she would go in to get the dirty laundry and when she saw my boxer-briefs she would put them to her nose, actually smothering her nose with them. I held off as long as i could and I had a pretty huge load. She actually wiped the cum from her nose and lip and put in in her mouth. After she "cleaned" my dirty laundry, she threw her head back with a huge smile. She turned and said "Do you think this time I can drink right from the fountain?". When I came, it was another huge load and she didn't swallow right away.

Me and My Asian Girlfriends first time.

fetish asiansrbest 2018-09-07

I was rubbing her back and slowly slid my hand down to her underwear wear and starting rubbing her soft tight ass she then started to bite my lip. She could feel my cock starting to get hard by her pussy and she reached down and unbuttoned my pants and slid them down, I took them the rest of the way off. She moved her mouth over the tip and began to suck and I moved her head up and down in a rhythmic form until I was close to climaxing and then because it was her first time i let her finish it off with her hand. I put a condom on and started to rub her tight little pussy, get began to push her hips closer as if she wanted it in instantly.

Vegas Pantyhose Group Sex (Part 1)

fetish loveallnylon 2018-09-07

My wife Kate was due to meet me after a few days in Vegas as she couldn't get away from work for the full amount of time. I have the full approval of Kate and we often walk around the house at home in just her underwear and wearing nylon. The elevator stopped a couple of times on the way down to the lobby and several people got in, chatting away, totally unaware that they were standing next to a guy wearing pantyhose. The cool breeze felt wonderful on my pantyhosed legs as I walked up and down the strip for almost an hour. Oh what a lovely evening I had had and I soon drifted off sl**p still wearing my cum soaked underwear.

Sexy Stewardess Version 03

fetish neglected2much 2018-08-30

We're just supposed to let them have their little grope when they are like that then slip away back to work, but then he held me and reached up under my dress, feeling me up really good. "Well, like I was saying, I'm not in any danger so can't you just look up my deactivation code and help me find a deactivation unit?" Do you have a two piece bikini, top more like an underwire bra, thong bottoms, also hot pink?" You aren't supposed to know they are there just like your underwear is supposed to look entirely normal--catch assailants by surprise. Active Fit items somehow absorb what little energy they need either from sunlight or from the body depending on the model.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 11

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-08-19

Kate was lying casually on her side with her legs together and Brad was looking between her thighs and the hem of her shorts to see if there was gap through which he could see out. "Okay, so sometimes I 'accidentally' slip into my leather trousers and stuff," Kate giggled while trying to position her head so that her long hair reached down to touch him, "but it's only because I want to keep you safe and warm... Brad was hidden inside a short cream coloured dress which reached only halfway down Kate's tanned thighs. Wearing nothing but Brad and the jeans, Kate stepped gingerly into the hot bath, breathing slowly as the water soaked through the denim, through Brad and into her body.

Brianna's Panties

fetish black saphire 2018-08-11

Mike was so lost in thought over Brianna and Theresa's tits that he drove right past Bri's house. Bri laughed and moved away to stand by the fridge as Mike knelt down and slid under the sink, the pipes just above his head. Mike felt so kinky wearing Bri's used panties that he almost came in his pants. Bri watched as Mike lifted the boxes from the kitchen to the store room. "They don't seem wet." Bri said mockingly as she walked over to Mike. Bri pulled Mike forward, with her hand still stuck in his pants, to the edge of the bed. Mikes semi-hard cock sprang to attention, stretching the fabric of her used panties.

Our Relationship Rules

fetish Cookie5 2018-08-11

Rules, you're never going to lick my pussy or see it, I am going to keep my underwear on all the time, unless you are tied-up nearby and blindfolded. Then you will be able to listen to me play with my bunny, you will hear me moan and you will know I've got no panties on because you will be holding them in your hands for me. I will have lots of orgasms, I cum easily on occasion just from a few kisses, I will touch you, play with your body, keep you naked all-day and make you wait when you expect to get some fun. Every time I pleasure myself you will be blindfolded and hear everything, my vibrator, my moans and you will lick my juicy wet fingers, to taste test.

Brief Encounter

fetish Gazinlancs 2018-08-01

We humped together faster and faster, harder and harder, both grunting and moaning loudly, panting and sweating, cock fucking each other wildly in our underwear, our cocks grinding together hard as we thrust our hips together, pumping against each other, bucking and rolling around on the bed, our bodies locked together, frotting each other wildly as we both got closer and closer to climax, moaning "Ohhhh ooooohhh fuckkk, ohhhh, ohhhhh fuckkkk man!" Suddenly I felt his whole body go rigid, his back arched, he let out a strangled cry and I felt squirt after squirt of his hot jizz gushing inside my underpants, all over my cock, which immediately made me cum too, with

Susie the Baby-Sitter

fetish DaveFree 2018-07-29

My cock was rock hard as Susie said: "Now, I'll do whatever you want to me to do – these panties will be completely sodden by the time we're finished." Then Susie asked me to wait and she took her bag off the dashboard and pulled out her own, soiled panties (that she had taken off earlier). Susie was still stating up in the sun-roof and I slid my hand up Susie's thigh and under the elastic lace at the crotch of the pink panties (Jane's) that were already warm and moist. She pulled aside the white lace leg of the pink panties and slid down slowly easing her crotch onto my now fully erect cock – breathing heavily all the time.

Stroking In Satin

fetish Mistress_Rebecca 2018-07-26

Larry was wearing my sister's blue lace bra and panties and had been staring at the TV while he slowly stroked his enlarged cock which was wrapped in some filmy blue underwear. That always annoyed the hell out of me and, not surprisingly I always thought of him as "Jerkin' James." One time, just before my boyfriend and I were about to fuck, I sent James a text message which said "I know that you've been looking through my underwear drawer and cumming in my panties. On Saturday, I prepared for Larry's visit and punishment by dressing myself up in all blue underwear including a lacy front-close bra, very soft granny panties and half-slip together with a pair of tan thigh-high stockings.

The Versatile Student Ch. 01

fetish atlanticsexual 2018-07-13

I later found out that Denise had made sure that Tara was working that day, intent on introducing me and intent that the introduction would feature 12 undershirts and 12 boxer-briefs and the enema reference. Tara was a quick study, then became an enthusiast seeking the very best and most intense equipment - that virgin good girl who was horrified when she and Denise bumped into each other in a very different place - at the kinky sex store - bag in hand. Fair Tara - that kinky virgin - a beautiful 5'4 108 lb package who as I later learned never wore a bra - never needed to with those twin 34As. Denise, ever the plotter, had known how Tara wore size small men's undershirts herself - in fact the exact same brand and type Denise had bought for me - only a lot smaller.

The Love of Panties Ch. 04

fetish chuckp7860 2018-07-12

At around 6' she is the closes I have come to of my own 6'3" height and the thought of getting to her things and actually having something that fit a taller woman as a very exciting thing for me because at this time I had started enjoying wearing their panties and clothes too. As I rubbed my cock through her skirt and panties I could play with my nipples through her bra and blouse I had on and I am not sure about anyone else but as I stood there feeling her clothes and touching sensitive parts of my body and smelling her perfume it was getting real easy to think of what it would feel like having her in my arms wearing these clothes and I was getting so hard.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 05

fetish black saphire 2018-07-09

Sucking him off with her panties stuffed in her pussy had turned her on beyond belief and she had cum hard. Dave recognised his wifes panties now on another woman and his cocked lurched at the thought. I can tell you I came hard while I was doing it." Steph said, her fingers tracing all around her pussy and her eyes closed with arousal. His cock grew harder at the thought that these beautiful panties had been lodged in her pussy the whole day. He grabbed her legs and pulled them wide open and with one lunge stuffed his cock into her pussy. Dave pulled the panties from his mouth and stuffed them back into her gaping pussy, stopping the drip of cum.

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 03

fetish black saphire 2018-06-29

"Ooohh." Stephanie moaned as Dave licked her lace panties at her crotch. She spied her used blue panties on the edge of the bed and she reached behind her to pick it up as she continued bouncing on Dave's cock. "Open your mouth!" Steph commanded as she squeezed her pussy on Dave's cock. Dave moaned around the panties in his mouth as his jism shot up his shaft and unloaded itself in Stephs pussy. She stopped her fucking for just a brief second and Dave felt her pussy throbbing and clasping his cock. His moans turned to mewls as Steph continued pounding herself on his cock, tightening her pussy to milk every last drop of cum from his balls.