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fetish NoahBody 2018-06-21

Speaking of laps…her fingers continued stroking my cock while her other hand now maneuvered between my legs and began alternating between squeezing and rubbing my balls. Her thumb and fingers moved faster and for a brief second I actually thought she was going to let me cum. For a brief second my wife moved away from my wavering tongue, only to pull the crotch of her panties to the side, and now her bare pussy was right before me. She grabbed me just under the head of my cock again with just her thumb and forefinger began quickly moving her fingers up and down, pulling back on my foreskin, her fingernails slowly tickling my balls.

Victoria's Secret Panty Shopping

fetish lvrpat843 2018-06-14

I knew exactly what kind of Victoria's Secret panty best suited me and was my favorite: Cotton Lingerie high-leg briefs, size M. When she bent down to pick something up, I saw a pair of sky blue panties with cherries on it showing off the top of her pants. I picked ten pairs of Cotton Lingerie size M high-leg brief panties and placed them in my shopping bag. After I tried on all of them, I picked up the sky blue panty with cherries, slipped it onto my crotch, and began to leak pre-cum into it while I pulled at the front part of the waistband to rub my throbbing penis with it as I laid on my back.

Being Neighbourly

fetish PervyStoryteller 2018-06-14

Suddenly I was standing there with my cock out in the open, watching as Caroline brought both hands up to maul her huge breasts through the négligée; breasts I’d still only seen in my imagination. “You have your fetish,” Caroline said, nodding at the panties I was still holding in my hand. That would be another way in which Caroline was very different from Ann. “Maybe I’ll hold you to that,” I said, feeling a little ashamed of how easy it seemed to be to cast marital fidelity to the wind. But I took aim as she kept her mouth and eyes closed, letting the jet of urine wash away the sperm from her face as she clutched at her big breasts, pinching her nipples.

House Husband 4

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-06-10

Sally said, “So, let me get this right, you’re wearing stockings, a suspender belt, a cami, satin knickers, a tight white blouse, (Which you’ve soiled by the way) a tight black skirt, a starched pinny, a mop cap AND my high heeled mules, and you don’t have an erection?” Yes Mistress, er…. “I know exactly what dress to put you in, you could have it on in one minute from now, and I will get it for you, but first take a few minutes to look” Sal’ said, ”Feast your eyes on all of them, and feel them, if you want take all your clothes off and enter the wardrobe naked, you can walk among them, feel the different fabrics against your skin, several at a time, I’ll close the door, you can do it in the dark if you like.”

House Husband 3

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-06-08

Then she giggled, “You’re right she said, lets get cleaned up and changed, I feel a bit of a mess, all that dried cum around my pussy and down my legs, and I expect you feel the same, don’t you?” “I’ll have champagne and OJ I think, I don’t mind if I sleep for a few hours, It’s 3am” she said, “and it’s been a very long day, and night. “No” I said “Lets take it easy for a few hours, and get some real sleep” I’ll have a chocolate drink I think, not a soda pop, do you still want your Champagne?” “No chocolate would be nice, and relaxing.”

House Husband 2

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-05-26

“I’m going upstairs to change for bed,” she said, "Fifteen minutes for a clean up and a change into my nightie, then I’ll come down again.” “I’m going to pull your panties down, but only so far, then I’m going to take my peignoir off, you can put it on if you like and then you are going to give me the best fucking that you can, but I don’t expect it to be as good as I want, so you might have to keep trying until you get it right. Sal’ went wild, berserk, she screamed, pushed backwards hard against me, then pulled away a bit before pressing back against me again, her butt hole was gripping my finger as in a vice.

House Husband 5

fetish Sheerdelights101 2018-05-25

Then I’m going to have another bath, a real one, a long one, with all my oils and potions in it, I’ll be in there at least an hour and I DON’T want to be disturbed, sir.” she laughed. "You’re on your own for a few days, I’m afraid and I want to phone around a few of our shops and see if they’ve got any “Seconds” that I can maybe take up to head office. Enjoy them any time, day or night, except for those dresses!"Sally said. I‘ll get dressed, but I am going back to bed later," said Sal.

Underwear Thief Ch. 01

fetish falselove 2018-05-11

Her jeans were pulled skin tight across her ass and I could see black lacy underwear peeking out of the top. I looked around quickly and saw a little chest of drawers by the bed, I walked over and pulled open the top drawer. In under a minute I felt a surge in my cock, I gripped as hard as I could and fucked her knickers for all it was worth. I let out a long grunt as I felt hot cum seeping into her underwear whilst I carried on fucking her now soaking wet knickers. I jumped up and pulled my jeans back up, grabbing her soaking knickers I shoved them in my back pocket, shut the drawer and bounded back down the stairs.

Underwear Friends Ch. 03

fetish ramon25 2018-05-09

The rest of us in the small Minnesota high school wore little white briefs and colored t-shirts, and Mark's white boxer shorts with little patterns were an arousing novelty to me. Mark opened his underwear drawer and pulled out his matching boxers, the white ones with blue and red boxes. Cindy looked at me and asked, "Ray, would you mind of Mark and I went upstairs for a while?" "Hey, Ray, those boxers look just a pair Mark has! Mark is the first guy I ever saw wearing boxers, and I think they look pretty sexy on him. Cindy slid her hand inside my boxers, and started stroking my cock as she continued kissing me.

Carmen's Panties

fetish RubiksRevenge 2018-05-03

As my eyes again met hers, I realized she had been looking at my face the whole time. Peering over the top of the paper, I realized that Carmen was crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly. For a split second, her legs were a few inches apart, and as her other toned thigh moved to take its place atop its partner, I could see, quite clearly, the black fabric of her panties. She saw me, she knows about the panties, she knows what I was looking at, she thinks I'm a pervert, she's going to tell Theresa, she's…getting up. My balls began to tighten as I adjusted my stance, until finally, my cum shot onto the wet crotch of Carmen's thong.

Bethany, Your Pussy Tastes So Good

fetish miniskirtman69 2018-04-29

In college, I was well known as "The Tongue." And I dreamed many a night of spending hours if not days between Bethany's thighs. I was so horny because i saw her sweet pussy that I went to the bathroom to masturbate and found her just taken off panties in the hamper. As I'm sitting on the bed waiting for the bathroom to be free, Bethany comes out and throws a pair of panties on the floor, near the door where a future laundry bag would end up. And all I could think about were all the nights that I dreamed about getting between those legs and tasting her juicy pussy and wonderfully sweet asshole.

My friends s****r

fetish BigBoobLover1 2018-04-25

They also have a s****r called Sarah who is a few years older than me. She was going out with this fat overweight guy. I was at her house with her b*****r just watching TV and playing Fifa, so I needed the toilet and went upstairs. then I decided to have a quick look into Sarah's room. I grabbed the first thong I saw and went into the toilet to blow my load. I often got the chance to blow my load in her room. So I made sure that I went over quite early, so i could get as many wanks in as possible. I got in gave the dog some food and ran upstairs to her room. Grabbed loads of her knickers and got naked on her bed.

Visiting My Sister & Her Roommate..

fetish RedFBunny 2018-04-22

He inhaled slightly as the warm scented air from within reached his nose before the door fully opened and he saw his young sister standing there with a half-empty wine glass in her hand. He got up and tip-toed as fast as he could to the door, opened it and looked into the hallway; there was nobody around as far as he could see, and there was easily a 20-second walk from the lift to his sister's room in case anyone came back early. There was a small brass lock on the door, which he engaged as he pushed it to, then turned to look at what was in the room; the clothes in the corner to the left, the shower to the right, a toilet, a bidet, a sink, a huge mirror and a plant.

Labor Day Panties

fetish Bad Mischa Bad 2018-04-07

"How was your day, Daddy?" she murmured, her small hands running along my hips, thighs, ass. Only Daddy buys your bras and panties, right?" My voice remained calm as I spoke, my fingers dipping under the material to grip and rub her red cheeks. I took a moment to see the mesh covering her puffy lips before I kissed her all over, sliding my tongue along her opening, sucking the juices that came through the material. I love the way it feels, the way you grip me when I fuck you." I was to the point of incoherence as I felt my cock begin to spasm, felt the long ropes of cum shoot deep inside her. "The best little girl Daddy could ask for," I replied, kissing her neck, her shoulder, anything I could reach.

Panty Rush

fetish stac2918 2018-03-25

I would get the panties out of the box most nights of the week, pick a pair which took my fancy on that evening, a silky soft pair to rub against my cock and a sexy thong to sniff the last traces of any fading scent out of. The red thong I wrapped around my cock and I lined the crotch of the cream panties up with my nose so as I slid them over my head I could smell it's amazing scent. The smell was too much for me, after a minute or so I slide the red panties down to the base of my cock exposing my shaft and with my left hand I squeezed my balls through the fabric.

Let's Talk About Knickers

fetish aquilegia 2018-03-17

Pulling the crotch aside to finger her or to push her up against the wall and enter her hard and fast for a quickie, her clit bearing down on my hard cock, she will cum first - but only just! My cock pushed inside her knickers while she is wearing them, sharing the space nestled in the warm valley of her pussy. Red satiny knickers rubbed over her wet pussy till they are soaked and then wrapped around my hard erect cock as I wank it for her to watch. A pair of panties that she pulled halfway down and then pissed into while I stood and watched, hearing her piss splash in the bottom of the bath, hard cock in hand, pumping.

A f****y Friend Indeed....Part 13

fetish Croozer 2018-03-05

We small-talked as she put her dress on a hangar, foled up her pantyhose, and burgundy coloured half slip, saying, "well, this will fill my hamper to overflowing...better do laundry tomorrow night." The thought of her hamper full of her underwear had my mind swimming, as she said, "I so enjoyed our evening together a couple of weeks ago...did you?" I was sitting with my legs apart, and I knew she had seen my erection, but didn't care. I was about to say I did, when she said, "oh hon, I can see by the size of the bulge in your pants that you like something you've been seeing in here tonight." At that, she stood up, slipped into the black high heels which were on the floor, untied the belt of her robe, and let it fall open.


fetish 2018-02-24

She didn't think i saw her, but she would go in to get the dirty laundry and when she saw my boxer-briefs she would put them to her nose, actually smothering her nose with them. I held off as long as i could and I had a pretty huge load. She actually wiped the cum from her nose and lip and put in in her mouth. After she "cleaned" my dirty laundry, she threw her head back with a huge smile. She turned and said "Do you think this time I can drink right from the fountain?". When I came, it was another huge load and she didn't swallow right away.

Mother and Crossdressing Son Fantasy

fetish smallfurrycreature 2018-02-13

Mom was going Out of town for three days to see a friend providing me with a good opportunity to go a little crazy, dress up, drink some fine wine and maybe toke a bit. In the background a number of tabs were open with men in panties stroking themselves so my mother was shocked not just by me but by my audience of cocks. "I want you to stand up and let's put some more lights on so we can see how beautiful we look." We stood there, a strange mirror image of each other with one major difference - my cock was very hard, veins looking like they’d burst, the sticking out the side of my panties.

Her Petite Possession Ch. 11

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-02-05

Kate was lying casually on her side with her legs together and Brad was looking between her thighs and the hem of her shorts to see if there was gap through which he could see out. "Okay, so sometimes I 'accidentally' slip into my leather trousers and stuff," Kate giggled while trying to position her head so that her long hair reached down to touch him, "but it's only because I want to keep you safe and warm... Brad was hidden inside a short cream coloured dress which reached only halfway down Kate's tanned thighs. Wearing nothing but Brad and the jeans, Kate stepped gingerly into the hot bath, breathing slowly as the water soaked through the denim, through Brad and into her body.

Brianna's Panties

fetish black saphire 2018-02-03

Mike was so lost in thought over Brianna and Theresa's tits that he drove right past Bri's house. Bri laughed and moved away to stand by the fridge as Mike knelt down and slid under the sink, the pipes just above his head. Mike felt so kinky wearing Bri's used panties that he almost came in his pants. Bri watched as Mike lifted the boxes from the kitchen to the store room. "They don't seem wet." Bri said mockingly as she walked over to Mike. Bri pulled Mike forward, with her hand still stuck in his pants, to the edge of the bed. Mikes semi-hard cock sprang to attention, stretching the fabric of her used panties.

Later Discovery

fetish Learningfast 2018-01-30

She has been enjoying her body while dressed in girdles and stockings all her adult life but her recent graduation to corsets and plugs has shown her new heights of erotic pleasure and body control. That was 30 years ago and now Phyllis, at the age of 58, has grown accustomed to being alone in her nylon stockings and firm control underwear; pleasing herself with her hands and with her "little toys" in recent years. That evening, Phyllis spent some more special time at her house; slowly undressing, checking her stockings and her figure; before taking off the very firm girdle and bra.

Panty Pusher

fetish goldengob 2018-01-19

'Morning,' Daren ran his hand over Suzie's thigh under the sheet feeling the smooth curve of her hip bone concealed beneath her cotton panties. Flicking his tongue around her hood until he freed her clitoris, he wrapped the soft cotton knickers around his cock and began to wank again as he worked his mouth on her pussy, breathing in the fresh scent of her pussy juices. In a matter of moments, the combined ministrations of his probing finger pressing on the wall between her bum hole and her womb and his attention to her clit, he felt her tense, her thighs pressed together, squeezing his head, he worked on his panty wrapped cock and felt himself explode into the soft cotton as Suzie gushed into his open mouth.

Susie the Baby-Sitter Ch. 02

fetish DaveFree 2018-01-17

The sutures only took a few minutes and, when he was finished, the doctor shook my hand and he asked Susie if she would have time to bring me up to my hospital room before she went off duty. Susie was still in her white uniform and she said in her best professional voice "Now, Dave - we need to get that dirty football kit off you." As I sat in the wheel-chair Susie untied and removed my boots and pulled off my socks. "They don't feel like boxers, Dave" she said teasingly as she massaged my erection through my stretch-cotton, pink floral panties.