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Return to "Weekend School" Ch. 08

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-22

Deirdre Carmody, Laura Franklin's middle-aged aunt who had raised Laura and now joined her at the "Weekend School" Laura ran for adults who wanted to re-experience the school discipline they had known earlier in life, and Diana Prentice, the 20-year-old fetching blonde prefect, who was the junior faculty member at the school but who had already created a strong impression by the severe discipline she administered at the school assembly, enjoyed spending the night in Deirdre's commodious bed. The older woman filled the small white enema bulb, took a dab of vaseline and gently let her finger slip it into Diana's anal opening, then inserted the nozzle into her tight little hole.

A Very Shameful Punishment Ch. 12

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-22

She was slightly reticent until the President turned to her and said, "Eleanor, I've heard from Janet about your amazing creativity and I wanted to tell you something you may not have heard, but that I was told by none less than Chief Justice Dianne that you are someone who retained your bearing and integrity through a very challenging situation. After some remarks at table by Chair Deb and the Secretary of State seated next to her, Janet rose and said that she knew the President and her cabinet needed to return to the capital so she thanked them for coming and told them that they deserved the respect that the Women's Republic had vested in them.

Holding It In Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-19

If I didn't get such a charge out of putting myself through this ordeal, I likely couldn't engage in dominating other women by restricting their use of the toilet and then supervising in minute detail how they eventually are permitted to urinate and defecate. In engaging in holding it in for as long as possible, I may even subject myself to what some dominants enjoy using as a disciplinary device: setting particular and limited times when a submissive is permitted to use the toilet. Then, when permitted to sit on the toilet and lower panties, the dominant may inspire fear by declaring that unless the submissive begins to pee (or defecate) within a set time, such as one minute, permission will be withdrawn and the now-horribly frightened sub will be made to wait for possibly several more hours.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 08

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-10

They proceeded to their own bedroom where, after checking to see that Kathy, Jamie's sister, was asleep in the guest room, they more or less fell into their bed, totally wiped out by the evening at Claire's. "You will be spanked whenever any of us feels you need it," Karen said rather offhandedly, and she reached down to unbutton the dropseat in Kathy's pajamas that would expose her bare bottom. "Yes, Miss Karen, I couldn't...couldn't keep my doody from coming out," Kathy confessed, shamed to her core and her face now as red as her spanked bottom.

The Feared '57' Ch. 02

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-10

Irene Crawford, Oakhurst's principal, immediately started having second thoughts about Janet Sanders' rather impetuous request to award the "feared 57" punishment to senior Marcie Williams. Miss Crawford, as was her wont, had left the door to her inner office open, and Marcie saw her standing behind Janet Sanders, who was bent over a chair...with her skirt folded up over her waist and her full-sized white panties down at her knees. Marcie knew there would be hell to pay if she were seen sneaking a peek at the teacher's getting what she figured would be Miss Crawford's cane across her bottom, so she quickly walked around the corner to the front door and left school for the day, amazed that she was able to have a smile on her face after what she had endured only a short time earlier.

Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 09

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-06

"Is Kathy home yet?" Karen asked, wondering if Jamie's sister, for whom he had little use because his own growing up years had been ruined by the cruelty with which Kathy and his mother had treated him, had secured a job. When Kathy told her, she took the slightly older woman in her arms and held her tight and assured her that she and Jamie loved her in spite of everything and that they would make sure she got the right position soon. "You can stay here," Karen said, knowing Jamie would not be happy, "but expect that Claire may want you in her house on a weekend now and then."

Karen Brings Rod Further Along

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-04

Karen felt that admitting to her boyfriend Rod how badly she had been treated by her mother, Marian, at a time when Karen was coming of age at 19, was worth the embarrassment since it cemented her shared experience with Rod. Her boyfriend had suffered under similar maternal dominance, although Barbara's exercise of authority over her 19-year-old son had been less focused on humiliating him. Karen realized that this man truly loved her and that her hitherto cold attitude induced by Marian's wretched parental style had been slowly moved into a place where she was beginning to cherish Rod's affections, while all the while enjoying the ability to exercise her talents as a domme insofar as he was concerned.

Jenny Ding Online

fetish hairysurfer 2018-10-31

I am also interested in exploring how different women look, from all ages and ethnic groups and like to imagine myself watching them do the most embarrassing and degrading things such as going to the toilet right in front of me. I would love to feel the inside of your dirty bottom and gently pull on each and every one of those lovely black pubic hairs growing round your dark brown Japanese anus. I'll ask Jake to pluck out some dirty hairs from my ass for you – it's going to be a bit painful though! Two pairs of very smelly, white cotton panties and some close-up photographs (on a memory stick) of me squatting on the toilet with my legs wide apart and then bending over, holding my cheeks open to have my ass wiped.

Henry's Home for the Summer Ch. 02

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-10-31

"Well, Lucille," she said firmly, picking up on her employer's asking her to address her so intimately, "there's no time like the present, so you had better lift your skirt and lower those panties for your inspection." Henry cringed at the idea of anyone—even Kathy, who had been allowed by Margaret to spank him—to see him in pink panties, but he decided to make the best of the situation and thank her again. "I'm going to spank you for messing these panties," she said with mock seriousness and a grin, "but I'm going to give you a note to Margaret saying that I've already disciplined you so I hope she won't feel the need to do it too."

Crushed Escalation

fetish riverdummy 2018-09-21

I put my arms around him and rested my head on his shoulder to get a better closer look and feel with his abs and body. Those words made me feel so much better and I took my arms off around him to cover my face and started sobbing. My dad stopped hand brushing my hair and felt his hands slide down inside my pants and felt my wetness down there. I just followed my instincts and laid on my back, pulled my tank top up to reveal my perky breast and pulled up my legs and my dad took of my shorts and panties and put his hand to my vagina and started fingering me gently.

Scent of a woman

fetish ifm 2018-09-17

it got stronger the closer she got to her and it smelled like a combination of urine and vagina As if she she went to the bathroom with out washing her hands and was pleasuring herself with both hands and then just got dressed and came to work afterwords . When Angelica got home she lied on her bed and was still thinking about her co-workers scent on her hands She was imagining that she was watching her pleasuring herself with both of those hands in the same bed as her ; One hand fingering her clit and the other one inside of her.

Failure of the Dicklette

fetish 2018-09-03

"Yes princess", I said and started to upload my video. After a short while I said it felt too good, and she just shook her head and laughed, telling me "it had been 1 minute and 15 seconds... "She said, now lick her out, get all of your juice, you dont want stale cum on your dicklette the next time you use her do you?" She told me that I would be without orgasm for a whole month because of this, and that when she judged the time right I would be allowed to write this story, so that everyone would know how much of a small dicklette loser who cannot last a minute and a half I am.

Love and Death in the Nursing Home

fetish fertiegladwyn 2018-07-21

Now that he was fully erect his cock looked like a pepperoni stick, Liver spots marking their territory all the way up and down his member like clusters of tourists on the Great Wall of China. Arnold looked magnificent his old cock standing erect, defiant of god's will, hair sticking out of his ears and nose. Arnold loved the way the toffee treat tasted, "It's no use," Marge yelled, "I can't feel shit anyway. Arnold Thought back to the time when he worked at Mr. Smith's Corner store when he was nineteen. Arnolds hips protested to the continuous thrusting as he fucked Marge for all he was worth.

Exposing Amy Ch. 02

fetish fannyrat 2018-07-06

" Doctor, abused me, his wife, my legs open, shoved it in my pussy and treated me like a whore," etc. My wetness was absolutely nothing to do with sexual excitement, but came exclusively through the fear, terror and the distressing humiliation I was feeling, as two old, dirty, smelly and disgusting homeless guys prepared to rape me. As he fucked me I swear I could even feel my small labia stretching along his huge hard rod as he pulled out of me, only to feel his cock trying to push them up inside me as he thrust into me. Jack was nearer to cumming than I realised, he suddenly pulled out of me and moved alongside me, his slick and glistening cock pushing towards my face.

Plot Twists

fetish phallicdelights 2018-07-04

There was a pretty hammy romance developing between the main character and my celebrity crush which didn't make things any better, and I was starting to doze off until suddenly my crush was throwing some serious bedroom eyes at main character. I tried rubbing my dick, fingering myself, anything to suppress the urges for a little longer until I got home. My dick started dripping with pre-cum as I thrusted faster and faster into myself. So there I was, moaning like a porn star and practically ruining the sheets with my wetness and pre-cum when I heard a sound of things falling. When she was naked, I walked up to her and started making out with her, my dick pressing hard against her crotch and stomach.

My Day as a Hooker

fetish pillow 2018-06-24

My legs really hurt by that time so I took off the shoes and held them in my hand. Two mid-age police officers came in and when they saw me looking around said they're sorry, but the other rooms are occupied so the had to interrogate me in this old storage room. I got scared at that moment and tried to resist as they took my cuffled hands and lead me to the covered wall. They took off my fake tits and hit me several time on the chest. It wasn't easy at all to lick that all while my hands were cuffed and the police baton still in my man vagina.

Gerri's Domestic Discipline

fetish mjar65 2018-06-19

Several times he sent me to work with a sex toy in my handbag and during lunch I would have to close my door and squat down, with Doug listening on the phone, while I pushed the toys into my vagina or my backside. That night, when I was worrying aloud about my body, Doug had decided that was the time to introduce me to domestic discipline. I came so hard that night and I am certain that the orgasm really felt different because of Doug's penis deep inside my bottom. I actually asked Doug that night to spank me whenever he felt I needed it to remind me to always try harder.

Drinking from My Aunty's Womb

fetish conh 2018-05-30

In the previous chapter I had a girls night in, and I drank from the fountain of youth who turned into my new pee pal Hilary. She soon finished, and so I said "I've got lots more." She let me slip back into her with the tube still inside. "Let's do it anyway." They held me down while Jeanie tied string around my balls, forced me into those tight panties to control my erection, then put my pink shorts on me and the white top. "Well, CHRISTINE," she whispered, "Pick up that potty and behave yourself." and led me into the living room where Di was busy sitting on Steve's face.

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 06

fetish Paradiggler 2018-05-17

On a subsequent babysitting evening with Brian, Elaine had decided that it might be a nice idea to throw the young man a bone, so to speak, by leaving some of her soiled underwear in places that they could be readily located for someone who may be looking for such things. Knowing Elaine as I did, I knew there would have been some healthy stains for the young man to enjoy and at the very least, some nice strong vaginal odour still contained within the interiors of her soiled knickers.

A Foot Fetish Slavery

fetish SluttyMallory 2018-05-11

Jessica dangled her faded pink ankle sock over the man's caged penis allowing the sweat soaked fabric to softly rub against his shaft, and the mistress laughed as he squirmed and moaned as his penis swelled and pressed tightly against the bars confining him. Enjoying herself now, Jessica continued holding her sweaty sock over the man's face and forcing him to indulge in his foot fetish as she gently slid the mesh of her gym sneaker along the head and shaft of the man's agonizing penis. "Do you like the taste of your sweaty feet and gaped ass?" the mistress laughed as Jessica apprehensively shook her head and took the long penis in her hand.

An Ashamed Bride (Blackbred At My Bachelorette Par

fetish magas911 2018-05-04

All of the girls do.” To this day, I don’t know what possessed me, but I leaned forward and very, very carefully took the cherry off the tip of his penis touching nothing but the cherry with my mouth. He started to moan, grabbed the back of my head with both hands, and very f***efully thrust himself deep in my mouth (to the back of my throat). I looked between my legs and saw the white table cloth underneath me soaked in my cum, his sperm, and bl**d from my vagina. Suddenly I couldn’t bear the thought of standing at the alter with Rick in a few hours with Superman’s sperm inside of me.

How to Eat Pussy

fetish 425olds 2018-05-02

When you circle her aureoles with your lips or fingers, then lightly (or not so lightly, depending on her) squeeze her nipples, she’ll likely feel the vibration right down to her buzzing pussy. It works like this: While your tongue is dancing on her clit, rub some of her juices around her little hole (cute name, huh?) This double stimulation is very arousing to her, and she’s concentrating on your tongue so much that your finger doesn’t matter, it just feels good. If you’re sucking on her clit and she’s squirming and shaking, her breath coming in gasps, don’t suddenly switch to licking her clit with broad strokes.


fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-04-23

masturbating, I usually like to start with my tits, because a good nipple other in bed, okay?" Valerie, nodded her head and her mother went on, whispered Val, "I can really feel it!" "Well," her mother continued, "I able to feel it getting very wet by now!" Valerie nodded yes, and her "Good job, Val, how does that feel?" Valerie could and expose your vagina?!?" "It makes me feel slutty," Valerie panted, "makes me feel like I want everyone to see how hot I am!!!" "Good girl," her mother hissed, "just like all of the Clark women, total sluts in the women have in common, very hairy pussies, and we love having our men suck Her mother stroked her hair and cooed what a good little girl

Karen's Cotton Undies

fetish Paradiggler 2018-04-11

For a woman who had given birth to 2 children, her vagina was refreshingly tight – very pink and SO pretty, surrounded by a mousy brown triangle of pubic hair and lovely loose pink flaps and quite a large, glistening and swollen clitoris which was tucked in underneath the wrinkled pink flesh of her clitoral hood. Her unwashed vagina was so pretty and feminine - it had been so clearly active inside her soft, cotton underpants and was capable of producing such a natural fishy odour and beautiful, moist staining that I simply could not understand why a married man would not take advantage of a wife that presented him with this as a matter of course.