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Prince Charming

fetish Rupert 2018-06-11

I then scoop the puff either side of my drenched testicles and with my left hand I flatter my dandy cock, dealing out flushes of clumped white bubbles to the tumbling water below as they evacuate through the plug holes, as if on the run from some recently committed grime. Naomi asked me if I wanted the standard service for a client, which was full body massage and hand-relief, or, because I was her partner, did I want a little extra? Scanning about the room, I noticed an air vent in the ceiling and wondered if anyone had bothered hooking up a camera inside it, and then I thought about the mirror being two-way and behind it, a couch where voyeurs could pay to watch prostitutes servicing clients.

The Bondage Whore, Chapter 8

fetish thongcutoffs 2017-09-10

Saddam tended to visit on slow nights, when Jimmy and Joe would allow him maximum time with Rachel, which meant he was a Sunday night regular. On his second visit, he had taken his usual anal sex, of course, after placing the tortuous laundry clamps on Rachel's nipples, which was always his first action upon arrival. Saddam had then exited, leaving the nipple clamps on, as usual, and minutes after he left Rachel started to realize what had happened. And as if poor Rachel finally thought that that was the worst thing Saddam could dream up to subject her to, just two Sundays later he managed to top it. For Rachel, Tim was the antithesis of Saddam, a man whose visits she very much looked forward to.