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Piss City Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-09-14

Hot, wet piss streamed down the back of the chair as the blond girl continued her pee shower. Her pee stream rose upwards before forming a short flowing arch of urine and then crashing back down to land in a second piss puddle all over the metal floor of the carriage. She would then sit next to the three pissing girls and join in with her own flowing golden shower as she peed for all she was worth over the inviting carriage floor. By now Lisa had lost all control and sat in her seat with her hot piss squirting from her pussy lips and filling into her panties. The floor and opposing wall were covered in cooling piss which the girls had squirted out of their delicious pussies.

Girls Peeing in the Office

fetish leaky_one 2018-08-10

The soft hiss and patter of Lindsey's toilet landing on the carpet under her desk could just be heard by her friend Emma, who was busily pulling down her tan pants and white thong before getting ready for a naughty piss of her own. By the photocopier was a large piss satin on the carpet similar to the one lying under Lindsey's desk where the office favourite had squirted her pee shower. It then took little effort to allow a quick squirt of her golden pee to rain downwards to join the piss patch on the floor made by the girls earlier. Between Lesley's legs her hot piss shower continued to flow through the empty air before descending in a pattering rain of her spent pee all over the carpeted stairwell.

Laura Roft: Piss Raider Ch. 06

fetish leaky_one 2018-06-21

Laura's night sensor brightly illuminated the two fast flowing streams of the piss flowing from the pussies of the two women. This was much more fun than simply peeing on the floor and Laura continued her new wee for several long seconds. The hiss of her escaping pee shower began to dwindle as Laura slowed her toilet of hot piss into the filing cabinet. The hot stream of pee was still flowing strongly from her pussy lips when suddenly Laura heard the unmistakable sound of a key turning in the office door. Staring past her large hardened tits at the spectacle of her pissing pussy and the sight of her pee hitting the unconscious guard, Laura decided she would finish the rest of her wee all over him.

Going in the Garden

fetish lunaswift 2018-05-30

The stranger continued kissing her and in her drunken state Beth wondered if maybe she could get away with quietly peeing. Another squirt of pee splashed onto the grass and then her bladder finally relaxed, the aching muscles inside her releasing the tension that had been there for what felt like forever. The other person didn't stop kissing her for a moment but Beth tensed up when she felt a hand beginning to slide over her back and then cup one of her buttocks, squeezing gently. Beth's piss trickled through cold fingers as the hand began to gently stroke her clit. The other person was still kissing her and Beth felt only pleasure as the finger slowly slid up inside her before gently beginning to fuck her.

The Librarian Ch. 02

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-17

Within seconds a streaming yellow flow of piss was squirting out of her cunt lips and splashing over the pages of the book. Melanie could barely believe her own eyes as she witnessed her golden piss shower shooting out of the base of her hairy muff and spraying down to rain over the open pages of the book she was holding up to her crotch. The awesome sense of relief as her piss flooded out of her pussy lips combined with the delicious sight of her pee shooting out of her uncovered cunt. With one last long squirt of pee out of her pussy lips and over the sodden book pages, Melanie finally finished her morning wee.

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 1

fetish leaky_one 2018-05-03

Suddenly the room was filled with a loud hiss and pattering sound as Ailish's pee hole opened and a hot deluge of golden yellow pee started to bounce over the table top as she sprayed her piss all over it. The flow of urine from Ailish's pussy was a now a torrent of golden pee; spraying downwards over the short distance between her pussy lips and the wooden boards now receiving her piss shower. Ailish opened to her mouth to say something but the words never got out as Buki's piss flaps parted and a thin stream of hot golden pee started to descend into her mouth. Instantly Ailish started to return the favour, parting her own pussy flaps to allow out a similar flow of piss, squirting upwards into Buki's waiting mouth.

Messy Day

fetish IPoopedMyPants 2018-04-28

"Mum, I feel sick, Can I stay home from school today?" Asked Ellie pleadingly. *sigh*"OK, but I will be really cross if I find out you are lying just to get off School." Said Mum "You might as well go back to bed if you are sick, I'm gonna get a shower and go to work." "Please don't freak out about this, but I want you to wear a diaper today incase you have any more accidents," Said Mum. Slowly Ellie's mum slid off the ruined panties, which luckily took most of the poop with them, and threw those in the bin along with the wipes and pyjamas. Walking with a poop filled diaper on proved to be hard work but she quickly got used to it.

Ellie's Desperation

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-26

The place never seemed to close and, dive-ish as it was, if a barman like Mike wanted to salvage a little weekend fun after work, it was the only place open after he'd shut up for the night. Red-faced, the girl flounced to the back of the queue, where her friends had apparently found a pair of likely lads to pay them in for the night. Ellie, it seemed, had no other choice, and let Aaron point her back towards where Mike was standing. Ellie bit her lip, trying to control her obvious need, while Mike took the opportunity to get a closer look at this stunning young woman. oh, god" Ellie grimaced, squeezed her crotch tightly, and looked urgently past Mike towards the alleyway.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 04

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-25

The memory of the taste of Felquest's pussy hole sprung into Sharn's mind as she lay with her back to the wall still gagging slightly from the after taste of the piss in her mouth. This over time would become worse until you met with a most unpleasant death." She paused, passing Sharn a drinking pouch from her horse's saddle. Reluctantly taking Felquest's hand Sharn put one bare foot into the saddle and swung herself up onto the beast. With a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, Sharn realised they were heading back the way she had come, deeper into the tunnel. "The gods don't like piss, they need blood, sacrifices on the alter; offerings from slain cattle to help the corn in the fields grow long."

Fucking Franics

fetish leekeyone 2018-04-14

The white cotton of her tight white panties presented a perfectly shaped bulge where her pubic hairs hidden below pressed against the fabric and formed the outline of an inviting 'V' shape running down to where I knew her pussy clit and wet hole would be waiting for me. As we sat interlocked on the small wooden chair with Fran's pussy hole squirting a torrent of incredibly hot pee all over my already soaked trousers I suddenly realised what an intoxicating sensation the whole thing was. Fran's piss was deliciously warm and the sensation of having her squirting urine trace its way across my groin was incredibly invigorating.

Natalie's Desperate Deadline

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-06

The obscure essays she'd rashly stripped quotes from, hoping to cobble together a half-hearted supporting argument for what she knew was a fairly nonsensical angle, were a complete headache - and, of course, Natalie's bladder was now pounding from twelve hours and several pints of coffee without a toilet break since she'd sat down at the desk. Natalie had seen a few especially drunk girls wet their knickers during freshers' week, but as a general rule she was sure that second-year University students didn't wee on themselves. The sodden towel beneath her gently caressed her sex as she shifted in her seat, and something inside Natalie stirred as the stress of the past day receded.

Proud Holders Ch. 04

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-03-18

"Good morning Miss Sarah." Your kegel exercises went fairly well last night considering what happened earlier in the day, although I think more work still needs to be done. Matron was, however, disappointed to find both your beds soaking wet this morning. Like her I only wet the bed very occasionally but when it happens I just wake up totally sodden. To put it bluntly I'm inclined to think you woke up and, like Andrew, fancied a sneaky wee between the sheets. I know you weren't wearing panties or a nightie last night and I'm always a little wary of people who sleep in the buff.

Proud Holders Ch. 03

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-02-10

Toilet opportunities were few and far between so when they came you had to take full advantage and let it all out in a big way. I was brought up to go to the toilet when I wanted but I've found that working in the industry I do, opportunities to go don't always happen when I most need a pee. In order to avoid accidents I tried cutting back on my fluid intake but a friend told me it was bad for my kidneys to do that so I try to drink a fairly normal amount and then hold it in until a loo opportunity presents itself.

Taking Sophie Camping

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-01-21

They'd spent plenty of time figuring out what techniques Sophie enjoyed most, and before long Joe had her gasping, working her exposed clit with deft flicks of the tongue as his hands moved feverishly over her body. Her firm, full bladder was heaving against his chest with each shudder, and it was all he could do to control his release - Sophie, in turn, masterfully worked his cock whilst thundering towards her own orgasm. Unzipping the sleeping bag, she raised herself off her lover's face and turned, leaning down to kiss him before lowering herself over his mouth, raising his head with one hand as he lifted it to meet her.

Golden Dreams

fetish eroticgoldenfiction 2018-01-02

By then, most of the girl's inner thigh was covered in her urine; her pale skin tinted a light yellow and gleaming under the sun's warm rays. This time, the warm yellow fluid didn't fall on her thigh, but gently flowed downwards along her vagina, sliding to one side as it approached the bottom, and forming a growing puddle of pee on the shiny sating sheets. The tall windows, the soft satin, the red-hair reaching in savage waves across the pillows, the sun coming through the windows, the wet warmth on her legs, her room. The morning sun was coming in through her normal-sized windows, into her not-ornate room, and warming her skin and the bed sheets.

Sandra: My Pissing Girlfriend

fetish leekeyone 2017-10-23

I placed one hand over my erect member stroking it gently whilst Sandra's pee stream pattered over my flesh. Suddenly a new warm flow of piss suddenly arrived over my exposed flesh as Sandra opened up her pee hole to treat the bottom of my hair and the back of my neck to a warm spray of her dying piss stream. Some of her friends had pretty hot bodies as well as my new girlfriend and the thought of each of them parting her legs before squirting a shower of piss over the pub carpet whilst there were people all around, was just so intense.

Finally He Knows

fetish bluebird31 2017-10-07

After that, the rest of the day was hard to get through and I couldn't wait to get home, take my nice hot shower, and lay in Jamie's arms to forget about the day. His stream started to wain and I moved my head towards his cock, closing my mouth around it and letting the last bit run down my throat. His hands moved down my back to my full round bum and grabbed it hard, pulling me up so my stomach ground against his cock. One arm wrapped around my stomach, while the other moved across my bum and between my legs, rubbing from my clit to my tight puckered little hole that has never had more than 2 fingers in.