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Big Ben

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-12-04

“I’m looking for Big Ben.” I said. “A dildo…” I gasped, looking up at Big Ben. My face flushed deep crimson with embarrassment as Aaron Black laughed and laughed. “No.” Said Aaron Black. Just as I was hoping he might cum as quickly from that, Aaron Black looked down at me with genuine pity on his face. “Holy shit!” Said Ben, taking Aaron’ cock in. “You said you wanted it.” Said Black as he placed his head inside my back door. “What did I say about giving me orders?” He said spanking my ass and thrusting harder. He pounded me with a savagery that I couldn’t describe, like each thrust was meant to punish me for wasting his time with such a tiny cock in his home.

Humiliated By Our Guests

fetish SissyHubby 2018-11-11

"Look Chad," Alexa said, "I'm not saying your 3 inch toy is the smallest pecker in the world, but Kate used to joke that she should be a theatre major with all the acting she does in bed. "Tell you what," Kate snapped, "Alexa, Philipe and I are going to the bedroom, you do whatever you want." Alexa and Philipe were making out, and I started to kiss Kate when she stopped me. I was used to Kate insisting I was totally naked before she would even think of taking a sock off, but this caused Philipe and Alexa to stop and stare. I felt Kate's hand squeezing my cock as Alexa placed a well-lubed index finger in my ass.

College Stud Takes My Girl

fetish easyballs 2018-08-25

Tom went back to his dorm room and as he sat in his room he could hear Tyron next door with his music to loud again. "Yeah maybe later Tyron, I have to do something first." I sniggered to myself at the cute way Julie had avoided the big oaf's advances, trying to get her into his bed. "Yeah slut, you like Tyron's big cock don't you?"..."Go on slut don't be scared tell me how much you love my big cock filling your pussy!" I was about to laugh at the thought of some poor innocent girl getting pounded by that oaf when my world collapsed around me in crushing mode.

My Ex-Girlfriend and Her College Jock

fetish easyballs 2018-06-02

Julie moaned and almost whimpered in reply "Mmmm Yeeeess baby I am!" I risked a quick glance and saw Tyrone had his hand in her pants and was obviously finger fucking her going by the way her hips were bucking, her legs were opening and shutting almost involuntarily by themselves as he worked her pussy over. Once I knew it was all clear, I pulled my cock out and started rubbing myself, at the thoughts of Tyrone banging Julie back at her house like he did at college. I climbed the stairs slowly and it wasn't until I was half way up the stairs, and between there and the outside of Julie's bedroom I could hear her moans, Tyrone's grunts as he was obviously fucking her behind the closed door.

Letter from Teehan Creek

fetish justincbenedict 2018-03-06

As I watched, Olene jerked Ludovic over the sofa armrest, pulling up his pink nightie and pulling down pinker panties, and she then whacked his bare ass with the saucepan, using an arm that really could have been borrowed by Venus Williams. Then, with absolute rage in her eyes, Olene touched the end of the poker to Ludovic's right nipple, this time pressing it just a bit more, and he howled miserably, and rolled around on the floor. As he rolled, Olene took up a long rattan cane that was lying on the coffee table and she whipped his bare butt and thighs, making poor Ludovic scream with pain and terror.

Cuckold New Year

fetish cuckytoher 2018-01-30

"I-I-I would do anything to avoid that Julia." She sat on the bed and took my hands in hers and looked deeply into my eyes. For exactly one year starting on Jan 1, 1999 I would hand over all bedroom duties to Richard. Julia spent more and more time with Richard, however he never came to the house. I know it sounds drastic, but after a year of being on the medication your little dick won't be useful for anything anyway." As she said this, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts and I signed. Richard showed up to pick Julia up for their Millenium New Years evening out.

On the Beach

fetish tazsis1 2017-10-27

I was thinking of Mel and her big-cocked, lover back in London and got one of my little stony erections - all three inches of it, tented in my tight swimming shorts. Can a woman tell from looking at a man's face that he's still a little boy where it really matters? She looked down at herself and ran her palms slowly back and forth over her little mounds, then pinched her nipples and pulled them away from her chest into cones. Lucy ran the tip of a finger very slowly and lightly from the very centre of my arsehole, along my perineum, over my balls and along my now rigid penis.

Old Uncle Jack Visits Ch. 02

fetish tazsis1 2017-10-27

Last night I came, explosively, just as she suggested that I should suck Jack's big cock, that I would scream "like a little bitch" if he fucked me. By taking him breakfast out by the pool, I was telling him Jack that he, with his big cock, was my superior, that I would serve him in my home and that he was welcome to have my beautiful wife. Uncle Jack took hold of his cock and stroked it slowly and firmly, five or six times. Anna opened her arms to me and went to her, burying my face in he breasts and pressing my erect penis into her thigh, hugging her hard.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 11

fetish SylviaG 2017-10-08

"In there please, I think the toilet should be more appropriate for a wimp like you," I said smiling at his blushing face. "Do you want me to kiss it, and suck you for a while?" I said looking up longingly into his eyes. Wearing his girlfriends bra stuffed with her soiled panties, and my tights on his legs, with another pair on his cock and balls, which lay trapped between the loo seat and the bowl. I looked down between my legs, and saw his cock sticking out from under the toilet seat about 2 inches. His trembling lips pressed into my nylon tights, and he kissed softly, maybe a little hesitantly at first.