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Taken.. a story of a fairy rabbit and a silver wolf . Part one

fetish Bunni_Love 2018-11-12

-suddenly the aura shifts- looking around I see nothing but I feel as I'm being hunted. no stop struggling under his hard body. stop , stop fear ripping into me as he lowers his mouth to my breast. such a tasty little thing he growls out. -o god he's to big- pushing away only to get trapped on my stomach. you are mine now, this body is mine ,I Alfa wolf Adrian claim you as my mate -o god no- struggling but only making him shove farther in me. I had just been running threw the forest in my wolf form , when I heard her. Big brown eyes, golden skin and pink lips that pouted when she was thinking. Ripping her clothes, feeling her skin .

84% wolf

Home alone

fetish styxx 2018-10-29

The wolf took a step closer, its head coming into the relative light cast by the crack of the door while the rest of its body stayed in the shadows. Jan sat back; placing her palms flat on the floor behind her while the huge animal stepped closer to her, bending its head slightly to lick her throat again, then her shoulders in long lavish passes of its hot tongue. It was an assault on her insides, her labia, her senses and desires; Jan gasped, gritted her teeth, came and pushed back on his cock, driving him deeper, filling her cunt and womb with his rock solid cock in a primal need to feel him impregnate her.

"Coyote and the Wolf" part 5

fetish eloeelwe69 2018-09-27

Letting the cock slip from his mouth, he turned his head to look at the awakened wolf with a smile on his face. Lupo sprang from the bed and ran down the stairs, grabbing his sword and sheath from the pile of supplies he had left on the floor the day before, he buckled it around his waist. For now I bid you a good nights rest, and I will see you in the morning,” Stroking Lupo's cheek as he walked by, he added, “Come up when you are done with that, the night is getting cold!” Turning, he walked up the stairs to bed.

A Scent to Remember

fetish wolf_of_the_waters 2018-07-26

"What are you doing in my cabin little cat?" He could feel her trembling against his muscular body, small against his larger wolf stature. He started softly nibbling her ear, quickly evoking a low moan from the lovely cat. "Oh I will." A low growl escaped the wolf as he lifted her up slightly, lowering her onto the swollen head of his large cock. That was all he needed as he started drawing out, till just the head filled her tight little slit, and then stroking back in deep. He then dragged over his fangs over her skin till he found the spot he would leave his mark; as he stroked his last stroke, starting to cum deep inside her, he bit down, and she screamed.

Coyote and the Wolf part3

fetish eloeelwe69 2018-05-30

“Well, this will give me plenty of time to get you ready.” Grabbing a leather strap and a heavy cloth bag, he moved back to Lupo's head. Lupo could feel the heat from the iron rod, growing more intense as Lunk moved it closer to his skin. “There, that takes care of all that nasty hair, now to give you a little color and a nice sting to go with it.” Lupo felt Lunk wipe the burnt fur away and slap his nuts painfully before moving back to the fire to reheat the rod. With a slightly twisted grin, he thought “Oh goody, pay back time!” Moving toward Lupo's nude form on the rack, Ku'o bent down between his legs, breathing hotly on the exposed skin.