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Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-12

Albert likes to do this specific role-play with Kimberly once every month on a Saturday. Albert finds this highly entertaining and he gets very excited seeing her in her slutty uniform. Kimberly loves to please Albert and will happily play along in this gymnastic fetish fantasy. This is the story of a Saturday morning that Albert and Kimberly were going to play out their gymnastic fantasy role-play. Albert loves to role-play and this particular fantasy really gets him very aroused and very excited. Albert undressed and sat on a chair and began to stroke his cock, while I was playing with my pussy. I got on my hands and knees like Albert said to do.

A Foot Up

fetish simpletimes 2017-11-23

As Paul lifted one of her feet to work on the bottom side, adding more lotion as it was absorbed, letting his fingers caress gently between her toes, Debbie leaned back and closed her eyes, letting this new sensual feeling relax her body. Debbie began rubbing her foot in his lap up and down his dick, not only did the feeling of his shorts sort of tickle her, the feeling of his hard dick turned her on, feeling his hands grip the foot he was massaging, suddenly Paul's hold on her foot tightened, she could feel his hips lift slightly and could hear his breathing become more rapid and deep.