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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A written proposal

fetish besidethesea 2017-12-14

Now he couldn't move this was starting to seem a little less like a good idea, but as she walked back towards the cameras to set them to record, Emma removed her shirt and dropped her jeans, kicking off her trainers at the same time. David could hear she had moved he face close to his left ear, perhaps she was kneeling but the custard had blurred his vision so much he couldn't make anything out, even when he turned his head. Emma moved away with David's head uselessly trying to follow her, which is just what she wanted for the camera.

Angela Gets Her First Golden Shower– (Part 17 of the Angela series)

fetish adele 2017-12-14

There were several groups of teens that walked by and looked in the window a few times, but when one group of boys stopped right in front of the unit and began watching, he called in a patrol car to do a drive through. He laughed and said again just how much it looked like the tattoo , then he leaned down and started licking her clit, his drool dripping down over his hand and into her ass crack. During that time, even though Angela was still lying on the table with her legs tied down, she began playing with herself, working one hand into her pussy as far as she could get it.

On Display: A Mannequin Fetish, Part 1

fetish Chameleongirl 2017-12-12

"I didn't bring one, but I'll be happy to email it if you'd like." The store clerk seemed pleased by Michelle's enthusiasm and eagerness, though in taking a careful look at her appearance, it did not seem that she would be a good fit for such a specialized boutique. "It's good to see you here Michelle," said Cecilia, the lady with the angled short black hair, now wearing a long red sweater dress that appeared to be cashmere. In a lavender floral print dress and dark purple heels, Michelle confidently admired her display work as a very attractive couple entered the store; a man and a woman in their mid-twenties.

Alternative Therapy

fetish rafael 2017-12-11

I was terrified by Kathy and at the same time my little cock throbbed like never before. "Don't kid yourself you little tow rag I'm not going to fuck you but I want you to get a sniff of what you've been missing and what you'll never have you puny toss pot". You're not a man, look at this, pathetic!", she gave my stiff little dick a bit of a slap with the back of her hand. I climbed onto the table as she ordered and suddenly felt her gloved hand squeezing my balls and then the longed for contact with my little soldier.

A Desperate Nudist

fetish lunaswift 2017-12-11

After getting used to the idea Caroline often found herself wondering what the lifestyle was actually like and that was how she'd eventually ended up here at this holiday camp, naked in an aerobics class, trying to stop her boobs from bouncing around too much as the instructor at the front jogged on the spot. He pushed her up against the wall, Jenny staring silently as his hand slid between Caroline's leg, feeling her wetness. Caroline moaned and spread her legs slightly allowing his hand to better rub her clit and press against the entrance to her pussy. Caroline moved her hand to her clit and began frantically rubbing it, knowing he wouldn't last long, the noises he was making told her he was close to coming already.

A Marriage Redefined Ch. 02

fetish sotto 2017-12-11

Still I responded eagerly, "Yes I would love to learn a new dish to serve at home." I was on my hands and knees between her legs washing her feet when I felt a strong stream of water on the back of my head. But you know I like a little excitement sometimes and I am curious about new experiences. Everyone will love it when a pretty man like you brings zis cake for party." She stroked my face. "I use only ze lavender honey from Europe, here taste." She dipped a long finger in the jar a practically shoved it into my mouth. "Start slowly with my lips, up and down, yes like zat."

College Girl's Punishment

fetish cynthiablaine7 2017-12-10

"No, Barbara," Glenda responded, with a slight smile, "it will do you good for them to see how we punish naughty girls who don't wipe themselves after they make doody." Glenda's last humiliating comment, using such a childish word to make it clear that Barbara had soiled her panties like a little girl, led Barbara to start quietly sobbing as she lay across Glenda's grey-skirted lap. With that, she and Linda rose and quickly said good-bye to Barbara who was still ignominiously lying across her stepmom's lap and showing the signs of the spanking on her burning red bottom and her tear-stained face. His wife knew that even hearing about Barbara's being spanked turned him on but she was waiting for a truly major occasion to invite him to witness her stepdaughter's humiliation.

A Fucking good time Chapter 2

fetish gber1 2017-12-08

The blondes friend got to work rather quickly, picking a black colored cock to suckle, letting her lips take in the head, as her hands softly searched for other tools to pleasure. Once she had three covered, she began massaging each member in her hands from tip to bottom, and took more of the black penis into her mouth, saliva coating the length as she worked. So, she softly gripped a white member in her hand, and a black in her other, while taking a odd, creamy colored one in her mouth. The blonde was quite excited, and from such, she moved her hand down to her panties, moving them to the side and slowly sticking her fingers inside of her aching pussy, as her tongue throughly massaged the tip of the member.

Succulent Desires Chapter 2

fetish aliceslalaland 2017-12-08

  Taking deep slow breaths before he responded, Aidan’s voice came out slightly strained, “Well, that sounds like a lovely idea and I can’t wait to find time to give you such aural pleasure. Closing her eyes briefly enough to regain composure, but still looking like a blink, a small smile could be seen on Alice’s face before she replied softly, “Thank you.”   And walking out the door, down the hall and actually seeing the hallway for the first time, she tried hard to focus on the décor instead of the man’s strong presence behind her.

Just Measure It Rectally!

fetish Playdoc 2017-12-08

“You probably won’t be needing that for a while,” Shawn said, and he took the cup from me and placed it on the counter. Shawn lowered the left side of my underwear to expose the top of my butt (I wasn’t “exposed” in any way) and I felt him cleansing the area with alcohol. “Oh, I thought the doctor said something about taking my temperature again,” I replied - not wanting to use the word rectal in my answer. I thought I knew what was coming next, Shawn approaching me with a lubricated thermometer to take my rectal temperature, so I reached behind me and lowered my underwear to my knees.

Fun with the morning newspaper

fetish riederfrank 2017-12-08

As I turned the pages the paper would rub against my naked skin, an incredible sensation rushing through my body. While she started to breath heavily I grabbed the paper, secretly pushed it under my body and slowly rubbed my erection against it. From that day on every time I would meet Chloe she would make a vague reference to newspapers while staring at my crotch and watching my squirm as the buldge in my pants would grow. These were happy days, but to this day my wife indulges me with my newspaper fetish, and every time I meet one of her female friends I wonder whether she knows.

Slutty Sorority Girl Goes to Prison

fetish sk8erdude41 2017-12-07

I told her I would have to check her ass and her pussy. Her long brunette hair came down past her shoulders and her small breasts looked so perky in the uniform. She looked so good in that orange prison uniform. She told me she had sucked over three hundred fraternity boys' dicks and been fucked by over one hundred, and that's why she was masturbating, because she missed cock already. I reached my hand back and started smacking her ass hard. I decided my hands weren't enough so I took off my belt and began to smack her ass with that. I cummed all over face and told her she was a worthless sorority inmate.

Quid Pro Quo

fetish bad_mann_ers 2017-12-07

Standing in the utility hallway and watching those two women go at it, I don't even remember pulling my cock out. "You probably don't know," she said, "that one of the first jobs that I got when I started my own plumbing business was replacing the antique pipes in this building. Her one hand still held the soft tip of my cock while the other reached up and gently turned my head back to the action in the restroom. I didn't look away from the action in the mirror until the blonde collapsed and the brunette had to catch her. I felt Hanna's mouth engulf my cock, and when she pulled away, I could feel her saliva dripping down to my hand.

House Husband 4

fetish Sheerdelights101 2017-12-06

Sally said, “So, let me get this right, you’re wearing stockings, a suspender belt, a cami, satin knickers, a tight white blouse, (Which you’ve soiled by the way) a tight black skirt, a starched pinny, a mop cap AND my high heeled mules, and you don’t have an erection?” Yes Mistress, er…. “I know exactly what dress to put you in, you could have it on in one minute from now, and I will get it for you, but first take a few minutes to look” Sal’ said, ”Feast your eyes on all of them, and feel them, if you want take all your clothes off and enter the wardrobe naked, you can walk among them, feel the different fabrics against your skin, several at a time, I’ll close the door, you can do it in the dark if you like.”

Holding Nothing Back, The Sequel

fetish komrad1156 2017-12-06

I'm so excited about this and even though she won't be ready by my birthday, I am going to find a pretty girl to mentor in my image." Bradley smiled as she put her arms around her husband and said, "And no worries. Look, you were sweet enough to say 'yes' to my birthday wish to bring a pretty young girl into our bedroom so I happily said 'yes' to your challenge to get her to start smoking first. To say I love smoking just doesn't do justice to how much I enjoy it." Bradley kissed him and said, "And my sweet little girl will, too." McKinley looked at her for the first time and said, "You want me to come to your party?"


A Gunge Fetish is Born

fetish JasperWalton 2017-12-05

The feel of the oozing, squelching, black, pond mud on my feet and legs made my dick twitch and stir, and I had a hard job hiding it when my scardy-cat friend finally decided to come over to the island. Beans opened and lid off the honey, I got back into the bath in my bare feet and stood there. I was still exploring this side myself and my dick, so getting a stiffy, in the bath, pouring honey on my feet was kind of funny. I looked at the beans on the side of the bath and my dick twitched and jumped, so I picked up the can and holding them high above my groin I very slowly poured.

Dirty Martini

fetish oceanrunner 2017-12-05

Once our panic had faded, Pam smirked at me as she schmoozed, raising the glass to her lips, drinking my cum at a black-tie party. She started to hold out her hand for the drink, directing a knowing smile at me, before she thought better of it and answered Pam with, “No, my dear. “Well, usually when you say that something tastes like piss, it’s not a good thing,” I said mildly from the shower, making sure that the water washed away the last traces of my urine from the bottom of the tub. “You like how it tastes?” I’d asked after she’d lapped up the last drop of semen from my chest.

A Mixed Drink For My Master

fetish SilverSakura 2017-12-04

I sit down on my ass and open my legs, still holding the nail clippings. You decide I'd better sit on your desk to watch me insert the nail clippings. I crawl back, put the pitcher on your desk, and when back down on the floor, I curl my arms around your leg and look up with pleading eyes. I put my hands on your thighs and decide to use my mouth alone to pull your cock out from your underwear. I release my piss now, full force and feel your pesky nails come out in a pleasurable stream. Sucking your cock, kneading your balls, swinging my ass, and pissing all over my cute cat tail is your last holdout.

A Chance Encounter, Part 3

fetish bc9373 2017-12-04

I bet you did, making him think you were a naughty girl last night,” Master said looking down at me smiling. I pulled my mouth off of Doug’s cock and held it in my hand as I turned to look at Ashley. “If you want to be like him, you have to stop dressing like a Jersey Boy,” Ashley said pulling away from my mouth. “Your ass is so perfect, I don’t know whether to be jealous or excited,” I said looking directly at Doug. Ashley sat up from the floor and kissed my bare pussy as she looked up into my eyes, taking the bag from my hand.

Anything For Georgetown (part 10 Monica has some unwelcome news)

fetish JanellElizabethMeyer 2017-12-03

As time for college acceptance letters came due, she worried a bit. She’d applied to Georgetown, of course, and the University of Notre Dame (which her parents were a little more pleased about, since it was in-state) as well as Brown University. She had about six places she was waiting on, but her heart was in Georgetown already, and she didn’t know if she’d get there. She’d given it some thought, and she really didn’t want to be with him anymore. They came from different backgrounds, and she normally stayed away from guys like him, but if nothing else, she realized that good people and brilliance come from places you’d least expect it.

After hours with the lifeguard

fetish michaelthomas 2017-12-02

“There is one way we could let you stay though,” I’d given up responding now, “you could wear a bikini and be one of us girls?” Claire ended her sentence looking excited. Claire carefully removed her hands, Anna keeping the bikini bottoms tight around my cock. “Oh, that's Claire's job.” Anna stood up and turned away, her ass held firmly in the navy one piece with the straps fallen by her sides. Anna had taken her polo shirt off and had got back into her swimsuit, she knelt beside Claire and moved her hands up my leg and onto my balls.

HypnoSissy: Becoming a Cocksucker

fetish silkstockingslover 2017-12-02

but that is a story for another time), another couple dozen girls from almost every clique in the school, three bitches from our rival school (including their head cheerleader), one of my friend's moms, a few other MILF's (including one of my ex-girlfriend's mothers) and even a teacher. Ten minutes later we were in her dorm room and she ordered, as she dropped to her bed and hiked up her skirt, "Let's see if one of your endearing traits is licking pussy." "I want you to come for me, High School boy," she ordered, a couple of minutes later. "Ahhhh, fuck," I groaned, as she was somehow a mind reader, as literally a couple seconds later I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot my load all over her face.


Aiming to Please

fetish komrad1156 2017-12-02

When I love someone, I am willing to do anything to prove it." Dr. Davis knew Mandy had worked over 90 hours a week to care for her ailing mother which was strong evidence she meant what she said. Mandy was putting food on the table as this took place, but she did not miss the way Ethan's countenance changed when Connie told him she planned to quit smoking. After dinner, Mandy told Breanna she'd need to get ready for bed soon and the little girl turned to Connie and asked, "Will you read me my bedtime stories tonight?"


Eileen's First Facial

fetish oceanrunner 2017-12-01

Or if his particular fantasy was watching a guy take on an entire sorority house, I would have thought, “Well, gee, if Mike likes to think about an orgy with fifteen college sophomores he’s definitely going to need porn, because I can’t make that one happen for him.” I found that I was wet, surprisingly so, and I slid a finger into my pussy at the kitchen table, looking at the cum-covered faces of the women my husband masturbated to. Or you could just, you know, look at them for fun.” I gazed at my husband, feeling closer to him than ever, my eyes shining with happiness, and my face with his cum.