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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jerking Off Onto My Wife's Best Friend!

fetish tcg 2018-11-17

Kelly was wearing a lacy white satin low-cut bra that fabulously showcased her wonderful tits, with a good portion of each visible. Sitting in her tiny bra and panties, Kelly had pulled her blond hair into a ponytail as well, and looked much more sexier than usual. The view of her lacy bra barely holding in her tits and her tiny white shiny satin panties made my cock stir inside my boxers. Kelly turned her eyes to mine and asked matter-of-factly, "Do you like the panties I'm wearing? I spit into the palm of my right hand and began to stroke my cock slowly, pointing it right at Kelly's face. The pace of my hand on my rock-hard and thick cock became frenzied as my wife's finger fucked my ass.

Steph's Descent Ch. 4

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-11-17

When Fitz told Steph this, they looked at each other and, without speaking, kissed and undressed each other. Steph thought that Amanda felt something too. But then she was totally professional, although she did pinch them, telling Steph they needed to be hard so the piercing would be easier. Amanda looked Steph in the eye. Amanda pushed a nipple bar through the tube and took the tube out. Amanda adjusted both nipple bars a little more than was really necessary but Steph didn’t mind. Amanda got a wipe out of its packet and tenderly wiped around Steph’s nipple. And she’d had great sex with two wonderful partners, Fitz, who she was falling for, and Amanda, who was the perfect female partner.

Making Milk for You

fetish JuicynSweet00 2018-11-17

I wondered what it would be like to feel my breasts swell to the point of pain, filling up with milk until my nipples dripped. Finally, after six weeks, one day when I was pumping a thin trickle of milk appeared in the container. You fucked me hard from behind, my heavy tits swinging, an occasional drop of milking leaking out. You asked me not to wear a bra at home, because you loved to see the wet patches my milk left on my shirts. You wanted to take pictures of my milk-laden tits, and asked me to pose on all fours, using a goat milker you'd bought. The humiliation I felt at being milked like an animal made my pussy clench with desire.

Debbie's Awakening Ch. 02

fetish jlenil 2018-11-17

You ladies feel free to sit here with us if you want to," said Gus. But it might take a bit of time to smoke these big boys" he chuckled. I love cigars , maybe even more than you do Gus. And Bernice, you might find that you like them too if you got past stereotyping them as "for men only." We're in Vegas--enjoy yourself. Bernice kept asking Debbie what smoking cigars was like. Debbie said, "I think you'll notice that I'm not the only woman in this city smoking a cigar. When Gus excused himself to use the men's room, Bernice asked Deb if she could try "just a little puff." She daintily took the cigar and took a small drag.

The Teacher's Own Discipline

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-17

And as if she had staged this little presentation, which she really hadn't, being an experienced teacher and thus always able to rise to the occasion, Gail withdrew her trusty ruler from her middle desk drawer and displayed it to the now somewhat frightened seven pupils, especially Deborah James, whose blue panties remained on display. "I should spank you just for wearing those things." She quickly marked their cards with a pass and waved all seven students off—"You may all go and let's make sure you keep on behaving yourselves so Miss Smithers doesn't put you on report again." The pupils quietly filed out, clutching the cards on their way to their next class.

Shaming Carly

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-17

Kelly stared at him for a moment - this balding, middle aged white civil servant - so respectable looking on the outside and yet so dirty and sick-minded on the inside. "Your mother's already accepted the situation Carly, so I think it's time you did the same," said Smith. After several moments of breathing in nothing but the stinking air trapped inside Carly's cunt, Smith withdrew his head from between her legs and sat back in his chair. What a lovely smelly ass and pussy you have Carly." He paused for a moment and looked up at her mother. Looking round at her mother he said: "I've never seen a mixed-race girl naked before; I'm just so intrigued to know what colour your daughter's genitals are and how hairy she is in-between her legs."


My Wife's Mom - Pt.2

fetish heelzanpearls 2018-11-17

Andrea called me Wednesday morning and asked, "Ray, what's a good time to come over for lessons?" "Andrea, how about me pushing those glasses up from the bottom of your bra?" My thoughts are of having my way with those hot looking boobs, feeling their smoothness and the lace of her bra as well." Seeing Andrea looking at me over the tops of her black half-square glasses gets me even hard and past visions of us sitting across from each other at the doughnut shop seem to get me even harder. "Later on, I want to have you cum these for me," Andrea says as she jiggles those black half-square glasses by the beads, the room light throwing bolts of lightning on them as they jiggle.

The Holy Grail

fetish komrad1156 2018-11-17

She'd met her husband, Pete Mabry, her senior year, and although he'd made the occasional comment about her smoking, she was so attractive he let it pass. Erin was now free to live her life the way she wanted to without the constant judgment and condemnation from the person who was supposed to be her best friend and greatest ally. "Have you ever seriously thought about quitting?" Mandy finally asked after listening to Erin explain how yet another guy, a guy who was cute and very promising, excused himself during a date when she admitted she smoked! Erin lit another cigarette and pulled deeply as she thought about life with smoking.


Black Sissy for White Couple

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-17

Watching Robert Wiles sucking my husband Daryl's cock totally turned me on. In most of these videos, a macho-looking Black guy with a big dick slams his cock into the asshole of a weak-looking, submissive sissy of a White guy. Robert Wiles screams as my dear husband Daryl Winston slams his cock up his ass. Daryl pounded his thick White cock into Robert's masculine Black ass until the macho Jamaican stud begged for mercy. Yes, I wanted to get fucked in the ass by the same Black man who sucked my husband's cock. My darling husband Daryl Winston came all over my face, so turned on was he by the sight of Jamaican bisexual stud Robert Wiles fucking me in the ass.

Home for a Holiday Spanking

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-17

Taken across my mother's lap at the age of 28 and spanked with panties down in front of the family gathered for our Christmas dinner was not what I'd expected when I accepted the invitation to go home for the holidays. Susie had been getting on my nerves and I was delighted to find that Gloria was a kindred soul in her skepticism about the idea that she and Steve needed to start a family immediately in the style of my sister. I couldn't believe this was happening but as I felt tears coming which I fought to repress, I slowly lifted my stylish pin-striped skirt, exposing my pale blue hicut panties and matching garter belt, and bent across her tweed-skirted lap.

Mariam Hanaffi Buys A Strap-on!

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-17

When I showed Jean-Bernard Guillot, my sweet J.B. what I brought home from my special shopping trip, the Haitian brother was grinning from ear to ear, folks. Before Jean-Bernard and I tried anal sex for the second time, I cleaned up in his washroom with soap and water, and we both got properly lubricated before beginning. It definitely took some coaxing and pleading, but I convinced Jean-Bernard, the macho Afro-centric brother from the island of Haiti to let me, his sweet and kinky Somali Muslim girlfriend, fuck him up the ass with the new strap-on dildo I bought at the adult video store on Rideau Street. J.B. moaned and groaned as I fucked him up the ass with the strap-on dildo, and at times he cried and complained like a little bitch.

Milking Men

fetish riederfrank 2018-11-17

A few weeks ago, after one of my regular sessions, my dominatrix Anne asked me whether I would be interested in receiving handjobs from women practicing the male milking fetish. Mistress Anne walked up to me and grabbed my cock, harshly pulling me out of the room and locking the door behind her. They were all women talking loudly about how pathetic men were and how they liked milking cocks without mercy making them cum without giving the men any pleasure. The hand on my cock pulled hard, pumping my shaft violently. Mistress Anne led me to a dark damp room, told me to kneel and tied the leash to a metal ring in the wall.

Hyena Myths

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-17

The man's clothes clung to him like a second skin, revealing a body that probably would have looked more at home oiled up and on-stage than peddling memorabilia. For a split second she thought of getting cloth from the floor, but her finger brushed against her clit, making her realize for the first time just how altered her body had mysteriously become. "I'm Inalu," she said taking the woman's hand and getting to her feet. Kalani stepped over and put her hands on Inalu's head, as if searching or bumps. "I'm fine, I promise." Inalu grasped the woman's hands, which were quite warm, and held them in front of her as she took a step back to separate their bodies.


My Panties (Part 3 of 3)

fetish tcg 2018-11-17

“OK Mark why don’t you pull your dick out now so your big s****r could have another look at it” Josh said. Now Tiffany I want you to open your mouth because I’m going to have your b*****r put his cock in it” Josh said “Oh that is very sexy Tiffany, what do you think of that Eddie” he pointed the camera at Eddie and Eddie just smiled as his dick was in his hand stroking with a pair of my dirty panties from the hamper. “OK Tiffany now I need you to stick your legs over your head and hold your back up with your hands and I’m gonna get a good shot of you pushing the cum out of your pussy” Josh instructed

Diagnosis: Hung

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-17

Sinking back down, his hands returned my lustrous locks, pushing me away to let his meat pole lower like a cannon, the length stretching down to his knees, precum burbling from his eyelit as he smeared it against my lips, spreading them and pushing the flaring head into my smoldering mouth. “ That’s a girl, cum on this big fucker.” His voice billowed with confidence, his hands still digging in my hair as he used my mouth and throat as a sex toy, humping my face for his own pleasure, reassured from my reaction that my pleasure was obvious.

Succulent Desires Chapter 5

fetish aliceslalaland 2018-11-17

  Moaning and reaching for his thighs with her hands, Alice slowly dragged her nails up Aidan’s thighs as she pulled him closer into her body.   Groaning, Aidan’s hands pulled her closer to his body, but before he could kiss her again Alice turned her head away.   Alice turned the hot water down a bit so they wouldn’t steam to death and continued stroking her hands over Aidan’s hard, solid, tall body.   Moaning and continuing to kiss him, Alice allowed the water to splash down on her, adding to the sensations flowing across her body as it contrasted against the feel of Aidan’s hands on her body and his bare skin against hers.

The Principal Dominates Ch. 01

fetish cynthiablaine7 2018-11-17

"Then lift your skirt, Janice, and lower your panties to your knees," Valerie said in a pleasant tone that carried with it a hint of menace. "Yes, Miss Ellis," Janice answered in a smaller voice, as she realized that she was now ready to pee but would have to hold it in until Valerie allowed her to release her urine. Much to her surprise, a well-dressed, dark-haired younger woman then opened the door to the inner office, introduced herself as Lesley Crawford, and beckoned Janice to come inside, using her index finger. "Yes, Miss Crawford," Janice said, "I still get excited when a woman takes charge of me like that."


A black Mistress at Helena's house

fetish Anitaslut44 2018-11-17

I started to take my clothes out and Helena smiled when she saw my hard erection: “You are a fucking pervert, my little Victor…such a horny bitch…” It was the giant sized red rubber cock strapped into her black harness that pulled my eyes from her perfect round firm breasts, full hips and slim waist. Our eyes met in the mirror and she smiled at the look on my face as she held her hand still, her finger deep inside me. And with that Tamara pushed the hard rubber cock harness deep into my ass and our hips slammed into each other violently…

Car Accident Ch. 02

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-17

When I finished polishing her nails, she looked at her hand and told me that I did a very good job, considering it was my first time. Also that the best way to remove the varnish was to keep the pad pressed on the nail for some time, then pulling it away with steady pressure towards the tip of the nail. When I finished with the foot massage, I couldn't help but taking both her feet on my hands and kissing each of her divine toes separately. I took her beautiful feet in my hands and started kissing them all over. She took her feet out of the blanket and sat on the bed, waiting to finish my worship.


Smelly Job Interview

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-16

"I want to put my nose right in your bum crack and sniff all the little hairs around the rim of your anus." I won't touch you but you will have to pull your bum cheeks wide apart so I can have a good look at your dirty genitals and then smell your holes". As she slowly parted her cheeks I was momentarily overwhelmed by the release of musty air trapped in her arse crack – a combination of female juices, stale urine and the smell from a residue of milky brown paste that I could now see clinging to the creases of her purple, pouting anus. Clearly the pile of books was too low so that as she lowered herself her pouting, stinky anus engulfed my nose, the stubbly black hairs tickling my face as she got comfortable.


Impregnation Cruise Ch. 03: Two Days at Sea

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-16

They wore jock straps and their cocks enclosed by these showed they were interested in what they saw, viz, two sexually aroused women with hard protruding nipples, pussies that were still shining with pussy juices that were still oozing out and faces that had that just fucked look despite them not having been fucked. I was impaled by his huge cock, my sopping pussy totally filled, the root pressing hard against my clit as I waited for the sensations that almost forced me to cum to abate. You'll not only live, but tomorrow morning when Charles fucks you and you cum massively, you'll feel wonderful." I hardly needed any foreplay; my pussy was already oozing girl juice just from the thought of being impregnated and the lack of orgasm after Penny's arousal was the icing on the cake.


A Visit to the Doctor

fetish JuicynSweet00 2018-11-16

"Oh, you really are a virgin." Dr. Anderson stilled his hand, waiting for Lindsay to become accustomed to his fingers inside her. You'll thank me when some drunken frat boy decides he wants to take you there without proper preparation or lubrication." The doctor squirted a bit of lube into his gloved hand and slowly inserted a finger, making Lindsay squirm at the unfamiliar sensation. If you're tense, it will be uncomfortable for you." Lindsay's eyes fluttered closed in pleasure as he began rubbing her clit, and she barely had time to make a sound of protest as he pushed his thick cock into her ass, stopping once the head was in to give her a moment to adjust.

period sex is the best

fetish wa1 2018-11-16

As Sharon reached over and gently rubbed my erect penis, my hand slowly travelled from her breast to her belly button. I slithered down a finger into her slit and pick up some love juice and began rubbing her clit with it. So two fingers scooped her clit and catching a teaspoon of juice and placing them in my mouth. Now the penis was turning a beautiful red from the flowing juices. My dick just slipped in all the way to the hilt. Sharon moaned with delight. It was so warm and moist exploring the insides while the muscles seem to clamp down on me. Sharon licked and sucked my balls. She really enjoyed our mixed love juices.

Black on Black Pegging: Schooled!

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-16

I smiled at Gregory and Leila, and told them that they had just got themselves a Black man. Leila/Mistress Black Star knelt before me and began sucking my dick. My dick was harder than Japanese arithmetic, man, and I couldn't get enough of this sexy Black lady's mouth on my magic stick... Leila/Mistress Black Star sucked me real good, then I put on a condom and we moved onto bigger and better things. For the next scene, I put on a condom and stuffed Leila/Mistress Black Star's pussy with my seven and a half inches of thick, uncircumcised man-meat. I am a young Black man about to get fucked in the ass by a mature Black woman wearing a strap-on dildo.